Sunday 30 March 2014


Fusion Recordings is a UK underground label based in Essex and running by eZeeJay.

Back in time, eZeeJay was fancy listening to pirate station like Pulse FM and Centre Force and also going on 2 raves and hearing wicked tunes but not knowing the IDs, so tried to re-create these tunes on his Amiga using Octamed. His main inspirations are producers like Slipmatt, Bizzy B, Dougal, DJ Hype, Swan-E, ,MCMC and LTJ Bukem, so after he realised that he had a talent to produce, bought a pc to start on Reason 3. He's been into producing for almost 10 years, and had released under Fusion Recordings an album titled 'Hardcore Fusion' (2x CD) featuring many well known producers and had 2 vinyl releases on DJ FAV's hardcorewillneverdie. In 2005, his tune 'Databurst' was released on the  HWND002 and one year after his 'Alianation' on the HWND003.

His label's aim is to keep the oldskool & nurave vibe alive and rocking by creating good uplifting tunes, mainly hardcore as that's the key word!
It's focused mainly on hardcore breaks & breakbeat hardcore tunes and even jungle and some house vibes aswell. Worth to mention finally, some artists that have been involved on the label like MC Reset, DJ Statix, DJ Bones, DJ Fav, Teknotik, DJ ESP, DJ Nee.

Its freshest tune was uploaded few days ago on Label's Soundcloud page (where you can also contact in there) and its called 'Sinister Bass' by eZeeJay... taking you on a deep trip to oldskool jungle..

Hardcore Fusion [2005]


Friday 28 March 2014


Our 7th release is finally out & more hardcore than ever!
The Supersonic Army  from UK presents a 9track EP, which is available from today on free download via this blogpost on the SNB main site.
Here is a track-by-track review from him about his influences-inspirations and how did this EP came out.

" I had always heard alot of the hardcore dance stuff from the early nineties growing up. my older cousin was a raver and i would sit and flick through his record collection and listen to tapes of his. being born in 1988, i unfortunately missed the entire scene however I never forgot about that music. my first renewed taste of the original hardcore scene was hearing prodigy experience for the first time at the age of 14. soon thereafter i started to find out about acts like Rhythm Section, T99, Cubic 22, Altern8, 2 Bad Mice, Nookie, Gordon Edge and Praga Khan.
I literally spent two or three solid years between '05 and '07 just searching out old skool tracks across the net. The Youtube was amazing back in the day, so many channels were uploading all this amazing music! It sort of became all I listened to and in 2006 started writing more hardcore breaks style tracks proactively.
I got some airplay on Fantazia radio, Remaniss Radio and a few other little internet stations. I don’t think I ever made the decision to start writing HCB music, it just happened….but once I realised what I had, I sort of went with it. I have tons of unfinished and unreleased demos from that era (06-08) that have a very old skool sound and flavour to them…but here are the ones that did see the light of day.

MYSTERIA – This is just a total rip off! I really got into sampling back in mid 2006 and this track is a direct result of that. Its got the beats from a Jonny L track (Hurt You So), and the synth from an Anticapella track (2v231). But if you listen to that Anticapella track, ive really ripped it off. I don’t think this will be seen as my most original track lets say. Nevertheless its still a good track and it always went down well live in 09-10 when it featured in my sets.

The Crew – I think this is my take on the Trip II the Moon Part 3 track from Acen. I have a thing for pianos in dance music, and T2TM Pt.3 has the best piano riff out of any ‘rave’ track…period. I took that same break, a piano from a Manix track along with a couple of other samples and put this together. Again this worked well live during my early sets in 09-10. Bit of a fast and silly track on the whole though!

The Ruff – This was from around October 2006. If I remember correctly, one of the old skool forums was running a remix competition of the Hyper-on-Experience track that had all the predator samples in there. This track was my entry into that competition. I cant remember how it did though!! The mix ive sent over is slightly different to the one found on my website and YT page. This is that mix from the comp I think!

Bombsquad – Not sure if this can be classed as HCB or not…but I included anyway. I started moving away from the scene somewhat, and started making just industrial sounding dance music. It still has an old skool flavour to it though. Big beats!!

Origins of Originality remix – I don’t think I have ever put this online anywhere. It was a live, on the fly remix of Origins of Originality (which wasn’t heard much either! That track is on my soundcloud) that I did back in the day on Ableton live. Not much to say about this one, its just me pissing about really.

Breezeblock – This is the last official (and best) HCB track I produced. This track very nearly got put out on a label in 2007, I think it was Bat Beat recordings..However the mastering guy couldn’t sort out my messy production and the entire thing never happened. This track came together so quickly, it was early 2007 before I got disgruntled with the whole idea of writing ‘old skool-esq’ music. Its got a fast Amen break, that stupid ‘woo’ female vocal and as far as im aware, no other samples at all. I was getting fedup of hearing the same tired, overused samples in just about every HCB song at the time and this track was my answer to those choons!! I wanted to show that you didn’t need to use the same old 92 synth stabs, same lazy breaks and recooked ideas all the time to have something exciting and energetic. To me, the beauty of the HCB scene was capturing the vibe and energy in those old hardcore tracks; not to try and recook the same old ideas over and over. It was this rehashed nature of the scene that pissed me off and I didn’t want to write in that style anymore.

Mysteria remix - this track i put together not long after the original mix was done, so it will have been mid 2006. wanted to go for a bit of a more warehouse style beat with less emphasis on the upbeat synth from the original. the track has been heard online much, if at all. i mentioned it a few times in blogs but its been sat on my hard drive all these years. its far more basic than i would like, hence why it probably never saw the light of day! 

Apache Getaway - this is a very late 2007 demo that actually spent more time being worked on in 2008. the inspiration for the drums was taken from Obsessed Part I by Acen. I took the idea of a chopped up apache break and put my twist on it. Acens hits much harder, but i think mine is a bit easier to groove to. By the time I had made progress on this track, i had a change in direction musically and this one got shelved. Probably wouldnt have ever seen the light of day if not for this release. 
i must have been inspired by Words on Fire by the Prodigy at the time because i totally ripped off the idea from their track for the Vamp/Outlander motif toward the end of the track! I remember hearing WoF live in Sheffield in May 2008 so i imagine the track was still being tweaked around that time frame.

Under Defeat - ok so this is from 2008, so technically not fitting for the ep...but the beat alone made me put it on here. i was struggling to progess musically when i wrote this track, and i felt like i was stuck in a major rut!! Its got the same sort of approach as the other tracks on the e.p. but it hints toward where i was eventually going (with future tracks like Massacre and the 2011 record 'Sunset'). Its a mish mash of the hardcore sort of beats with an updated production. The vibe was there but it didnt feel like progress at the time. Had this track of been written 12-18 months earlier than it was, it probably would have been a proper banger.

Looking back, I was essentially as guilty as anyone else for that laziness too…but I tried to at least offer a slight twist where I could, especially with the beats. I think the Mysteria samples are a prime example of laziness on my part…but I don’t think anyone has ever sampled that synth the way I did!! In the end I just grew tired and moved on. I figured id never get anywhere trying to relive a past that I actually had no original part in. I have a lot of respect for the scene and the efforts of people to keep that vibe alive. My advice to some of the artists would be to be a bit more creative with the samples though!! Focus on the vibe not so much the sound…create that excitement with updated sounds. Use the breaks but chop them up! You know, a straight ‘amen’ or ‘think’ break here and there works and that’s totally cool. But try something different, take a kick from one break, a snare from another, a roll from here and a hi hat from there and hand build those breaks into something new. Keep pushing forward! The scene will continue to live on as people will discover the original scene and fancy a piece of it themselves. Old Skool Will Never Die!! "

You can download this 9track ep HERE

Listen to the tracks as uploaded on SNB Bandcamp page


Monday 24 March 2014


BASSROCK RECORDS  based in UK, is a 10yr old Label delivering hardcore & nuskool breaks & heavy bass vibes!

"DROP THE BASS Vol.2" is the second edition of the successful 'drop the bass' series and its all about mental bass and breaks in 4 tracks that equal 1 complete panic!
Starting with a young Spanish breakbeat producer like Vazteria X, who remixes the classic "The Final Word" by Darkus & Paul Bassrock, then the Zombie Robot introducing to you some heavy basslines of a 'maaaad zombie' and Viper X who brings the word 'HEAVY' to another level.
Finally the mighty duet, Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion remix a classic Stranger Rollers tune called, 'The Vibe' .. and words are unnecessary when dealing with such great & established nuskool members. 
Just show your love and support to this label & the producers, get your copy the 'play' to set your place on fyaaah!

Grab your copy now on Beatport  HERE


Sunday 23 March 2014


44 massive tunes on MARCH FREEBIES! Show your support to the producers & the Nurave scene!


01. Rinston - Shine On

02. DJ Mark C - Mirror 2 Mirror

03. Gareth Monks - The Granny

04. Rolling Paper - Doctor Love

05. Uncle 22 - Do That To Me Now (Pursuit Remix)

06. Leonized - Spastic Fantastic pt.2

07. Motiv - I Can Follow

08. Amiga Breaks - Echos

09. DJ Shadow - This Time (Banzulu Remix)

10. Silent Force - Afterlife

11. Deebo General - Dont Let Go (Stevie SP Remix)

12. Vinyl Junkie & Austion ft. Rachel Wallace - Cant Go Back (VIP Mix)

13. JPM - Love Punani

14. Andy Wilson - Turntable Junkie

15. Orestiz - Freedom

16. Luffy - Euphoria

17. Impact Beat - Ladies With An Attitude 

18. John Newman - Love Me Again (DJ Nicky Allen Back To The Oldskool 2014 Remix)

19. DJ Fav - Future Proof

20. Mannik - Here We Go Again

21. Major Lazer - Watch Out For This (TripleXL Bootleg)

22. ZSonic -  Mr. Davis Nightmare

23. TGE - Candykid Meatgrinder

24. Gareth Monks - One Bad Pill

25. DJWislov - Insomnia (Remix)

26. Unknown - I Cry (Sonic Fixation Remix)

27. Impact Beat - Scare Bass

28. Stompy - Feel The Sunshine (Rize Remix)

29. Radiokillaz VS Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well

30. Dragonfly - Visions of Rage (Pursuit's Unity Remix)

31. SpaceFace - Skuf.f.D

32. Amiga Junglism - Blaze Up De Fire Mix

33. Msymiakos = Amen to Dr. Crane

34. Andy Wilson - World's Apart

35. aiKe - Funky Squelch

36. DJ Nexus - Break it Down

37. Sparki Dee - Raise the Hell (Fuck The System)

38. Exit Point - New World Order (HWND Remix)

39. A-Sides and MC Fats - Crazy (6BLOCC's Rudebwoy Remix)

40. Tessela - Gateway (Jurassik's More Beats Edit) 

41. Mr. Sin - Dangerous

42. Audio X - Loaded

43. Subordinate - Something Gotta Give

44. Pianoman - Cast a Spell (Paul Cronin's Mental Hospital Remix)

Friday 21 March 2014

DJ FAV Interview & Guest Mix for the Strictly Nuskool Blog

- It’s very good for some people to learn about these oldschool days and how everyone started..So..We'll let you take us back to your youth age & tell us any interesting story from there and what made you stuck to the oldschool music.

I was fortunate to be involved in the hardcore scene from day one. The bug bit hard in 1989/90 and I started DJing in 1991. The speed the music developed meant every month boundaries were being broken – if you blinked you’d find you’d missed another genre-defining twist. It slowed down towards the end of 1995 as the genres became more defined but the 4 or 5 year ride was just amazing to experience.

- Which period of the rave era is your personal favourite?

As a raver it would be 1991 to 1993. Hands-in-the-air raving turned towards the darkside and the output from 1992-93 was just phenomenal. There was nothing like having your head smashed in by an amen/mentasm brick!! Here Come The Drums was really the big turning point for me. There was no dancing to that track…it just wanted to kill you… 

- Which tune would you love to remix from the oldskool era & tell us please your TOP3 productions ever..

I would love to work on a proper remix of Here Come The Drumz with Doc Scott, or maybe some mentasms with the master himself Bizzy B. In cloud-cuckoo-land though I’d be in the studio with Current Value or Autechre mashing up some new darkness rather than remixing tunes that probably don’t need remixing!
As for a Top 3 – that’s impossible. A Top 300 might be if you’ve got the time! 

- What inspired you to start the HWND site?

Top Buzz – and mainly their set from Fantazia New Years Eve 1991. There were at least 9 tunes on there I’d never been able to ID or find that I simply had to have. Back in 2000/1 I’d got bored playing d’n’b and started digging out the hardcore again. There were hardly any online resources for dance music, no youtube, no discogs, no HWND, but there was a small community of ravers on the B2VOS forum who helped each other out IDing tunes from old mixes and knocking up the occasional tracklist. These were mostly done by copying tapes (proper old skool!) and mailing them out. So I had a 90 min cassette full of Top Buzz clips and posted out about 15 copies. Most got ID’d – and I managed to track down the vinyl. I felt the need to share this knowledge so would often rip the vinyl, upload the mp3 (before the days of internet police!) and the complete tracklists where possible. It started out as with a few mixes and tunes. By the end of 2002 it was Now I host around 25Gb of audio - nearly 2,000 mixes and over 2,000 tunes - and the site has been getting tens of thousands hits a month for the past 12 years!

- From all the classic DJ sets you have uploaded to HWND, which ones really stand out for you?

There are so many. The aforementioned Top Buzz set from 1991 is top of the list. The Buzz always managed to be one step ahead of the other DJ at any event. They’d always have a few tunes that would blow you away that no-one else was playing. That set is full of them and Mad P’s Mcing is absolutely spot on. In fact, they’d fill the Top 10 sets easily – Two Blacks & A Bubble Part 2, Fantazia Summertime, Dance Planet Detonator, Obsession 3rd Dimension…I could go on!

They’d be some Ratty in there, some DJ Seduction and a spot of Ellis Dee too.

- How to you see the nuskool/nurave movement at the moment?
  Are there any artists or labels that have already drawn your attention?

It’s really good to see so many producers having a crack at keeping the old skool vibe going. Back in 2004 there were only a handful of us producing what we called Hardcore Breaks on a few labels (Enormous Mouse, HWND Records, Repeat Offender and a few others), but by 2006 this had really gathered momentum to the point you could pick new releases on vinyl from new labels every week. I’ve no idea what happened between then and 2010 ‘cause I was buried under a pile of nappies!
If I’m honest I don’t spend a lot of time listening to other artists mainly because there are so few producing the nasty darkness I’m in to. DJ FX and Tactical Aspect do stand out though. I don’t get the 140 scene, or Future Jungle I’m afraid. 140bpm is just too slow – I’m much happier between 155 and 165bpm!

- There is a massive release out now on 7th Storey Projects, the 'Dark Arts Vol.1' including a tune from you, 'Soul Survivor'.
Tell us please if there will be any future releases from you and if there's any possibility to relaunch your record label..

I recently released HWND005 as a free digital download ( and it’s racked up nearly 100 downloads to date which I’m very proud of – especially as I’m producing tracks that don’t really fit into the very popular 140 genres.
I’m working on HWND006 and that should be out shortly – featuring remixes of some classic old skool tunes (that probably didn’t need remixing in the first place!). I’ve also collaborated with a very talented producer called Bleetz and we should have an EP out soon on Criminal Records.
Keep an eye on my soundcloud page too cause they’ll be more free downloads on the way. 

We would like to thank you as a Blog, giving the chance to a lot of nuskool readers & oldschool 
fans in general to learn some essential things about the man like...DJ FAV! Is there anything extra you want to say, or anyone to shout out?

I’ve got to big up 7th Storey Projects and 92 Retro for getting me back on vinyl. I’d always planned to put out HWND005 on wax but family commitments took me out of the scene and I never got round to it. Winning their DJ Excel remix competition towards then of 2012 came as total surprise as it was the first track I’d produced in about 6 years. To then be asked to contribute to Dark Arts alongside DJ FX, Dom (as in Tango & Dom!) and Worldwide Epidemic was just amazing.
Thanks to all the DJs who’ve picked up my tunes over the last 18 months – Tariq, Glowkid, Back2Nite, Quicklung and many, many others – it’s great to know your hard work is appreciated.
I’d also like to thank anyone who has supported me and HWND over the years – far too many to mention!



Wednesday 19 March 2014

Strictly Nuskool Blog Podcasts - SNB003: DJ TONY-D [free dL]

Top end quality nu skool hardcore and breakbeat belters featuring a mass of kickin' tunes from start to finish with the occasional comedy tag here and there.

1. laurel & hardy-towed in a hole
2. chiqui & luggy feat. awesome 3-dont go and headstrong
3. uncle 22-do that to me:[dj pursuit rmx]
4. dawl-distorted consciousness
5. paul Cronin-mind up
6. newkoncept-ruffneck soldier
7. dj delay-broken heart:[shifter rmx]
8. menace makes 3-do you feel what im feeling:[damage inc smd style mix]
9. monster munch-back 2 skool
10. nebula 2-anthema:[ddd & devnull back 2 you rmx]
11. vegas lights-flat beat 'mr ozio'
12. the three stooge slapstick noises / the three stooges theme
13. impact beat-ah yeah
14. Richard champion-get down
15. impact beat-inter space
16. sparki dee-energize 92
17. the prodigy-charly:[vegas lights rmx]
18. Egyptian empire-the horn track:[impact beat rmx]
19. dj fav-future proof
20. eddie voyager-runaway:[sanxion rmx]
21. dragonfly-visions of rage:[paul Cronin full on piano mix]
22. eddie voyager-dolby
23. johnny osbourne-in your eyes:[kickback bootleg]
24. rave force-amigos 4 ever
25. impact beat-feel my energy
26. tango-tango project:[damage inc rmx]
27. paul Cronin-the immortal
28. fff-scream for acid:[monotron rmx]
29. paul Cronin-I told ya hands in the air
30. impact beat-surreal
31. the prodigy-skylined v no good v charly v wind it up v break n enter
32. dj mark c-project blue:[mr sav mix]
33. john newman-love me again:[nicky allen back to the old skool mix]
34. dj funkyfresh 2-mai mau
35. carl cox v xstatic-lets do it
36. rolling paper-doctor love, inc. blazing sadles-my name is jim
37. paul Cronin-terminator is here
38. damage inc-ive got peace,deep in my soul, inc. monty python-biccus diccus
39. awesome 3 v paul Cronin-don't go:[paul Cronin king of rock rmx]
40. dj owl-ok
41. chiqui & luffy-master alarm
42. usbs-everybody wants to breathe
43. baseclub-dont worry:[17 years after rmx]
44. dj nexus-break it down
45. white-no title
46. paul Cronin-in love with everyone
47. mana boom-?
48. Richard champion-mad angels
49. exit point-new world order:[hwnd rmx]
50. yolk-music 4 da people:[nicky allen rmx]
51. the nightcrawlers-push the feeling on:[chiqui rmx]
52. leonized-spastic fantastic
53. orestiz-freedom
54. the xraycat-the granny
55. paul Cronin-i.d pls paul
56. dj mark c-mirror mirror
57. rinston-shine on
58. lankyman-wonderful dancers
59. paul Cronin-dance now cmon cmon kick it

Monday 17 March 2014

PZR0001:: Dave Remix 'Thermal Dynamix EP [out on 24th March 2014 from PARTICLE RECORDINGS]

Searching for heavy energy? 

Particle Recordings is a UK label specialized in high energy and strong bass sounds, from Glitch Hop, Hip Hop, Midtempo Breaks to Drum & Bass and rolling Dubs !
It was founded in October 2013 by 2 essential Bristol DJs/Producers like DAVE REMIX ( & EWAN HOOZAMI (
Already released 3 EPs, which are still free download from here and getting prepared for their first official release, which will be out on 24th March via their Bandcamp page

DAVE REMIX  'Thermal Dynamic EP' is a 4track EP full of energy, expressing definetely what this Label is about. Dancefloor Bass!
You can find a variety of genres with the mental style from Dave Remix and the trip starts from 110bpm while ends to 140 with my highlight of this EP "Re:Boot".


1. Stick Em up
2. Have You Heard
3. Twitch
4. Re:Boot

Take a listen to the following clips from this upcoming EP and show your support to this new Label and the whole effort they've been doing.

Don't forget to follow them on the 'socials' and... save the date 
.......24th March 2014!



Saturday 15 March 2014

Future Funk Squad 'Darker Days' [Pre-Order LIMITED EDITION CD-VINYL & DIGITAL]

One of the most essential, established & respected artists in the breakbeat scene, the man like Future Funk Squad is back in the game and ready to fuel your hearts with dark emotions, strong basslines and heavy beats on his 3rd personal album, called "Darker Days".

About 8 years ago and his first album  ''Audio Damage'' with FFS band, followed by a new beginning and self production as FFS on the successful breakbeat masterpiece like ''Disorders of Skill'' in 2009 (adding also some mental remixes on famous acts like The Prodigy, Stanton Warriors, Ladyhawke,White Lies and few more) Glen Nicholls a.k.a Future Funk Squad is determined now, to take you on a unique trip to his 2k14 breakbeat darkness.

''Darker Days''  is the name of the brand new release from him, which has been working over the last 2 years and features also tracks with some awesome breaks producers like Karl Sav from Australia, Refracture from UK, Slighter from USA and few more outstanding collaborations aswell. The album is about to be out on 14th April 2014. 
There is a very limited number of 300 copies to digipak CD and heavyweight Vinyl, so you better be very quick and pre-order your copy now by choosing one of the 5 bundles from the FFS website.

Subscribe to FFS mailing list 
for updates - news - exclusives & further information on the bundles  HERE

PRE-ORDER your copy   HERE  ....and now!



1. The Hunted
2. Rattlesnake (ft Mechanical Pressure)
3. Rat Race (ft Mojo)
4. Tactics (ft Wrexx)
5. Darker Days
6. Nine Errors
7. Monologue (ft Karl Sav)
8. Soundwaves
9. Cold Matter (ft Refracture)
10. Disease (ft Slighter)
11. Past Tense
12. The Colony


1. The Hunted
2. Rattlesnake (ft Mechanical Pressure)
3. Rat Race (ft Mojo)
4. Tactics (ft Wrexx)
5. Darker Days

6. Monologue (ft Karl Sav)
7. Cold Matter (ft Refracture)
8. Disease (ft Slighter)
9. Soundwaves (Chris Carter Remix)
10. The Colony

* Exclusive Remix available on vinyl only*


1.  Tactics (Robosapiens Remix)
2.  Past Tense (Resonant Status Remix)
3.  The Hunted (Mechanical Pressure Remix)
4.  Nine Errors (Blanilla Remix)
5. Past Tense (Sudden Depth Remix)
6. Nine Inch Nails - Disappointed (FFS Remix)
7. Strangers - Something New (FFS Remix)

Show you support to Future Funk Squad and follow him on his socials aswell


Thursday 13 March 2014

DJ OVERDOSE - March 2014 Mix -

DJ OVERDOSE  has made a fresh mix featuring his best selection of tunes, which were out during March.
This one is one of the darkest mixes ever did in a long time.

Here are some few words mentioned about this mix from him:

" .....Some really moody tracks about this month, and a couple of top tracks from the recently released free album Strictly Nuskool Volume 1 (http://www.strictlynuskool.blogspot....vol1-2014.html). One track that stands out as one of the sickest tracks I've heard in ages is: Spastic Fantastic 2 by Leonized, top work there! Anyway, I've managed to upset most of my local area by driving about listening to this as high volume, so hope you all do too!
Shouts to the usuals, Rick, Ginny, Gunnee, Loopy Loo, Monita, Monk, Dream London, GL0WKiD, Demo, Cheers and a special thanks to all the Soundcloud producers. "


01 - DJ Overdose - Star Trek Continues Intro
02 - Acen - Close Your Eyes (The Renegades Mix)
03 - Amiga Breaks - Echos
04 - Chiqui - Bombscare Madness
05 - GLT - Beyond the Bass
06 - Fallen Angels - Frequency
07 - Impact Beat - Demon
08 - Nicky Allen - I Have A Dream
09 - Leonized - Spastic Fantastic 2
10 - Motiv - I Can Follow
11 - SKRU - Playday
12 - Mr Sin - Right About Now (Old Man Jungle Don Version)
13 - Rinston - Shine On
14 - Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Cykotek Unofficial Remix)
15 - Mr Phlyte vs Simon Harris - The Number One DJ Crew
16 - BeatRapist - Whistle Crew
17 - DJ Overdose - Too Dark In Here Outro

Link to download & listen:


Wednesday 12 March 2014

KODE055:: Remixx - Paradise [out now on KODE5 Recordings]


Never too late for a quality producer like DJ Remixx from UK, who's ready to take you to his hardcore paradise with his first ever release on a Label!
Kode 5 Recordings grabbed the chance and signed this perfect upfront vibe, which is out today exclusively on the Track It Down.
'Paradise' has already some great success and is supported also by Vinyl Junkie & DJ Demo, who played it out at Fantazia!

Dont miss this chance and....
Grab you copy now on Track It Down HERE



Tuesday 11 March 2014

Introducing:: Record Box (talking with James [Pianoman] )

I was very curious to learn some more infornation about this brand new strictly vinyl label like the RECORD BOX. A realy impressive and lovely effort by James & Nathan, who want to set the scene on rush , keeping the oldskool vinyl feeling alive!
The Strictly Nuskool Blog is next to the Record Box and calling all vinyl lovers to show their love aswell!

So... I've decided to make it happen & asked James (Pianoman) about this idea of the brand new RB.

- How did this idea of Record Box come out and what's your aim in there?

The idea for Record box came about for three reasons. Firstly Nathan and me (James/Pianoman) wanted to put some new vinyl out into the scene for the DJ' Collectors and the radio presenters. 
Secondly we noticed how expensive some of our own classic tracks were selling for and to be honest some of the prices were out of order. For example Rock N Move is selling for £250.00 on Discogs and Tribute To Asha is £50.00 plus. We have many of the original masters still on Dat tape so to re press them is easy. It's great people still support our stuff but its unfair they are being ripped off price wise SO we decided to do four track EP's and sell them for £10.00 (Postage is in with the price too).All that tracks are fully mastered too. Every release will be limited to just 100 copies. 
Finally Nathan and I wanted to release material by other people because there are some great producers out there now whom are remixing classic old school anthems and doing brand new old school tunes as well. People like Shaun Lever AKA Boy Raver, Nicky Allen and Project D all have great tracks to release. It will help, keep the scene current we hope and add some freshness plus get new talent heard. 

We have also remixes due for release from DJ Jane Angel and the Exxposure DJ competition winner DJ Ezee Tee. Every release will contain four full track for maximum value for money. We are NOT doing this for money ourselves as the pressings cost us £545.00 for the run of 100 and every penny goes back in.

RB001 (Record Box first release!) will be:

A1/Pianoman - Rock & Move
A2/Pianoman - Revelation

AA1/Pianoman - Cast A Spell (Original Mix)
AA2/ Pianoman - Whitney Tune 2013 (Jane Angel Remix)

All tracks taken from the original Master DAT tapes.
Digitally mastered for best quality and loudness for the DJ'S!


Ukz013:: Neurygma - Energizer [out now on UnisonKhz Records]

Spanish finest hcb duet like Neurygma are back with a huge 2track EP which is about to energize you like the title says correctly and is out now on  UnisonKhz Records!
Ukz is a Spanish label set in 2012 from Mata & Krostep delivering breaks, d&b, dubstep, glitch hop and bass sounds!

'Energizer [Original Mix]' and  'Wanna Fuck In The Mic [Original Mix]' are the two tunes included on this phat breaks release, something different this time for Neurygma, who seem to like doing experiments on their breaks.  

Get you copy now on Juno HERE    or   on Track It Down HERE

soundcloud (Anthrax)

UnisonKhz Records

Monday 10 March 2014

Dave Skywalker Interview on SolidSound FM [15 January 2014]

About 2 months ago Dave Skywalker, owner of Endor Recordings  gave an interview to Ian Quigley and his SolidSound FM show on Dublin South FM from Ireland, talking about his tune 'Pandora' how came out and about the BangFace's first ever compilation called "Neo Rave Armageddon". This show was uploaded on SSFM Soundcloud page.

Njoy a banging 1hr then full of energy and BANGFACE attitude featuring also Skywalker's answers to Ian Quigley.  Some interesting stuff..

Catch up SSFM every Wednesday 9-11pm on Dublin South FM 93.9 FM or the main site with lots of Jungle, Rave, Beats, Acid, Hardcore, Techno, Base and everything in between.


Endor Recordings Website
Endor Recordings Soundcloud
Endor Recordings Bandcamp

HCRD020:: Abyss - Journey of a Crackhead [out now on HC RECORDINGS]

Ok.....The dark wickedness is finally out! A heavy & dark Amen roller from the man like Abyss is out today and gets you on a complete rush! A mental work indeed and a "heavy weapon" which every nuraver should add to his collection & show total support to the HC Recodings and the producer like Abyss.

You can grab your copy following the next BUY links:

TrackItDown here
Imo Records here
Amazon here
7digital here

Switchblade Digital Website

HC Recordings

Sunday 9 March 2014

LLTA005:: AcdBrnOut - Chemical Stimulations EP [out now on LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]

Artwork by Simon Strong

The fifth digital release of Long Live The Animals is out now, presenting a massive breakcore EP by the man like AcdBrnOut bringing 5 tracks of breakcore madness, amen, jungle, hardcore and pure rave attitude! He knows how to score and how to make up your mood!
You can get your copy here by naming your price & showing your support and love to the LLTA 'spirit'!

AcdBrnOut - Chemical Stimulations EP


01. Like A Bitch
02. Nice One Bruva
03. Phatfighters
04. Sanka Ya Dead
05. The Tale Of Fred The Talking Coat Hanger

Watch this space for a fresh forthcoming release from LLTA, the "Jungle4JungleTek EP" including also a breakcore dynamite by AcdBrnOut.

You can  listen to his tune called "Now You're Fucked Up" here:



Friday 7 March 2014

Introducing:: SWEDGER (UK)

One of the nu-rave's 'fresh blood' focused on bassline, mutant bass and future garage is Swedger from UK.

He began listening to chiptune (like Henry Homesweet, Shirobon and Sabrepulse) at age of 15 and made very simple 8-bit tunes under the pseudonym WatMeth? using a web-based audio tracker called Craptracker II. Later on he progressed to Famitracker at the age of 16 and then his DAW of choice, Renoise, as he turned 17. He has got tunes out under different names but the Swedger stuff has been on the go since early 2012, so he has been at it for two whole years now.

About a month ago he has released his first personalEP on YOUR MUM RECORDS, which is available to buy on Juno HEREOther tracks been released currently were 'Buy Dem' [Back To The Factory EP - ACME BASS RECORDS] and 'Makes You Feel' [The Ruin EP - UNDER THE SURFACE RECORDS]. Both these two tunes are available on free download (name your price) on each label's Bandcamp page.

His favourite influences  are Kanji Kinetic, Squire of Gothos, Phatworld, Pirate Soundsystem, Henry Homesweet, Dr Cryptic, CPTN, Thorpey, Squaremad, Sebby T and Sabrepulse, as well as he shows respect for Boards of Canada, Mogwai, Downstate and a phenomenal producer called Taylor M who discovered out of the blue one day and listen to endlessly.

Check out his latest release here:

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Suburban Base Records: The History Of Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass: 1991-1997 [3 CD Mixed Album And Unmixed Digital Downloads] + Digital Back Catalogue Reissued!!!

From it's fledgling roots as an outlet for producing fresh tunes for the burgeoning rave scene back in 1991 through to it's rise to championing jungle and drum & bass up to 1997. Dan Donelly's flagship Suburban Base label has been rightly championed as being one of the founding labels of the UK rave scene. With an artist roster containing legends such as Danny Breaks, Phuture Assassins, DJ Hype, Krome & Time, Austin Reynolds, Jay D'Cruze, Swift, Remarc, Marvellous Cain, DJ Rap & Aston, Bizzy B & Pugwash, DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith, Cool Hand Flex, Rachel Wallace, DJ Zinc, Johnny Jungle (aka Pascal), Asend & Ultravibe, Run Tings and many more that I've missed. Not forgetting Dan's own QBass productions.
As well as being on the forefront of releasing hardcore/jungle/drum & bass anthems on vinyl for DJ's and collectors alike, Suburban Base were also responsible for compiling some of the most upfront, underground compilations spanning from the birth of hardcore to the advent of drum & bass. The 'Base For Your Face LP', 'Drum & Bass Selection Vol's 1-5', 'Pure Rollers', 'Classic Sub Base' and two 'DJ Box' comps are all essential purchases as well as D'Cruze and Marvellous Cain's artist albums.
17 years after the closure of the Sub Base label in 1997 and venturing into other fields of music promotion and movie production over in America, Dan has decided to resurrect the brand which led him onto his pathway of success. First off is the release of "Suburban Base Records: The History Of Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass: 1991-1997". A triple, mixed CD collection of Suburban Base's greatest hits and some lesser known gems to portray an excellent history of the label, from it's hardcore roots right up to it's dominance withing the jungle/drum & bass scene.

Check out the tracklisting below....
Disc: 1
01/ Kromozone -The Rush (Sub Bass Mix).
02/ Phuture Assassins - Shot Like Dis.
03/ Austin - I Get High (Munchies Mix).
04/ M&M Feat. Rachel Wallace - I Feel This Way (The Beefed Up Mix).
05/ QBass - Hardcore Will Never Die (Telepathic Mix).
06/ Son'z of a Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out (Original Scratchadelic Mix).
07/ Run Tings - Fire's Burning.
08/ Phuture Assassins - Future Sound.
09/ Phuture Assassins - Rydim Come Forward.
10/ Phuture Assassins - Future Sound (2 Bad Mice Remix).
11/ Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground.
12/ Smart E's - Sesame's Treet (Vocal Mix).
13/ Rachel Wallace - Tell Me Why (M&M Vocal Mix).
14/ Run Tings - Back Again (Austin Remix).
15/ D'Cruze - I Believe (92 Revamp).
Disc: 2
01/ DJ Hype - Shot in the Dark (Gunshot Mix).
02/ QBass - Deepa.
03/ Phuture Assassins - Roots N Future (Make Dem Know Mix).
04/ D'Cruze - Want You Now (DJ SS & EQ Remix).
05/ DJ Krome & Mr Time - The Slammer.
06/ DJ Hype - The Chopper.
07/ Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Mix).
08/ Johnny Jungle - Flammable.
09/ QBass Featuring Skeng Gee - Gun Connection (M-Beat Remix).
10/ DJ Rap & Aston - More Time.
11/ Son'z of a Loop Da Loop Era - What The... Session One (Riots In Rayleigh).
12/ DJ Rap & Aston - Get Rushed.
13/ DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith - Wicked.
14/ DJ Hype - Dawn Of The Fever.
15/ DJ Hype - Dreams.
Disc: 3
01/ Run Tings - Ruff Revival.
02/ D'Cruze - Lonely.
03/ Johnny Jungle - Johnny '94 (Dillinja Remix).
04/ Marvellous Cain - Dub Plate Style.
05/ The Dream Team - Stamina.
06/ Remarc - R.I.P. (DJ Hype Remix).
07/ Run Tings & Liftin' Spirits - Come Easy.
08/ Johnny Jungle - Killa Sound (Krome & Time Remix).
09/ Skeng Gee - Connections (Marvellous Cain Remix).
10/ Basic Movements - Bubble & Wine.
11/ Swift - On the Beat.
12/ Remarc - In Da Hood.
13/ Remarc - Single Finga Killa.
14/ Ill Figure - Untouchable.
15/ D'Cruze - Land Speeder.

Plenty of Dave Nodz artwork on the sleeve and discs.

The CD album is available from:

Unmixed digital album available from:

On top of the album, Dan has also authorised the remastering (by New State Music) and digitisation of the entire Suburban Base Back catalogue, taken from the original D.A.T. tapes. Digital downloads are presently only available from iTunes store exclusively.