Friday 31 May 2019

[DOPE008] Soul Intent - The Old Skool Is So Kool EP [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl + Digital EP Available Now!!!]

A - The Old Skool Is So Kool.
B1 - Lick Down.
B2 - Got The Music.
(Bonus Digital Track - Higher).

The Dope Plates camp rewinds us back to the oldskool with a bumper selection of rave and jungle themed drum & bass, with the release of Soul Intent's 'The Old Skool Is So Kool EP' on limited edition white vinyl, with full artwork sleeve and four-track digital formats, featuring bonus track, 'Higher'.

Soul Intent dons his white gloves and hi-vis jacket to bring you 'The Old Skool Is So Kool', a shamelessly euphoric hardcore meets drum & bass hybrid complete with rolling breaks, rude bass growls and electrifying, Urban Shakedown style stab riffs as if those 1992 vibes had never fallen out of favour. 

Up next we are presented with some proper heavy, amen junglism with 'Lick Down', which layers tearing breaks over a monstrous, head-nodding bassline, then scatters a generous portion of female reggae vocals and dance-hall chatting to further spice up the mix.

'Got The Music' combines warm and soothing, liquid pads with a heady blend of rough and rugged, oldskool breaks, thundering 808 bass thumps and ecstatic rave diva vocals, to create a perfect end-of-set piece that's guaranteed to get all hands in the air.

Last but certainly not least we are presented with a bonus digital only track 'Higher', which expertly fuses together crisp, 2-step breaks paired with bass heavy, techstep accents and plasters what could possibly be "THE" most infectious synth melody of 2019 over the top. Hopefully a possible future vinyl addition Mr Soul Intent??? 

For his latest release Soul Intent not only delivers yet another essential selection of upfront drum & bass, he presents to us a veritable celebration of the scene's Golden days. If you are yet to discover the joys of Lossless Music and sub label Dope Plates, then what the hell are you waiting for!!!??? 
Soul Intent's 'The Old Skool Is So Kool EP' is available to purchase now in the following options and formats...

- White coloured 12" Vinyl  with full artwork sleeve only £10.50 (plus P&P).
- Vinyl + Dope Plates Slipmatt Bundle £25.00 (plus P&P).
- Vinyl + T-Shirt Bundle £30.00 (plus P&P).
- Vinyl + T-Shirt + Dope Plates Slipmatt Bundle £40.00 (plus P&P).

All vinyl purchases come with a free Digital Download with bonus track 'Higher'.

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Sunday 26 May 2019

[4 The Core Recordings] Fibzy - Enter The System EP [4-Track EP Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Enter The System.
2/ Like A Drug.
3/ Summertime Fun.
4/ You Attract Me.

Just in time for the brighter weather kicking in, 4 The Core Recordings and label newcomer, Fibzy present four slamming piano hardcore, anthems in the making, injected with Summertime vibes and full-on hands in the air attitude and heaps of oldskool attitude.  

We are first introduced to title track, 'Enter The System' which takes you on a virtual trip through the Golden age of rave right up to the present day, by dropping 1992 era piano stabs and crunching breakbeats, over a cavernous Reese bassline paired with upfront hardcore vocal elements. 
'Like A Drug' then steps in to deliver a serious dose of unadulterated euphoria with it's potent blend of rave pianos, rolling amens, electrifying synth patterns and foundation shaking, D&B bass riffs to create a perfectly uplifting musical hybrid.

The amens make a welcome return on 'Summertime Fun', which expertly blends together lush, ascending pads with chipmunked chart vocals to create a slice of feelgood, contemporary breakbeat hardcore destined to be a staple on all raver's Summer playlists.
Bringing our quartet to a close we have 'You Attract Me', which fuses together sweet female vocals, warm bass drones and spine-tingling arpeggiated synths, that'll easily get feet moving and whistles blowin' wherever it's dropped. 
If you share a love for the shamelessly ecstatic vibes of happy hardcore along with an appreciation of the rhythmic foundations of D&B, then Fibzy's debut will prove to be a refreshing new take on the breakbeat hardcore style.

Fibzy's 'Enter The System EP' is available from the official 4 The Core Recordings Bandcamp page for £6 in high quality digital format (320 MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc).

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Saturday 25 May 2019

CALLING THE HARDCORE 006 @ The Volks Club (19th July 2019 - Brighton)

DRUID (Fusion/Helter Skelter)
JACK SMOOTH (Sound Entity Recordings/Basement Records )
Dr S GACHET (Sterns/Universe)
DJ JUNK (Junk Records)
JACK-KNIFE (Kool FM/Kin Hardcore)
DJ JEDI (Riverdance/Jedi Recordings)
KLYNCH & KOSINE (Originate/Brighton Loves Jungle)
MAXX VINYL (Raindance)

Visuals by HyperVJ

PETE CANNON (Kniteforce Records/N4 Records)
SCANONE (Yellow Machines/Modified Magic)
RADIOSAM (Rave Radio Records)
KEEZEE (Broken Beats Recordings)
DISRUPTA B2B A1 (Kode 5 Recordings/Dreamscape)

NINO (House Crew/Production House Records)
STRICT (Raindance/Riverdance)
RANGE (Strategy)


TIME: 10PM - 6AM
VENUE: The Volks Nightclub /BRIGHTON


Friday 24 May 2019

[AB011] Manarchy & Spaceface - Re-Charge EP [ACME BASS]

01. Manarchy - Kill Badda
02. Spacefaceb - Smack Ur Glitch Up

It's been 4 years since the last Acme Bass release, but the mutant Dioscuri brothers, Manarchy & Spaceface have never lost their music substance. Therefore they are back again, reborn and highly mutant than ever, proving that they cannot abstain releasing something together.
'Re-Charge' is a digital EP of a Techno, Acid, Hardcore combo vibes that goes beyond any modern Rave banger you've recently heard. The new Acme Bass instalment!
Rugged dizzy rave souls this 2tracker goes out to you offered with the likes of Manarhy & Spaceface, both in solo missions this time but in conjuction that drives anyone nuts in the illecit dancefloor of the Underground.
Full support on this one!

Monday 20 May 2019

[SFR009] Acid Lab - The Future Past E.P. [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl & Digital Available To Buy Now!!!]

A1 - Future Past.
A2 - Lavender.
B1- Blue Fields.
B2 - Voyager.

For anyone with even the most fleeting knowledge of deep and atmospheric drum and bass, the name Acid Lab comes immediately to mind when labelling trailblazing producers. For his Silent Force Recordings label debut, Acid Lab takes us back to the golden age of late nineties D&B with the release of 'The Future Past E.P.' on digital and limited edition 12" vinyl formats.

We are first greeted with 'Future Past' which eases you in with it's emotive, sweeping strings and filtered breaks before descending into a morass of dense and dark atmospherics accented by twisting mentasm stabs and ominous bass drones. 

'Lavender' up next takes us on a more soothing path by interweaving lush pad washes, soaring female vocals and crisp, stepping breaks accompanied by a warm enveloping bassline, which instantly evokes memories of '96-'97, intelligent drum & bass classics.

The flipside sees 'Blue Fields' deliver some serious breakbeat pressure with it's use of layered Apache and amen breaks, coupled with an alternating backdrop of Detroit techno smoothness, industrial tech-step harshness.

Bringing the EP to a thundering conclusion we have 'Voyager', an ode to the glory days of deep, dark and moody hard-step, propelled by a series of relentless, "Panther" breaks and growling bass notes to set the ton, accompanied by lethal hoover flashes pierce the darkness.

If the heady sounds of vintage, Blue Note era drum & bass tick your musical boxes then Acid Lab's latest collection will prove to become a mainstay in your musical armoury for months to come. An essential release!!! 

Acid Lab's 'The Future Past E.P.' 12" vinyl is available to purchase now from the Silent Force Recordings Bandcamp page for £9.99 plus postage & packaging. Quantities are limited to only 200 copies and also include a free digital copy. Digital copies are also available to purchase for only £4.00.

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Sunday 12 May 2019

[NOCTU005] 1991 Rave Re-Gener8tor EP [12" EP NOCTURBULOUS]

A1 - Jean Bruce - The Rave (Warehouse Intro Part 2)
A2 - Minimum Syndicat - Simpler Times
A3 - Olivier Abbeloos - Claustrophobia
B1 - Mark Archer - Ninety Two
B2 - Jean Bruce - Rave Gener8Tor (Slipmatt Remix)
B3 - Mark Archer - Dreams And Reality (Float Mix Outro)

The 5th strike of French label Nocturbulous Records is out now vinylized and more dope than ever with the likes of class producers like Slipmatt, Mark Archer, Olivier Abbeloos, Minimum Syndicat and of course the man behind the label and avid acid lover Jean Bruce!
"Rave Re-Gener8tor" is actually a tribute as it's originally stated to the original 90s Rave era displayed by hoovers, TB 303s, stabs and getting an absolute loud, illecit and warehouse output!
If you're still in '19, this release will simply switch everything to...'91.


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Saturday 11 May 2019

[DOHB003] Aaron Spectre / Sum / Supa Ape - Destroy Oh Boy #3 [4-Track 12" Blue Vinyl Available To Pre-Order Now!!!]

A1 - Sum - Riddem Track.
A2 - Aaron Spectre - Killasound.
AA1 - Sum - True Dark.
AA2 - Supa Ape - Pressure Cooker.

The Destroy Oh Boy camp are back again with their third instalment of straight up, jungle terrorism with 'Destroy Oh Boy #3' dropping on limited edition, blue coloured 12" vinyl and digital formats. 
'DOB #3' features contributions from the cream of the jungle underground with Aaron Spectre, Supa Ape and Sum delivering a barrage of razor-sharp breakbeat edits, cavernous basslines and manic samplage. 

Sum starts off the proceedings with his deep, dark and moody 'Riddem Track', which pairs ruffneck, soundclash vocal snippets with spliced & diced amens, ominous bass pulses and reverberating Sheffield warehouse style bleeps to ramp up the tension.

Up next we have Arron Spectre's 'Killasound', a track which expertly straddles the knife edge between all out junglism and controlled chaos of breakcore, with it's use of scatter-shot, breakbeat choppage, steroid enhanced bass drones and rapid-fire reggae vocal elements.

The sinister vibes continue on with 'True Dark', which sees Sum make his return with yet another masterclass in breakbeat manipulation, with it's use of fragmented and layered break edits layered over menacing Reese bass notes and ominous pads.

After a disarming, old timey musical intro, Supa Ape soon delivers a hi-potent blend of jungle ruffness with 'Pressure Cooker', which offers up a melting pot of rolling amen choppage, reversed 'Dred Bass' blasts, thundering 4-4 kicks, harsh mentasm stabs and a whole host of eclectic vocal snippets. (digital only), from the official

If you are finding yourself becoming jaded with the old tried and tested jungle format, then the 'Destroy Oh Boy #3' will prove to be a breath of fresh air for any junglist who is seeking something with a bit more bite!!! 

The 'Destroy Oh Boy #3' EP is available to pre-order now in both blue, 12 vinyl and digital formats for £10 (plus P&P) and £4 (digital only), from the official Destroy Oh Boy Bandcamp page. All vinyl purchases come with a free digital download.

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Sunday 5 May 2019

[JEDI 23] Rave 2 The Grave - Return Of The Vibe [Available To Purchase Now From Jedi Recordings!!!]

A1 - Give A Little Love.
A2 - Scratch Samples.
B1 - NRG.
B2 - Scratch Sample.

Jedi Recordings joins forces with legendary breakbeat, happy hardcore label, Stormtrooper Recordings to celebrate their 25th year anniversary with the unveiling of Rave 2 The Grave's 'Return Of The Vibe' single. Perfectly capturing that pivotal 1992 rave era, it's time for Rave 2 The Grave take us back to the oldskool...

We are first introduced to a proper hands-in-the-air, piano anthem with 'Give A Little Love' which incorporates iconic Lisa Stansfield vocals with crunching breaks, contemplative piano melody and thundering breaks. The track blindsides us with it's melancholia tinged first third, before unleashing a jaw-dropping, amen fuelled stab-fest of a drop midway. This one's gonna have dance-floors exploding for sure!!! 

The flipside, 'NRG' follows a similar path as it's companion piece with it's focus on pianos, rolling breaks and instantly recognisable rave diva vocals (Bby D anyone?). The 1992 vibe is amplified even further by the inclusion of a deep, bleepy stab pattern combined with an abrasive hoover section that'll get all air-horns and whistles blaring in the place.

As if all this wasn't enough to convince you, then the 12" comes equipped with bonus scratch samples, as featured on both tracks for all you turntablists to cut up and compliment your sets with.

There appears to be a resurgence in all things oldskool hardcore at present, and Rave 2 The Grave's contribution to this rave movement cements just what makes oldskool just as compelling in 2019 as it was 27 years ago. Don't delay! Order today!!!

The Rave 2 The Grave 'Return Of The Vibe' 12" vinyl  and digital single is available to purchase from the official Jedi Recordings Bandcamp page in the following bundle options...

Vinyl Only = £9.99

Vinyl / DJ Jedi Mix CD / Stickers = £13.99

Vinyl / DJ Jedi Mix CD / T-Shirt / Stickers = £19.99

Vinyl / DJ Jedi Mix CD / Stickers / T-Shirt / Stickers / Slipmatts / Mug = £34.99

All orders of the vinyl come with free digital downloads included and to celebrate 25 years of Stormtrooper Recordings, all purchases will be entered into an exclusive competition to win a one-off, customised Jedi / Stormtrooper Recordings' BMX bike by Olly of Stormtrooper Recordings!!!

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Saturday 4 May 2019

[Bandcamp] Marcus Tee - Atomic Therapy II [4-Track EP Available To Download Now!!!!]

1/ Cold Fusion.
2/ Critical Mass.
3/ Geiger Counter.
4/ Heavy Water.

The name Marcus Tee is usually synonymous with the drum and bass genre, with the Nottingham based producer's music featured on established D&B  labels including the likes of Liquid V, Deconstructed Recordings, Red Alfa Records, Liquid Boppers, and Soul Deep to name but a few. With the 'Atomic Therapy II' EP, Marcus takes us on an epic journey spanning everything from deep, bass heavy techno to sleek and sophisticated UK Garage. 

We are first introduced to the deep and atmospheric sounds of 'Cold Fusion', an immersive slice of laid back techno, propelled by snappy snares, monolithic bass swells and warm, emotive pads which add welcome touch of soul to the mix.

'Critical Mass' winds back the BPM a few notches and introduces the listener to a rich tapestry of down-tempo flavours, with it's enveloping, subsonic dub bassline meshing with Indian females vocal elements and contemplative, trip-hop melodies.

From the ghostly opening vocal fragments which open 'Geiger Counter' we are soon presented with an ever evolving piece of electronica, tinged with a touch of melancholia, expertly utilising Autechre style, glitched percussive elements and Burial-esque sound textures.

Marcus Tee rounds off the quartet in true UK Garage style, with the uplifting and soulful 'Heavy Water', which layers skipping 2-step breaks and deep bass notes over reverberating male vocal refrains and pensive synth pattern.

The 'Atomic Therapy II' EP shows Marcus flexing his production and flair for experimentalism, whilst never sacrificing musicality in the process. If you are seeking new and challenging sounds, then this collection comes highly recommended!!!

The Marcus Tee 'Atomic Thrapy' EP is availabe to download now from the official Marcus Tee Bandcamp page for the bargain price of £3 (or more if you wish to support the artist in future projects!)...

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Thursday 2 May 2019

"Dr. Mottes Love Parade" Exhibition in Berlin (July 2019 - January 2020)

The multimedia exhibition 'nineties berlin' is about to launch a separated exhibition dedicated to the legendary LOVE PARADE, which has its 30th anniversary this year.
The exhibition will be entitled 'Dr. Mottes Loveparade' on the grounds of Motte's innovation and founding this historical, phenomenal outdoor festival of unity or as Germans used to call 'Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen' meaing 'Peace, Joy, Pancakes'.

All in all the summer of 1989 was totally the Summer of Love in Germany and the beginning of something quite different that turned to be a global attraction and expression from a large variety of people. The desire to rave and be united!
From the 150 attenders of the year 1989, to 1.5 million ones in 1999 with the likes of an amazing lineup of DJs and many fans still talking about it like an experience of a lifetime.

On behalf of this 30th anniversary and the exhibition of the LOVE PARADE, there's a massive calling to anyone out there who owes some footage like photos or videos from the first 15 years that it was held to Berlin city.

"The curators Michael Geithner and Dr. Motte are looking for videos and photos of participants of the Loveparade from 1989 to 2003 – whether analog or digital, whether as negatives or on video cassette. nineties berlin is looking forward to the support of the “Generation Techno” and its personal testimonies as well as for memorabilia and promotional items from the Loveparade (1989-2003) on loan for a special installation in the exhibition space.

In addition to being named in the special exhibition lenders will receive their videos and photos in digitally prepared form as a thank-you and will be invited to the vernissage on 1 July 2019.

If you would like to support this project Michael Geithner is looking forward to receive your e-mail:

If possible, please indicate the year in which the recordings were made, whether you own the rights to them and whether they have already been digitised.

A photo of the memorabilia in the e-mail would also be very helpful."

The exhibition will be launched on 1st July of this year and will be active and available to all till 31st January 2020.

nineties berlin
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website - facebook - twitter