Sunday, 26 May 2019

[4 The Core Recordings] Fibzy - Enter The System EP [4-Track EP Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Enter The System.
2/ Like A Drug.
3/ Summertime Fun.
4/ You Attract Me.

Just in time for the brighter weather kicking in, 4 The Core Recordings and label newcomer, Fibzy present four slamming piano hardcore, anthems in the making, injected with Summertime vibes and full-on hands in the air attitude and heaps of oldskool attitude.  

We are first introduced to title track, 'Enter The System' which takes you on a virtual trip through the Golden age of rave right up to the present day, by dropping 1992 era piano stabs and crunching breakbeats, over a cavernous Reese bassline paired with upfront hardcore vocal elements. 
'Like A Drug' then steps in to deliver a serious dose of unadulterated euphoria with it's potent blend of rave pianos, rolling amens, electrifying synth patterns and foundation shaking, D&B bass riffs to create a perfectly uplifting musical hybrid.

The amens make a welcome return on 'Summertime Fun', which expertly blends together lush, ascending pads with chipmunked chart vocals to create a slice of feelgood, contemporary breakbeat hardcore destined to be a staple on all raver's Summer playlists.
Bringing our quartet to a close we have 'You Attract Me', which fuses together sweet female vocals, warm bass drones and spine-tingling arpeggiated synths, that'll easily get feet moving and whistles blowin' wherever it's dropped. 
If you share a love for the shamelessly ecstatic vibes of happy hardcore along with an appreciation of the rhythmic foundations of D&B, then Fibzy's debut will prove to be a refreshing new take on the breakbeat hardcore style.

Fibzy's 'Enter The System EP' is available from the official 4 The Core Recordings Bandcamp page for £6 in high quality digital format (320 MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc).

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