Saturday 31 October 2015


arwork by Alyssium:

US based label slash traxx wishes to all Happy Halloween with a new 5-track EP which is out today on pay-what-you-want with a flavour of Hardstyle, Bass, Crossbreed Chiptune vibes made by contributors like VenoSci, LIL SLUGGA, gHDA, Aubrey, and Mitomoro.

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[RARA20] Various Artists - Red Alfa Records Presents... Halloween Massacre [Available To Download Now!]

1/ Echelon - Mama, Papa.
2/ Red Alfa - Terror Vision.
3/ Carbone - The Black Wizards.
4/ Red Alfa - Demons (SkorpZ Remix).
5/ Sophistics - Send Out.
6/ Angelical Mechanical - Lycanthrope.
7/ Exit Point - Mass Produced.
8/ Samhain - The Lucky Ones.
9/ Decibel Lecter - Fire And Brimstone.
10/ Skorpz feat. C4Z (Lost In The Wreckage).
11/ DJ Ruzt - Killing Time.
12/ Alex Dex - Darkness.
13/ Paul  Cronin - Destroy Wonderland.
14/ Distrax - Into The Depths Of Darkness
15/ Rig Slutz - Modus Vivendi.
16/ Karmz N Gotcher- Hahaha. 
17/ Chris Kaoz - Brain F+ck.
18/ Effekttz - Be Calm.
19/ FiendReflex - I Will Kill You.
20/ ShortBus - Caverns.
21/ Hannibal Selector - Midnight Roller.
22/ Pabba - This Could Scare You.
23/ Pedro Jenko  - Afraid Of The Dark.

Something wicked this way comes on this All Hallow's Eve. Red Alfa Records present their brand new compendium of the most filthy and demonic Drum & Bass mutations ever unleashed into the digital music sphere. Gathering together a mammoth selection of underground, D&B mad scientists, the the 23 track 'Halloween Massacre' compilation is destined to terrorise even the most hardcore dancefloors.

Echelon's oppressive bassline driven 'Mama, Papa' sets off the proceedings to a deeply sinister start by fusing stepping breaks onto a creeped-out children's sing-song, closely followed by Red Alfa's sci-fi horror anthem, 'Terror Vison', with it's technoid terror-stabs and warped bass tone. 
Carbone then digs out his best sonic torture implements for the brain battering epic, 'The Black Wizards' (watch out for those pummelling breakbeats!!!), before Skorpz goes all Dr Frankenstein on Red Alfa's 'Demons' to create a bleep and 2-step break monster.

Sophistics' 'Send Out' strips things back to the bare bones with his ultra minimal, yet hypnotically lean addition, featuring heavyweight breaks, a trance-inducing synth line and choice snippets of ragga chat, while things go all maniacal on Mechanical Angelical's 'Lycanthrope' with it's frenetically paced percussion and scattershot stab flashes all backed by a haunting, cinematic backing. 
Exit Point up next drops murderous, subsonic bass over rapid-fire breakbeat edits and ominous atmospherics with 'Mass Produced' while Samhain reanimates the corpse of classic tech-step, circa 1996-1997 on 'The Lucky Ones' and bolts on some fresh 2015 D&B body parts.

'Fire And Brimstone' from Decibel Lector takes things even further back in time by conjuring up the spirits of oldskool hardcore for a track that gleefully features more stabs than in Michael Myers' entire filmography set to a combination of punishing breaks and bass. Skorpz then presents to us a sleek and ominously atmospheric slice of liquid funk with 'Lost In The Wreckage' featuring the smooth-as-silk, yet razor-sharp vocals of C4Z
It's 'Killing Time' next courtesy of DJ Ruzt who drops classic reversed-bass 'whoomps' over a stepping breakbeat and death threat vocals, before being joined by Alex Dex's appropriately titled horror-flick sampling, amen break and hardcore kick-drum driven, 'Darkness'.

Paul Cronin doesn't just 'Destroy Wonderland', he positively annihilates it with his tearing, amen fuelled, megaton bomb of a track leaving Distrax to emerge from the devastation with 'Into The Depths Of Darkness', an epic structured, '70's horror flick themed stepper, accentuated with eerie atmospherics and an infectious bassline. 
'Modus Vivendi' by the Rig Slutz incorporates massive warped, saw-toothed bass throbs over jittery breaks and menacing pads to create the perfect sense of unease which is then passed over to Karmz & Gotcher who ramp up the sinister atmospherics with creative use of baby cries and chain clanks with 'Hahaha'.

Chris Kaoz f+cks with your brain on, wait for it... 'Brain F+ck', a frantically paced techno-rhythm meets D&B percussion and brain scouring mentasm riff propelled track which would easily give Bad Company UK flashbacks, while Effekttz delivers phatt breaks and moody bass on 'Be Calm', which utilises an obscure vocal sample to great effectComplex bass patterns emerge on FiendReflex's dark, neuro-funk number, 'I Will Kill You' which offers lashings of deep, cinematic atmosphere. 

'Caverns' by ShortBus injects dancehall bass patterns into his scuttling breakbeat driven creation, layering plenty of ominous pads to add to the unease before Hannibal Selector drops thundering jungle breaks and booming subsonic bass on 'Midnight Roller', perfectly blending oldskool and nuskool flavours to great effect. 
Pabba's 'This Could Scare You' sets the mood with a noirish piano intro and vintage movie dialogue over an undulating bassline and shuffling breaks giving you the impression of a futuristic soundtrack to a '50's crime flick closely followed by the sinister, chiming tones of Pedro Jenko's 'Afraid Of The Dark' which draws the album to a close in a minimal, darkside funk fashion.

The question is..... do you run in fear from these heavyweight, psychotic monsters on Halloween, or do you run with them? Red Alfa Records 'Halloween Massacre' is available to download from all good digital music stores NOW!!!




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Time for HALLOWEEN's special today, delivering proper darkness all over the Hardcore world with a fresh EP coming out from UK's dark son like Master Mash, who's definetely very 'busy & productive' these days!

"Tales from the Dark Chamber EP" consists of 4 tracks and is available to grab now on digital format here

01. Master Mash - All I See [Is Darkness]
02. Master Mash - My Fear
03. Master Mash - Darkside Dubplate
04. Master Mash - Judgement Day VIP


Friday 30 October 2015

Breaking Free II.I [CD1 Mixed by Strife II + CD2 Mixed by Gavin G]

The follow up of this great series is out now including 2 massive mixes from Strife II and Gavin G! Nothing more to say as its totally wicked and great representive of Nuskool Breakbeat Hardcore & Drum & Bass sounds! 


Wednesday 28 October 2015

Dub Pistols 'Killa Sound' [Leeroy Thornhill Remix]

Fresh work by Ex Prodigy member like Leeroy Thorhill, who's remixing Dub Pistols 'Killa Sound' taken from the self-titled upcoming EP - out on 30th October 2015 @ Sunday Best. This remix is a 174bpm drum & bass smasher as Leeroy has escaped from his usual style of Bass & Breaks.
A great release in overal alongside some cool remixes from Wes Smith, D-Funk, Skapes and Landings.

Here's an airplay preview of Leeroy's remix as featured it on my yesterday's radio show @ Planet Rave Radio.

Listen to full showcase:

Pre-Order 'Killa Sound EP':




Wavewhore Jungle Breaks Mix

Wavewhore presents a jungle breaks DJ mix featuring some of his favorite bass driven riddims of all time!! Almost all of the tracks are exclusive Wavewhore edits and the mix includes his recent single, "Work It Out" on iBreaks Bass, along with his remix of Rektchordz' "Bass Pressure", both of which were featured on BBC Radio 1.

Hit Dat - Jurassik & Codec (Supatronix)
Killa Sound - Freestylers vs Wizard (Freestyler Records)
Soundclash feat. Jessie Ware - RackNRuin (Black Butter)
Brothers And Sisters - 601 (Passenger)
This Year's Champion - 601 (Passenger)
Safe Sound (RackNRuin Remix) - Kid Kenobi & MC Shureshock (Klub Kids)
Work It Out - Wavewhore (iBreaks Bass)
Gangbusters (Jurassik Remix) - Shakes (Supatronix)
Mindscape - RackNRuin (Sub Slayers)
Primer - Electrux (Warehouse Wax)
Did You Ever - The Flashback Project feat. Patricia Edwards (Downbeat Productions)
Burning Up (Torqux & Twist vs. Elite Force Mix) - Peo DePitte (U&A)
Time To React feat. Lenki - Backdraft (Downbeat Productions)
Bass Pressure (Wavewhore Remix) - Rektchordz (Breaks FM)


Tuesday 27 October 2015

Dark Til Dawn Records Bumper Free Singles Of The Week Round Up!!!

It's been a while since I last checked out Dark Til Dawn Records output and man have I got lots to get caught up on, and that's not even touching on Dark Til Dawn's brand new footwork sub-label, Broken Soles (be sure to check that one out all footwork freaks!). To get things started here's a rundown of the latest four Singles Of The Week...

1/ Deadly Nightshade - Predator.

Kicking off with this weeks' release from Deadly Nightshade (aka hardcore breaks supremo, Abzolution), who brings you you a serious slab of deep, dark and nasty nuskool jungle tekno with 'Predator'. Chock full of frenetically layered breakbeats, ominous synths and a bassline straight outta hell. 'Predator' is destined to provide the perfect sinister soundtrack for Halloween this weekend!

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1/ DON4LD - Rain Dance.

Now if Deadly Nightshade was too hectic for you, then DON4LD takes things down a notch with his atmospheric drum & bass with footwork overtones track, 'Rain Dance'. Featuring lush, soothing pads that wouldn't sound out of place on a Good Looking Records track accompanied by rolling amen breaks, heart palpitation inducing bass and half-speed claps. DON4ALD exemplifies the perfect merging the two genres with 'Rain Dance' here!

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1/ BC Rydah - Cliq Claq.

BC Rydah up next flings down some future, jump-up, tear-out junglism with 'Cliq Claq', where he incorporates smooth and soulful vocals (including the late and great Barry White) alongside classic rap snippets, intricately sliced and diced amen break edits and deep subsonic bass. 
Rydah successfully melds modern production styles with oldskool jungle attitude on 'Cliq Claq' without ever devolving into the stale 'wobble-bassline' debacle that hip-hop themed jump-up did back in the day. Rinsing tune!!!

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1/ FOTH - Stone Hill (Sky's The Limit).

Last on the list for my long overdue Dark Til Dawn Records' Single Of The Week update is FOTH's sublime 'Stone Hill (Sky's The Limit)'. A celebration of manic amen breaks and basslines set to the soundtrack of lush, ambient electronica pads and and melodies (as well as a legendary PS1 purple dragon!). 'Stone Hill (Sky's The Limit)' is a highly effective amalgamation of I.D.M. atmospherics and jungle percussion, as well as being an intensely uplifting tune in it's own right. Gorgeous track!!!

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Monday 26 October 2015

2 BAD MICE @ Brighton Loves Jungle on 24th October 2015


[AAR051] Sparki Dee - Power And Terror [Available From All Good Digital Download Stores Now!!!]

1/ Power And Terror.

Our man over here at The Strictly NuSkool Blog, Sparki Dee makes his debut on premier underground Drum & Bass label, Allowance Records with the release of the 'Power And Terror' single.

Blending oldskool rave attitude with contemporary D&B production techniques, 'Power And Terror' combines thundering, layered amen break edits with portentous, ominous pads and a pummeling bassline to create a massive dancefloor detonator guaranteed to get all the headz raving. 

Sparki Dee once again comes up trumps with a tearing and atmospheric little number, so get on this before everyone else does!!!!

The Sparki Dee 'Power And Terror' single is available to purchase and stream from the following stores and streaming sites...


Beatport Pro...

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Google Play...


Juno Download...


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[YMMM003] Champa-B - Modified Magic 003 [Limited 12" Vinyl Only - Pre-Orders Available Now!!!]

 A1 - Out Of Your Head.
A2 - Black Voodoo.
B1 - The Pulse. 
B2 - Brainstormer.

Modified Magic takes us back to the heady days of 1993 jungle tekno, where frenetic, ruffnneck breakbeats, rude basslines and menacingly dark atmospherics ruled the raves and pirate radio airwaves, with the forthcoming vinyl only release of the 'Modified Magic 003' EP. Featuring four massive tracks courtesy of pedigree junglist, 
Champa-B of Green Bay Wax, Lickshot Recordings and Scientific Wax fame.

Kicking things off with the nigh-on chaotic breakbeat mashup meets mentasmic rushiness of the Colonal Abrams sampling 'Out Of Your Head''Modified Magic 003' then steers itself towards amen-fueled jungle tekno territory where sinister bass moans do battle with thumping kickdrums on 'Black Voodoo'.

'The Pulse' blends even more breakneck speed, amen choppage with vintage Formation Records style bass throbs and off kilter effects, before being bookended by closing track, 'Brainstormer' which sees richly layered percussive edits become enveloped by a seismic bassline and ominous strings.

If 2015 saw the likes of labels like 7th Storey Projects and Tuff Cut Records carry the torch for nuskool jungle-tekno and darkside hardcore, then Modified Magic and Champa-B are set to ensure that those authentic 1993 flames are going to continue to burn bright for a long time!!!

Champa-B's 'Modified Magic 003' limited edition vinyl 12" is available to pre-order from the Modified Magic Big Cartel webstore link below for the price of £7.99 plus P&P...

...And for those of you who have still to pick up on previous Modified Magic releases the label has a special triple vinyl bundle offer for you, which includes Champa-B's 'Modified Magic 003', Tap Throw's 'Dip Switches EP' and Scan One's 'I'll Be Your Eyes' all for the bargain price of £20.00 (plus P&P)...

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