Tuesday 27 July 2021

A massive new breakbeat weapon by The Pulse

Deadly Nightshade returns under his side project The Pulse, delivering nothing else but hard breakbeats on his brand new personal album. Big pianos, rave stabs, technoid synths, euphoric pads and most of all thundering bassline, are all included in his new 10 tracks available now digitally via Bandcamp or limited CD by getting in touch with him on his facebook page.



Tuesday 20 July 2021

Have you heard the new Rory Hoy single release?

The brand new single release of the ever passionate Rory Hoy, is out now and available through the German based label Sondae Records. It's called 'Red Jacket' and it's a mid tempo funky coming among the uk club house or you can tell a nu disco kinda track entitled '2021'.

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Time Forward by Nelver


As the ancient Greek poet Hesiod said: "Truly great is the person who managed to master his time!" The track "Nelver - Time Forward" tells about how important it is to appreciate every day lived, to make the world around you better, without wasting your time.

This single is available digitally on Beatport and Junodownload





Monday 5 July 2021

Beat Jugglers Are Out Out

DJ Tech, JJW, Mad Mick, Phil Earle and Nikki Neon are better known to the world as, Beat Jugglers.

This 5-piece UK band was born out of the nostalgic love for the Oldskool ethos, bringing fresh ideas and a new uplifting vibe live and direct on stage.
And to be honest, this formula of success is basically a company of good friends, moreover a team of musicians with a great backdrop. The freeparty legendary DJ Tech (a.k.a. The Tribaleditor) meets a classically trained pianist (i.e. JJW) and they join forces with Rising High Records veteran Phil Earle, the (Guru Josh 'Infinity') saxophonist Mad Mick and the hi-nrg dominant vocals of Nikki Neon. In addition, there's also the Dusty Boot dance crew joining the stage to resonate the dancing stage.

“Brand new music with beautiful Oldskool flavours”
- DJ Fat Controller #OldSkoolShow / (Milwaukees)

This summer, Beat Jugglers release their first full-length album.

"Well, what a year and more it has been for the whole planet.. With the world on its knees, we really needed a focus to get us through these dark times..So we decided to try and make an album via the net only. We didn't have much experience with Zoom before the lockdown, but we thought it was possible to, so we gave it a go.
Normally a Juggler studio sesh comprises of all of us meeting ether around mine or JJW's, and these sessions would last between 6-8 hours with always JJW supplying refreshments and food, so to go from that to 2-3 hour sessions on Zoom was a massive undertaking we thought, but possible, and to be honest it worked out just fine in the end, and to be honest we were almost 3 times more productive on zoom sessions. Probably because of not stopping for food breaks ect.. We just loaded up with snacks and coffee (well i did)..  Amazingly, we have ended up with a finished album ready to drop the day lockdown ends in the UK. The timing for this was decided because the bulk of the album was conceived after the start of lockdown, with the exception of the first 2 and the last tune, so we called the album 'Beat Jugglers Are Out-Out' We plan to be "out-out" doing our bit to put smiles on faces and get some dust in the air." 
-DJ Tech exclusive words for Strictly Nuskool Blog.

Beat Jugglers debut album is comprised of nine tracks, specifically their top nine highlight bangers that represent the authentic Beat Juggler.
Tracks like 'Raves Like This'; it is the first ever official release and it sums up the right blend of pounding Techno, big pianos, sax and dreamy vocals. However there are also some outstanding collaborations inside. For instance, the legendary MC Evenson Allen from RatPack making his first guest appearance out of his RatPack action.

'Better Days' and 'Vibezin' are two of the tracks that Evenson goes with the flow of the energy and adds his personal twist as usual. 'Do It Like That' finds him next to Chicago's pioneer Fast Eddie, well known of his Hip House days and anthems such as 'Acid Thunder'.

Also, there's Poetic Sun on the album's self-titled progressive eurohouse inspired track 'Out Out' and last but not least the man like Natty Campbell, member of Reggae Roast Sound System, who's involved in one of the strongest D&B/Junglistic weapons of this record. A remarkable riddim juggling into beats. A ruff perfection.

"This 9 track album sees a convergence of dance styles from ripping, acid fuel trance techno, hands in the air anthemic DnB, to rough tuff vintage jungle and a cauldron of 90s rave nostalgia. Beat Jugglers have been sharing their unique blend of live dance music at festivals across the country and are raring to tour their new album as soon as the lockdown ends."

One of the greatest releases of this year is right here right now, unleashed and delivered the perfect time, when sun is shining and the vibe has to be uplifting and outdoors. Beat Jugglers are showing the way. Follow them..out out!

Out on CD and Digital via Bandcamp

Thursday 1 July 2021

Strictly Drum & Bass. GLOWKiD celebrates Straight Up Breakbeat on his latest showcase

Check out the recent showcase by GL0WKiD, celebrating Finland's finest Drum & Bass label, Straight Up Breakbeat (http://www.subb1996.com/). The label's manager, ODJ Dizzy opens the life files of his label throgh an interview featured, putting also an exclusive guest mix including unreleased dubs and big tracks with the likes of DJ Sofa, Aeon Four, Fanu, Infekto, Esc etc.
This one's recorded as broadcasted live on Kniteforce Radio on 29th June 2021.