Sunday 22 October 2023

V.A. - Strictly Nuskool Vol.3


This year, the Strictly Nuskool Blog turns 10...

On behalf of the Blog's 10th anniversary, we're more than happy to present to you a brand new digital compilation album.The album features 17 new and exclusive tracks from a diverse range of producers hailing from countries such as the UK,Greece, Poland, US, Ireland, Russia, Lithuania and Singapore. As always with the rest of our back catalogue, this digital compilation is available for free, and all we ask is that you show your full support for the talented artists behind these tracks.

For further information about this release, we'd suggest you to listen to a special showcase made by Bass Scoops Radio interviewing various producers involved on the album, such as MOZDJ, MZA, Pressure, Simi, Jakuzzi Superstar, Lukas Ungeitis and also GLOWKiD who run this whole project.

 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3' is available to download for free here

Thursday 12 October 2023

NonRev new EP on Codename: RCRDS

UK based Codename: RCRDS is thrilled to showcase the second solo artist EP on their label, beautifully crafted by the immensely talented NonRev, delivering a collection of five lush, atmospheric jungle and drum and bass tracks.

The 'Sun At Midnight' EP draws significant inspiration from the music of iconic figures from the 90s, including LTJ Bukem and Good Looking Records, Voyager, DJ Trax, and PFM. It's a mesmerizing blend of vintage breakbeats, booming 808s, and soulful jazz samples, all immersed in reverb and a strong sense of nostalgia, yet presented with a distinctly contemporary twist.

The EP opens with ‘Never Again’, where lush keys and synth vox’s meet rolling breaks and deep rumbling bass. Things move into an eerier direction with the catchy guitar riff and deep stabbing synth tones of ‘Inconsequential’, before things switch back into a more rolling direction with ‘Have Life Will Travel’. The stunning ‘Stay With Me’ seamlessly interplays several vocals with rolling breaks and an infectious bassline, before the EP closes with the gorgeous title track ‘Sun At Midnight’.

Codename: RCRDS


Wednesday 11 October 2023

'Elegant Luchadores Vol.8: Motivbreaks'

Diablo Loco bring their 8th volume of 'Elegant Luchadores', which is an exceptional compilation including tracks by the established Greek Breaks hero, Motivbreaks.

Diablo Loco Records, based in Greece, is a label dedicated to the Tech-Funk, Electro-House, and Tech-Breaks sound, and the team behind are inspired by the captivating Mexican wrestling culture and the legendary Luchadores with a mission to deliver top-notch music from the international Breaks and Bass scene.

This Autumn, the 'Elegant Luchadores Vol.8' comes out hot presenting 14 outstanding tracks, each bearing the unmistakable stamp of Motivbreaks' signature style. With a blend of original compositions and remixes, this album is a great example to the artist's incredible talent and dedication to his craft. The ever consistent project of Motivbreaks, with a career that spans several years, has crafted dancefloor slams that have hit the charts and still going down a storm in many radio shows. This fresh collection is a showcase his blazing tunes, many of which have previously graced the catalog of Diablo Loco Records and Fantomas Records.

Motivbreaks' own words reveal the relentless dedication that has fueled his journey. This collection is not just a compilation; it's a celebration of hard work, passion, and the love of music. It's a testament to the countless hours spent perfecting the art of production and the relentless pursuit of excellence as declared it on his facebook page. With around 40 label singles and remixes under his belt and a personal LP titled 'The Warehouse Revival', the main man Stamatis stands proud in the Breakbeat scene. His commitment to evolving and learning is evident in the success he's achieved and the support he's garnered from artists and DJs across the globe.

In a nutshell, Motivbreaks' celebratory compilation keeps the enduring spirit of Breakbeat, the dedication of a down to Earth man and prolific producer, and the love of music that keeps it all going. This album is a must-listen for both dedicated fans of the genre and those looking to explore the electrifying world of Breakbeat. Pay attention to 'Out Of My Head' hitting the Beatport Charts fair and square.

Listen to the latest 'Hardcore Uproar Show' by CHZ

The latest showcase from the amazing DJ CHZ will drive everyone off their nut including 3 hours of smashing hardcore breaks among the new and forthcoming tunes from the anticipated 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3' which will be available on 22nd of October via our Blog. Aside of the show, our friend Alan has recently released his second EP on 4 The Core Recordings, following his successful debut on the same label, two years ago. 'The V-10 Project Vol.2' can be purchased digitally here and of course get to know the sounds of this hi-energy radio dj, hittin the kniteforce airwaves each and every Saturday.