Wednesday 29 July 2020

[KFW08] Dj Beeno - Mischeif EP [12" Vinyl & Digital - KNITEFORCE WHITE]

What does it mean... Kniteforce White?
In three words can be explained like: limited, exclusive and underground!

A sub-label of Kniteforce Records, which has turned to become one of the hottest prospects within the Nuskool Hardcore. It was originally launched the last months of 2019 as we're now facing the 8th installment with one of the resident radio djs of Kniteforce Radio and a somehow newbie but talented producer, the man like DJ Beeno.

Dean Evans the man behind the infamous Beeno alias, is a producer of good surprises. And that spots directly into the Kniteforce spirit, on the grounds that every Kniteforce release is always delivering the unexpected.
Sampling wisdom and powerful tracks on his brand new 'Mischeif EP'. From the Moby inspired 'Spray Dem' to his funky influencial 'Rhythm' (which is available digitally if you run faster than that, meaning by 166bpm and so).

What we'd keep from his new work? 
'From the Past' is our personal highlight. Meet the golden medieval Hardcore era and bow to the nu-rave king Arthur as been cooked onto Beeno's labs. Magnificent melody taken from the 5th century straight to the 21st century, fresher and more banging than ever. An ode to British people and British Hardcore rave music maybe? Might be.

You attention now please. This EP is limited by 200 12" Vinyl copies only with no repressing plans and exclusive to the Kniteforce store and only. Aside of that it has 8 downloadable tracks for the first week only, and 4 in the second week. Take into consideration that Beeno was the one who opened the KFW releases back in November with an EP that sold out instantly. So the faster you run dem, the easier to satisfy your collection willingness.

Available to buy now from the Kniteforce Store and only on the link below:



Tuesday 28 July 2020

[TUNNEL001] V.A. - The Times & Places EP [12" Vinyl - TIME TUNNEL RECORDINGS]

A1 Newkiller - U92
A2 - Grindzone - The Path
B1 - Gold Soundz - I.Y.L.M.
B2 - Midlife Crisis - Here To Stay

Who said that corona killed creation?

Time Tunnel Recordings is a brand new label launch from UK, an impulsive new try dedicated to the Hardcore sounds of 1992-94.

Their first release was unleashed the first day of this summer and from that time till now, it rolls greatly by popular demand. Stars align throughout these four fresh Hardcore Junglistic belters that are offered in here, drawing on Dark pieces from 1993-94 era, tough amen breaks, even blending some sweet pianos with ragga and soulful inspiration (e.g.  'I.Y.L.M.' by Gold Soundz). But, above board, the trademark of this EP is probably the B2 'Here To Stay' by Midlife Crisis. This track spoke a lot deep inside us from the very few seconds of it.
Intensive amen breaks straight to your face. Hard to manipulate its 162bpm of madness!
A proud Hardcore Jungle gem of nowdays...

'The Times & Places EP' will be officially released on 21st August, coming out by a limited number of 200 12" Vinyl copies (digitals too when purchased) available via Bandcamp and around September, fans can purchase it on separated digital as well. All tracks are pressed on black Vinyl at MPO, presented in a black disco bag. The first 50 orders will received a Time Tunnel sticker, while the first 20 will receive also a hand numbered print.
An indispensable weapon of collectors and fans of the new breed of Hardcore & Jungle sounds. You know what to do. Support is due, especially these hard times that artists wanna defeat negativity with more creativity...


Monday 20 July 2020


From the golden era of mid90s and the latter Big Beat phenomenon, Enviromental Science from UK, kicked off as a project offering a supreme remix on 'Poison' by The Prodigy, released as a b-side on the 'Poison EP' via XL Recordings.

SDJ Zak (aka Zak H Laycock) alongside DJ Spatts have teamed up together in order to form this group and join their talents among a live lineup of Seamus Smith, Faz (Joanne Farragher) and 'Count' Ade Stranik. The group was signed in many labels throughout the years, such as Skint Records (Fatboy Slim's imprint) Kickin Records, as well as playing in big festivals like Glastonbury, Reading and Tribal Gathering.

The year 2020 finds the fans of this sound with an out of the blue release; a pack of tunes from the good old days of breakbeats, big beat and acid explosion into rock mentality as Big Fat Mama Beats Records have made the big deal to release a tribute album to this almighty act.

'Best of Enviromental Science' is comprised of 14 hi-energy tracks oldskool fusion of breaks and acid and truly underground and dirty like it used to be back then.

Expect to hear stuff that will remind you quite a lot of The Chemical Brothers early works, Lionrock, Skint, Crystal Method, Propellerheads etc.
This is an indispensable release for every Big Beat fan out there, thanks to Big Fat Mama Beats making it possible. Even though some of you might wanted that to be on a CD format, it's out digitally and available to buy in major digital stores and streaming platforms. Check out the link above and a mix of all tunes made by MisterRich.



Dj Jimmy - I´m Coming Hardcore 21st Century

For those who're pretty aware of the Nu-Rave and the Hardcore Breaks scene, you already know about the Rave Stylee label and most certain the man like DJ Jimmy from Spain.
It's been almost over a decade since his last offering on the UK label of Rave Stylee, and now our good old pal returns with a new (unsigned yet) work.
He's coming Hardcore in the 21st century, in the weird year we're running, in the best period of Hardcore Breaks, probably.

Give it a share, enjoy the rhythms and remain on your Hardcore Breaks seats.

Saturday 11 July 2020

Weekend's SILENCE ELUWEI Hardcore Mix

Nothern Ireland, DJ X-ray has set up a special showcase on Friday; an ultimate takeover which was streaming live on facebook. We're very happy sharing a download link of a follower of our Blog, the man like Silence Eluwei, who dropped a serious oldskool vs nuskool selection and big Hardcore tracks with the likes of Luna-C, Paul Bradley, Scott Brown, Lords of Hardcore, Bass Reaction. Kid Dynamite, Ant To Be and many more others.

An astounding mix which you can listen to it right here and if you dig what you hear, you may take a listen to his show every Thurday at 17:00 [UK TIME] opening DJ Luna-C's show @ Kniteforce Radio.


Thursday 9 July 2020

Book recommendation:: 'Each And Every Time' by Nick Blake

Words by Nick Blake

'Each and Every Time' – a novel set during the UK Hardcore Rave scene of the early 90s.

This book tells the raving story of Danny-Lee, Essex boy and Old Skool, Hardcore raver, who, settled and approaching mid-life, is suddenly thrown back to his 90s youth by an unexpected funeral and by the discovery of a box of forgotten rave memorabilia.

These events and the continuing succession of flashbacks and visions they provoke, inspire Danny-Lee to take a journey back to his old Essex home in Braintree, following the route he often took when travelling to and from raves. As Danny-Lee drives the memorabilia, the music he is listening to and the world passing by outside trigger further flashbacks and surges of memory about his young life. These different realities and time streams intersect; Danny-Lee is thrown from one to another, at first in a state of confusion but by the end reaching a new understanding of his youth and his place in the cultural phenomenon of early 1990s UK Hardcore Rave.

The idea for this book has been knocking around in my head for a long time – at least 15 years – and some of it is older than that! Basically, though I wanted to try and do a few key things: First, I wanted to write the story of an ordinary raver of that time; the story of a Hardcore soldier. I was conscious that there were plenty of autobiographies of DJs and producers around and plenty of documentary/academic style studies, which are great – and many of them provided invaluable research for my book – but there was nothing that really told the story of those who packed the dance floors to dance all night until the sun came up and then danced some more. It seemed like a missing piece and a story worth telling.

Second, I wanted to try and write about the music and the culture – Hardcore music and culture. I wanted to try and capture in words the spirit of the movement and the emotion and energy of what I consider to be some of the most originally creative music ever made. Thirdly, I wanted to try to bring to life some of the ideas and discussions I’d had about rave, about Hardcore, about youth culture, at innumerable chill outs and after-parties over many years of being part of this scene. And finally, I wanted to bring these things together in a ‘real’ person who had a ‘real’ and authentic life and existed in history. I felt this last thing was important as I didn’t want to write a series of raving anecdotes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good raving anecdote - and there’s plenty in the book - but on their own I didn’t think they would stand up as a novel nor did I think they would have the weight and impact that I thought the ’raver’s story’ in my head deserved. 

The writing process itself took about 2 years (I did have a day job) and it was pretty intense at times. It included detailed research to create a timeline of real raves and events against which the story takes place; a flyer collection for Danny-Lee – based on my brother’s extensive archive - and a modest collection of records; a series of music mag articles which are read by Danny-Lee; and - the thing I am personally most pleased with - a car journey between North-East London and Essex which is plotted in ‘real-time’ to a Top Buzz set recorded in 1991 at Oscar’s, Clacton Pier, which Danny-Lee listens to in the car.

I published the book in February this year. I did this independently as no publishers were interested - maybe UK Hardcore doesn’t fit the book club model - and I have been working to promote it ever since.

Troubador  -  Amazon  

Nick Blake

Monday 6 July 2020


Sevilla based dj/producer, Andy Vibes (a.k.a. Digital Vibes) is spinning his wheels the last 20 years with love and devotion for Breakbeat music. His brand new release is a digital album comprised of 14 original mixes from him messing around with phat breakbeats, electro and funk and massive drops. The second Part of his 'My Life' series is at the moment the No.1 on Breakbeat Releases of Beatport so one way or another it's a good recommendation for any Breaks lover out there.
From the deep housey 'Sunset' to the rave breaks of 'Return To Fantasy' and the UK Garage 'Roller Girls' this new album by Digital Base & Andy Vibes is a good addition to your digital collection.




Sunday 5 July 2020

Radio Interview with Leeroy Thornhill on behalf of his new album

Ex-Prodigy hero, DJ, producer Leeroy Thornhill, talks to the GLOWKiD about his brand new album 'EVOLVE' which is out now digitally. Leeroy gives an insight of his new work, exaplaining why he avoid to sign it to any label but release it on his own, if there will be any chapter 2 or vinyl of this LP, the dance scene in overall and bits from the past.



Friday 3 July 2020

SYNTHESIS - Chromesthesia EP [5-Track Digital EP - KURLY KUTZ]

01. More Than Anyone Has Ever Seen
02. Turn Your Face Towards The Sun (Mastered By Haze)
03. Turn Me Off
04. Fummin Piano
05. Final Revolution (Searching for R Wagner Mix)

The brand new release of Kurly Kutz Records is out now presenting 5 new tracks of a mystery producer called Synthesis; a good riddle hiding behind him, come what may.
'Chromesthesia' is a greek inspired word fully colored and energy of breakbeats and 4/4 euphoric uplifters. A formula that's diverse under Hardcore Breaks of 145 bpm reaching to the top Hardcore Techno joyful 'Final Revolution (Searching for R Wagner Mix)', which is the fastest and top favorit track from this EP.

Noteworthy that 50% of all proceeds of this release will go to mental health charity MIND ( MIND provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. And that's a good cause and reason to support this specific new EP.
Last but not least, on Friday the 3rd July, Bandcamp are waiving their fees again for 24hrs to support the scene, the labels and the artists so every penny goes directly to the creativity.

'Chromesthesia' by Synthesis will be once again supported by Kniteforce Radio and its djs, taking a good look at the future as the label managing team are arsed to do cool stuff oin the pipeline.



Thursday 2 July 2020

MANI FESTO - All Night EP [12" Vinyl EP - CLUB GLOW]

A1 - All Night
A2 - Trackside
B1 - Cheatin
B2 - Tell Me Why

CLUB GLOW Records strike back and fight corona with their new limited weapon of choice! This time's the label premieres on vinylized releases with a resident established member, dj/producer and artwork aficionado, the man like Mani Festo from Brighton.

We're dealing with an imperative new release, highly expected from the fans for many years as these tunes used to be played out since 2015. It's a 4-track melting pot of influences such as UK Garage, Trip Hop and Dubstep from the man like Mani Festo, who's pleased to unleash his debut record over this mighty collective.

"A1, The title track 'All Night' was written back in 2015 and was on regular rotation at Swamp 81 parties at the time. A staple in the sets of Dj's such as Loefah, Orson and Youngsta it has remained an elusive dubplate until now!

'Trackside' is a continuation of the previous track. A gritty FWD style roller that features samples describing all-nighters painting trains. This is a subtle nod to a miss-spent youth sneaking out and painting Graffiti.

On the flipside 'Cheatin' is yet another unreleased dubplate from the same era as 'All Night'. This caused serious damage on dancefloors as a dub, check out this recording of Loefah and Chunky in Birmingham in 2016 - - Need we say any more?

B2 slows the tempo down for street beat style breakbeat riddim 'Tell Me Why'. This one nods back to the sounds coming out of Bristol in the late 80's and early 90's. A perfect way to round off the release."

This record is limited by 300 copies only, most of these are available through Bandcamp and just a few on selected physical shops. Don't forget that on Friday 3rd of July, Bandcamp are waiving their fees again to support the artists, the labels, the good creativity that's working hard during this weird year.

A record that's a dark futuristic clubbing weapon to save in your soul, holding it tight till your return to the nightlife.
Vibes all around through it... 
And... All night.

Wednesday 1 July 2020


01. Hypakrit
02. Arms Around Me
03. Stars
04. Still Be Here

UK based Fibzy returns to 4 The Core Recordings and suffice to say that this is his most complete work so far on this label. A spot on 4-track EP providing absolutely slamming breakbeats in overall and you can tell that this style reminds quite a lot of Inspector Sands 2016 personal album and loads of Kniteforce.
Big hands-in-the-air belters captured with full-on euphoria and Hardcore joy. A modern mid-90s style shines the second decade of '00s and sounds uplifting. Fibz has scored a startling release and all featured tracks do the justice.
Don't forget that on Friday the 3rd July, Bandcamp are waiving their fees again to help the artists. So you do know what to do then.

Hold tight, fast ride!
'163 EP' on your way!