Friday, 4 December 2020

Leeroy Thornhill releases his brand new mixed album

"Back To Me" my new album out tomorrow on Bandacmp.
A similar concept as my last Album "Evolve" a mixture of styles inspired by my musical journey. - Leeroy Thornhill

Seems that this album concept is the apple in they eyes of this well-known wonderful 'tall' musician, who's seriously dug into the basslines and fat breakbeats. The almighty 30year old (musically speaking) Leeroy Thornhill has just released his second personal album during this crazy year, following his summer LP 'Evolve'.
Leeroy follows the same formula on his second consecutive album, which seems to be well embraced and supported again from the fans.

What we're dealing here is a pack of 19 fresh tracks, all tied up properly, presenting varied of styles but into a smooth path by our main driver.
'Back To Me' seems to be an inner trip to Leeroy's deep feelings throughout this year. Something that's not odd to him at all. On a recent interview with GLOWKiD on behalf of the 'Evolve' album, he has revealed that he's fancy for this style of releases. So he did it again, blending groove with tough bass, ravey moments with ambient thoughts giving even a good distinctive twist on 'Poison' by The Prodigy.

Last but not least a special mention. For those unaware of it, today's the last day of 2020 that Bandcamp waive their fees. This means that it's a good day to support the music, all Artists and the Labels, as every penny will go straight to the music makers. Let's celebrate creativity, while supporting the bands/acts/producers in those hard times.



Friday, 27 November 2020


If you like Funky music let me hear say . . . ?


This is the brand new single release of the mighty Nuskool hero, Rory Hoy released on Bristol's DivisionBass Digital Records.
“New single sounds ace” - Fatboy Slim
We're dealing with an Oldskool funky disco house tune inspired a bit of Daft Punk cooked with a funky twist and proper for festive plays.
Rory Hoy ends up this year, raising a great funky fist of optimism for better days and a bright 2021 of big beats and heavy bass.
In a nutshell, a House promise for future burning nights on the dancefloor! You can realise that from an outstanding videoclip that came out these days, showing the.. future. Can't say enough when none else than the legendary Fatboy Slim was the first reviewing this new phenomenal uplifting release.

Available to stream and play (safe) via major digital platforms.
A big 'YEAH' to Rory Hoy!

Check Rory Hoy's latest radio show here

CABEABEL - Battle of the Elves [CLUB ARREST MUSIC]

Berlin based label, Club Arrest Music (run by Rave queen Marusha) returns with a supreme single by a newcomer producer by the name Cabeabel.
Cabeabel is a German producer based in Stockholm, Sweden and he's a visual artist and electronic music producer. His debut single on Club Arrest is titled 'Battle of the Elves' and it's a supreme Drum & Bass driven track just to wet your appetite before the launch of his personal album.

His influences are basically Hip Hop and anything around Electronic and Classical music as well as his relentless love for science as he's working also as a neuroscientist. Hence his album name will be called 'Neurophonique' and it's planned to come out next year.

How did Marusha feet about this release? You can watch it above...

And some words from the man himself who dropped his d&b debut battle...

"I am so happy to announce that my first song release under Club Arrest Music Berlin is coming up soon. Thank you so much @marusha_official for making this possible. You truly are an amazing person and one in a billion! Many thanks also to my dear work colleague Moa Pontén @moapon for her spectacular cello skills. Album is in the making. Stay tuned!"


Official Video

Wednesday, 25 November 2020


What is actually 'Blue Madonna' ?

A retrospective 3-track EP introduced by a massive gathering of Michael Jackson, New Order and Madonna. There are three versions of their classic tracks reworked on modern Breaks style, sounding tougher and dancefloor friendly. This is the new release from Kurly Kutz, once again for a good cause as 100% proceeds are going to The Mercury Phoenix Trust - an AIDS charity founded after the death of Freddie Mercury. Its out since 24th November, the day that the legendary performer Freddie Mercury passed away after fighting with AIDS...
Beware that on 4th December, Bandcamp are waiving their fees for the last time in this year so all proceeds go to the Artists and the Labels. A good bargain for a good cause.




Tuesday, 24 November 2020


Who remembers the 'Mistery Tour' by Obviously High from back in 1992? A record which is known off that Beatles sample, renovated in the year of Hardcore through Delirious Recordings. A label which brought into surface amazing records (e.g. 'Rush Hour' by The Moog).

In case you're unaware of it, Andrew Wright is the main man behind this great relentless success of side projects and co-running that label from back then. A man who has done exquisite records under many aliases such as The Moog, Rotor and affiliated with many acts like Justice & Mercy, Thrill Seekers and Obviously High, just to name a few.

The latter is a quintet project from UK, carrying a startling 8bit passion and they just came back with a new album right after 15 years. Why they chose this crazy year to unleash it?
Most likely, because it's a year that has put us all in thoughts, in a kind of retro nostalgia. A time to evoke the right feelings and rise again.
'Maw Jaw' is the answer from this act, dispersed into 11 new tracks mixed up genres from progressive breaks to techno and oldskool bleeps including also a tribute to the late Ben Daglish, legendary composer for Commodore 64 etc.

All in all, this album is a modern approach to the early rave days and the early 90-91 vibes, that is available now to stream and buy on major digital platforms.




RONIN - Audio 01[2-track digital EP]


01. Auto-Destruct-High-Density
02. Achieve Wickedness

London based audio/visual artist (as well as Ableton live tutor) the man like RONIN, well-known of his Breakcore action the last 2 decades, has just returned with a self-personal release.
After a several amazing row of bangers on various labels such as Heafuk, Jigsore, Erisian One Inch Punch, Bad Sekta, our hard hero has just launched his own imprint aiming to deliver his usual weapon of choice. His debut EP is entitled 'Audio 01' and consists of the harsh Breakcore 'Auto-Destruct-High Density'. A well boisterous and intellectual burner followed by 'Achieve Wickedness' which does it happen. A devastating acidic drum & bass sword of dancefloor turmoil. Seriously heavy both, moreover an outstanding intensive bass!

This double tracker will be available digitally on 27th November, however beware that Bandcamp are waiving their fees again on 4th December, so seems a good treat to support all Artists and RONIN apparently.

Introducing:: ETHA (Rave Clothing Brand)


The year of 2020 is indispensably the worst of the 00s and so. However it's been a good amount of people out there keeping sane and open-minded transcend their vision to a higher level of creativity and optimism for a better future.
ETHA is a good example of that. A young clothing brand based in Leeds run by an aspiring and talented duet aiming to deliver a variety and versatility of goodies such as T-shirts, hoodies, caps and more to follow.

Lots of quality collections, attractive designs with a stunning outlook. Take for example one of their best collections, Space Jam called (LINK)
From sci fi fantasty stuff to psychedelic, retro and trippy art, the crew behind ETHA are always hungry to deliver the most attractive gear for indoor and outdoor rave party or even your daily 'ravey' routine.

The original ravewear is right here, put out by a passionate duo doing it with love and devotion to the young generations with a homage to the Oldskool troopers.
In addition, if you visit their Soundcloud page you can listen to various Guest mixes from up and coming names under various genres such as Drum & Bass or Hip Hop.
These mixes are dropping every Wednesday at 18:00 [UK TIME]...

Shall we return to the main subject of this label?
Fancy giving a watch on a typical ETHA day?