Friday, 7 January 2022

Introducing:: BINO (UK)

Focus on BINO (pronounced Bin-oh)

The alias of Gary Binden from UK. One more proud addition to the prolific British Hardcore scene and a wizard of exquisite tunes. Not young enough inside the game, you can get that 90's feeling easily off his tracks." I've been producing Hardcore non-stop for the last couple of years or so, I did put together a couple of tunes way back in 1994, but they never saw the light of day, I think I still have them on tape somewhere?!"

His project name derives from his surname Binden as well as his nickname BIN or BINO at his school years back then. It's also his graffiti tag as he's also an active graffiti artist for more than three decades. As most of our friends producers, he's got into music from a very young age because of his Dad. "The first record I bought was 'Jack Your Body' by Steve Silk Hurley, that would of been 1987-88, so I would of been 11 years old. At that time I was into Hip Hop, but I soon changed my allegiance to House & started listening to any Pirate Radio that played House/Dance. I was born & raised in East London, so tuning into Pirate Radio wasn't a problem." - remembers BINO as he rewinds his memory back in the day. 
"Around 1990, breakbeats were becoming more & more common, which I loved! The birth of Hardcore for me was 1990, people used to describe the new breakbeat House sound as Hardcore House & by the summer of 90 the House part was dropped & the rest is history. 
The two tunes that absolutely blow me away at that time & still do were Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon & Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom!"

BINO started raving in 1991 at the age of 15 and his first rave was the legendary Raindance. Showing a mad respect to the era between 1990-1993 and labels such as Reinforced, Suburban Base, Moving Shadow, XL, Shut Up & Dance and J4M, the man like BINO has recently released a smashing 12" Vinyl EP through Hardcore Vinylists Recordings
A joint EP alongside Zhute, which is his first official vinylized work and you can grab your copies on the link above.

"I loved every aspect of the scene - listening to only Pirate Radio - Fantasy Fm, Pulse FM, Kool FM, Impact FM Unity FM to name but a few. Record Shopping - Boogie Times, Music Power, Black Market, Unity! Flyer collecting & of course raving - Raindance, Fantasia, Roller Express, Tasco Warehouse anywhere we could dance we were there! 'Flatliners' by Nebula 2 is probably my all time fav tune"


For more inside his Hardcore Breakbeat, Jungle and even Techno majesty you can follow his Bandcamp page as there are countless of tracks in there. Of course one of them Nuskool soldiers to watch, sign and play out...
BINO reppin it!


'Ecstatic' :: DeBisco erupts his new bomb


US based DeBisco brings to life a massive new tune inspired from legends like The Prodigy, Luke Vibert and Hyper On Experience. A prodigized rave breaks vibe to cover the a void where there should be ecstasy. 'Ecstatic' is the name of his new 135 bpm ride and it's also included on the 'OGC (Obscure Genre Challenge) 2022' compilation by Novatone.
Don't hesitate and grab now this guaranteed banger!

Introducing:: KEEF (UK)

As aforementioned, when it's about the new year it's also the 30th anniversary of the established UK Breakbeat Hardcore that took over the planet in 1992.
The golden era of 90s Rave that a great amount of 'secret' and unknown talents were also experimenting with production, but never grabbed the chance or were lucky enough to release anything. "I've been producing as a hobby since 1995, never released anything to label and always kept to myself of mates" says the Kent based producer KeeF
He's a good example that has been shining since the lockdown days productionwise, taking the right inspiration from the Oldskool scene. "I was lucky enough to be around the rave scene since '93 and I think most of my influences are from raving at Elevation/Reincarnation, Desire, Dreamscape and of course World Dance at Lydd Airport. I like to produce old skool style tunes that I think bring that vibe back - bit of hardcore, bit of darkside and done also a few jungle tunes."

"I've started on Cubase, Atari ST and a Roland sampler. I now only use Reason 12. I like to stick to the one DAW I know and learn it inside out. Don't have much hardware apart from the midi keyboard, I'm a VST aholic."
Suffice to say that it was a matter of time after a good row of releases on his Bandcamp page to get a massive remix for Sonic Fortress '91 Remixes compilation, doing a banging rework on 'Dancehall Dangerous' by Hackney Hardcore. Same time (not in 1991 though) came Section 63 Recordings and signed his first official Extended Play release.
But the action doesn't stop here. There's also a forthcoming EP of him on 459 Recordings early of this year and couple of other tracks featured on various compilations,

The Section 63 Recordings crew have a knack for digging up new school classics within their release catalogue, with this brand new four tracker from KeeF being a perfect example of that metric. We begin with the catchy vocal reloads and hardcore melodic jitters of 'Brainstorm', a fitting title track, laced with original breakbeat flavour. Next, the hardcore piano stutters and sweeping bass tones of 'Believe' keep the energy levels high, before the more shaker-driven drum slaps of 'Double Trouble' give us a more more organic feel, still of course uitilzing those classic spacey pad textures to maximum effect. Finally, 'Newson Knows' switches between lo-fi drum sampling and higher ranged vocal slices to give us a pretty outstanding exploration of the original breakbeat sound, with the constantly switching drum designs rounding off this EP with a smash.

Keef is very excited with the whole feedback already received from the community of Nuskool Hardcore and he can only promise massive bangers for the near future. Beware of that.
"The current scene for Nu Skool tunes is fantastic at the moment and I have to give a big shout to all the djs that suppport my tunes on their radio shows, a lot of them are not massive named DJs but they have been representing the scene for years, without these home DJs we'd be nothing. Shouts to : DJ HAT, vers-e-tyle, DJ Break Doctor, Dj Deluxe, Brent @ Vinyl Fanatiks, Robin @ MPS, Hardcore Vinylists Team, Guzi @ Section 63 Recordings, Ollie at 459 Records and of course GLOWKiD and the team at Strictly Nuskool Blog for doing such a great job of representing this fantastic scene."

His brand new EP is out now under the title 'Brainstorm' and you can buy/stream it on the link above. We can assure you that you will be very stoked listening to these smashers inside! One for your collection from a man that came to stay with us all delivering more releases and highlights.

Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Four Jacks Vol.2 [12" Vinyl & Digital]


If there could be any last signature of the successful Hardcore-ish 2021, be it with this record..

In days of instability, the creativity within the scene has never failed productionwise.
A great example is the South Londoner DJ and producer, Boca, who has returned with an ultimate new arsenal of dark slams. And to be precise, the second installment of Four Jacks is arguably the strongest ever release by this great talent.
Loads of emotions floating around when you play this record. Boca is one of those artists that can easily capture the ecstatic vibe of British Breakbeat Hardcore. Hands down!

It's an ode to the darkness with massive breakbeats and rave stabs, as it speaks deep inside your soul. We cannot set any higlight track from these 3 big hardcore breaks plus the good surprise of 'Cracked Kids' burst on a Juke/Footwork style. On the latter, he experiments on a style that's been on the front of the underground and you should be aware of that.
The 'Four Jacks 002' Vinyl EP, evocates the best times of the oldskool and the vibe is so intensive that will set up an optimistic new year, which is the 30th anniversary of British Breakbeat Hardcore.

All in all, we're very honoured and delighted getting records like this one and spinning tracks like these. 'Four Jacks 002' is available on a limited run of 12" Vinyl plus digitals on the link above and soon in other major stores. Worth every single penny to this great label.


Sunday, 19 December 2021

Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. 'HALL OF FAME 2021'


The annual series of mixes by GL0WKiD & Tariq Ziyad returns again with a special Double Mix showcasing the best tunes that came out during the year 2021.
Three decades since the year of Bleeps and the early days of Rave, the evolution of the movement seems to be on a good level during this year. Despite the hard days we're living and the instability of the 'dancefloor habit', there were some outstanding records released this year. A message to be optimistic for the year 2022.

Strictly Nuskool Blog's 'HALL OF FAME 2021' goes over 2 hrs & 40 tracks of fresh Nuskool Breaks, Jungle Techno & Hardcore Breaks vibes with the likes of Skream, SHERELLE, India Jordan, Hyper On Experience, EJECA, DJ Jedi, Local Group, Dev/Null, Chrissy, Damage Inc. and labels like Kniteforce Records, Hooversound, Ozone, Top Drawer Digital, Club Glow, Hardcore Energy, Paranoid Recordings, Das Booty, Return Of The Vibe and many more others.

Massive Bigups to each & every Artist, Label, DJ representing the Nuskool vibe throughout this hard year. Our best wishes to remain strong, inspired and creative for 2022!


Part 1 mixed by GLOWKiD

The Course - Ready Or Not (BEC Rave Remix) [ALTRA MODA MUSIC]
Shygirl - TASTY (Boys Noize Remix) [BECAUSE MUSIC]
Lo5ive & Z. James - Pray For Love [KULTURA COLLECTIVE]
Dunman - OMG, Is That Insomnia [SELF RELEASE]
India Jordan - Watch Out! [NINJA TUNE]
Club Cab - Go Cowboys! [DAS BOOTY]
DJ Jimmy - Original Style [PARANOID RECORDINGS]
NRG - Feel The Fury (Hyper On Experience Remix) [KNITEFORCE]
AK Sports - Back In The Game [CLUB GLOW]
Shawn Cartier - WILD [DAS BOOTY]
InnerCore - Other Worlds [SELF RELEASE]
Ramos & Supreme - Sunshine (Try Unity Cover Version) [KNITEFORCE]
Local Group - Watch This Beat [1Ø PILLS MATE]
Zensation feat. Carmen Naida - All Night Long [RETURN OF THE VIBE]
EJECA - My Heart [YOM TUM]
Olive - You're Not Alone (POLO LILLI Bootleg) [FREE DL]
We Rob Rave - Sunshine Junglist [SELF RELEASE]

Part 2 mixed by TARIQ ZIYAD

JDS - Nine Ways (Shadow Child Bak 2 Skool Remix) [ARMADA MUSIC]
MKII - Rhythm Is Moving [DANSU DISCS]
Herve - Cheesy Quaver [HARDCORE ENERGY]
Dusky - E-Dawn [17 STEPS]
Aston Presents Pirate Jams & Quicklung - 4EVR [SUBURBAN BASE]
Mister Rodrigo - Babytalk [NURVOUS]
Swankout - Ektos [FORM & MOTION]
DJ Jedi - Come On [CANTINA CUTS]
Chrissy - Fantasy Pt. 2 [HOOVERSOUND RECORDINGS]
Skream - Space Ghetto [STEEL CITY DANCE DISCS]
Swankout - Don of All Don's [FORM & MOTION]
Samurai Breaks - Hardcore Will Never Die [HARDCORE ENERGY]
Traffik - Dreamland [WAREHOUSE WAX]
dYstance - Rewindz [TOP DRAWER DIGITAL]
Pillz - Hardcore Bass [OZONE RECORDINGS]
SHERELLE - Jungle Teknah [FABRIC]
Dev/Null - Dark Fours [EVAR]
Dev/Null - E-Yeah [EVAR]
Damage Inc.-One 4 Da Gaffer (Gaffer Remix) [SONIC FORTRESS]
Stu Keating - You're Hardcore [KNITEFORCE]
X-Plode - Higher [AMEN BROTHER]

Sunday, 12 December 2021

'RavinDayz': Debut album by Skooler & Flare


We're dealing with a serious and fresh Hardcore Breaks project. A collaboration of fervent Oldskool lovers under the name, Skooler & Flare.

'RavinDayz' is the right album for the dawn of 2021, and it marks a big prospect for the 30th anniversary of Breakbeat Hardcore, which is the year 2022

Belfast son, Skooler (a.k.a. Bill Murray) is a resident disc jockey over Jump Radio while Flare is from North Eart of England, comprised of Leanne Swindon, Andrew Bush and Christopher McHugh, being active since 2009 writing anything from every spectrum of uplifting Dance music. The time has come though for a massive new album paying homage to the Oldskool raving days, released digitally via Fuzion Records.
'RavinDayz' is a formidable 15-track digital album with mind-blogging tracks such as 'Deceptor' or 'Rasta Raver' and loads of other extras that will make you a great deal happier.

Honestly, one of those albums for your digital library. Worth every single penny for these great remarkable lads.

Tuesday, 7 December 2021

PhonoVision pres. "VISION OF DENHAM AUDIO [001]"


West Germany avin it!

Spinning mental vibes straight from the Rhine River area and showcasing a new Hardcore culture over their city Cologne, PhonoVision is one of those 'young' crews that will definetely draw your attention.
HiHat, dj sweet6teen, Arno and Revival X are the DJs/promoters behind this aspiring team, repping the 90's UK Rave, being also loyal vinyl lovers and devotees of fierce drumbeats.
Loads of amazing events take place in their city and all around Germany and apparently there's more to come from them. Just make sure to follow them on their socials as linked on the bottom of this article.
The news is that our good friends, and followers of our Blog, have just launched a new series of mixes titled 'Vision Of' in order to boost and showcase exclusive DJ mixes by their friends and local artists from around the globe.
And we're inclined to believe that this will be a must for your playlists on Soundcloud as the team carry a...PhonoVisionary taste.

Kicking off with Sheffield's badboy trio, Denham Audio...

"Feeling honoured to begin this journey with no one else but Sheffield based Denham Audio - member of the uprising Club Glow crew - and a mix loaded with oldskool breaks, uplifting rave samples and a little donk.
Multiple releases on Lobster Theremin, Sneaker Social Club or Club Glow itself are leaving their indelible mark on the new rave sound."