Thursday, 16 September 2021

A fundraising for Orestiz debut personal Vinyl release

Our good friend and one of the most talented Hardcore Breaks producers, the man like Orestiz is about to launch his personal debut Vinyl EP, thus he decided to launch a small fundraising.

Here what he says about it:

"I'm considering starting my own label and releasing my music on vinyl. If you know me a little bit then you know what my music is. A lot of unfinished tracks lurking, wishing to reach some ears. If you feel you'd enjoy listening and dancing, then i'd appreciate the contribution. Getting started and especially pressing on vinyl can be a considerable cost. This is not kickstarter, you don't get packs or special shiny stuff. You'd just help out and i'd be really glad about it. It's my birthday after all :) And i wanna dance. Take care of yourselves / Orestis"

You can donate here: 
 (5 days left)


Sunday, 12 September 2021

'Lethal' is the 4th studio album by Liquid


A1. Wrong Sun
A2. Battle For The Minds
A3. Kill For You
B1. Dread Inna Babylon
B2. Machinic Repitition
B3. Broken
C1. Morphine
C2. Lethal Beats
C3. Blood Like Dope
D1. Funk Removal Machine
D2. Plasticity
D3. Blackwave

UK ravemeister and top charter from back in the day, Liquid, return with a brand new studio album. The 4th Liquid album is entitled 'Lethal' and it's released via the legendary Kniteforce Records, following 'Spacemonkey'.
What instantly gains our attention is the versatility of this new album, which seems like a continuation of 'Energy Flows'. Hardcore breaks, dub reggae, crispy breakbeats, dark amen breaks, and many elements of emotional electronic bits - as usual from Liquid. Eventually, a musical ravey emotion is the right Liquid trademark over the years.

This new LP features special guests with the likes of Earl 16, Rachel Wallace, Echo Ranks, Niki Mak and if you grab the bundle there's some exclusive offerings (e.g. a 10" Vinyl with Acen and Ray Keith remixes). Noteworthy to mention that Kniteforce do work hard for a bundle that won't disappoint any Liquid fan!
We're dealing with a top album, either you're into hardcore or jungle or an average electronic music lover. Kniteforce Records tries this transcendance to their Hardcore roots offering a quality album by a top player in the game.

All in all, you can tell that the year 2021 Liquid is..Lethal. Simple as that.

KF155 - Liquid - Lethal (2x12" Vinyl + Digital)

KF155 - Liquid - Lethal (2x12" Vinyl + Digital)
KF155X - Liquid - Wrong Sun (7" Vinyl)
KF155Y - Liquid - Lethal Remixes (10" Vinyl + Digital)
KFZ01 - Liquid - Lethal USB (USB)
Plus Bonus Extras!

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Free Party People 1990 - 1992 Rave Mini Mix by DJ FAYDZ


"A little trip back to the 1990-1992 Rave years (sampling 84 tracks) where legendary sound systems including Spiral Tribe, Bedlam, Circus Warp, D.I.Y. Exodus and many more, travelled around the UK to put on Illegal Free Parties / Festivals in fields and abandoned buildings, where ravers and New Age travellers came together for a unique time in Dance music history. This was my first introduction to a Rave back then (A small Free Party held in the countryside near Marlborough, Wiltshire in 1991) before I'd ever set foot in a nightclub and I DJ'd at my first Free Party in the Spring of 1992 (on a farm in an old cow shed). I was fortunate to play at many more illegal raves through the 1990's, including the infamous parties held in the empty warehouses by the docks in Bristol, during late 1997-98, where I'd spend most weekends with Rave legends Easygroove and MC Robbie Dee.. Amazing times! I hope this video brings back a few memories for some of you and if you weren't part of the scene back then, hopefully it will give you a little taster of what it was like!" - DJ FAYDZ


Sunday, 29 August 2021

Watch now:: Dream Frequency invading Leeds [VIDEO]

The Warehouse 1990 Revisited - Leeds 27th Aug.2021
A splendid night with a great lineup and a hilarious performance by Dream Frequency took place on the last Friday night of this summer in Leeds. If you live far away and somehow missed it out, here's some sneak preview of what happened with the main man of Dream Frequency, Ian Bland, playing out his classics and latest material from his second studio album which is out now digitally.

As you can see the new live formation seems very energetic as well with Sherie Hartill on the vocals singing the
 new Dream Frequency hits.

Buy the second Dream Frequency album


'The History Of Hardcore Show' presented by Insane & Mind - Sunrise FM (24th Aug 2021)


Insane & Mind from London are back with their weekly show over Sunrise FM.
As ever carrying plenty of banging new Hardcore vibes and fresh tracks of energy.
Here's their latest offering; listen to the full recording above.


Lords Of The Null Lines “NRG Remix” - Hyper On Experience
Jah Junglist - Acid88
Paradise - Idealz
Wine Or Honey - Ant To Be
DID #1A - Damage Inc.
Now Or Never “Insane & Mind Remix” - Beat Jugglers
Music “Cru-l-t Revisit” - The Timespan
Return To 2092 “Luna-C Remix” - Acen
1 RMX - Scott B
Baby Please (Call Me) - Sunny & Deck Hussy
SMD 1A (Re-Edit) - Damage Inc.
The Hornzmen - Insane & Mind
Make Some FFin Noise For The Slipmatt - Paul Cronin
Like Home - Robbie P
Afraid (Greta middle) - DJ Nee
I Need That Drug “Pete S Remix” - DJ CDC
Droppin Acid (Trance Me Up Mix) - Dissy
This Way - Insane & Mind
We're Flying “TNO Project Remix” - Future Primitive
Never Be Mine - Haze
Sunshine “Sunny & Deck Hussy Remix” - Ramos & Supreme & Sunset Regime
Thinking of You - DJ Dossa
Cry Little Sister - DJ Revive
Bring It Back To The Heaven - Yudaidhun
Musical Foundations "Insane & Mind Remix" - Love Nation
Let The Bass Kick (Again!) - Shaun FM
Begging For More - DJ HH
Everybody's Rave - Paul Bradley
Life Is A Mystery “Forze DJ Team Remix” - Eraserhead



Friday, 27 August 2021

Damage Inc. @ Destiny #10,August 2021

Damage Inc. from Sonic Fortress on one more rushing performance recorded as live over Essex's Destiny. Mashed up as only Damage Inc. know and going nutter dub-by-dub.
Get to know and if you dig what you hear show support to the boys on their Patreon page.


Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Watch now:: Nefti wt/ Butcher


Watch now the Lodz conspiracy causing the right breakbeat mayhem.
Butcher the jungle drummer meets Nefti and the rest is history covered on this 18' short performance straight and direct from their studio in Poland.


Butcher jungle drummer