Sunday, 18 November 2018

The Nastysquad @ [17NOV.2018]

DJ Direct from The Nastysquad has returned this Saturday with one more quality showcase @ Sunrise FM offering fresh Hardcore tunes with the likes of Ellis Dee, Nicky Allen, Sparki Dee, Deadly Nightshade, JMT on a special mixture of oldies and nuskool vibes!


[SSV5] D.J. Wax - Spandangle Selection Volume 5 [4-Track Rare & Unreleased Jungle 12" Vinyl EP Available To Purchase Now!!!]

A1 - Morning Drums (Dubplate Mix).
A2 - Ohh Oh.
B1 - Moments So Dark (Remix).
B2 - PD-21.

After the resounding success of the previous Bay B Kane release, Spandangle Selection are back once more with yet another collection of rare and unreleased oldskool hardcore and jungle gems on vinyl only. This time featuring four rare and unreleased tracks from D.J. Wax, who earned a place in jungle history with 1993's legendary 'Moments So Dark'.

We are first presented with the exquisite 'Morning Drums (Dubplate Mix)', a lush piece of atmospheric jungle which was only ever made available on dubplate to a very select number of DJ's back in the day, and delivers frenetic drum-programming layered over luscious pads.
Up next we have 'Ohh Oh', also from D.J. Wax's unreleased D.A.T. collection, a string driven slice of uplifting jungle comprised of rolling breaks, booming, descending bass patterns and ecstatic female vocals to get all hands in the air.

The flipside offers up an undisputed and remastered oldskool anthem in the form of the 'Moments So Dark (Remix)', which was played out by many a rave heavyweight back in the day. Adding even more elements from the Art Of Noise classic to create an intoxicating, rush inducing, hardcore jungle classic. 
Rounding off the collection we have 'PD-21', which also appears courtesy from D.J. Wax's very own personal dubplate archives, and features soaring strings layered over thundering breaks and a bouncing, 808 bassline.

With the D.J. Wax 'Spandangle Selection Volume 5' 12" vinyl, the label has once more excelled itself in unearthing and remastering some lost jungle gems, so make sure you grab yourself a piece of rare and unreleased jungle history before they disappear!

The D.J. Wax 'Spandangle Selection Volume 5' EP is available to purchase now from the official Spandangle Selection webstore for £9.99 plus postage & packaging.

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Friday, 16 November 2018

[INVSN019] Grinder - Fake Fear EP [Available Now From All Good Invasion Recordings Digital Stockists!!!]

1/ Fake Fear.
2/ Lost Echo.
3/ Blur.
4/ Silence.

Invasion Recordings return to spread their trademark, pitch black neurofunk sound with the release of 'The Fake Fear EP' by St. Petersburg based D&B producer Grinder

We are first launched into the darkness with title track. 'Fake Fear', which layers atmospheric horror/sc-fi samples over thundering 2-step breaks and rasping bass heavy growl. The tension is further increased by scuttling, sound FX which emulate the aural sensation of cybernetic spiders crawling up your spine.

The tech-step onslaught continues with the darkly atmospheric 'Lost Echo', which expertly combines ominous, atmospheric pads set to a steppin' drum pattern and a deep, cavernous bassline that's guaranteed to get your subs rattling.

Opening up the second half we have the unnervingly sinister 'Blur', a track which instantly evokes a sense of dread by layering industrial synth riffs over a relentless drumbeat, locking the listener into punishing, yet perversely irresistible groove. 

Drawing the quartet to a perfect close, 'Silence' rewinds us back to the late nineties, when the likes of of RAM Records, Renegade Hardware and Virus Recordings ruled the airwaves with monstrous bass pulses locked in eternal conflict with twisted, technoid mid-range riffs. 

If you consider yourself a serious neurofunk connoisseur, then the 'Fake Fear EP' will be a must to have in your collection!!!

Grinder's 'Fake Fear EP' is available to download now from the official Invasion Recordings Bandcamp store...

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

SHUT UP AND DANCE - Michael Caine (Ft. Afghan Dan) [SHUT UP AND DANCE MUSIC]

The real Hackney soldiers and London based pioneers over the last 30+ years, Shut Up & Dance have returned with something fresh & banging!
Of course, none can ever forget their all time classic tunes like the chart topper 'Raving I'm Raving' featuring Peter Bouncer, or '£10 to get in' , '' 'Green Man' and many more others that have put their own character to the intense period of Rave movement and all subgenres!

However things are still rolling and the S.U.A.D. are very proud to unleash a 
very fresh and dirty grime bizniz entitled 'Michael Caine' with maybe the most appropriate MC at the moment, the man like Afghan Dan who's in major progress!
'Michael Cane' is said to be the first single and taster off the upcoming "Shut Up & Dance" album due to come out during 2019, exactly 10 years after the 2 decades celebrational 'How the East Was Won 1989-2009' and this will be for sure an essential history release for your collection.
Till then show you love & support with this ultimate grime smasher, which comes out digitally.




Shut Up & Dance wt. Afghan Dan

Monday, 12 November 2018

[KAMBO 005] Manarchy - Bass Drama [Kambo Records Single Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Bass Drama.

Purveyors of the very finest jungle techno, Kambo Records make a long overdue return to the fray with the release of Manarchy's deep, dark and sinister 'Bass Drama' single. 
Steeped in 1993/1994 style, breakbeat meets kickdrum infused energy, 'Bass Drama' layers on an ominous, descending pad melody over a rolling bassline and menacing stabs to deliver a pitch black, jungle techno masterpiece that just oozes with menace.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of the darker side of hardcore and jungle, then Manarchy's latest production will make a welcome addition to your darkside bestiary!!!

Manarchy's 'Bass Drama' is available to to purchase from the official Kambo Records Bandcamp page for a 'Buy It Now' price. So lay down some cash to support the label and artists to make more music!!!

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Saturday, 10 November 2018

[4 The Floor Recordings] DJ Revive - The Nostalgia EP [4-Track EP Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Cry Little Sister.
2/ Get On Up.
3/ Never Give Up.
4/ Rockin Your Body.

4 The Floor Recordings and label boss DJ Revive is back again after the successes of the label's first wave of digital releases and his excellent 'The Revival EP' on the Strictly NuSkool Blog's very own freebie label. This time we are presented with four unabashedly ecstatic happy hardcore tracks, coming straight outta the mid to late nineties with the release of 'The Nostalgia EP'

First up we are introduced to an adrenaline packed, 1995 style slice of euphoric breakbeat hardcore with 'Cry Little Sister', which incorporates rolling amens and 'In Complete Darkness' breaks, hands in the air pianos and iconic 'Lost Boys' soundtracks vocals to create a definitive future dancefloor anthem.

Bringing up the rear we have 'Get On Up', a 200 mph combination of thundering, hardcore kicks and breakbeats which are complimented by hi-octane piano melodies and cheese-free, female vocals which expertly meshes together uplifting trance and upfront hardcore elements.

Ecstatic diva vocals, soaring pianos and pounding kickdrums are the order of the day with 'Never Give Up', a track which opens to the sounds if contemporary, detuned synth leads and chopped-up amen break edits, before launching into full-on, 1992 era rave positivity.

Bringing the quartet to a frenetic close, 'Rockin Your Body' piles on lashings of gushing female vox, euphoric trance stabs, relentless 4/4 kicks and heavyweight, tearing breakbeats to ensure that all ravers in the place are on that dancefloor with a smile stamped on their face.

'The Nostalgia EP' sees DJ Revive ensure that upfront and uplifting, breakbeat hardcore is well and truly alive and ready to tear up any rave that it's played out at. An essential addition to the collection of any nuskool hardcore head!!!

DJ Revive's 'The Nostalgia EP' is available to purchase now from the official 4 The Floor Recordings Bandcamp page for £6 in high quality digital format (320 MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc), so if you love your hardcore on the euphoric side, then don't hesitate to picck this one up!!!

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