Monday 8 July 2024

Abstractions Vol 3 [Top Drawer Digital]

It's taken me an ashamedly long time to publish this. Abstractions Vol 3 is the final release from a label that quite literally got me interested in music again, so here we go ..

D3 starts the journey with 'All I Want', a melodic acid opener opener, rooted in the beginnings of Rave yet equally suited to that return drive or indeed, 'the afters.'

Rawtrachs puts a musical spin on the popular phrase 'Nghothing Ventured (Nothing Gained)', interpreted through the medium of halucigenic, skippy Techno bits that make this writer think of a darker version of 'Nightbird' by Convert.

Kazumi Anzai serves up the timely 'Flashlight (TDD and the )'y, a bumpy Breakbeat House number with shades of Orbital's 'Halcyon' and the early 90s Prog House sound.

The Rumblist adds some cinematic darkness to this album with the atmospheric sounds of 'Separation.' The production is impeccable on this one with attention to the finest detail. A jagged, shimmering soundscape that glides across the speakers with sharp breaks and cutting basslines.

Nyxen conjures up the kind of 'Nightmares' that will live rent free in our heads. A combination of Carpenter like eerie keys and upbeat melodies set to a 90s style beat.

JMT's 'Balance' evokes the 'tearout' /Hardcore Breaks sound of the early to late oughts with roaring basslines and crisp drums.

Beat Breaker injects airy strings and Jazzy overtones over rolling breakbeats and Amen break interludes on 'All Night'

S.U.R.E showcase sleak production prowess, the fusing elements of hypnotic grooves with growling riffs and Jungle Tekno leads in harmony with a super crisp funky drummer edit.

The absolute juggernaut that is Skin Teeth contributes the rousing 'Plumstead Lullaby', a show capturing the twisted darkness of golden era Jungle in a suspenseful and brutal reimagining of the soundcloud with all it's haunting ambience and spaciousness while the drums hammer home.

Kazumi Anzai contributes his own amen roller in the space odyssey like 'Spiral' (TDD VIP). As with many of his tracks, a sense of non gravity and deep space is built through the other-worldly soundscape and musical depth that filters through this production.

Gav Ley takes it right back to the oldskool sounds of 92' with 'Let's Go', a piano led rave masterpiece that will give you all those feels in the way that only a true Breakbeat Hardcore tune can.

Beagle continues this vibe with a track that could literally be mixed into the previous Gav Ley tune. 'Laser Burn' returns to the sound of Eagle's releases with Diplomat on Amen Brother ie pure late 92' Hardcore with strong Hip Hop influences and ethereal proto-darkside flavours that will send chills up your spine!

Swankout's 'New Generation' and cuts up and refreshes the early rave sound of labels like Kickin' with ominous bells, bleeps and haunting aesthetics.

Prepare to have your 'Mind Blown' by The Rumblist through powerful, and intricate production, breaks that pack a hefty wallop and gorgeous cinematic strings.

Visible Sound returns to TDD one last time with 'The Darkness', a pulse racing, and cold sweat inducing beautiful nightmare of breakbeat science that personifies the TDD sound.

Another TDD alumni, the Bojcot Selecta returns for the final curtain call. 'On Your Own Turf' reminds us once again, we what a unique producer Bojcot is. The incredible beat manipulation, the the post-rave/grime bass mayhem and the cerebral midnight vibes hit different on this one.

Gav Ley presents a 'Reqium' in the form of a jaw dropping intro of sheer terror that launches into a firestorm of breaks and strings that will leave an indelible mark on your cortex.

Outrage let's loose the 'Roughneck' (my personal favourite on the album), a time travelling masterpiece from the darkest reaches of 1993 Hardcore/Jungle Tekno that packs in the discombobulating hoovers, angry stabs and B-Boy Hip Hop notes you could wish for and considerably more!

Beagle throws his 'Next Punch' and in the form of energising early-morning strings the curveball before a sorty of iconic rave stabs hits with the force of crater, the followed in quick succession of 303s and tough pads. Don't forget those rap samples that add significant entropy to this punch!

Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion 'Hold The Beat' and with a 92 style hook to kick things off before a playful lead riff takes the baton in a rave against time to the finish line that piles on more and more authentic oldskool 'ardcore, I lighting up the neurons in the brain of every rave addict!

At this juncture, Bobby Lasers provides a' Vibe Check' with some timeless 80s RnB business that morphs into a mutant bass creature from the deepest, the unexplored regions of the Hardcore Jungle continuum.

Sanxion blends together soulful vocals with chest bursting bass on 'Been Losin' switching from half-step to seriously rude amens in seamless fashion.

Schoco takes us on a dive into the bottom of the ocean with the brain penetrating progression of 'Float' and where mind melding melodies meet 303s and beats straight from the dry ice and smoke filled raves of the raving days of glory!

Kefford's 'Psychedelic Trip' to flips a menacing intro into a quick fire stabby slice of Breakbeat Hardcore that amps up the energy levels with a formidable weapon in the DJ's arsenal.

Going back to where it began, label boss, Lucas reprises his 'Antichrist' and with a new 'End of Days' version, incorporating rolling rhythms, the Jungle Tekno inspired darkness and eerie chords plus a bone chilling drop that accentuates the chilling Christopher Walken dialogue heard throughout the track.

Pressa contributes perhaps the most Breakbeat Hardcore like track of his discography with 'Rushin' Over Me', a fast, flowing 

Dystance drops a techy Jungle roller in 'Pure S' with shades of the wormhole techstep era and the ethereal quality of a space movie soundtrack. 

Sub Fusion's 'Rocking In The Nine Five' games blends 1993 darkcore influences with Blade Runner style synths and electro elements. 

Lucas revisits the late 00's J-Tek era with 'Light and High Beauty' where funk stabs, the atmospheric strings and vocals glide along a snappy 4x4 rhythm. 

Prism B.R.K's 'XXX' and takes the famous 'Dance With Me, I'm your extasy' and vocal as the lead for a modernisation of 94 Breakbeat Hardcore with DnB dynamics. 

Noisevandal's 'Correct Future' and continues in the 94 Hardcore vein with dreamlike keys with a very Kniteforce like style juxtaposed by the industrial bleeps of blueprint rave. 

Strange Rollers, but a true TDD stalwart let's loose a ferocious amen attack in the rollercoaster beats, dominant hoovers and classic dark vs light formula of 'Loading Room.'

Trident signals to a deeper strain of modern breakbeat music with the hypnotic, dubby sounds of 'Kinetic' 

Rawtrachs pushes the boundaries of sound design and innovation in breaks n bass with the absolutely aptly named 'Outerdimensional.' 

Strange Rollers dishes out another dose of intense breakology with the shock and awe stabs of 'My Vision Is Clear.' 

Next, then a 'Sound Attack' in the waveform shape of Radiokillaz' 94/95 style Jungle workout, detailed, intricate, and authentic to the finest detail. It's like being at World Dance, skanking to a Randall DJ set! 

And this is sadly, where the album ends. Truly the end of an era but what a way to finish the story. Take a listen below and grab your copy from all good download stores and streaming sites.

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