Sunday 19 December 2021

Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. 'HALL OF FAME 2021'


The annual series of mixes by GL0WKiD & Tariq Ziyad returns again with a special Double Mix showcasing the best tunes that came out during the year 2021.
Three decades since the year of Bleeps and the early days of Rave, the evolution of the movement seems to be on a good level during this year. Despite the hard days we're living and the instability of the 'dancefloor habit', there were some outstanding records released this year. A message to be optimistic for the year 2022.

Strictly Nuskool Blog's 'HALL OF FAME 2021' goes over 2 hrs & 40 tracks of fresh Nuskool Breaks, Jungle Techno & Hardcore Breaks vibes with the likes of Skream, SHERELLE, India Jordan, Hyper On Experience, EJECA, DJ Jedi, Local Group, Dev/Null, Chrissy, Damage Inc. and labels like Kniteforce Records, Hooversound, Ozone, Top Drawer Digital, Club Glow, Hardcore Energy, Paranoid Recordings, Das Booty, Return Of The Vibe and many more others.

Massive Bigups to each & every Artist, Label, DJ representing the Nuskool vibe throughout this hard year. Our best wishes to remain strong, inspired and creative for 2022!


Part 1 mixed by GLOWKiD

The Course - Ready Or Not (BEC Rave Remix) [ALTRA MODA MUSIC]
Shygirl - TASTY (Boys Noize Remix) [BECAUSE MUSIC]
Lo5ive & Z. James - Pray For Love [KULTURA COLLECTIVE]
Dunman - OMG, Is That Insomnia [SELF RELEASE]
India Jordan - Watch Out! [NINJA TUNE]
Club Cab - Go Cowboys! [DAS BOOTY]
DJ Jimmy - Original Style [PARANOID RECORDINGS]
NRG - Feel The Fury (Hyper On Experience Remix) [KNITEFORCE]
AK Sports - Back In The Game [CLUB GLOW]
Shawn Cartier - WILD [DAS BOOTY]
InnerCore - Other Worlds [SELF RELEASE]
Ramos & Supreme - Sunshine (Try Unity Cover Version) [KNITEFORCE]
Local Group - Watch This Beat [1Ø PILLS MATE]
Zensation feat. Carmen Naida - All Night Long [RETURN OF THE VIBE]
EJECA - My Heart [YOM TUM]
Olive - You're Not Alone (POLO LILLI Bootleg) [FREE DL]
We Rob Rave - Sunshine Junglist [SELF RELEASE]

Part 2 mixed by TARIQ ZIYAD

JDS - Nine Ways (Shadow Child Bak 2 Skool Remix) [ARMADA MUSIC]
MKII - Rhythm Is Moving [DANSU DISCS]
Herve - Cheesy Quaver [HARDCORE ENERGY]
Dusky - E-Dawn [17 STEPS]
Aston Presents Pirate Jams & Quicklung - 4EVR [SUBURBAN BASE]
Mister Rodrigo - Babytalk [NURVOUS]
Swankout - Ektos [FORM & MOTION]
DJ Jedi - Come On [CANTINA CUTS]
Chrissy - Fantasy Pt. 2 [HOOVERSOUND RECORDINGS]
Skream - Space Ghetto [STEEL CITY DANCE DISCS]
Swankout - Don of All Don's [FORM & MOTION]
Samurai Breaks - Hardcore Will Never Die [HARDCORE ENERGY]
Traffik - Dreamland [WAREHOUSE WAX]
dYstance - Rewindz [TOP DRAWER DIGITAL]
Pillz - Hardcore Bass [OZONE RECORDINGS]
SHERELLE - Jungle Teknah [FABRIC]
Dev/Null - Dark Fours [EVAR]
Dev/Null - E-Yeah [EVAR]
Damage Inc.-One 4 Da Gaffer (Gaffer Remix) [SONIC FORTRESS]
Stu Keating - You're Hardcore [KNITEFORCE]
X-Plode - Higher [AMEN BROTHER]

Sunday 12 December 2021

'RavinDayz': Debut album by Skooler & Flare


We're dealing with a serious and fresh Hardcore Breaks project. A collaboration of fervent Oldskool lovers under the name, Skooler & Flare.

'RavinDayz' is the right album for the dawn of 2021, and it marks a big prospect for the 30th anniversary of Breakbeat Hardcore, which is the year 2022

Belfast son, Skooler (a.k.a. Bill Murray) is a resident disc jockey over Jump Radio while Flare is from North Eart of England, comprised of Leanne Swindon, Andrew Bush and Christopher McHugh, being active since 2009 writing anything from every spectrum of uplifting Dance music. The time has come though for a massive new album paying homage to the Oldskool raving days, released digitally via Fuzion Records.
'RavinDayz' is a formidable 15-track digital album with mind-blogging tracks such as 'Deceptor' or 'Rasta Raver' and loads of other extras that will make you a great deal happier.

Honestly, one of those albums for your digital library. Worth every single penny for these great remarkable lads.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

PhonoVision pres. "VISION OF DENHAM AUDIO [001]"


West Germany avin it!

Spinning mental vibes straight from the Rhine River area and showcasing a new Hardcore culture over their city Cologne, PhonoVision is one of those 'young' crews that will definetely draw your attention.
HiHat, dj sweet6teen, Arno and Revival X are the DJs/promoters behind this aspiring team, repping the 90's UK Rave, being also loyal vinyl lovers and devotees of fierce drumbeats.
Loads of amazing events take place in their city and all around Germany and apparently there's more to come from them. Just make sure to follow them on their socials as linked on the bottom of this article.
The news is that our good friends, and followers of our Blog, have just launched a new series of mixes titled 'Vision Of' in order to boost and showcase exclusive DJ mixes by their friends and local artists from around the globe.
And we're inclined to believe that this will be a must for your playlists on Soundcloud as the team carry a...PhonoVisionary taste.

Kicking off with Sheffield's badboy trio, Denham Audio...

"Feeling honoured to begin this journey with no one else but Sheffield based Denham Audio - member of the uprising Club Glow crew - and a mix loaded with oldskool breaks, uplifting rave samples and a little donk.
Multiple releases on Lobster Theremin, Sneaker Social Club or Club Glow itself are leaving their indelible mark on the new rave sound."

Saturday 4 December 2021

New joint by Rory Hoy & RamSkank

We're dealing with a music friendship for almost a decade, that's been incarnated to many quality tracks for us all out there. The UK multi award musician, Rory Hoy collabs again with his good friend, and Breaks/House producer RamSkank and the result is one more fantastic new single release, by the title 'Bring Out The Love'.

An original funky track that's revisited in a contemporary wide disco stage by Rory Hoy, followed by a dark acid clubbish weapon taken from RamSkank's magic touch.
All you have to expect is some Trance style electronic stabs, sweat-soaked female vocal samples and aggressive stabs combining giddily with slamming beats and raw, rave-era bass.

Rory Hoy's version thrillingly re-casts the cut as a steroid-powered disco-house stomper rich in Chic style guitar licks and cut-glass strings, while the Ramskank revision is a thumping, acid-fired slab of mind-mangling peak-time insanity with the weighty bassline known to humankind.”

This EP is a Juno Download exclusive.

Tuesday 30 November 2021

The new Safe As Records EP will get you...higher

What a massive release! It's one of those new EPs that have made us proud this week running, moreover optimistic about the futuristic oxygen of the Nu-Rave movement.
An oldskool hardcore breaks gem by the man like Gordon Garro out via his imprint Safe As Records. Pianos, stabs and firing breaks coming among an even bigger remix by the Lazarus Recordings head honcho, DJ Deluxe who's offering one of his usual specialities. The ultimate 'kniteforced' jump up burner and a big bassline surrounding your area.

'Higher' is out now via the digital platforms above:

Sunday 28 November 2021

LISTEN NOW:: Live DJ Set by Nefti @ 'The Prodigy Night' @ Wiatrakowa - Bydgoszcz (PL)


A supreme banging set from a supreme Nu-Rave leader and manager of Intensive Recordings, the man like Nefti from Poland, who's one of the best in this kind. This one's taken from a special tribute night to The Prodigy and it took place in Wiatrakowa Club in Bydgoszcz over Poland.

Nothing more or less, just press the 'play' button and...breathe!


Introducing:: Helmore Radio from UK

Above board 2021 is a crazy year. However it's also highlighted from people that have never given up to push their passion and incarnate their target, moreover when it's something music related, then their inner soul is an extra helping tool to make it happen.

Helmore Radio.
A story which began this crazy (again) year by the man like Kieran Helmore.
"An online radio show dedicated to showcasing the best in bass, house, techno, electro, breaks, jungle, drum & bass, footwork, metal and some occasional hip-hop."


Kieran is a kind of 'new' stalwart within the scene and he's broadcasting his very own special project show live from his studio in London. He's showcasing new music with the likes of Extra Spicy or Nu Kvlture, but to name a few and he's always chasing the .. void with quality in-depth interviews with Nuskool members of Electronic underground Music and even further.
You can catch up the Helmore Radio live each and every Saturday at 8am GMT through Youtube on the link above:

We're dealing with a lovely man behind an aspring new show, who's always chasing for new tracks, new artists and label and always new smashing music. Eventually, you can easily get that feeling through his little statement above on his facebook page.

Also we're very delighted to see him playing out two tracks from our back catalogue - tunes from Teksteppa from UK and Hungarian producer Chiqui.
You can check out his latest full show as broadcasted live on Saturday on his Youtube channel.

Nils Frahm - Says [Erased Tapes]
Martinou - Absorption (Citywide) [Nous'klaer Audio]
dj poolboi - early you [Shall Not Fade]
Nørus & Etari - Luna Tears [100% Silk]
Martinou - Velvet [Nous'klaer Audio]
trptyk - Wild Assumption [dub]
Hodge & Simo Cell - Drums from the West [Livity Sound]
Martinou - Rose Suffix [Nous'klaer Audio]
Que - Night Vision (feat. Nana Atta, Mampintsha, & Karyendasoul) [Sound African]
Nomine - Syncopator [Tempa]
SlowRolla - Needy [forthcoming Nu Kvlture]
Simone Tavazzi - Hexagon [Planet Rhythm]
Troy - Ego Death [Non Series]
E-Dancer - One Nation (Amelie Lens Remix) [Drumcode]
Chiqui - Bad Times [Strictly Nu-Skool]
Hodge & Simo Cell - Medusa [Livity Sound] 
Iron Gate Sound - Truth a Truth (Subset's Dub is Truth Remix) [forthcoming IGS Records]
DJ Sunroof - No Style [forthcoming Taipan Tracks]
Matty G - 808 (IGS Kenny Smyth DUBmash) [dub]
ETRA - Green Eyes [forthcoming B&H Records]
Lifer - Faction [forthcoming Nu Kvlture]
brvwvde - LONELINESS [forthcoming Nu Kvlture]
Teksteppa - Jungle Revolution [Strictly Nu-Skool]
Singularnost - A Night Of The Full Moon [forthcoming B&H Records]
Amen The Producer - Whoa Whoa Whoa [EL BLANCO NINO]
DJ Rashad - Leavin (feat Manny) [Hyperdub]
DJ Taye - thirsty [Teklife]
FFF - One For One [sozialistischer-plattenbau]
DJ Rashad - She A Go (feat Spinn & Taso) [Hyperdub]
Mad Zach - Blood March [Plasma]
Front Bench & Tom Jarmey - Crush [self released]

Finally, worth to give a good mention about his session of interviews whereas as prior said, he's managed to bring up some bright talents within the scene in order to support their work.
A good example that stands out is the one with Extra Spicy label manager, Mincy from Sydney.

What's left? Nothing more than many quality future shows, with new tunes, promos and new artists to include on a dynamic list of sets and whole vibe through Helmore Radio. It's a new launch of a project that's ready to become your good company in the beginning of a lovely weekend.

Friday 26 November 2021

Motivbreaks - Bass, Breaks and a Melodic drop 04


01 For Love by Ebende
02 Corner shop by Sssha
03 Ethereal by Gvn
04 Love tonight [Left/Right remix] by Shouse
05 Table tennis by The Micronaut
06 So u Kno by Overmono
07 Hold me by Rhythm 4 reason
08 Forge [Framewerk full mix] by Bedrock
09 Melburn [Chable and Mangan remix] by Lyke Chable
10 Ascendance by Eynka
11 Orhild by Reflec
12 Breaks mate by Polymod
13 Take my hand [Dave London remix] by Jurgen Vries/Andrea Britton
14 Always been you [Despoina mix] by Motivbreaks
15 Static by Dusky
16 Alive by Rufus du Sol
17 Papua New Guinea [Herve remix] by Future sound of london
18 Sad days by Skream
19 Untititled [video edit] by Motivbreaks


Saturday 20 November 2021

Listen to a fresh Hardcore Breaks set by Floyd The Barber

Eastern Europe based DJ, Floyd the Barber known of his various mixes into Breaks and residet of Criminal Tribe Records, has just made up a Hardcore Breaks mix including the very fresh sounds of the last 2 months. Good to get to know and grab also some tracks for your collection.

MotivBreaks - Free Your Soul (Me, Myself & I Remix)
Luis Pitti - Liquid Dreams
Culture Trax - Steps
Crashead - Fanatikal
Stu Keating - You're Hardcore
Crashead - Shafted
Pete Cannon - Do It Again
Crashead - Everything
Jonny L - Hurt You So (Bootleg Remix) [original - unofficial 1993]
MotivBreaks - Free Your Soul (Free Your Soul Sanxion Remix)
Audio X - Get This Party Crackin'
Audio X - Everything Will Be Okay
Pete Cannon - Dream Again
ABSOLUTE. feat. Bklava - U4IA
Filiber - Pulse
Neap Tide - Area 51
AA - Alarm
Xertz - Monopoly
Xertz - April Fool
Braille - My Parent's Basement
Pete Cannon - These Sounds
Pete Cannon - Your Fantasy
Phuture Assassins - Future Sound (Dead Dread Remix)

Stream/Download/Support: Floyds Breakbeat - | BandLink


Wednesday 17 November 2021

PREMIERE:: DJ Jonco - Do It Now [Nu Kvlture]


Strictly Nuskool Blog premiere on 'Do It Now' by the Bristolian DJ Jonco, forthcoming on Nu Kvlture. Out on 2nd January 2022.

Belgrade based multigenre Bass label of Nu KVLTURE goes against all odds and against the grain. Most of all they got something new to be unleashed. It's about their reppin the clubbish ghettoish underground Bass intensity with their second compilation - a weapon of 40 tracks in total! A sequel of their first successful compilation, is currently running the essential stage of promotion and ready to come out on 2nd of January 2022. In regards to that, we're extremely happy to premiere one of the tracks off this wondrous release.
It's a massive gem by Bristol's underground don Mr. '160', known as DJ Jonco, who delivers his very own junglistic and playful or cheeky twist. Proper track!

"After a successful launch in January this year, Nu KVLTURE is back with a second part of the Various Artists Compilation Series “VOL.2”. 40 Artists from all the cross the globe, nu- comeres and og's from the first release, stand together united in all things bass & breaks with BPM ranging from 100 to 170. Expect even more flavours, with the most wanted dubplates who ended up in mixes by established artists such as LCY, A.Fruit, Sun People, Gremlinz and many others who played them from Boiler room to Rinse Fm. Artwork is once again done by talented Sofija Milosevic."


Stream PREMIERE:: DJ Jonco - Do It Now by Strictly NuSkool Blog | Listen online for free on SoundCloud


For more elaborate information, Nu KVLTURE is a label and brand based in Belgrade, Serbia and formed by Alexander Saylor aka Noizy Wilson. It started out as a decepticon bootleg clothing brand and grew into a platform to help and push some of the soundclouds hidden gems. You can get into the insight of his very own music life on the link below.
It's an interview given recently on Helmore Radio.




Thursday 4 November 2021

Return Of The Vibe = Return Of DJ Jedi


DJ Jedi stands for the new breed of British Breakbeat Hardcore. And every single person and fan of this blog is totally aware of that. The man who's responsible for a big amount of 12" records and label managing as well as a big inspiration to the old stalwarts and newcomers, is scoring now on a new EP.
This time the Cantina Cuts head honcho is signed to the Return Of The Vibe label, in order to deliver his debut 12" Vinyl there, including nothing else but his usual top notch Hardcore Breaks vibes.

"We are proud to welcome the man behind Cantina Cuts & Jedi Recordings - DJ Jedi himself onto Return of The Vibe with 2 uplifting anthems in the breakbeat piano style - 130bpm early '92 speeds!
+ 320 kbps Mp3 of both tracks included as digital download
Limited Acid Yellow Vinyl from a run of only 220 units in the new Return of The Vibe/Def Star in house labels' sleeve - featuring artwork , orginally spray painted by Dare"

Once again, Jedi gives his unchallenged production prowess to rinse out massive breakbeats rebuilding the '91-'92 period. The only thing you have to do is to..let the music and move your feet to the spectacular piano breaks and hardcore rushing rhythms of his two fresh gems.

The 6th release of Return Of The Vibe is simply one of those indispensable latest records that have to be added immediately to your collection. A yellow plate - a doorway to something really wonderful. A color that it's all the more reason to attract your eye and soul to get that record now. Available via Defstar.

Tuesday 2 November 2021

'A World Beyond' by Redlabel


Inspired by the Oldskool Rave of the golden 90s with a bit of The Prodigy spirit, the Madeira citizen by the name Redlabel has just completed his first personal EP.
A digital EP which is as wondrous as you wouldn't ever expect. Contemporary hardcore Techno and hardcore breakbeats, big synths and even wildstyle guitars. We're truly obsessed with this great material by all means.
'A World Beyond' is comprised of four tracks and we'd suggest you grab it this Friday on 5th November cos it's Bandcamp Day and all profits will go directly to the creator.

Fav track: 'Tetsuo'

A World Beyond | redlabel (


Saturday 30 October 2021

Ultra-Sonic & Dream Frequency for the first time in history


Two very good pals and absolute legends within the scene, join the forces in order to deliver the most powerful album you've heard in the last couple of years. A concept that it's been tripping inside their minds for almost a decade, is now set to become true. Driven by their passion, big skills, modern techniques and most of all love from and for their fans, Ian Bland and Mallorca Lee or even better Dream Frequency and Ultra-Sonic, are calling you all to enter their Kickstarter campaign in order to make it happen.

"Our intentions were to make a track that sounded exactly like Dream Frequency & Ultra-Sonic would in your head. We had so much fun working in the studio together and loved using recording techniques from back in the day to get the best out our old synths, drum machines and samples. Straight after we wanted to write even more tracks, but we were just too busy touring"

So right after the successful experiment of their collab in 'Take Me Away' (with Sherill Hartill vocals inclusion as well), the big gents of Oldskool have announced a 13-track album to come out in limited hardcopies of CD and Vinyl with various pledge options.
For every fan of them and every '90s raver who's still supporting and breathing the oxygen of Rave.

"Now with your help we can deliver a limited edition, Ultra-Sonic & Dream Frequency album direct to your door, giving Ultra-Frequency the release it truly deserves. You know our love for the scene, our credentials, discography and if you backed either of our previous Kickstarter's you will agree the quality of the final products we delivered, the strength of our music, the time and effort put into every aspect, from its concept to completion, was second to none. We have also learned a great deal from our previous Kickstarters and know how to make this one even better, from the time it all takes, postage, proper packaging, printing, to even sending you a digital copy of the finished album to enjoy while waiting for your limited edition, signed digi-pack CD and Gatefold, double Vinyl to arrive."

Back this project:



Saturday 23 October 2021

Mutants are back! Grab now the new EP by We Rob Rave


The teenage mutant ninja..Junglists from Poland are back in town.
We Rob Rave. The infamous badboy duet of PZG & Dubsknit among their profusion of dirty basslines of wizdom, improvise again to showcase some unbounded mutant jungle bits and pieces.
For those who are famished and have a little gap right after the WRR 6 album. For anyone who's still not aware of these Polish nutters. And most of all, for any new producer who has a life-long dream to make tracks like these.

"Welcome to a new electric EP!
Starting out with "Almodovo", footwork influenced dancefloor puncher, hitting hard with classic LFO bassline, you wish you knew We Rob Rave earlier.
Switching in the mood a little, "Surrender" brings more ambiental, more storytelling vibe to the mix. While not the ruffest track on the EP, definitely not the one to dismiss.
After emotional adventures, we go right back to leg-breaking tracks. "Ice groove" kicks off any party that needs fast breaks and classic stabs, even more, classic polish 80s samples.
Finishing off, "Mutations" brings balance to the force with hard hitting 'Think' break and gnarly bass sliding through deep atmospheric melodies.
Mutation started, come with me, come with us."

'Sweat Like You Mean' is the title of their new digital weapon and as you've read above it's the beginning of the mutation. What shall we expect for WRR 7 then??

▶︎ SWEAT LIKE YOU MEAN IT | WE ROB RAVE | Pzg & Dubsknit (


Sunday 17 October 2021

Watch now:: Motivbreaks 'Bass Breaks And A Warehouse Rave Drop Mix' [VIDEO]

Motivbreaks returns on his personal themed mixes with love and devotion to the new breed of Bass and Breaks. Straight from his hometown, Salonica, he delivers one more absolutely fantastic mix showcasing some abundant vibes with the likes of Stanton Warriors, Solardo, ABSOLUTE, Riton, Skream, Local Group and many more.
We can assure you that you'll instantly attracted by his formidable session.

Noteworthy to add also, that it's a great momentum for Stamatis Kipouros (his real name) as he has released his debut EP over Top Drawer Digital with big support around the globe.

Motivbreaks takes effect, giving rise to the vibe and we just pant for more...

Sunday 10 October 2021

Bright Lights - Your Time 12" Vinyl EP

Originally released in the dawn of 2020, the very great 'Your Time' EP by Bright Lights sees now a vinylized version credited to Erupt Records. The North nu-rave team behind Erupt Records keep their promises and fight against odds to make it happen and release this proper material onto Vinyl. One more quality addition to your collection.

"This time around, the label highlights another incredible talent as your host Bright Lights takes the reins. Best remembered for running his own Quantum Progression Audio label, he does what he does best and takes no prisoners here, delivering a slamming EP of hardcore junglism with the right twists for the modern age. From crowd-friendly piano lines to some appallingly dark drops, the You Time experience is what we call hardcore. Also along for the trip is Schoco, with that remix of "Zero Time" everybody's been talking about!
...and remember, don't sleep on the vinyl edition if you want to get your hands on two exclusive tracks. "Cyberfunk 3000" and "Timebreak" won't be available anywhere else."

Pre-order the 12" Vinyl: 

Tuesday 5 October 2021

Motivbreaks presents his debut EP on Top Drawer Digital

The Greek established Breakbeat producer and DJ, Motivbreaks has recently signed a good deal with one of the finest Nu-Rave labels that is Top Drawer Digital.
'Free Your Soul' is the right mantra of this reborn period we're running, with a new dancefloor resurrection and a transcendence to the raving musical genres. A pretty good EP release coming among big guests on the remix duties with the likes of Strange Rollers and Sanxion! A 5-track release that has anything contemporary you'd need to listen to. From the hot bass drops of the wizard Sanxion to the 4/4 progression of Strange Rollers and of course not to sit out to the original breaks driven euphoric version from the Greek guru and good friend of us, Motivbreaks.

For any DJ, for every nu-rave lover.
Worth every single penny for this one. Grab it now digitally!

Free Your Soul from Top Drawer Digital Records on Beatport

Thursday 30 September 2021

Rory Hoy & RamSkank EP 2021

The UK mighty nuskool hero and author of the amazing book called 'The Little Big Beat', the man like Rory Hoy, returns with a new digital release collaboration with RamSkank. And to be fair, both of these two producers made an astonishing work in here.
The illustrious 90s powerful house buzz is back!

'Butter' by Rory Hoy is a quirky funky house and full on nostalgia track reviving the warehouse good old days, while RamSkank's takeover reminds a lot of the power of eurotechno vibes (2 Unlimited, Cappella etc.). The third track from this EP comes from RamSkank and his original 'Gonna Let You Go', an early 90s house-y vibe reminisching Nomad style, while Rory's takeover finds him blending a bit of acidity into a speed garage tip. Marvellous!

All in all this one's a great EP, charting at the moment over Junodownload.
A good suggestion for your sets if you're a sophisticated DJ playing out some 4/4 bangers and wanna cause shivers on the current dancefloor resurrection.

SIMI. [Producer Mix] on Solid Sound FM

Kushti brings another great guest on his Solid Sound FM.
This time, get to know the Ravecore don by the name SIMI from Lodz, Poland. A good friend of this Blog, plus a crazy producer and headstrong underground goer!

"He's an ex-folk-dancer, enthusiast of amen breaks, chiptune sounds and cheesy, chipmunk vocals. He's one of founders of Eudetek - freetekno crew from his hometown Lodz, Poland - and member of SKRD!!! crew. His releases are heavily influenced by happy hardcore - piano riffs, rave stabs, amen breaks, you name it. He started DJing over 10 years ago and has been active around Poland and Europe since then. Recently exploring new, slower musical areas. Expect an EP anytime soon."


01: AleX Tune - Bigger Than Before (Simi Remix) [Suck Puck]
02: Simi - Fajny Pan Jacek [Suck Puck]
03: Simi - Sweet Child of Mine [SKRD!!!]
04: Simi - Pocionga Mie Twe Ciauo feat. Julu Żulu [Favicon/SKRD!!!]
05: Simi feat. Sambor - Pain Is Just an Illusion [SKRD!!!]
06: Simi - unreleased track
07: BUNTek x Simi - DANCE OR DIE (Breakcore Remix) [Suck Puck]
08: Simi - Smutny Coreniszon cz. 2 [SKRD!!!]
09: Simi - W Moim Śnie [SKRD!!!]
10: Simi - Summer Medley [Suck Puck]
11: Simi - This Is a Test [Suck Puck]
12: Simi - Darkness In My Heart [SKRD!!!]
13: donkinator - Przegląd Piosenki Biesiadnej [SKRD!!!]


This mix was originally broadcast in Dublin, Ireland on Tuesday 28th September 2021 on "Dublin South" 93.9FM


Sunday 26 September 2021

'Neurophonique' by Cabeabel


Right after his debut over Marusha's imprint Club Arrest in the late days of last year, the man like Cabeabel has just exploded a startling brand new album.
The Sweden based producer introduces to us to his remarkable and powerful tracks on a pack entitled 'Neurophonique'. One of those new entries that should be supported by every single Drum & Bass fan.
And when you listen to tracks such as 'Anticipation', you can get that right feeling of classical melodies and hard bassline for the partygoers. This is our personal pick from this release that goes down a storm and it can easily give a sneak preview to the whole concept of his album. 

An album where Opera hugs the Bass,
and Bass absorbs Opera...

Noteworthy to mention that 'Neurophonique' features also a massive collaboration with the established Scandinavian soprano Liine Carlsson and the American singer Robert Hyman plus some cello plays of Moa Ponten. All in all it's a liquid piece of arts and music credited to the man like Cabeabel
D&B for every preference, D&B for the masses that need something strong and fresh.

The album is out now digitally and you can stream it and support it through the platforms above. Don't lose your time.



Thursday 16 September 2021

A fundraising for Orestiz debut personal Vinyl release

Our good friend and one of the most talented Hardcore Breaks producers, the man like Orestiz is about to launch his personal debut Vinyl EP, thus he decided to launch a small fundraising.

Here what he says about it:

"I'm considering starting my own label and releasing my music on vinyl. If you know me a little bit then you know what my music is. A lot of unfinished tracks lurking, wishing to reach some ears. If you feel you'd enjoy listening and dancing, then i'd appreciate the contribution. Getting started and especially pressing on vinyl can be a considerable cost. This is not kickstarter, you don't get packs or special shiny stuff. You'd just help out and i'd be really glad about it. It's my birthday after all :) And i wanna dance. Take care of yourselves / Orestis"

You can donate here: 
 (5 days left)


Sunday 12 September 2021

'Lethal' is the 4th studio album by Liquid


A1. Wrong Sun
A2. Battle For The Minds
A3. Kill For You
B1. Dread Inna Babylon
B2. Machinic Repitition
B3. Broken
C1. Morphine
C2. Lethal Beats
C3. Blood Like Dope
D1. Funk Removal Machine
D2. Plasticity
D3. Blackwave

UK ravemeister and top charter from back in the day, Liquid, return with a brand new studio album. The 4th Liquid album is entitled 'Lethal' and it's released via the legendary Kniteforce Records, following 'Spacemonkey'.
What instantly gains our attention is the versatility of this new album, which seems like a continuation of 'Energy Flows'. Hardcore breaks, dub reggae, crispy breakbeats, dark amen breaks, and many elements of emotional electronic bits - as usual from Liquid. Eventually, a musical ravey emotion is the right Liquid trademark over the years.

This new LP features special guests with the likes of Earl 16, Rachel Wallace, Echo Ranks, Niki Mak and if you grab the bundle there's some exclusive offerings (e.g. a 10" Vinyl with Acen and Ray Keith remixes). Noteworthy to mention that Kniteforce do work hard for a bundle that won't disappoint any Liquid fan!
We're dealing with a top album, either you're into hardcore or jungle or an average electronic music lover. Kniteforce Records tries this transcendance to their Hardcore roots offering a quality album by a top player in the game.

All in all, you can tell that the year 2021 Liquid is..Lethal. Simple as that.

KF155 - Liquid - Lethal (2x12" Vinyl + Digital)

KF155 - Liquid - Lethal (2x12" Vinyl + Digital)
KF155X - Liquid - Wrong Sun (7" Vinyl)
KF155Y - Liquid - Lethal Remixes (10" Vinyl + Digital)
KFZ01 - Liquid - Lethal USB (USB)
Plus Bonus Extras!