Wednesday 30 November 2016

MRUSBS01:: United States Beat Squad - Raise Em Up [MUSIC RASCALS]

And we have a new addition for the very productive during 2016, mr USBS (United States Beat Squad).
After getting a personal praise watching his tune "Beats Get Rougher [Raw Republic Records]" reaching #1 on the "Must Hear Bass Tunes for November" @ Beatport charts, he came up with a new tune titled"Raise Em Up" going on the same way with mental 140bpm UK breaks and so UK label, Music Rascals do the release work of it digitally. Out now!





HI-LITE RECORDS pres. RUSHLIFE Vol.1 [mixes by Yudaidhun & Fukazaw]

Japanese Hardcore Rave label HI-LITE RECORDS, has launched a new series of mixes/podcasts titled "RUSHLIFE" and its first chapter consists of 2 stomping mixes by local DJs/producers, Yudaidhun and Fukazaw, who nail deep into Happy Hardcore/Breakbeat Hardcore sounds!
Worth giving both of them some love! 大きな曲!

- DJ Yudaidhun mix - Tracklist

01. Substate - Worldwide
02. Sunshine Productions - Take Me To The Top
03. Vibes & Wishdokta - Feels Good
04. Balistic - Kiss It
05. DJ Demo - Lift Me Up (Justin Time Remix)
06. Love Nation - Positive (Future Assassins Remix)
07. Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Let's do it
08. Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ganja Man
09. Vibes & Wishdokta - Giving it all 've got
10. Terrible Twins - Just Like That
11. DJ Laugh - We Can Fly (Yudaidhun Remix)
12. 2 Left Feet - Never Left You Go
13. SMD #2A
14. Mega'lo Mania - Emotion
15. Dune - Hand In Hand

- DJ Fukazaw mix - Tracklist

01. DJ Vibes - Sing It Loud
02. X-Static - Ready 2 Go
03. Acen - Trip To The Moon (part 3)
04. Vibes & Wishdokta - Above The Clouds
Supreme, Sunset Regime, Ramos - Crowd Control (Slipmatt Remix)
06. Vibes & Wishdokta -Destiny
07. T3 - Gimme The World
08. DJ Ham - Higher (Dj Force The Evolution Remix)
09. DJ Delirium - Be Happy!
10. DJ Vibes - Obsession (Music So Wonderful)
11. Remarc - One 4 Da Vibes
12. Rhythm For Reasons-Tango Album mix
13. DJ Rave In Peace - Void Of E Motion
14. Vibes & Wishdokta - Perfect Dreams
15. Edit V - Sensation
16. DJ Luna-C - The Light
17. DJ Brisk - Airhead
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Runaway
19. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim - Go Get Busy (Hardcore Edit)


Yudaidhun Album free DL


Tuesday 29 November 2016

[KM33] Vital Link - New Dawn EP [Kemet Records 12" Vinyl Pre-Orders Available Now!!!]

A1 - Human Being - The Box (Vital Link & DJ Shadowplay Remix).
A2 - Man Child.
AA1 - Code 64
AA2 - Jungle Life.

Cornerstone jungle label, Kemet continues on with their recent onslaught of red hot releases with the forthcoming 'New Dawn EP' from London and Brighton based junglists Vital Link (aka Leeroy Silk and DJ Disrupta) up for pre-order now. Composed of four massive, contemporary jungle cuts to end 2016 with a BANG!!!

We are first introduced to Vital Link and DJ Shadowplay's reconstruction of Human Being's 1993 underground anthem 'The Box'. Which sees the original's sinister piano melody and iconic 'Hellraiser' samples merge with crisp, rolling breaks and a menacing Reese bassline to create a tearing nuskool jungle update. The mood shifts in a more uplifting direction with the soulful stepper, 'Man Child' with it's combination of gentle guitar licks, soothing vocals and warm bass notes backed by a full-on, head-nodding breakbeat.

The flipside kicks off with 'Code 64' , a punishing barrage of rugged 'Scottie' breaks coupled with a monstrously heavy bass riff peppered with aggressive rap snippets and dialogue ripped from the from the lycanthropic, horror flick, 'Dog Soldiers'. 'Code 64' is a track that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go!!! The EP is then brought to it's conclusion with the mellow vibed 'Jungle Life'. A classic '94 era jungle styled skank out, which expertly blends together soothing female vocal sighs, classic ragga samples, rolling Think breaks and elements from Roy Ayers legendary 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine'.

If you have a hankering for that timeless, original oldskool jungle sound enhanced by 2016 production techniques, then Vital Link and Kemet more than deliver the goods with this massive four tracker. 

Copies of Vital Link's 'New Dawn EP' 12" vinyl are available to pre-order now from the official Kemet Records webstore for £11.50 (plus P&P). Digital copies will be available to purchase on 16/12/16

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For more info on Vital Link and their own Bass Beat Repeat label, then check out the link below...

Friday 25 November 2016

Pursuit - Everybody Is In The Place (Pursuit's Amen Remix 2016) [Free Download!!!]

1/ Pursuit - Everybody Is In The Place (Pursuit's Amen Remix 2016).

This Is Nu-Rave label founder and reknowned DJ and ambassador of all things rave, Pursuit takes on an undisputed oldskool classic with his reinterpretation of The Prodigy's 'Everybody In The Place (155 And Rising)'. Staying true to the format of the original recording, Pursuit adds an extra layer of urgency by introducing a rolling amen break and thundering kickdrums to the mix to create a devastating, 2016 nuskool hardcore update.

Grab yourself a free WAV of Pursuit's 'Everybody Is In The Place (Pursuit's Amen Remix 2016)' via the Soundcloud link below and don't forget to comment and follow if you like what you hear!!!

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King Julien Sound System by King Julien Sound System [CD/Digital on SWAFFELCORE RECORDS]

01. Move It
02. Jungle Biznez
03. Big Bang 
04. Dope Affliction 
05 Cornetto Riddim 
06 Feel Da Phonk 
07 Party People (& sc.Dave!) 
08. They Be Like (& sc.Dave! feat. HACKD) 
09. Feel Da Phonk (sc.Dave!'s 5am Crusty Dreadlock Remix) 
10. Cornetto Riddim (Whitetail's Extra Cake Remix) 
11. Feel Da Phonk (Dynamite Grizzly's Rockin' Acid Beats Mix) 
12. Big Bang (Hotwaxxx's High Caff Riff Raff Remix)

In case you need something really hard to get inside your life, or help you overcome your daily routine, well UK based label SWAFFELCORE RECORDS has a strong suggestion and answer about it with this banging 12track LP by King Julien Sound System.
KJSS is the side project of Dutch producer Icky and will be continued under that by raving on this type of stylee as is presented on his album.
The self titled album consists of 12 tracks, 8 original ones and 4 remixes!
Worth to mention the essential contributors on this mayhem who are the Swaffelcore manager, DJ/producer and speedcore lover the man like sc. Dave alongside US producers Hotwaxxx, HACKD, Whitetail and Dynamite Grizzly!
The album is a big blend of styles aiming to put your mood on a serious rave distortion starting up with 190bpm ravecore slammer"Move It" to the amen break tip of "Jungle Biznez" while "Big Bang" sweet pianos and oldskool breaks will take you back to the time machine of '92.
"Dope Affiction" is the electrifying hardcore breaks tune of this LP, followed by mutant bass friendly "Cornetto Riddim" and then the tracklist gets more harsh and Hardcore Techno friendly to the end when Hotwaxxx revisits "Big Bang" on a huge remix, which must be my best tune off this album, without underrating the rest of the tracks of course!

A completely mental work strictly for the headstrong and Nuskool Hardcore/Nu-Rave crew proves again how a new label like SWAFFELCORE, aged 3 yrs old only but being hungry for more!
Props to its man behind, sc.Dave and of course King Julien Sound System and all featured producers for the awesome buzz coming out from this album!

BUY the limited edition CD pack & Digital format HERE

Artwork – Flint Eatswood
Graphics – General Mumble
Mastered By – sc.Dave!



s.c. DAVE






Thursday 24 November 2016

Seluekos & Graz Lasleal / Caustic Neon [RAVERTOOTH TIGER]

Two determined & fresh kickin' 'White Label' Oldskool rave friendly vibes is the latest installment of Seattle based neo rave label of Ravertooth Tiger!
Label manager Graz meets Seluekos from Virginia, on their first official VS release putting a cyber sense to Oldskool Rave by their tunes influenced by chiptune, amen breaks, hardcore breakbeat and edm.






Monday 21 November 2016

[DEMON6] FX - Demonic Possession Volume 6 [12" Vinyl Exclusive Available To Buy Now!!!]

A - Medusa.
AA - Diabolical.

As Jack Frost adds a sprinkling of silver to the Winter landscape out there and Santa's elves work overnight to ensure that little girls and boys across the world have the presents they deserve, FX and his evil minions at Demonic Possession Recordings provide the perfect antidote to all this false Festive cheer. Featuring two positively Satanic darkcore jungle tracks, FX's brand new single, 'Demonic Possession Volume 6' comes to  terrorise your vinyl racks now!!!

The "petrifying" sounds of 'Medusa' kicks off the A-Side to a series of panic inducing, looped strings and frantic, rolling breaks set to a monstrously ominous bass pulses. Further unease is generated by the inclusion of ghostly synth shrieks and a menacing pairing of Dr Dre and Lord Vader vocal samples in order to strike fear into any lightweights out there!

On the flip we are presented with even more infernally, pitch black jungle with 'Diabolical'. A track which builds a tense, horror-flick style atmosphere by melding together haunting, ascending synth notes, mangled, guitar screeches and disturbed vocal samples set to a skeletal breakbeat pattern.

If dread fueled, horror movie themes set to a soundtrack of sinister and uncompromising breakbeat stylings are what tantalises your musical tastes, then FX's latest offering will satiate all of your darkcore desires!!!

Copies of FX's limited edition  'Demonic Possession Volume 6' 12" are available to buy now from the Demonic Possession Recordings webstore for £7.99 plus postage and packaging, and come with exclusive Demonic Possession Recordings stickers (while stocks last). So grab yourself a copy now to ward off all this pre-Xmas shmaltz!!!

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Design by Raw Parigi

A1 Dark Dub
A2 Mononom
A3 Jungle Book
B1 Mononom (Mesak Remix) 
B2 Winter Solstice 
B3 Dark Dub (FFF Remix)

Dutch electronic label, SHIPWREC proudly presents its new installment driven by a local multigenre producer (doing from skwee, hip hop, dub, glitch to jungle, breakbeat sounds) the man like COCO BRYCE, dj/producer and owner of his very own vinyl/digital label MYOR.

"Dark Dub EP" is the title of the new offering from the Dutch crew. It consists of 6 tunes, four originally made by Coco Bryce and 2 remixes by his close mate FFF and Finnish producer Mesak.
This EP can be described mainly as electronic in general, as finds himself combining his influences and music skills from skwee to jungle along with the superb work by FFF on a jungle tip and Mesak into a kinda experimental rework on 'Mononom' which must be my personal favourite from this release.

This EP is available now on 12'' and will be out digitally on 28th November
Grab your copies HERE





Sunday 20 November 2016

[WJK003] FOTH & Raket - Wicked Jungle Kru 003 [Available To Download From All Good Wicked Jungle Records Digital Stores!!!]

1/ High Praise.
2/ Ahead Of The Sun.

Wicked Jungle Records are back again with their third installment of the innovative 'Wicked Jungle Kru' series. Featuring two boundary pushing, jungle cuts from breakbeat innovators, FOTH and Raket, it's time to join the 'Wicked Jungle Kru 003' for another deep jungle excursion!!!

Opening track, 'High Praise' sees FOTH take traditional jungle staples - sliced and diced amen breaks, thunderous basslines and ruffneck, ragga chatter, and meld them to off-kilter, claps to create a rock solid jungle/footwork hybrid.

Up next, Raket introduces us to his deep, drum fueled jungle workout, 'Ahead Of The Sun', which layers a hypnotic, Bukem style, rising and falling pad melody and pounding bass patterns over a frantic, percussive backing. 

'Wicked Jungle Kru 003' sees FOTH and Raket present their own very unique interpretations on the classic jungle formula that'll be sure to please any junglist who has a passion for rough and rugged styles mixed in with plenty of forward thinking attitude.

FOTH and Raket's 'Wicked Jungle 003' joint single is available to download from all good Wicked Jungle Records digital download stores now!!!



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... And for all the very latest info on the label, then be sure to check out the official Wicked Jungle Records website...

LOVCD05:: Gareth Clarke 'Caviar' [LOVE LOVE RECORDS]

1. Caviar (...And English To My Dog)
2. Love Its Guts
3. Cocktail (Party FX)
4. Curtsy
5. Hearseback Riding

Love Love Records has always something geniously great to output and so that's what dealing with the new signing and the new installement from the almighty label.
After listening to the previews of this new release you can simply see yourself positively shocked from the sounds of this ( kinda) underrated producer. 
Gareth Clarke makes his debut to the Love Love, dropping 5 mental slammers of blended IDM, Breakcore,  influenced a lot by producers such as Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and all this type of artists and sounds in general.

The "CAVIAR" is dressed up with an outstanding 'oldie friendly' artwork coming out on CD and digital format in about a week from now.

Out on 28th November 2016
PRE-ORDER on Bandcamp HERE or the Love Love webstore HERE



NORTH BASE launching their own Radio Show @ UNITY RADIO

The almighty 6 year old Drum & Bass act from Manchester, NORTH BASE, have built a legacy of their own with the producer trio sharing lineups with Chase & Status, Andy C and DJ Hype. Their cutting edge production, combined with their knowledge and dedication to to the world of Drum and Bass, has bagged them their very own radio show exclusive to Manchester’s flagship station, Unity Radio.
North Base & Friends will bring listeners a huge variety of content. Expect guest appearances, interviews, live and guest mixes, and an hour dedicated to Jungle.

As a true tastemaker of the Dance scene as well, North Base also aim to showcase the talents of emerging acts and they will provide them with the space to get exposure by creating tracks and mixes, as well as getting interviewed. Keep your eyes peeled for the array of guests that they will be featuring on their show, which is already set to include Matrix & Future bound, Kitcha, Miss Anthrop, Bass Jedi’s Shimon and many more.

NORTH BASE set the airways on fire, when they featured on MistaJam’s Radio 1 show with their remix of Craig David & Big Narstie’s huge tune "When The Bassline Drops”. They have also provided their North Base touch to a number of high calibre remixes for the likes of Example, Laidback Luke, Sander Van Doorn, Ms Dynamite, Labyrinth and took 3rd place running up in the Drum & Bass Awards "Best Breakthrought Producer 2012".

With 2017 being on the horizon, North Base are ready to take it to the next level!
Tune into Unity Radio and become part of their movement! Every Tuesday 11-1am (UK TIME)

In case you're wondering what's hot released from them at the moment, you can simply purchase your copies now in all major digital stores as well as on Nemesis Recordings, for their latest "Get Away EP" and stay tuned for more interesting news since the boys have recently got a track to the almighty RAM Records as already announced via their socials (link)



Saturday 19 November 2016

RIFFZ - Tingz Goes Wrong EP

Polish DJ/producer and furthermore a true Junglist, the man like RIFFZ returns with a supreme 4track EP which goes specially to all nuJungle crew out there!
A mentally worked EP showcasing a variety of his influences from hiphop on "Fake Mothafuckaz" to ragga on "Nah Lollipop Nah Sweet" even ravey on my personal fav track from this EP, "Blvck Ho73".
Four tracks amenized by Riffz under his skills and love for Jungle music!
Definetely a great gift to yourselves from a very talented nuskool producer and Poland's representer of the Jungle movement! Worth to push some quid then!



Thursday 17 November 2016

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (15th November 2016)

This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Planet Rave Radio on 15th November 2016 - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD. Live streaming from Athens/Greece.
A full on nuskool Hardcore & Jungle mission coming out this week with lots of freshness & exclusive stuff from various producers & labels like PZG & Dubsknit, DJCRIP, Fringe, 36Hertz, Pants & Socks, FFF, Coco Bryce, Shipwrec, KFA, Scartat, Abyss, Shadowplay, V.I.M., Shy-Nee.

Bigup to all listeners each & everyone worldwide for the full support to this show, all producers & labels keepin the Hardcore flag UP!



Sunday 13 November 2016

[CUT030] Deadly Nightshade - The Beast [Available To Download Now From All Good Switchblade Digital Stores!!!]

1/ The Beast.

After the release of last weeks excellent 'Aria Of Sorrow' from Pressure, Switchblade Digital are back once more with Deadly Nightshade in tow, making his fifth appearance on the label with 'The Beast' hitting all good digital stores now. 

Fusing together rugged, junglistic breaks, rumbling bassline and futuroid techno elements, 'The Beast' takes us on a frantic, rip-roaring, jungle tekno adventure peppered with smatterings of menacing movie dialogue and a synth drop that'll get your hair standing on end!!! 

Deadly Nightshade delivers a perfect example of intricately layered and richly textured, nuskool darkside hardcore that is sure to compliment all jungle-tekno fanatic's music collection!

Deadly Nightshade's 'The Beast' single is available to purchase now from all good Switchblade Digtal music stockists...



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KFA79 - Scartat - Back In The Day EP [KFA]

RATE: 9/10

FAV TUNE: "The Trustworthy Promoter"

Canada based producer, SCARTAT, has been running a greatly impressive Autumn period, firstly for him and then for us all in the scene! After being signed to the legendary KFA/Kniteforce during summertime releasing his heavyweight 'Ragga Style' to the True Skool EP 12 (KFA77), he has achieved getting himself vinylized on KF65, the great vinyl return of Kniteforce Records after 18 years (Buy link) and then unleashing his very own work over KFA, which is out today!

'Back In The Day EP' is the name of Scartat's personal release including four fresh Jungle/D&B Hardcore slammers by 175bpm range and full on domination!!
I'm still completely shocked with the result I'm listening to, something far way different coming out from KFA after a while.
Scartat deserves it and Luna-C knows it well that's why this release is coming out on the right time to fuelfil your desire with nuskool aggression plus an oldskool sense like...back in the day!

Worth to mention once again as usual that if you purchase today and for then next 2 weeks this release, you will have the chance to get exclusively the executive edition of this EP, which won't be available after 2 weeks anywhere else! The Executive Edition consists of one more slammer of him called 'Rave Drive' which is a good addition to the main release an a rework on my personal highlight of this release 'The Trustworthy Promoter' done by Demcore.

KFA79 - Tracklist
01. 6Am Prayer
03. The Trustworthy Promoter
04. Amo Bag

Executive Bonus Material
01. Rave Drive
02. The Trustworthy Promoter (Demcore Remix)




SUDDI RAVAL presents H.E.A.T #009 featuring DAVOS Interview pt2 @ Groove City Radio

Suddi Raval (one half of the mighty rave act TOGETHER known mostly from their 'Hardcore Uproar' anthem) returns on his monthly radio show called 'H.E.A.T.' @ Groove City Radio presenting a 120minu acid/techno/house tip to the dug deep into the past as well as airing the second and last part of his interview with UK piano legend, DAVOS. (Interview goes around 48')
DAVOS opens his heart about when and how he caught up with his piano love since the age of 10, his collabs so far, Glastonbury festival and a few of his next music steps and plans of releases. Anyone missing the first part of the interview can get into it clickin here.