Monday, 21 November 2016

[DEMON6] FX - Demonic Possession Volume 6 [12" Vinyl Exclusive Available To Buy Now!!!]

A - Medusa.
AA - Diabolical.

As Jack Frost adds a sprinkling of silver to the Winter landscape out there and Santa's elves work overnight to ensure that little girls and boys across the world have the presents they deserve, FX and his evil minions at Demonic Possession Recordings provide the perfect antidote to all this false Festive cheer. Featuring two positively Satanic darkcore jungle tracks, FX's brand new single, 'Demonic Possession Volume 6' comes to  terrorise your vinyl racks now!!!

The "petrifying" sounds of 'Medusa' kicks off the A-Side to a series of panic inducing, looped strings and frantic, rolling breaks set to a monstrously ominous bass pulses. Further unease is generated by the inclusion of ghostly synth shrieks and a menacing pairing of Dr Dre and Lord Vader vocal samples in order to strike fear into any lightweights out there!

On the flip we are presented with even more infernally, pitch black jungle with 'Diabolical'. A track which builds a tense, horror-flick style atmosphere by melding together haunting, ascending synth notes, mangled, guitar screeches and disturbed vocal samples set to a skeletal breakbeat pattern.

If dread fueled, horror movie themes set to a soundtrack of sinister and uncompromising breakbeat stylings are what tantalises your musical tastes, then FX's latest offering will satiate all of your darkcore desires!!!

Copies of FX's limited edition  'Demonic Possession Volume 6' 12" are available to buy now from the Demonic Possession Recordings webstore for £7.99 plus postage and packaging, and come with exclusive Demonic Possession Recordings stickers (while stocks last). So grab yourself a copy now to ward off all this pre-Xmas shmaltz!!!

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