Friday, 25 November 2016

Pursuit - Everybody Is In The Place (Pursuit's Amen Remix 2016) [Free Download!!!]

1/ Pursuit - Everybody Is In The Place (Pursuit's Amen Remix 2016).

This Is Nu-Rave label founder and reknowned DJ and ambassador of all things rave, Pursuit takes on an undisputed oldskool classic with his reinterpretation of The Prodigy's 'Everybody In The Place (155 And Rising)'. Staying true to the format of the original recording, Pursuit adds an extra layer of urgency by introducing a rolling amen break and thundering kickdrums to the mix to create a devastating, 2016 nuskool hardcore update.

Grab yourself a free WAV of Pursuit's 'Everybody Is In The Place (Pursuit's Amen Remix 2016)' via the Soundcloud link below and don't forget to comment and follow if you like what you hear!!!

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