Saturday 29 September 2018

Q&A with DJ REVIVE (+ fresh 4track EP - exclusive free DL)

We wouldn't say he's new to the scene; this lovely man has made a digital 4track EP exclusively for the Strictly Nuskool while completing all 4 tracks even quicker than his usual 165bpm speed.
Get to know DJ Revive from UK, the man who showcases his talent for a modern Happy Hardcore.

(Interview & Editorial by GL0WKiD)

- How long have you been into production and what inspired you starting your own tunes?

I have been into production since 2001 when I made my first tune with DJ Impact from FBI Recordings and always after being in the studio I thought it was time to invest into some studio gear.

The inspiration in wanting to make my own tracks was that I had many ideas I wanted to put into my production and the only way for me was buying studio gear and putting into practice.

- Choose your top 5 labels & artists of all the time.

Labels:                                                   Artists:
1. Just Another Label                            1. DJ Seduction

2. Kniteforce Records                            2. Scott Brown

3. Evolution Records                              3. DJ DNA

4. UK Dance                                           4. Justin Time

5. Universal Records                              5. DJ Demo

- When was your first release ever?

My first ever official release was back in 2006 a track called “Get Your Damn Hands Up” by myself and my good mate Duffy. It was released on Wide Eyed Digital and even that track was full of oldskool stabs and a piano line from congress.

- What's your favourite genre in producing?

Favourite genre to produce is 94-96 hardcore.

- What equipment are you using in your production?

I use Reason 10 for production and a variety of plugins.

- What is the best experience from your Oldskool rave days?

My best experience from my rave days was going to Club Kinetic and I know it’s cliche to say but for me it was the best atmosphere and sound system I heard! Time machine needed please!!

- Can you give a little introduction deep into your new EP on Strictly Nuskool Blog?

This E.P which I have done for Glowkid represents my sound of what I personally like to hear in raves and a sound which in my opinion cannot be beaten for having that feel good factor! The more people producing it the better.

- Any closing message for the Nuskool Hardcore fans and readers of this blog? 

I would like to say a big thanks to Glowkid, The Lowercase, DJ EZC from Hardcore Will Never Die, Beeno for all the support and giving my music airtime and last but not least Insane & Mind for releasing “Thru The Nite” on NuVision Records! Keep your eyes peeled for my next release “Drop The Beat
” & future releases on 4 The Core Records (Bigup Mark!)

"THE REVIVAL EP" is the brand new offering from the Strictly Nuskool exclusive to all fans of fresh Hardcore sounds. The only thing we'd kindly ask you, is to show your support to this amazing producer.
You can download for free his EP HERE  and follow him on the links above.


Tuesday 25 September 2018

[CYMTEK 001] Teksteppa - Forgotten Technology / Hiroshima Bomb [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Qrates Fundraiser!!!]

A - Forgotten Technology.
B - Hiroshima Bomb.

Matt 'Teksteppa', aka jungle-techno don InnerCore rewinds us back to the dark and grimy late nineties when crisp 2-step break, snarling hoovers and cavernous Reese bass drones ruled the airwaves, with the forthcoming release of the ' Forgotten Technology / Hiroshima Bomb' 12" vinyl single.

Opening up with 'Forbidden Technology', we are instantly transported to a Dystopian, cyber-punk future, sound-tracked by relentless 2-step breaks and harsh, growling bass notes which are interspersed by electrifying mentasm flashes which perfectly encapsulates the glory days of the iconic Blue Note club sessions.

The flipside delivers yet another fierce piece of heavy tech-step ordinance with 'Hiroshima Bomb', a heavyweight, piece of No U-Turn/Emotif style darkness propelled by a devastating amen and sesame break combination which is complimented by a punishing bassline and choice snippets of 'Mother' dialogue from classic sci--fi flick 'Alien'.

If you love your drum & bass dark, industrial and smothered in vintage sci-fi, tech-step griminess, then you need to get yourself a copy of this essential 12"!!!!

Teksteppa's 'Forgotten Technology / Hiroshima Bomb' 12" single is available to pre-order for £10 (plus postage & packaging) via the Qrates crowdfunding website, and will only be pressed once all 100 orders are fulfilled. So if you wish to own some devastating, tech-step bombshells on wax, then get those pre-orders in pronto!!!

A - Forbidden Technology.

B - Hiroshima Bomb.

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Sunday 23 September 2018

[MNCH053] Schoco - Moods [4-Track EP Available To Purchase Now From Monochrome Recordings!!!]

1/ Motion.
2/ Songbird (Instrumental).
3/ The Creeps.
4/ Songbird (feat. Sam Serenader).

Schoco sets out to take us all on an exquisite journey into the realms of deep drum & bass with the release of his brand new four track EP, 'Moods' on the Monochrome Recordings imprint.

Opening up with the sumptuous 'Motion', an epic melting pot of immersive pads and energising synth melodies propelled by an intricately layered series of frantic breaks and languid bass notes, 'Motion' is a deeply satisfying and richly textured example of forward thinking D&B.

Driven by a devastating combination of hard-hitting, two-step breaks and crisp, rolling amens, 'Songbird (Instrumental)' features Schoco's trademark atmospheric pads paired with a gentle, spine-tingling keyboard pattern which adds a soothing, yet pensive flavour to the track.

Up next 'The Creeps' delivers an adrenalising, ascending/descending arpeggiated synth riff, which revitalises that classic early noughties trance & bass style, championed by the likes of Klute, John B and Raiden. Paired with a relentless, metallic breakbeat pattern and warm bass notes, 'The Creeps' becomes an instant mid-set highlight for any forward thinking D&B DJ's collection.

Drawing the EP to a fitting close we have songstress, Sam Seranader lending her soulful vocal talents to 'Songbird', to provide the perfect alternative accompaniment to it's instrumental predecessor.

This collection sees Shcoco draw inspiration from the Golden Eras of the drum & bass scene's history, whilst embedding his own inimitable style to the mix. If you are seeking new D&B which is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, then look no further!!!

The Schoco 'Moods'  EP is available to download now for the bargain price of $4.80 £3.67 from the official Monochrome Recordings Bandcamp page...

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[VMRDT115] DROMA - Cause & Effect EP [Viral-Mental Records Beatport Exclusive Available Now!!!]

1/ Cause & Effect.
2/ Crude Oil.
3/ Roll Mi Joint.
4/ Forbidden Lands.
5/ The Struggle.

The mighty DROMA makes a welcome return to Viral-Mental Records and drops yet another mammoth selection of hard-hitting drum and bass bombs with the release of the 'Cause & Effect EP'

The one and only DROMA rejoins the Viral-Mental Records crew, and brings with him a quintet of cool and deadly, drum & bass bombs with the release of the Beatport Exclusive, 'Cause & Effect EP'

We are first introduced to the deep and atmospheric sounds of title track, 'Cause & Effect', which expertly fuses together soothing, liquid pads and evocative vocal elements perfectly contrasted by rough and rugged, rolling breaks and dark, neuro-funk bass swells.
Up next, 'Crude Oil' sets a moody, noirish tone with it's heady blend of cinematic, orchestral flourishes and ominous bassline drones set to a crisp, stepping breakbeat backing to set the tension to maximum levels.

Heavy herbsman vibes permeate through 'Roll Mi Joint' which utilises Rastafari vocal snippets combined with deep, cavernous bass pulses and 2-step breaks creating a truly immersive and ominous jungle/tech-step hybrid.
DROMA then takes us on a journey to 'Forbidden Lands' by layering melancholic, female vocal cries over lush, potent pads set to a frenetic, amen break backdrop interspersed with spine-tingling, metallic snares.

Bringing the EP to a close, we have 'The Struggle', a deep  stepper with a message, which deftly interweaves relentless 2-step beats with an enveloping, subsonic bassline set to an inspiring snippet of social commentary dialogue which perfectly reflects the strife generated by the political climates of today.  

For his latest collection, DROMA proves without contest that he is the master of producing precision crafted drum & bass steeped in rich textures and intricate break programming. An essential addition to anyone who calls themselves a D&B head!!!

DROMA's 'Cause & Effect EP' single is be available to purchase as an exclusive Beatport prerelease now, before being made available to all Viral-Mental Records digital and streaming stores in two weeks time. So if you want to beat the crowd, then get on it now!!!


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Saturday 22 September 2018

DMWX 3231:: Pianoman feat. Nikki - Don't You Wanna Be Mine [Remixes by Boy Raver/MiTM/DMU - 12" Vinyl DISCO MAGIC UK]


DISCO MAGIC UK is counting over 25 years in music industry and has recently returned more active releasing classics, new remixes, new tunes out on vinyl as well as digital.
What we got here is a brand new release available only on Vinyl including 4 absolutely mental remixes that will surely take you back to your youth, back to action & back to the dancefloor where you truly belong.
'Don't You Wanna Be Mine' by Pianoman featuring vocalist Nikki is a fair remake of Denise Lopez classic 1990 tune and this time it's revisited by 3 awesome remixes by present' leaders in Piano House, while keeping all an uplifting modern style.
This release is available on 12" Vinyl with no digital format coming out. Definetely a recommended release to be added to your collection.

You can check out the 3 different buy options below as offered by Disco Magic UK official store.

Wednesday 19 September 2018

[BREED22] PAUL BRADLEY - Kin Cosmic EP [Limited 12" Vinyl - KNITEBREED RECORDS]

A1 - Don't Dream The Dream
A2 - Our Time
B1 - Candyman
B2 - Back Again

And the oscar goes to...Paul Bradley! Indisputably one of the most iconic producers throughout this year with a very interesting and quite attractive arsenal of tracks and personal releases on the Kniteforce movement the last years, while getting stronger day by day. Apart from his unique taste of skills, he's also a regular radio dj broadcasting every Friday @ Kniteforce Radio. But why doing this type of presentation since we got a new release from him?!It's a fact!

Well, getting into his new personal & proud work, our good friend Bradders takes us to another dimension this time more Oldskool Techno influenced (while not leaving his breakbeats) and don't know if Luna-C's recent personal EP played some role of inspiration and trying another direction, but certainly this EP proves again how determined is Captain Triceps to keep his KFlame pumping!
Personal highlight tune is 'Back Again' and maybe this is the tune that represents ideally this new path by Paul on his new work. From 'Sweet as Pie 12" EP' till now mr. Bradley has gained fans, smiley faces and moreover people who see him as one of the future brightness of Hardcore sound.

Kin Cosmic 12" EP is out now on a limited number of 300 copies and only without digital format being released to any store and of course save in your mind that all merchandise orders over 60$ (postage excluded) come with a free Kniteforce Rave Bag. And just in case you're interested for more from Paul at present time, there's an exclusive tune off this EP, which can be found here by following all useful instructions, which simply means by subscribing onto Kniteforce mailing list for better present & future as well as support to this large label.



Knitebreed Soundcloud

Monday 17 September 2018

V.A. - FUK THE BORDERS 2 [42track compilation on SUCK PUCK RECORDZ]

Odessa based Breakcore label of Suck Puck Recordz strikes back with an ultimate and non stop weapon of a compilation multiplied by 42 stunning dishes!
To delve into this one, it's all about the brand new compilation album by the best Breakcore label throughout this year (in our humble opinion) which aims to deliver one immense compilation coming out on a ridiculous price.

'FUK THE BORDERS 2' is everything you want to hassle your neighbour, or even break the silence between you and your girlfriend or an easy way to have a 'bangfacelisten' to your room.
Inside there are 42 different people, 42 varied acts and representers of headstrong under Acid, Hardcore Jungle, Techno, Dancekore, Breakcore, Ravecore, Grindcore, IDM and 160 minutes of pumping music!
In addition there's a super limited DIY run of a Limited Douple CD pack of the album designed by the artistic side of AJENT LIDA and certainly attractive!



Sunday 16 September 2018

The return of DJ Seduction and the launch of 21st Century Impact!

For a long time DJ Seduction has been retired from the scene, around 10 years.
If you're Old Skool, you know this guy was equal to Sy and Slipmatt on the circuit, while his label Impact Records left exactly that, a big Impact on the Rave scene. Consistent as a DJ, playing solid sets that were different to other DJ’s, and as a producer his style and sound quality was hard to match. Younger readers may know him and his releases from the follow on label: Maximum Impact, playing alongside Sy & Hixxy etc, and running the massive Uproar events. He was also the founder of the huge 90's events, Hardcore Heaven and co-promoter of United Dance as the music moved from Breakbeats through to 4beat, and into Happy Hardcore. So as you can see this guy has been hugely influential in the Rave scene for the biggest part of 2 decades!

That's why it was a big deal when DJ Seduction started re-appearing on flyers here and there and why this recent week is an even bigger deal, as he launches a brand new label!


Hardcore Breaks really is alive in 2018, we have new releases dropping left right and centre. What makes this special though is DJ Seduction brings back his classic original Impact records sound, stabs, pianos, samples, sub basses etc, but up-to date with todays production and sound! Rolling out at the original tempos of the early Impact releases, with proper breakbeats and neither the 2 step kick/snare pattern some opt for, or the pounding relentless kick-drums, we're talking proper authentic Hardcore Rave sounds! These tracks sound huge and Seduction's production stands out within seconds, both the riffs and the sound quality! Sounding lush and warm, nice and evenly balanced.

21st Century Impact - Release 1:

Starts off with nice breaks that are chopped from various sources, with a rising lead that immediately drops into a lush warm sub with a unique stab pattern, before the full energy of the Amen drops as the track still rises. Then dropping into a lush piano line that filters out with a vocal (I'm sure you may recognise!) and nice old skool cuts and samples you may recognise.
The Amen drops back in with some lush accompanying pads, leading into the second drop, a full stab riff with some nice beat choppage and science going on, leading back into the lush piano, pads and vocal before it starts stripping away it's layers as it approaches it's end.

"SUB DUB 2018"
Starting off cutting up the famous 'Come Again' scratch sample from the original track, and some nice old skool breakbeats, a lush vocal pad enters, dropping into the classic vocal, filtered with an underlying bass and a nice piano line added. Snare rolls and Jungle style build ups, rising into the 'Come Again' vocal sample, before dropping into big subs, nice beat choppage with stabs coming in and mixing with the vocal being cut and filtered, dropping once again into a lush and crazy stab pattern that fuses with the nice Jungle style chopped breaks.

This one really gives you a workout and I can see this definitely working on various dance-floors. Nice to have new life injected into an old Impact classic while also bringing you something brand new.

21st Century Impact - Release 2:

I really like this tune, it's very uplifting and energetic! It starts with a nice effected drum loop, into a snare roll, then into a classic Old Skool drum break, big sub drops (understatement!) and classic Quad break with a nice pad into a lush piano with a nice vocal that I don't recognise, then a lush shaker drum riff accompanying it.

Then a memorable mad stab riff which slides down the keyboard working itself back into the lush piano, with really powerful sub drops, I really want to hear this out on a big system!

This tune is like a sexy blast back to the 80's! Opens with a lush and funky shaker drum beat before an even more funky Apache break adds to it. Classic scratch samples (Think Bomb The Bass / M.A.R.R.S.) add to the funk, before dropping into a trademark Impact sound, a stab riff with the classic 'DJ's Unite' stab! Holloway vocals with high strings enter, then some funky beats and basslines, a nice pad, a 'Kick Some Arse' vocal, through to the 2nd drop with the classic vocal into a steppy beat, chopping with the stab.

Very different and full of 80s vibes, a real feel good tune, then drops into a darker stab riff rolling out to the end.


I must say this mix is great! It's fresh and exciting, because not only do you get the odd expected Seduction / Impact classic scattered through the mix, obviously the new releases showcase on it and when you hear them in the mix they really stand out! Alongside the classics and new releases feature some bootlegs / mash ups, unreleased and potential future releases from the new 21st Century Impact label, and some dubplates from Seduction's collection. One thing is for sure, it's exclusive material and it's exciting!

The more you hear these tunes, the more you'll love them, they really grow on you! All 4 tracks are really strong! There were some Limited Edition Test Presses available but they went very quickly, so that tells you how strong and important these releases are!

For £14.99 you get the 12" single of the tracks, the WAV versions of the release plus an exclusive 1 hour DJ Seduction Mix which is pretty good value.

The tunes are all great and the mix is fresh, so a great bundle and a must have for all nu skool vinyl lovers and collectors.

Releases are available exclusively direct from the 21st Century Impact store here:
21st Century Impact

Both releases are available to pre-order now on the store and only 300 copies are being pressed, so grab yours!
There are also future releases now in the pipeline and there should be more coming before the end of the year.

[VMRDT114] Dredillah - Into Focus [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stores Now!!!]

1/ Into Focus
2/ It's Proper.
3/ Hit That.

Viral-Mental Records welcomes back Dredillah to the fold as he unleashes a trio of upfront, floor-filling drum & bass bombs with the release of the 'Into Focus' EP.

'Into Focus' sets the ball rolling with it's heady blend of crisp, two-step breaks paired with pensive, ascending pads and repeated namesake vocal refrains underpinned by a devastating, droning bassline that'll rattle your ribcage for definite.

Up next, 'It's Proper' adds a sci-fi twist to the pot with it's use of atonal blips and squelches and warped bass notes, paired with a relentless stepping breakbeat, layered intermittently spine-tingling with amen rolls.

Rounding off the collection we are immediately introduced to the deep and dark atmospherics of 'Hit That', a dark and brooding neurofunk roller, sounding reminiscent of Valve Records in it's early noughties heyday. 

For his latest collection, Dredillah puts back the "funk" to the neuro D&D formulae, whilst ensuring that the bassline remains King. This one's strictly for the dancefloor fiends!!!

Dredillah's 'Into Focus' EP is available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists and streaming sites now!!!




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Friday 14 September 2018

[XHR012] Various - Sounds Of Summer 3 [10-Track EP Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Case 82 - Summer Vibez.
2/ MHX - Summer Break.
3/ Amaretto - Burning Now.
4/ Langham - I Just Wanna.
5/ Bagpuss - Unity (In The Sun).
6/ Deadly Nightshade - New Dawn.
7/ Pursuit - Comin' @ Ya.
8/ Sparki Dee - Spin Me Out.
9/ Beats Are Broken - Serenity.
10/ Paul Cronin - 1234 Hit It.

XTRAHard Records keep those Summer vibes flowing, long after the light evenings and 20 degree temperatures have abandoned us, with the release of the third volume of their long-running 'Sounds Of Summer' albums. Volume three features ten euphoria soaked contributions from the cream of the underground, breakbeat hardcore scene. So let's dig out those shades one last time and get ready for some sounds of Summer!!!

The collection kicks off to a thundering start with Case 82's breakbeat meets uplifting piano-driven 'Summer Vibes', a pure adrenalin soaked, hand-in-the-air, 1992 style banger if there ever was one!!! 
MHX follows soon after with 'Summer Break', an electro meets 1991, Euro-hardcore themed track, jam-packed with electrifying hoover riffs and joyous synth melodies, which perfectly balance the darker and lighter elements.

Up next we have Amaretto who utilises tearing amen breaks and Todd Terry stabs on the upfront happy hardcore anthem, 'Burning Now', alongside classic Loleatta Holloway, 'Love Sensation' vocal snippets.
'I Just Wanna' by Langham sees 2018 hardcore breaks represented in the house, with it's use of razor-sharp, bass heavy synth riffs and chopped-up vocal manipulations expertly blended into the mix.

Lazer FM regular, (DJ) Bagpuss takes us on an upfront, breakbeat hardcore roller-coaster ride with his namesake ode to the legendary Corfu, week-long rave event 'Unity (In The Sun)'. Before XTRAHard Records' head honcho, Deadly Nightshade takes over the controls with his Nina Simone (and MC Kinky) sampling 'New Dawn', which incorporates rugged breaks over a pounding 4/4 kickdrum layered with an euphoric, trance style breakdown.

This Is Nu-Rave label boss, Pursuit steps up to the plate next with his thundering reggae rave beast, 'Comin' @ Ya', a track which drops a classic reggae riddim' over riotous, time-stretched beats and a pumping bassline. Check out the nod to Production House on this one!
Sparki Dee's 'Spin This Out' sees the album take a more restrained, chilled turn with it's use of soothing, reversed pad notes and a sedate bass pattern, paired with a tearing, chopped up amen break backing. 

'Serenity' by Beats Are Broken sees us rewound back even further, as we are introduced to what could possibly be the very first eighties-core, rave track, with it's use of crunching beats and Kraftwork style, vintage synth sounds!!!
The one and only Raveskool Recordings Commander-In-Chief, Paul Cronin drops his ubiquitous, manic hardcore signature on closing track, '1234 Hit It', 120 mph whirlwind of breakbeats, eclectic samples and adrenalising stab patterns.

If you are looking for some of the very best headstrong and energising future rave anthems, then you need 'Sounds Of Summer 3' in your collection!!!

Xtra Hard Records' 'Sounds Of Summer 3' is available to download now from Deadly Nightshade's Bandcamp page for the bargain price of £7, or more if you wish to support the label and artists to fund future releases.

Beats Are Broken...
Case 82...
Deadly Nightshade...
Paul Cronin...
Sparki Dee...

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Wednesday 12 September 2018

CRW001:: Unknown Artist - Lo Pois'n /New Clear Attack [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl]

A - Unknown Artist - Lo Pois'n
B - Unknown Artist - New Clear Attack

An uknown flying Hardcore plate is coming straight to your vinyl collection. Based in UK as far as we know from the Bandcamp description/info, has launched its flight since early days of September while carrying 2 enormous and intense Hardcore Breakbeat/Jungle shots!
This release is out on a limited edition of 12" Vinyl and there's no digital option in order to obey the spirit of limitation.
A good example of vinyl revolution year by year, moreover how steady and healthy is the underground Hardcore movement for anyone who missed it or even has any doubt.

So, it's here, while labeled, fresh and pumping. Stay tuned for more releases coming out soon from this ? and aspiring label.
Show your love!



Tuesday 11 September 2018

[LOSS011] Various ‎- Versus Volume Four [4-Track Vinyl EP Available To Purchase Now!!!]

A1 - Trisector & Infader - Who Are You.
A2 - Faible & Konfusion - Innocent.
B1 - Slider & Expose - Soundsistem.
B2 - Soul Intent - Snow (feat. E).

Lossless Music have been renowned for seeking out the freshest drum & bass talent out there, and with the label's 'Versus Volume Four' EP they have shown no signs of abandoning their mission to deliver the very best the scene has to offer. 

We are first greeted to the dark and gritty sounds of Finnish production duo, Trisector & Infader's 'Who Are You', a track brimming with menacing atonal atmospherics, globular bass snarls and relentless breaks which generates an exhilarating sense of Dystopian dread.
Taking us from the darkness into the light we have Vienna based double act Faible & Konfusion, who deliver a sleek and soulful slice of liquid drum & bass with 'Innocent', which expertly injects a welcome dose of funk into the mix.

Heading over to the flipside, Slider & Expose take you on a hard-hitting, dub infused journey with 'Soundsistem', a track driven by thunderous kicks and jittery, layered breaks, combined with moody, buzzing bass notes and reggae trumpet blasts.
Lossless label boss Soul Intent has the honour of closing the collection with his sublime, liquid D&B number 'Snow', comprised of a soothing blend of frenetic, skipping breaks, luscious pad sounds and a warm, enveloping bassline accented with E's soulful vocals.

The 'Versus' series fourth volume succeeds in presenting a rich and varied selection of stylistically diverse tracks that will be a welcome addition to the collection of any fan of deep and adventurous drum & bass. 

The 'Versus Volume Four' 12" vinyl EP is available to purchase now for £8.50 plus P&P (or more if you wish to support the artists and label to carry on the cause!!!). All vinyl copies come with a free digital download too.

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