Thursday 27 June 2013

Champion Breaks 'Sex - Love & Drugs EP' (out from Kut Off Records)

Kut Off Records presents a serious acid breaks hit, which is out today on digital stores!
Champion Breaks a.k.a The Future (Pirate) Sound of London, releases his first official EP cooking 303 acid lines, classic old-skool hardcore breaks and throbbing Reece bass providing pure ....Sex....Love and ....Drugs!

Take your time to listen - support & buy these innovative sounds by this 303 % talented producer Champion Breaks on this quality EP, out from Kut Off Records from today!

Have Sex...

Feel love.....

Do D**gs

Champion Breaks:

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Nickynutz - Renegade Junglist [FREE DL]

Nickynutz is a belgian producer & junglist, having released lots of good stuff on labels such as Animal Breaks, Junglist Manifesto Recordings, Top Drawer Digital, Bludclot Recordings etc.
Today he gives away a remix he did in 2009, celebrating 3000 followers on his Soundcloud page
The original one is the first release from Renegade Soundwave,''C.S.'' on Rhythm King Records (1987)

Njoy it

Saturday 22 June 2013

VA - Paranoid Recordings Vol. 8 (2013) [FREE DL]

Paranoid Recordings is an essential label in the NuSkool hardcore breaks scene, having already released lots of quality stuff including various talented artists such Simon Harris, RenegadeGenious, DJ Pursuit, Dazz F, Yell-O-Phase and many more..
This time strikes back again to give away a gift to all oldskool & nuskool lovers, who adore this nu-hardcore sound.

PARANOID RECORDINGS VOL.8  is a 15 unmixed tracks album free download to all of you!
You have to give a big respect to this one & every single artist involved in it!

Paranoid Recordings:
Paranoid Recordings on Soundcloud:

Wednesday 19 June 2013

GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] 16Jun.2013


Check out & grab on free download GL0WKiD''s GenerationX [RadioShow] @ for all oldskool & nuskool ravers out there!

GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ - 16Jun.2013 by Glowkid on Mixcloud

Support all the artists & the labels included in!


# 1 GENX__mix

01. Awesome 3 - Dont Go (Kicks Like a Mule remix)
02. Resin - Be Free
03. DJ Nicky Allen - I Want your Love (Neurygma remix)
04. DJ Jimmy - I Like It Like That
05. Avro Ft. Debbie Sharp - I Can Live Without You
06. N-Trance - Set U Free
07. Why-Tee - Higher Fire
08. Orestiz - Enhance
09. The Prodigy - Ruff in the Jungle Bizness (Uplifting Vibes Remix)
10. Paul Cronin - I Feel Heat
11. Toofer - Ruff Age
12. Dave Skywalker - Big Bang
13. DJ Royal T & DJ XL - Turntable Overload (Schoco goes this way remix)
14. L.A. Style - James Brown is Dead (DJ Lee Cannan 2012 Remix)

# 2 GENX__mix

01. Komakino - OutFace (660 mix)
02. The Prodigy - Claustrophobic Sting / Rhythm of Life
03. Marusha - Ravechannel
04. Champion Breaks - Music For Drugs
05. djfLow - Rave Monster
06. DJ Mark C - Phoenix Lights
07. D'Cruze - World within A World
08. D.A.C. Robinson - Brutal Deluxe (BRK'BT'Mx)
09. Mad Cap - Acid Chant (Leonized remix)
10. BeatRapist - Jungle Fever
11. Dune - UP!
12. DJ Seduction & Dougal - A Better Day
13. DJ Dougal & DJ Vibes - Dance With Me
14. Moby - Feeling So Real
15. DJ Wislov - Oldskool in my Head

Saturday 15 June 2013

STRAP YASELF IN......[2hrs 42 trax] mixed by DJ Tony D

What about 2 hrs banging on...42 NuSkool rave-hardcore breaks tracks?

Take a serious listen to DJ Tony D's latest NuSkool mix (available also for free download)

Turn It UP & Strap Yourselves IN !!

Tony says few things about his mix on his Soundcloud Page:
"As ive now started to record mixes through a H1 zoom other than a cd recorder I can now record mixes as long as I want.So having spent a few wks gathering the best tunes i could for my first mix I thought lets start with a bang and make it a 2hr mix chockablock with 42 banging tunes covering mainly nu skool killer rave/hardcore breaks and a few acid breaks and more besides.So strap yaself in and let the music flow.......

1. champion breaks-French machine
2. Richard champion-put them up now
3. champion breaks-conquring rasta
4. dj flow-horns of darkness
5. dj flow-champion sound:[dj flow hardcore jungle it rmx]
6. dj fav-give me a break
7. mastergroove-let it roll
8. nicky allen-here comes the boom:[united states beat squad rmx]
9. no title-white
10. dj wisslof-hardcore madness
11. dj mark c-nuff respect
12. dj wisslof-oldskool in my head
13. the prodigy-everybody in the place:[paul c rmx]
14. alex breako-duck n jelly
15. eddie voyager-hey dj:[orig.]
16. champion breaks-mind control
17. infinity modulator-lost & found
18. champion breaks-dark passenger
19. lankyman-drum n basic
20. no title-white
21. fleck-higher
22. paul Cronin-leonized chosen one:[Halloween rmx]
23. paul Cronin-I feel the heat:[sort of rmx]
24. happy rollers-95 style:[brd rmx]
25. no title-white
26. champion breaks-old skool gangsta
27. Oscar tg-twisted by nature:[champion breaks rmx]
28. dj mark c-hardcore conspiracy:[eat dis one yell o phase mix]
29. final feverz-great freedom
30. no title-white
31. s/o/r-sound of eden:[remix '13]
32. white-someday
33. paul Cronin-the return of the {acen theme j.b]
34. avro feat. Debbie sharp-I cant live without u
35. dj wisslof-suicide bass
36. sykick-nasty:[nicky allen rmx]
37. stormski-whos in control
38. dj red alert & mike slammer-in effect:[brd rmx]
39. dj mark c-undercover Romford:[pos rmx]
40. dj wisslof-mr rave:[rage version]
41. paul c-donut
42. crs-trip to the moon:[rmx]

Big thanx for the free downloads and to those that sent me tracks, thanks very much :)  "

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Hardcore Lives Records presents: V.A. 'Back To The New Skool' (UNMIXED ALBUM)

This compilation could be described as 'the release of the month' on this blog. It deserves a great reference from all nu-ravers & oldskool people out there! 
Hardcore Lives Records, pioneering the nuskool breakbeat hardcore sound from 2008 till now, brings you the oldskool sense for real in 32 massive nu-rave tracks,including various genres such as Future Jungle,140,nu-rave,rave-hardcore breaks and quality Nuskool producers like Simon Harris, Nefti, Eddie Voyager, Vinyl Junkie, DJ Saltee & Nee, Auntie Susan, RyKennon & many more!
The thing that every true spirit has to do , is support & buy this amazing quality compilation!

Hardcore Lives Records (UK):