Friday 28 April 2023

Check out the new EP by Rough Sleeper


Rough Sleeper. One of those names that saw the light during pandemic and it's definetely one of those you need to check out. His tracks stand out within the scene and they're on a full tilt like second to none. His latest guest mix for Mose London. says it all.

"Originating from the thought of a drug trip in the Metaverse and being heavily influenced by PS1 games and Y2K aesthetics, 'The Virtual Trip' is the culmination of all the styles I like to play with in my music: Atmospheric electronics, 90's Jungle and Hardcore, psychedelic Trap / Hip Hop, and a Plunderphonic-esque mish-mash of samples."



Sunday 23 April 2023

The new side project from the 160 bpm son Fibzy


What happens when something feels like '21st century kniteforced' but it's not. Is that confusing a lot?
If it is, we can make it clear as we're dealing with an absolutely magnificent new work by Newcastle based Monkey Trousers, the new moniker of Fibzy.
Fibzy is known off his successful EPs over 4 The Core Recordings, and none within the scene can skip his 'Deirdre Barlow EP' from last year. He's 
a machine that's operates ideally under 160 bpm and his new 4-track EP is just a bulk of his wide arsenal.

'Unspecified carnage EP' can be specified of various pianos, thumping rhythms, oldskool stabs, nu-rave oxygen and mainly loads of joy and energy. Eventually this is a release that every single Kniteforce supporter has to add to their digital library. All of the tracks are worth every single penny, however 'Going so crazy' is certainly the next level from there.



Saturday 22 April 2023

Bass Scoops Radio covers The Rave Story (April 2023)


Bass Scoops main man had covered the most recent rave celebration run by the unique Billy Daniel Bunter by the name 'The Rave Story'. This one comes among some of the greatest representes of today's evolution within the Hardcore & Jungle sounds.

"We spent the day at the magical Rave Story at Electrowerx London. Billy Daniel Bunters all day celebration and gathering of the rave tribes in April of 2023. Daniel was kind enough to let us in for the day with a microphone, a cassette recorder and a bag of c90’s to capture some of day. In this episode of Bass Scoops Radio we have a mixture of interviews from the day with some of the artists that were playing or speaking , a choice selection of their tunes and then in Part 2 of the show , saving the best for last, an extra special interview with Billy Daniel Bunter himself, telling us all about the story behind Rave Story, what's happening with his much loved radio shows and what’s coming next this year from one of the true godfathers of our wonderful rave scene . Enjoy! – As always click on the links below and support the artists!"

 Interviews & Times 

03:03 - Swankout, Andy Foundations, Kodan & Bill Subbreak
09:43 – Boca - Four Jacks Records
14:23 - Audio Smack Boy
18:12 - T – Cuts
23:17 - Madcap
29:13 - Sammy from Calling the Hardcore /Rave Radio
36:44 - Pete Cannon
42:39 - Paul Ibiza
47:07 - Louise plus One & Hughsee
55:30 – Billy Daniel Bunter


Swankout – Just Lose Yourself [N4 Records]
Swankout – Build Up [N4 Records]
Boca ft Ambassador Boomstick - Chalkers Mind [Four Jacks]
N-Joi - Anthem (Audio Smack Boy remix)
T- Cuts – M16 [Mined]
The Committee 'Final Conflict' - Final Conflict (Pulse & Madcap 2018 Remix) [Creative Wax Recordings]
Z-Neo - When You Need Me [Calling the Hardcore]
Pete Cannon – In my soul [N4 Records]
Potential Badboy - Me A Warn You [Ibiza Records]
Hughesee, Louise Plus One & Dwarde - A Banging Party [Distant Planet Crew]
Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion –118 [Music Mondays]
Billy Daniel Bunter & Liquid - Dove Removal Machine [Dope Ammo/Kniteforce]
Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion – Feeling Free [Music Mondays]
Arkyn – Together [FFF]
Billy Daniel Bunter & J.D.S ft. Gem - Let It Lift You [Just Another Label]



Friday 21 April 2023

Order now the highly anticipated debut record of Straberry Sundae Records

Suffice to say that we've been waiting for this record for a while, since the test press blew away everyone in the fall of last year...
The established Strawberry Sundae events count almost three decades in the game and this is their momentum to finally present the first installment of their label role. This comes among a huge event taking place at Egg London on May the 20th.

"This record is dedicated to each and every one of you Strawberry Sundae ravers that have made the club special since 1994. Thank you!" - Dubble Dunk

 Dubble Dunk vol. 1 

The limited 12" Vinyl EP is available to pre-order now via our friendly Hardcore & Jungle friends over Defstar. 
In the words taken from the official press of this EP:

"Both tracks are packed with classic 90's breakbeats, stabs, pianos and bone-shaking basslines and mix beautifully between genres; old skool, nu breaks, house and hardcore.
You may have heard both 'Music Is My Life' and 'Rhythm Is Hot' played exclusively by Ratpack and Rooney on Centreforce 88.3 FM to great reception from DJ's and listeners alike. At long last, Defstar have the final release.
The legendary London night club, Strawberry Sundae (est. 1994) will be bringing out a run of limited edition vinyl releases (500 or less copies) on their new label.
Don't miss out on this classic in the making first release from the club's very own Duncan Disorderly."


Strawberry Sundae Birthday Bash @ Egg London
(Saturday 20th May 2023)
"OMFG, we’ve only gone and done it again… THIS IS HOOJ!! We’ve brought another legend back to the scene. A whole year of begging and pleading has finally paid off.
With great pleasure we can now announce a return to the game for the King of HOOJ CHOONS and one of the world’s most famous remixers, RED JERRY!!
Headlining alongside him is Ex Kiss FM and Radio 1 legend, Graham Gold, returning once again to smash it up as he did in September. Another legend, DJ VIBES will be giving us an exclusive HOUSE SET! ROONEY is back for more of the rave house sound he’s loved for alongside all our residents, DREW, LUIS PARIS. SKOL, DUNCAN DISORDERLY and many, many more…
We have a special appearance from OFFSPRING, playing her first set for us. Peach’s very own CHRIS BAYNE has been recalled to the starting line-up after having impressed us last September.

DO NOT MISS OUT.. limited early bird tickets are available.
Please remember, 19+ PHOTO ID is essential for ALL.
Music Genres: Acid House, Deep House, Disco House, Electro House, Funky House"


Strawberry Sundae

Thursday 20 April 2023

Cabeabel introduces his new single 'Seraph'

Stockholm based producer Cabeabel is more than just a music producer as aforementioned before on this Blog several times. A visual aficionado, musician and a wonderful soul that can be proved through his tracks, has launched this year with a new single release under the title 'Seraph'

"A special thanks to Alex Holthaus for the fantastic video and of course to Marusha not only for the opportunity to release my creations, but mainly for the great friendship that has developed over the years and the endless motivation and inspiration you give me. You became an important part in my life!" - Cabeabel


'Seraph' is like capturing a moment from a meeting between Schiller and London Elektricity. A drum & bass driven track that's signed to Club Arrest (label run by Marusha) and it's one more great addition to his arsenal of liquid and contemporary orchestral tracks as presented on his debut album 'Neurophonique' two years ago.

Wednesday 19 April 2023

The new EP by TNO Project


It's been five years since the debut Vinyl release of TNO Project on Kniteforce familia and nothing has changed. A steady, mature and energetic condition combining darkness with joy while obeying to the ethos of the 30 year old Hardcore Breakbeat label that is Kniteforce.
Knitebreed proudly lands the fourth personal EP from Germany's boy wonder, TNO Project and everyone's more than happy to dig his new tracks.
'The Relapse EP' is just a continuation of his consistent breakbeauty since 2018 and beware of the B2 'Lazarus Reflex' that seems to be the highlight from there. At least to us on this Blog that we're always keen on hard hitting breaks and cheeky samples.
In the end you wouldn't expect any fail from a chemist in his daily life.

You may grab your copies now via Kniteforce official shop on the link below.

Sunday 16 April 2023

Introducing:: Internal Dispute (UK)

Time to get to know Internal Dispute, the man who has put out one of the greatest '92 inspired records in last year through Cantina Cuts. He is one of those new but old producers within the scene. Hailing from UK, he's been producing for the last 15 years, inspired by the sounds of The Prodigy, Acen, Hyper On Experience, Foul Play, Bass Selective but to name a few and he's been into different types of genres such as Drum & Bass to Garage and Techno.

"I've been producing 15 years give or take but I didn't do anything good until I was about 20. I spent 6 months rexing up loops and cutting up sample CD's so I basically made a library of just the sounds I need for this style and I put that all in one place to work faster. I also went through every file I ever made and took every Rave melody I ever did that was never finished and copied them all into 1 file so when I start a tune I have all these ideas already from things I never finished and I can just work out what bits work with what." - Internal Dispute
He's a loyal user of Reason among his sample library and synths, and in regards with his debut official rave release via Cantina Cuts, he just got in touch with DJ Jedi through Soundcloud. " We had a conversation and he said he was up for it, and I'm mainly interested in doing vinyl so it worked out well. Obviously grateful he put it out and might do another one someday in the future I've got more here and I'm looking to get them released, and expect the tunes to get better as I go along with time. I think it's alright for my first one, I'm pleased with it, but I'm critical of what I make massively. But that just means they'll get better. So look out for future tunes!." he mentioned.

Talking about Reason he said:
"I've always been a Reason user basically from the start, it was the first program I ever owned and I have rewired it with things but I know Reason like the back of my hand so it's hard to move away from it. I was actually still on 5 until my ex girlfriend bought me a copy of 8 and I jumped up 3 versions, but still wasn't fully converted over until 10. 5 and 6 are really different. I'd mastered how to get the best out of 5 so it was strange switching over at first." 

"I had 2 tracks from this release finished and I sent them to him and he liked both of them but wanted 2 more, and he wanted a more upbeat piano style track so I made one of them and then the final tune is the one I made last but I had that drop section with the vocal from about 2009, that vocal loop is something I'd done years ago. Infact the A2 tune I made in 2014 on Reason 5 and I basically remade it in 10 so it's all different times and the B1 track I made in 2018 so a while back as well. Grateful he put them out and hopefully we'll do another one sometime." - Internal Dispute

'Make Me Feel' is available on 12" Vinyl and Digital format through Cantina Cuts.

Internal Dispute

Calling The Hardcore lands its 4th hardcore-pedia Vinyl

Brighton's finest collective, Rave Radio Records have just returned with their next installment, which is absolutely firing. 'Calling The Hardcore' is a frantic Vinyl series of contemporary Hardcore Rave music, and the fourth chapter has just landed.
Once again there's a pack of three Vinyls with the likes of a jaw dropping elite of producers, namely Tim Reaper, The Criminal Minds, Jack Smooth, The DJ Producer, Ellis Dee, Secret Squirrel, Hornsey Hardcore, Hooverian Blur, Dave Skywalker, Z-NEO, Wheez-ie and the Try Unity.

The artwork is under the wings of the Salvador Dali of Rave, the man like Junior Tomlin, who's an essential member of this series of releases, providing his quality in times when a picture speaks a thousand bytes or even breakbeats.The poster child of the new Calling The Hardcore Vinyl LP is definetely Tim Reaper and his inimitable 'Pressure Eyes'. A trademark of his sound and a fine way to make his debut on Rave Radio. 
Other than that, Bangface resident hero, Dave Skywalker's swarthy track is just annihilating, while another BangFace usual suspect, Hellfish, wears his Secret Squirrel alias and makes a heavyweight breakbeat banger. Those who attended last summer at that Calling The Hardcore event can't still forget his set. Last but not least the German prince of Breakbeat, Z-Neo, draws on his consecutive 'Trueskool' continuation on his new tune and gives the right invigoration to the esteemed result of this new LP.

 V.A. Callinge The Hardcore Vol.4 

Limited edition 12” black vinyl triple disc album available to pre-order at a discounted price (shipping approx. W/C 8th of May 2023).
12 brand new and exclusive tracks to Rave Radio Records. The 12” black vinyl album also comes with:

  • FREE 21cm² double sided art Flyer of the record sleeve artwork by Junior Tomlin (first 100 pre-orders ONLY)
  • FREE LTD edition Calling The Hardcore key ring (first 100 pre-orders ONLY)
  • FREE digital WAV/MP3 album download + mix by Rave Radio Records (available to download on 12th April 2023)


However the Brighton's hard working team do not pump their brakes at all. The second pillar of Calling The Hardcore takes root in the dancefloor.
Coming up on July the 15th, a brand new massive event reuniting the new and old generation of ravers by the mantra 'Calling The Hardcore'. This forthcoming big party will take place at Volks Club in Brighton and once again will be powered by some of the most dominant names within the scene. Specifically:

HYPER-ON EXPERIENCE (Moving Shadow/Kniteforce Records)
BILLY DANIEL BUNTER (Music Mondays/The Rave Story)
HORNSEY HARDCORE (Hornsey Hardcore Records)
VINYL JUNKIE (Warehouse Wax Records)
GYSÈLE (Tekknozid/Lang zal je Raven)
JAY CUNNING (We Are Hardcore)
DAVE SKYWALKER (Endor Records)
NICKY ALLEN (Kniteforce/Deadbeat Records)
RADIOSAM (Rave Radio Records)

JACK-KNIFE (‘Kin Hardcore)
DJ JEDI (Riverdance)
SISTA-MATIC (Spectral Breaks)
A1 (LoveBug)

The tickets are available from now and in order to wet your appetite, here's an aftermovie clip from the most recent (no.10) event of Calling The Hardcore.

  Calling The Hardcore #011
  Brighton - 15th July 2023



Saturday 15 April 2023

[VIDEO] Gremino - U Gotta Feel It


Last year we were introduced to the amazing sounds of Gremino from Finland. The first single and opening of his album 'Jungle Technology' called 'U Gotta Feel It' has been unleashed with a videoclip where you can take a look above.
Gremino has said about his video: " In this video, mundane suburban environment is used as a raw material to create mundane psychedelia. I brought something personal to this video by shooting all footage from my local area in Finland. In practice, this video is a set of b-rolls lol. But seriously, I managed to make a rapid vibed piece, where there's also graphic design and simple 3D art."



Fresh jungle techno bangers by Prism B.R.K.


Most known off their successful work over Top Drawer Digital, the amazing Prism B.R.K. from Hackney have just delivered two tracks out of a large arsenal. This time the project is testing the waters unleashing two heavyweight jungle techno on an EP which marks their debut shot on Bandcamp.



The new smashers from S.Murk on PRSPCT

Exactly a year after their debut offering over PRSPCT, the massive talented duet of S.Murk have just returned to Rotterdam providing a new digital weapon.
The almighty duo from Bristol is comprised of Tapeworm and Kursa and at all events they totally tear it down with their tracks. Their brand new release is entitled 'Half Cut Diamond' and it's a good example how they transcend the hard sounds under they very own taste.
Definetely an exceptional act to show your support if your soul seek out a mutant junglistic doctrine.

"These dudes blew our minds with their debut release on PRSPCT last year. But this brand new 5 track EP did not just blow our minds. It blew our brains to smithereens. Its that good! S.Murk bringing the danger back in to drum & bass with their signature high energy amen fuelled rave anthems. Thank F*** for S.Murk!"