Thursday 31 December 2015

Unity Breaks Vol.2 - Breaks 4 Humanity [16track Album for Charity]

A superb following up release to the big 'Beats for Gaza' is the recent installment of Unity Breaks, titled 'Breaks 4 Humanity'. As usual, Unity Breaks remains on the same tactics and purpose by releasing albums for charity, so this fresh 16track album is out now for a good cause and good reason and needs your attention, love and support.

And what is all about?

Refugee Action helps refugees who have survived some of the world’s worst regimes. The organization gets them the basic support they need to live again with dignity, and to help them build safe, happy and productive lives in the UK. Individuals can give to Refugee Action via their website: all proceeds from sales of this compilation will go to Refugee Action.

Abstract Illusion , Blue Digital Orchestra, Nepaul MC, C.i.M.A., DJ Ekl, Enjoy & Text, Exit Point, KELA, StefanoB, Pursuit, Rad Rod, Libatee, Bbeta and MindTransit, Silverfox & Cronin are the featured artists of this project and would like to invite you giving your kind feedback for one more good charity.

Buy now your copies here by the price of £4.20


A&R by Stefano B, mastering by DJ Ekl, artwork by Libatee, press release by Richard Douglas


Wednesday 30 December 2015


Cambridge connecting Bristol or even better Pants connected with Socks over the last 2 years and finally the dish is ready to end 2015 with a long awaiting release under the titled 'Skid Marks' and a mixture of Breakcore, Jungle and IDM sickness and bits!

M.D.S. (a.k.a. Pauls Jones) collabs with Anorak (a.k.a. John Wells) offering this 7track EP and my personal higlight from there, remains 'Glorified Tubes' a tune which I've been playin on  my radio show and was one of their early tunes off this release. Unleash the Acid Breakcore massiveness!
Big release in overall, strictly for the underground badboy hard crew!! Show your love, play it loud and spread the vibes as Pants And Socks are determined to offer new things, new ideas and their own ID to the masses!

Grab now this EP by the price of  £5 here


RN027:: Various - Power Core [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]

A hard workin man like DJ Wislov remains one of the most faithful Nuskool Hardcore soldiers in the scene and has been giving a great variety of quality & quantity of releases on his label, Ravenoyz Recordings!
Ravenoyz latest offering is an absolutely amazing and personal fav 9track mini-compilation with higher bpms than usual hardcore breaks stylee and a mixture of happiness and aggression! Brace yourselves for storming Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Gabber and Hardcore Techno tunes, delivered by some of the greatest harsh heads like Dutchman Casketkrusher, Hungary's appropriate hardcore duet Chiqui & Luffy, Finland's Yell-O-Phase,  Gelntle maa Bastard from US, my buddy Track Killer from Greece, Deadly Nightshade from UK, Razor Edge and finally Nayim and DJ Wislov as Spain's representers of this album!

This album unites nations and its about to be spread out to more!!

If you ask me to mention any specific fav track, I'd be negative with that, cos it's totally unfair and hard to me.. All 9 tracks are absolutely great in overal and this release deserves your attention and support!!

Grab it now on RAVENOYZ bandcamp store here under the price of  €9.50


Tuesday 29 December 2015

[BOOM00054] Nickynutz - Real Badman EP [Available From All Good Boomsha Recordings Digital Stockists Now!]

1/ Real Badman.
2/ Clean Off.
3/ Kill Off A Sound.
4/ The Whola Dem.

Highly respected junglist don Nickynutz makes his debut to esteemed future jungle label, Boomsha Recordings with the release of the 'Real Badman EP'. Featuring four slices of deep and darkly atmospheric and roughneck jungle flavours ranging from 140-170bpm in tempo. 

Nicky kicks the EP off with a real dub-soaked, future jungle roller with 'Real Badman', which pairs up hardstep breakbeats with sub-heavy bassquakes and choice Rastafari vocal snippets. With 'Clean Off' things take a turn towards the dark side next with oppressive atmospherics merging with intense breakbeat programming and infamous renegade, cop movie dialogue.
Nickynutz wheels up the tempo dial for the ragga tinged 'Kill Off A Sound', which sees intricately spliced Apache break fragments woven into a near experimental drumfunk meets jungle, beat workout. The EP is rounded off with the fiercely manic amen-fest that is 'The Whola Dem', which marries menacing ragga vocal threats with pitch black bass growls like it's taking no prisoners!!!

If you are looking for generic ragga samplage slapped over a bouncy bassline and repetitive amen loops, then this probably isn't the jungle you are looking for... However... if you prefer something a little more challenging, then Nickynutz and Boomsha Recordings have just what you need here!

The Nickynutz 'Real Badman EP' is available to download now from the following Boomsha Recordings digital stores...






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Sunday 27 December 2015

[A4T005] Various Artists - Amen4Tekno 005 (Limited Edition 4-Track 12" Vinyl Available Now!!!)

A1 - Stivs & Mandidextrous - R.A.V.E. In Session.
A2 - T-Menace & Mandidextrous - Rub A Dub Style.
B1 - Slinks - Respect Mi Bumpa.
B2 - Heatzy - Funky Funky.

Those infamous jungle-tek ambassadors over at Amen4Tekno Recordings close off 2015 with their fifth vinyl offering to all of the hardcore massive, with the release of the 'Amen4Tekno 005' EP. Featuring 4 huge, feelgood rave anthems from Stivs, T-Menace, Mandidextrous, Slinks and Heatzy

Kicking off in proper rambunctious style with Stivs & Mandidextrous' 'R.A.V.E. In Session', a kick-drum infused fusion of uplifting vibes, D&B breaks and a massive Reese bassline to get the EP started. T-Menace then joins Mandidextrous on 'Rub A Dub Style' for an intense ragga-jungle rinse-out, complete with skanking, reggae riddim, rapid-fire ragga chat and rasping, pulsating bass.

Slinks drops a tearing remix of Mandi's 'Respect Mi Bumpa' on the flipside, by melding together classic dancehall ragga vocals with hardcore rave attitude and breakneck speed, beats and breaks to blow up any soundsystem. To conclude the EP, Heatzy presents his thumping 4/4 kick-drum driven, jungle-tek party anthem, 'Funky Funky'. A track guaranteed to get all hands in the air and a smile on the face of even the most sour-pussed raver. 

Once again the JungleTekMafia crew come up trumps with four devastating dancefloor bombs for all the hardcore headz out there. U know the score!!!! 

The 'AMEN4TEKNO 005' 12" vinyl EP is available to purchase now for £10 plus postage & packaging from the  from the Amen4Tekno Bandamp page and comes with a free digital download of the Mandidextrous 'Girltek' album, stickers, posters and limited quantities of a bonus Amen4Tekno USB stick (while stocks last). So get your orders in quick for this massive EP!!


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Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. 'HALL OF FAME 2015' (CD1 - GL0WKiD & CD2 - TARIQ ZIYAD)

The annual compilation of Strictly Nuskool Blog, delivering the best of the best Nuskool tunes on 2 mixes from me and Tariq Ziyad.
2015 has been an impressive and great year in quality and quantity of releases!

Njoy the 2015 tops on 2hrs of Breaks, Future Jungle, UK Bassline, Hardcore Breaks, Breakbeat, Footwork, Hardcore Jungle vibes as topped and got brighter during this year!


CD1 mixed by GL0WKiD

01. FFF - Free Your Soul [MYOR MASSIV]

02. DJ Wislov - Hardcore School [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]

03. DJ Rave In Peace - Into Rhythm [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]

04. DJ Rave In Peace - Lost Angels [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]

05. Paul Cronin - Ya Might Get A Rush [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]

06. Orestiz - Wake Up And See [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]

07. ISE - Baby Its A New Way

08. Oneplayz - Here For The Rush

09. Amiga Breaks - Oldskool Daze [DARK TIL DAWN RECORDS]

10. 1st Science - Get Out Of My Mind [RECORD UNION]

11. Deadly Nightshade - Look Around [RED ALFA]

12. Manarchy - We Are One [KAMBO RECORDS]

13. Onken - Acid Hardcore 9 [ACME BASS]

14. Liam Taylor - You Make Me Kill [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]

15. Abyss - Devastating [SWITCHBLADE DIGITAL]

16. DJ Donna Summer - 15 Year Party [RAVERTOOTH TIGER]

17. Outlander - Vamp (Staccatissimo Revamp)

18. Melt Unit - Get Melted (dupzgnit rmx)

19. Liquid Crystal - You Got Me (The Renegades Mix) [DRED COLLECTIVE]

CD2 mixed by TARIQ ZIYAD

01. Special Request - Amnesia [XL]

02. Kove Ft Moko - Hurts (Special Request Remix) [MTA]

03. Chris Lorenzo - Scarecrow

04. Freestylers - Fall Down [INSTANT VIBES]

05. Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion - Mustard [PASSENGER]

06. Mella Dee - Trellick [LOBSTER BOY]

07. Skippit - Real (Strange Rollers Remix) [FUTURE FOLLOWER]

07. With You - Speak (2 Bad Mice Remix) [HYPERCOLOUR]

08. RadioKillaZ - New Future (Tony Vibe Remix) [RADIOKILLAZ]

09. Nixon - Simple Minds [PUNKS]

10. Neuro Native - Take it Back [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]

11. Jason Laidback - Do It Do It [NIGHTPROWL]

12. Agents Of Rush - You Know The Score

13. DieMantle - Way I Feel [GUTTERFUNK]

14. Bodhi - 88 (Shadow Child X SPY Remix) [FOOD MUSIC]

15. Fish - Calling [SAUCY]

16. Indigo Virus - Plenty Of Fish [TOP DRAWER DIGITAL]

17. Hijack - Style Wars (Stormski Hardcore Remix) [STAY ON TARGET]

18. Indigo Virus - Sideways Manoeuvres [36HERTZ]

19. 2 Rotten Scoundrels - State Of Mind [KODE 5]

Thursday 24 December 2015

STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG pres. 'TOP 5 RELEASES OF 2015' by Various Producers/DJs/Label Managers/Promoters/Music Authors

The biggest SNB article of 2015 is available now to read and spread all around the globe with the kind help and contribution of Bassraver, Breakforce One, Dave Skywalker, FFF, Goreshit, Graz, Ken Masters, Kushti, Luna-C, Matheus, Missqulater, Mitomoro, M-Project, Mr. Sparkle, Saiyan, Seeds of the Upcoming Infection, Spotovsky, The Crazydutchman, Vitality and SNB crew like DJ Tony D, Rocksted-E, Damage Inc, Sparki Dee, Breakbeatscientist, Tariq Ziyad and myself (GL0WKiD) aswell..
No further description.. You better start your investigation to this celebrating review and dig the Top of the Tops in 2015!!


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GL0WKiD: Quick highlights of this year: The great studio return of legendary acts like The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Leftfield, the announcement for 2016 Empirion's new EP and Underworld's new (in over 5 years) 
forthcoming album plus plenty of Hardcore & Jungle releases, doubled on wax from last year and new blood on production and label action. I'd stick to the 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.2' album aswell, as it was a big moment and feeling more than stoked with the whole work and the kind feedback is still receiving from the fans!
Nuskool is us and it's a step ahead to the very respected Oldskool, humbly sayin, as there is a great amount of members and devoted soldiers doing absolutely valuable hard work.
So BIGUP goes to all of you one-by-one who give yourself and your best try to raise the scene up! Keep 'em coming to 2016!

So my Top 5 list of Albums is:

01. The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy [TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL/COOKING VINYL] (LINK)
Liam Howlett has correctly warned the world for the rise of violence, raw and harsh behaviour on the band's new direction and proving why these blokes are still the Electropunk kings in the scene!
It’s all about the Beats and no doubt this year was one of the greatest for all prodigy fans. Multiplied gigs, many prodge releases alongside the TDIME album and the feeling that we're all 1, the band and all the fans worldwide!
2015 is an emotional year of Prodigy energy! The Day Is My Enemy - The Night Is My Friend! Thank you Keef-Liam-Maxim!
You can read my full review about the Album @ The Prodigy Fanboy, here and listen to my special showcase about TDIME buzz, as aired during April, celebrating its NO.1 spot on UK Album Charts! Check here
Nuff Respect to the Prodigy!

02. PZG & Dubsknit - We Rob Rave LP [POLISH JUKE] (LINK)
It was around October 2014, while I was exploring the world of Soundcloud and stepped into two oldschool influenced tracks from 2 Polish producers/DJs like Dubsknit & PZG. I was shocked by listening to 'Sorry Josh'. A total blast of blended oldschool samples, a higher state of juke/footwork where rhythm is a dancer and then 'Desirave' with its driven oldschool juke melodies on a complete rush!
Been pleased after having a wonderful discussion with both of them, and receiving the promo of this masterpiece "rave footwork" biz, where been playing these big tracks from last year till present!
"We Rob Rave" was officially released during January 2015 and is definetely the most appropriate "modern rave" album, where Footwork & Juke are lifted up to the sky!
Props go to PZG, Dubsknit and Matteo from Polish Juke, such as the whole Polski Oldskool & Nuskool scene keeping the vibe alive!

03. Bong Ra & Deformer present: VOODOOM [PRSPCT RECORDINGS] (LINK)
This release gained my attention from the very first time, after hearing the previews from PRSPCT RECORDINGS.
VOODOOM is a collaboration between Bong-Ra & Deformer alongside Scapu Lox on the vocals and.. the result is huge enough beyond any expectations!
This project is influenced of 90s Jungle mixed with Darkstep and its debut album features 9 ultimate mental killers (+1 bonus tracks) all included on a perfectly attractive package for all collectors out there!
The description on the album refers to "Dark Ritualistic Jungle" and gotta agree with that..
Get into this proper Dutch darkness!

04. V.A. - Year of the Ravertooth Vol.1 [RAVERTOOTH TIGER] (LINK)
2015 was the year when Seattle based producer/DJ like Graz, formed his very own label, called Ravertooth Tiger, and focused on releasing stuff from there either personal or signing various producers and promoting his beloved raving sub-genres. I had the chance to make a tribute to the "Year of the Ravertooth Vol.1" @ my radio show, alongside an interview with Graz, who talked about this 16track compilation and his plans. You can check it out here.
This album remains one of my top 2015 favourites, as blends successfully different vibes of Footwork, Drum & Bass, Chiptune, Jungle sounds, featuring class team of producers like DJ Donna Summer, MARU303, ElectroAss, Fat Frumos, Hackd, Machine Girl and many more.

05. Killaflaw - Sleaze & Grit [WALL OF SOUND] (LINK)

Tones of non stop energetic revolution pumping inside that album, which is a good kind of 'rave & roll'. Liverpool's dynamic duet like KILLAFLAW have launched their personal and very promising 13track album, out from the legendary Wall of Sound and brace yourselves all you broken idols inside the moshpit! It's 'Sleaze & Grit' belter, rolling since August!
You can read my full review about the album here

BONUS Special Request - Modern Warface [XL] (LINK)
This is definetely on my top list and couldnt give headsup to the mighty Paul Woolford a.k.a Special Request and his talent! Special Request lived an honoured personal moment, when he got signed to the legendary XL Recordings and the result is pretyy awesome in here from the 'oldskool like' XL sleeve to the featured tracks which take you on a 125-140bpm trip of oldskool breaks & basslines influenced by jungle & hardcore sense.
This release is available on vinyl & digital format and consists of 9 tunes of mentality.


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TARIQ ZIYAD: It's been a great year for 90's rave influenced music in general, although I'm a little saddened by the slow down in terms of 140BPM Jungle Breaks, I refuse to accept that it's 'dead' as some claim. Labels like Top Drawer Digital, Boomsha Recordings, Warehouse Wax and their new sister label Ghetto Dub have put out consistency quality tracks and I'm certain that the 140 sound will start to flourish again in good time. If anything, things semed to have slowed down in tempo but the Hardcore/Jungle vibe is very much present in productions by the likes of Special Request, Nuvaman,
Hypho & Mella Dee plus the return of the legendary 2 Bad Mice, so, I'm going to break up my faves in the following way:

'TOP 5 130BPM Rave Influenced Tracks'
01. Bodhi - 88 (Shadow Child x SPY Remix) [FOOD MUSIC] (LINK)
02. Special Request - Amnesia [XL RECORDINGS] (LINK)
03. Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion - Mustard [PASSENGER] (LINK)
04. Mella Dee - Trellick [LOBSTER BOY RECORDS] (LINK)
05. With You - Speak (2 Bad Mice Remix) [HYPERCOLOUR] (LINK)

'TOP 5 140-150BPM Jungle Breaks Tracks'
01. Indigo Virus - Plenty Of Fish [TOP DRAWER DIGITAL] (LINK)
02. Indigo Virus - Sideways Manoeuvres [36HERTZ] (LINK)
03. Morf & Roll Authority - Hold On [BOOMSHA] (LINK)
04. Ben Venom - BulletProof [WAREHOUSE WAX] (LINK)
05. DiGiTroLL - Touch Me [BAD HABIT] (LINK)

'TOP 5 Nuskool Breakbeat Hardcore Tracks'
01. DJ Seduction - Solid Bass (Stormski Remix) [STAY ON TARGET] (LINK)
02. Insomnia - Down To Earth (DJ Jedi remix) [JEDI RECORDINGS] (LINK)
03. 2 Rotten Scoundrels - State Of Mind [KODE 5 RECORDINGS/ENDOR] (LINK)
04. United States Beat Squad - Shelter Me [MUSIC RASCALS] (LINK)

'TOP 5 Jungle/DnB Tracks'
01. Durban - Rave [ASBO RECORDS] (LINK)
02. DJ Hybrid - Mix & Blend [AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS] (LINK)
03. Dapz, Gappa G & Hyper Hypa - River Nijer Revisited [PSYSMATICS MUSIC] (LINK)
04. SKMA - Exodus Blue [SUB SLAYERS] (LINK)
05. Lenny De Ice - We Are IE (Dramatic Remix) (LINK)

Asides from these, there have been countless great tracks in all the above genres, if I played them on my show or wrote.


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BREAKBEATSCIENTIST: 2015 has been such a vibrant year for all forms of breakbeat based music, which in turn has made my target for picking a Top 5 out of all the great music out there very difficult. However I've finally managed to whittle my favourite tracks of the year down to a (kinda!) quintet now...

Luna-C + Reeve - A Million Miles [KFA] (LINK)
As a bonus addition, I've included a track that I had intended to add to my Top 5, but couldn't find an audio clip so am gonna cover the official video for Kniteforce's Luna-C + Reeve, 'A Million Miles'. An astoundingly powerful and emotive, vocal D&B track set to decievingly simplistic, yet effective animated visuals featuring Luna-C himself and a plethora of iconic Kniteforce logos and mascots.

01. Necrotype - The Stranger [JUNGLE ROLLERZ] (LINK)
A harsh, mentasm fuelled fusion of 1993 style darkcore and 2015 junglism from the Jungle Rollerz camp. This one goes deep and moody, whilst still maintaining a balance of musicality. A must for all jungle vinyl headz.

02. DJ Nexus - A Ride (LINK)
Veteran producer, DJ Nexus implements his instantly recognisable talent for creating massively catchy riffs with this solid piece of breakbeat hardcore that's 1992 all the way, and a freebie release too. Watch out for those emotive strings two thirds of the way through!!!

FOTH courtesy of Dark Til Dawn Records delivers some next level junglism with 'High Noon'. Combining gentle piano melodies, Summery atmospherics and psychedelic samples with a tearing amen break. It feels like a real soundclash between cut & paste ambient and ruffneck jungle. As the track asks, 'Like a trip?' Hell yeah it is!!!

04. Fringe - Is This It [7th STOREY PROJECTS] (LINK)
Fringe takes us deep into the darkest of jungles with his track which featured on the 7th Storey Projects, 'Dark Arts Vol 2' 12" EP this Summer. Frantically chopped up breaks? Check!Sinister movie samples? Check! Booming bassline? Check!

05. Master Mash - The Psyco [PARANOID RECORDINGS] (LINK)
And lastly, but certainly not least, the ever prolific Master Mash and Paranoid Recordings does frantic, breakbeat hardcore just as it should be with massive, nerve-shredding stab patterns combining with clattering breaks and pulsating bass throbs.


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: But i have to say top 5 hardcore breaks stuff!

01. Big bad trio of Bassraver, GL0WKiD and Tariq's radio and blog work.
02. Tornado Records, without doubt the biggest & baddest label in Hardcore Breaks.
03. DJ Faydz, the best DJ in the scene, pushing things forward all the time.
04. Motiv's Circle and Nefti's Medicine EPs,my favourite releases this year. Absolute quality productions from 2 very talented producers
05. Abyss and Rave In Peace. Two very different producers that I have enjoyed release after release throughout 2015.

I look forward to seeing what these guys bring in 2016!
A naughty but well deserved bonus #6 for Pete Walton's continual work for the scene!


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01. Redshift - Nice One (LINK)
A simple drum n bass track with a sick wobble bass and a whopping beat makes it chug along nicely. Don't hear many others playing this out, it's a tune that really deserves to be top of the tree so here it is!. This one for the real dnb heads out there, ruff tuff and tearing!

02. Paul Cronin - Orange (LINK)
Yet more anarchy and manic sounds is what made this a firm contender for the top 5. Paul Cronin really is a producer to look out for who constantly brings the energy and obscure sounds to take you into a different world. Pure eargasm! 

03. XJ - Skank It (LINK)
A throwback to the old ragga Breakbeat tunes of the early 90s, shades of SL2 in this with plenty of a clout! Perfect summer roller. 

04. Exit Point - Rock Ya Soul [KODE 5 RECORDINGS] (LINK)
Another track packed full of energy that's been doing the rounds all year on stations. A firm favourite of many also mine. You want rugged and raw you have just that! 

05. Nicky Allen - NAD #23 (LINK)
Packed full of old skool goodness with a reminder to those old Silk Cuts releases which sampled different dance tunes


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ROCKSTED-E: After 2014 being a great year in the Nu-Skool scene I was hoping 2015 would be just as good if not better, And I wasn't disappointed. Once again I find my self with the difficult challenge of picking a top five as there has been so many top tracks to choose from. In no particular order here they are below.

01. Stormski - The Rain (Sunny Days) [KODE 5 RECORDINGS] (LINK)
From the superb album Stormski Junglist Wars: The Lion Awakens - Courtesy of Kode 5 Recordings. This my pick from a great collection of jungle tracks.
R'n'B fused jungle. Now I'm not a huge R'n'B fan, but Stomski nailed this. Great vocal harmonies layered over with jungle breaks and a heavy rolling bassline.
A proper summer vibe of a track, which I've rinsed out this year.

02. High Speed - Vel Curve [DARK TIL DAW RECORDS] (LINK)
Uplifting hi tempo jungle, pure emotion of a track here, full of energy, lovery string's, synth melodies, Great atmosphere accompanied with a rolling Reese bass and a fast paced amen break. A class track.

03. Mr Sin - Gimmie A Mutha Fuckin Break! (LINK)
Mr Sin has been knocking out some class hardcore/jungle for quite some time and its a SIN (terrible pun I did there) I didn't put him in my top 5 last year as I was playing some of his track on a regular basics back then just as I have now. He's continued to make more slammers in 2015 and picking one form huge collection again was tough, But I have chosen this one. Starting off with a oldskool hip hop break vibe and the classic Lyn Collins Think "Oooh, Yeah!" sample which features through out the track with more vocal sounds bites, then onto a heavy and catchy bassline followed with a punchy amen break at the drop that rolls nicely through the track, leading to the hands in the air synth breakdown before dropping once more for a final tearout. A top track full of energy and quirky sample stabs makes for a great hardcore track.

04. Lovvers Return - About You - [EXPERIMENTALBASS RECORDS] (LINK)
This track has summer vibes written all over it, As was the case for me as I didn't stop playing it when ever the sun was out. Featuring classic oldskool hardcore breaks which I best know from the track Infect Me by Future Primitive and a accompanying bassline but the main attraction to this track is the piano riff. Goose bumps in effects,pure hands in the air bizness, I first heard this melody in the Desired State - Dance the Dream. I'm sure there's a more original source for that riff,But that's where I first heard it any way. This is not to take the shine from this track, Far from it. This is a great example that some times less is more if the right elements (Bass,breaks,melodies) fit together nicely and this it does indeed.

05. JDubz - People of The Earth [PARANOID RECORDINGS] (LINK)
JDubz featured in my top 5 last year with a storming remix and he's in it again with a track of his own, Part of 'The Future EP' from Paranoid Recordings. This is a journey of a track, Starting of with some heavy break familiar to those who have heard 'Flatliner - No Boundaries', It then rolls in to a warm uplifting pad/synth that takes it to the first breakdown that features a piano sound Jdubz has started to put his own stamp on, followed by the famous truly one sound bite and then on to the drop with amens to add to the flatliner break and a nice driving bass that leads to a Good looking records style middle section, Another cool breakdown before the final roll of all the elements of the track. A truly stunning piece of atmospheric intelligent jungle that would comfortably sit in a 94 jungle set.

I would just like to send a shout to some of the other artist who are just as worthy of featuring in my top 5 of 2015.

Shouts to 1stScience, Jam-One, Gareth Monks, Impact Beat, Gav Ley, Hamster, DJCrip, T.W.G., Renagade Genius, Abyss, Billy No Mates, Wislov, Ant To Be, New Koncept, K3bee, Fav and Rinston. So many great artist to name so sorry to the one's I have missed out, A huge BIG UP to all. Plus a shout to the labels. Paranoid Recordings, Switchblade Digital, KODE5, HWNDarkside, ACME BASS RECORDS, Strictly NuSkoolBlog, Endor Recordings plus many more.
And finally a massive to all who had supported HC Recordings again in 2015.
The artists, the bloggers, DJs, followers, fans etc., maximum Respect go out each one one ya.
Here's to 2016 toping it once again for the Nu-skool crew.


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DJ TONY - D: Made a point this year of keeping a note of my fav tunes this year. Had every intention of doing my top 5 for last year’s blog but brain went completely blank trying to think back haha. There are many styles of Nu Skool that make up our scene, but for me I hark back to the great days of banging ‘hands in the air’ amen driven rolling killer synth style tunes that always filled the floor and got the best response from the audience. For me anything less than that was great but not excellent. I’d much rather here ‘Pennywise’ or ‘The Horn Track’ back then that rocked than ’31 seconds’ or ‘Just 4 u London’ that was lifeless. With all that in mind all helps explain my love these tunes listed below . The type of tunes that get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up…

01. DJ Rave In Peace- Into Rhythm [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG] (LINK)
This has been my favourite track of the year. It ticks all the boxes in what I want in a tune. From solid amen breaks to killer synths and rumbling basslines not to mention 4 beat and a tune that just rolls. First class.

02. Paul Cronin- Back By Public Demand
 Paul Cronin’s tunes makes absolutely excellent tunes, and this one, very much like Ian [Rave In Peace] track ticks all the boxes. Hardcore for me works best when it is in yer face with rolling killer beats, killer synth stabs, wicked basslines and great piano breakdowns, and Paul delivers that every time. His use of samples and the way it rumbles along is excellent.

03. Paul Cronin- Mentalism [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS] (LINK)
Been playing this every week since paul uploaded this a few months back, which was a good sign this should be in my top 5. Yet another hazy crazy in yer face banging track that lives up to its name and with a ‘don’t take no prisoners’ attitude. No one twists and turns a tune better than Paul and his ingenious imagination of samples and breaks always amaze me. Hardcore don’t get much better imo.

04. DJ Wislov- Feeling You Is My Rave [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS] (LINK)
I could have put anyone of many tunes from Wislov as he is such a proficient producer of so many quality tunes this year, and from years gone past. Just like with all in my top 5 this aint no mambi pambi lightweight tune but some heavy tuneage that I can just imagine back in the day buzzing listening to this mainstage at midnight. Such a great track. Fantastic tune by a first class producer.

05. JEM 77 - Never Felt This Way (Gareth Monks Remix) (LINK)
 I just can’t have a top 5 without featuring another one of my fav producers. For me Gareth’s tunes have that element of class attached, and like Paul Cronin he looks outside the box when making tunes. You kinda never know where he is gonna go with a tune but yet will always build it to roll big with plenty of classic elements. He makes remixes with that fine balance of staying near the original but yet freshened up with different elements, and this one is no exception. 
This has been another great year of fantastic tunes, and this top 5 represents my fav producers. Shame Dj Flow wasn’t a bit more productive this year as I am sure he would have squeezed in my top 5 somehow. Laters taters , Oi Oi


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BASSRAVER: It's been another great year for Nuskool labels, artist and djs.
Picking 5 tracks was a hard task as there were so many to mention. So I want to give a massive shoutout to the following labels and artists that made so many great tracks that it was impossible to pick from them.
Paul Cronin - another great year of mental hardcore tracks
Dj Wislov - Ravenoyz Recordings - top notch e.p.'s all year
Dj Abyss - Switchblade Digital Recordings  - keeping the darkness alive in 2015, brilliant
Nicky Allen - NADS and remixes  - so many great choons this year
and of course the Strictly Nuskool Blog crew with all the e.p.'s this year.

Here is my top 5 of 2015

01. DJ Rave In Peace - Lost Angels [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS] (LINK)
This was a epic track and had so much emotion to it and hopefully we will see him return in 2016

02. Damage Inc - We Love Charly (LINK)
One of my favourite mashups of the year from the Sonic Fortress crew

03. DJ Rave In Peace - Cafe By The Sea 
A staple on my radio show this year, another great track

04. Gareth Monks - On A Subba Dub Tip [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG] (LINK)
A wicked mashup from Gareth, one of many great tunes hes made this year

05. United States Of Beat Squad - Free [HARDCORE LIVES] (LINK)
This is a full-on piano, hands in the air track. A nuskool belter

It's been a great year, cant wait to see what 2016 brings!


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Breakforce One: Here's my Top 5 (No Order)

01. Synthakt - Memento Mori [Culture Assault] (LINK)
I got into alot of 175bpm music in 2015, finding my love for Darkstep and Crossbreed, and this release right here might be the best Darkstep/Crossbreed Release i have ever heard period.
The title track is my favourite, nailing everything from Arrangement to Mixing (i still dont get how he made this mixdown, kudos), making it (probably) my favourite Track of the Year.
"Kharon's Obol" is a perfect Crossbreed Track that flows really well and "Tartaros" is another Snare Massacre just how i like it. Only the Cooh-Feature is a miss for me, unfortunately.
Synthakt will definitely go far, because he can already compete with legends like TOA and Limewax.

02. F000L - Luds Wig [Self Released] (LINK)
F000L posted this one into a Breakcore Group and it was love on the first play. I immediately added him and was all like "Lets collab bruv" like the over-excited child i mostly am.
Long Story short, we formed a band. And all because of this tune. Perfectly arranged, with some mindblowing Break-sequencing its definitely one of the very best Breakcore Tracks i heard this year.

03. Audio88 & Yassin - Normaler Samt [Heart Working Class] (LINK)
What? A *german* Rap Album in a Top 5 List written by a Breakcore Artist? Yes. So much. This Album represents everything i love about Hip Hop and Rap, refueling my Hope that it will get better in Germany real soon.
Its geniusly crafted, with Beats played 100% on a MPC by Audio88 & Yassin's Friend Torky Tork, Dope Cuts by DJ Breaque and of course the incredible Lyrical Craftmanship of Yassin and, more importantly, Audio88, who i think is the best thing that has ever happened to German Rap ever.
Now, its a shame that you guys wont get much out of it since you dont understand the lyrics when youre not German but let me tell you - its FUCKING PERFECT.

04. weyheyhey !! - Throw It Down [Self Released] (LINK)
Obscurely put on soundcloud multiple times by secret accounts that were deleted soon after, its now available in full, for free download, on soundcloud and its glorious. This Guy is my main inspiration for a Reason.
Teasing his upcoming "Kissing In The Rain EP" (of which i hope the title wont change until its release), its a wonderful Track representing everything i love about his music. Happy Rave Vibes, beautiful Pads, "peng" Kicks and the perfect Edits, all in One! YES PLEASE?!

05. Anorak - Hexci On The Choppage [Ransaked Records] (LINK)
This represents all the other great Breakcore releases this year, but this one takes the cake in comparison to them. Wonderful Music. Just check out "Amens over Palestine". You need to know nothing more than that, trust me.


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DAVE SKYWALKER:  So here's my top 5 tunes of 2015 (and three honourable mentions!) Firstly, I wanted to include 3 honourable mentions (so this is more of a top 8 really, haha!). In no particular order:
* Metrik - Make the Floor Burn (VIP)
* Goreshit - The Pain of Relief (We Have Our Vices One And All)
* Lapsley - Falling Short (Sonis Bootleg)

There were so many tracks in 2015 that I ended up listening to over and over again throughout the course of the year. No small feat when I probably purchase/get sent around 20 tracks a week on average. Of those, these three stood out when I was going back over all the tracks this year. All three are worth checking out if you haven't heard of them.

But this is a top 5, and a top 5 only! So here we go..

01. MOZDJ - This Version [CWR] (LINK)
When I was working out my top 5, I went through the 994 tracks I'd amassed - and kept - through the course of this year, and if I saw the track name and thought "THAT'S ONE!" I wrote it down. Then, I listened to my shortlist again, and again, and worked out which made me as hyped to listen to now as it did then. This is the track that topped that list. Is it jungle? Is it footwork? Hardcore? Techno? Whatever genre this is, the energy in this track is ferocious. The second half of the track is crazy, and the whole track start to finish is uplifting, and RAVEY, and just brilliant. It took me a long time, and throwing out shouts in every direction, to get in contact with MOZDJ to get him to allow me to include it in my mix for Breaking Free II.II, and I held back doing the mix until I got his permission, because it just had to be in there. Check out his other tracks too, especially the Sound Gun EP, which this is from, all the tracks on it are wicked. Responsible for quite a few raving-in-the-drivers-seat-fist-pumping-the-air-on-my-way-to-work-at-8.30am moments, this is my track of the year. Huge huge biggups!

02. The FaDe - Get Rowdy [DIFFERENT MUSIC] (LINK)
I make no qualms in saying this year I got into footwork/jungle in a big way, starting an alias (which I've only ever done once before) specifically to focus on this music. When I put everything together, this track worked in whatever set I was doing, whether hardcore-focused, jungle, footwork, or the eclectic stuff. It's got a real hyperactive vibe to it, makes me dance like a lunatic, and the sub-bass in it is wicked.

03. Sub Focus - Timewarp (DJIPE Remix) (LINK)
I'd never really heard of DJIPE until this year, but two immense bootlegs/remixes put paid to that. Firstly was the absolutely firing remix of Mr Happy that hit at the start of the year, but the follow-up was even better - it's all about the drop when it finally hits - the drums are absolutely fucking ferocious and every single time I've played it out the crowd has gone absolutely balls on fucking ballistic. One to start a mosh pit on the dancefloor for sure - last time I played this out I was DJing in a cage in a basement with the crowd hanging on the bars and shaking the whole thing off the bolts that was holding it to the concrete floor. Insane! You just want to play this louder and louder and if you've had a really bad day putting this on full pelt gets all the aggression out. Immense.

04. Gammer & Whizzkid - Love You Everyday [TOGETHER WE RISE] (LINK)
The video link unfortunately doesn't include the great 4-Beat intro, but you'll have to take my word that every second of this tune is ace. It's got uplifting vocals, amazing pianos, a great bassline, and those drops are immense! Everytime I play this out, the crowd proper skanks out when the beat kicks in. Also the trumpets on the second breakdown are wicked, I never thought something like that would work, but it proves again why Gammer is one of the kings of UK hardcore.

05. Feint feat.Laura Brehm - We Won't Be Alone [MONSTERCAT] (LINK)
This feels like a track that I should have been hearing everywhere, but (maybe it's just me) I never seemed to hear anywhere. I love the introduction, the vocal, and the drumstep section towards the end. I know this is really dnb, but to me it seems a great breakbeat hardcore track, and I'd quite like to hear a hardcore version of this, maybe by CLSM, Fracus & Darwin or Luna-C. Great tune.


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FFF: ....TOP 10 releases of 2015 [in no particular order]

01. Christoph de Babalon - Short Eternities [LOVE LOVE RECORDS] (LINK)
I am always excited when Christoph de Babalon releases new music and this year was great! Both his "Invocation Of The Demon Twin Vol. 1" ep on the Giallo Disco label and this full length album are simply beautiful. In my opinion the perfect soundtrack for the end of times!

02. Fifth Era - Complex Trauma E.P. [AcidCore RECORDS] (LINK)
Legendary doomcore producer Fifth Era releases something slightly different for the AcidCore label. Amazing oldskool sounding doomcore infected acid house tracks. Euphoric darkness!! Limited to only 100 copies

No electro or freestyle on this DMX Krew ep but Dark pounding 90s techno. Sounds like some lost Caustic Window/Joyrex tracks!!

04. Missqulater - They Rave Us [CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT] (LINK)
Can't go wrong with Missqulater!! Happy to finally see his music released on vinyl. Great 4 track ep of beautiful braindance. Make sure to check his other 2015 release Battlefield Heroes Volume 1 (split with Mopfunk) out too!

05. Various - Colundi Every0ne [Colundi EVERY1] (LINK)
Compilation issued for the Colundi Benelux Tour. featuring tracks from the performing artists:
Aleksi Perala, Krzysztof Oktalski, Wisp, D'Arcangelo, Jodey Kendrick, Todd Osborn and Monolith. Great collection of amazing braindance tracks.

06. Green Bay Wax - [LUCKYMUFF001, GBBL01] (LINK)
The Green Bay Wax crew never dissapoints with their authentic jungle. The output of the label and all it's sublabels is immense. True hardware junglists!

07.  MNLTH - Time EP/Flektro [WeMe Records-Central Processing Unit] (LINK)
Just love Monolith/MNLTH's output! Such lush sounds. This takes me back to the early days of braindance. Amazing!!

08. FFF/Coco Bryce - Massiv 01 [MYOR MASSIV] (LINK)
Not talking about my own tracks but I love the Coco Bryce tunes on this first Myor Massiv release. Especially "Runnin"!! That tune has been on constant rotation here since the release of the Euphoria ep back in 2013. Such a killer rave anthem!!

09.  Heroes of the Third Kind - The Conspiracy Heroes [H3K Self released] (LINK)
Amazing atmospherical new album from H3K that ranges from ambient, jazzy, funky and dubby science fiction electronics. For me the standout track is "Rephlex" .Been listening to it a lot for months now. So beautiful!

10. Apzolut - Fierce Dynamite [ENCOUNTERS RECORDS] (LINK)
Amazing jungle/breakcore release by the Dutch/Aruban producer Apzolut. Expect no obvious sample choices, crazy edits and overall just great vibes!! 


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GORESHIT: Truth be told, I'm so fuckin out of touch with the current music scene, and I'm sure I'm missing out on a whole bunch of great stuff. in no particular order, here's some of my favourite shit I've heard this year:

01. Ansome - Hells Bells and Buckets of Blood [MINDCUT] (LINK)
Found out about Ansome through a youtube video of him doing a completely analogue techno piece, and it blew me away. reminds me of a much heavier Basic Channel.

02. Imil - Hypnagogic Myoclonus (LINK)
I had the pleasure of playing a show with him this year, which is a rare chance to hear his new tunes. He doesn't release stuff often, but when he does, it's the best speedcore out there.

03. Machine Girl - Gemini (LINK)
Literally found out about Machine Girl few weeks ago from a fan recommendation. I love the mix of 90s rave sounds with footwork styling. Currently battering the shit ouf of my car's subwoofers.

04. yeongrak - b careful boy (LINK)
yeongrak's stuff is always brilliant - the whole footwork and 'trap' thing has gotten tired as fuck this year, so it's nice to hear someone have their own take on it. Proper lo-fi, proper fucked up, proper awesome.

05. Vaenus - The Fuck/Someone (LINK)
'Crossbreed' is another of those genres that seems to be saturated with uninspired cliche bullshit, but Vaenus' stuff has always stood out to me. This EP is standard Vaenus, and that's exactly what I wanted from it.

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GRAZ: Here is my list:

01. HarleyLikesMusic - Game Changer [CHEAPBEATS] (LINK)
Amazing release from chiptune newcomer Harley (LikesMusic). Completely produced on a Nintendo Gameboy, this album exceeds any expectation or preconceived notion about the chip music genre. Solid dance floor bangers!
Favorite Track: Get Da Bleach

02. ヘデナー & Raveman - FOTVÆRK RÆV [COCK ROCK DISCO] (LINK)
A return release from underground breakcore label Cock Rock Disco. Album boasts a ton of future rave sounds with an old school junglist feel set to a Footwork backdrop.
Favorite Track: Juke It, Werk It, Break It

03. Electro Ass - Rave That (LINK)
Big bass sound from San Fransisco. This release is a great mix of 90s rave rhythms and ghetto booty hype. A great secret weapon for any DJ.
Favorite Track: Rave That

04. Superior Cornrows - Hardcore Will Never Die [OFF ME NUT] (LINK)
This album sounds like it is straight out of 1999. Relive the height of Breakbeat Hardcore without having to import it on vinyl.
Favorite Track: Badfellas (Nice Day Vibes)

05. VA - Jungletekmafia Vol 1 [AMEN4TEKNO] (LINK)
Breakout album introducing many to the sounds of Jungletek for the first time. Great sampler of this recently defined genre.
Favorite Track: GUNS OF KINGSTON-Mikkim & Zareb (T-Menace & Heatzy Remix)


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My TOP 5 HC Tracks for 2015 are:

01. Scott Brown - Touched By Technology [EVOLUTION RECORDS] (LINK)
Everything Scott Brown touches turns to gold! 2015 has seen a real surge of exciting new material from this Hardcore heavyweight & for me, this is the pick of the bunch. That sparkling piano & initial lead, building & breaking into that trademark second lead make this an absolute must buy for any true fan of the music.

02. Fracus & Darwin Feat' Poison Rain - No Matter What [HARDCORE UNDERGROUND]
Seriously creative & one of a kind! This track is like no Hardcore I've ever heard before, the vocals are unique combined with the driving lead & second to none production standard make this my second favorite track of 2015.

03. Sc@r - One Night In Belgium [SCARRED DIGITAL] (LINK)
I'd call this musical Gabber. Gabber with heart, feeling & depth. The haunting melody works extremely well with the hard edge gabber sound, both compliment each other extremely well!

04. M-Project - Savage [TERRAFORM MUSIC] (LINK)
I love the intensity of this track! The combination of Makina & Powerstomp create a relentless energy that charges on from the start to finish. One of my favorite M-Project tracks to date.

05. Greg Peaks - Deadly Nightshade [Tesla Tracks, FREE track from album Future State Hardcore V2] (LINK)
From the moment Greg sent me the working samples of this track with the intention of featuring on the free digital album FSH V2 I knew he was onto a winner. There's a hint of that classic Trancecore sound coupled with that driving, more modern Freeform sound we've grown to expect & love from Greg. Don't forget to head to the Future State Music fb page where you can pick this one up fully dj friendly for free!


KUSHTI: So here is my top 5 for 2015.

01 LEEM - Deep Space (LINK)
I'm cheating a little here in order to promote someone who I think will one day prove to be a name in Bassline music scene. He's only been making this music for a year or so, and if you have a look around his sound cloud, you'll hear a few little gems. There are a few unreleased tracks and random works in progress I've heard, and I'm really looking forward to hearing more from this guy.

02. Vincent van Sloth - Serious Thing [OFF ME NUT] (LINK)
One of those tunes, that 10 seconds into it you know you're going to love it. Sharp pattern changes, crazy breaks, and some brilliant samples. Rippling basslines and of course the MC. He's not have a laugh ... he's deadly f'king serious. You can get the full release on Bandcamp.

03. LV & Josh Idehen - Imminent (Deadbeat Remix) (LINK)
Certified dance floor slammer. Brilliant intro, and lovely wobby bass, then from the first drop you know people are gonna be bopping to the grime vocal from Josh Idehen. Driving around in your car, have this one blasting out the windows!

04. Hazard - Mr Happy (DJIPE BOOTLEG) (LINK)
DJ IPE unleashes a beast of a hardcore gabber tune. The builds to absolute stonking mayhem make this tune a slayer! One of the best remixes of Hazards legendary tune. It never gets old and has me head banging like I was listening to death metal. Clear and concise, no noise, pure power and energy.

05. Dr. Peacock - Trip to Ireland (LINK)
Recently got into Frenchcore and couldn't let this tune slip by, since I'm resident in Ireland. Has a good gypsy feel to it with the violins and fiddles. Excellent mix between soft lovely Irish melodies, then build, then ripping gabber bass kicks.

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Okay, here are my top 5 tracks for 2015 and if some of them arent from 2015, its because I only got into them in 2015, so...yeah lol

Top Five:


02. Dave Skywalker – Pandora V.I.P (LINK)
03. Doughboy – Here We Go
04. Bass Selective Vs Fracus and Darwin – Blow Out Part 4 [HARDCORE UNDERGROUND] (LINK)
05. Al Storm – I Created A Monster [HARDCORE UNDERGROUND] (LINK)

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Core Collective Records 


01. Breakforce One - Fuck Off (M1dlet Remix) (LINK)
Total classic rave tune, truly is, this will kill some minds and ears next to a rig! Remixed from Breakforce One's Horomal Vibrationz EP "Virgin By Choice [HVZ021]" back in 2014, check out M1dlet's version on his soundcloud here!

02. Anorak - Amens Over Palestine [RANSAKED RECORDS] (LINK)
When I always hear something from Anorak, it never dispoints me, i heard the preview of the song when he teased it online, i knew i would love this song and i was happy it got released on Ransaked Record's EP "Hexci On The Choppage [RR013]", i also heard this live at Balter 2015 and oh my days fam! Pure breakcore bliss!

03. Ruby My Dear - Peanuts On Train [KAOMETRY RECORDS] (LINK)
Start's off with a beautifully melody then suddenly switching to some sort of breakcore sampling DNB drums, perfection in all honesty! This song makes me more influenced in so many ways, i cannot wait to hear and see this guy live once again, this tune would melt minds, truly melt. Taken from the EP "Balloon [KMT03]", if you loved this track then maybe purchase the full 4 tracks right now! It's worth it...

04. Anorak - Culture Shock (metacrack Mix) (LINK)
This my look like im obsessed with Anorak but he slaughtered the year 2015, this tune is not yet released on any label, only on his soundcloud! Now this track is all about the acid vibes, mixed with mental amen beatdowns, fantastic torturing bass riffs, everything about this tune equals eargasms.

05. NoizyAzFuck - Betrayal [MARIONETTE RECORDS] (LINK)
Liverpool's dreaded badman Noizy has been on my radar for quite sometime, and This song and basically this EP is fucking amazing! Everything on this EP has to offer for the breakcore heads is 100% truth, elements of hectic bass and breakbeats, too perfect and will always be a classic!

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2015 Best Releases are:

01. MNLTH - Time (LINK)
Magnificent compilation of Dave Monolith.
Officially we lost rephlex last year, but he's keeping to bring us perfect Braindance. What a great thing.

02. Kerrier District - 4 [HYPERCOLOUR] (LINK)
All time my hero, Mr. Vibert suddenly released new Kerrier District series this year.
Groovy Disco Funk basslines and funny melody lines, fluffy riffs, weird samples, Vibert is stillmy king.

03. Various - μ20 [Planet MU] (LINK)
Just an amazing compilation, we know how hard to keep running a label for double decades,moreover if it's based on not mainstream music, too hard like a hell. Bunch of talents unleashed their trax for this comp to celebrate anniversary. Respectable Label.

04. Rival Consoles - Howl [ERASED TAPES] (LINK)
Outstanding sound production.
Experimental Electronica, beautiful atmosphere,there is feeling like trips of long Saga, and hope of blinded world.

05. Shinra - Ball & Chain EP [
null+void RECORDINGS] (LINK)
The newly launched null+void Recordings delivered us epic electro 'n' acid music by Shinra.
null+void is very reliable - main source of underground music from UK- to me, and the quality of first release is wicked!
Must check this label more in next year. null+void Recordings will be future classic label.

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01. Gammer & Becci - Look Back (LINK)
Here at the #1 spot on my list is without a doubt the best release of the year and a song that I will probably be singing for years to come. Gammer & Becci's "Look Back" has a wonderful melody and chord progression while making you want to jump around and hug your neighbor in any venue. This song takes my Hardcore release of the year and I await Gammer's next release anxiously

02. Kendo vs. JAKAZiD - Bananas!! [AURAL ADRENALINE] (LINK)
Released during the "Birthday Banger Crew" Event Hardcore
Heavyweight JAKAZiD and his dead good buddy Kendo teamed up to bring us this Footwork-infused absolute BANGER of a track taking the #2 spot on my list. It's whimsicle melody and sample choice makes this track a garunteed party smasher for any occasion.

This Glasglowian based producer has been a long time favorite of mine but I think he's finally outdone himself with the light and incredibly melodic "Aurora" released on the first JACK VS Maltine compilation

04. nanobii - HYPER
nanobii popped up 2 years ago with his song "Sugar Rush" and has been taking over the Happy Hardcore scene ever since, I had the pleasure of hearing this song go down live and I could NOT stop smiling the entire time. Please download this ASAP and ENJOY IT A LOT

05. Zekk - Last Summer (LINK)
Zekk and I started producing on a Hardcore label together about a year ago and since then he has exploded with new talent and incredible productions, ranging from Future Bass to Complextro but he still kept room in his life for Hardcore. Last Summer is the Rhythm-Game throwback track we needed to hear this year and I encourage you to check him out!


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01. Eufeion & M-Project - Mad As Hell (LINK)
02. DJ DEPATH&M-Project - Overpowering Enemies (Joey Riot vs Jaw-D Remix)
03. Sy & Al Storm - Haunted (M-Project Remix) [24/7 Hardcore] (LINK)
04. M-Project feat. Jonjo - Razor Tongue [AMAZING RECORDS] (LINK)
05. M-Project feat. Jonjo - Savage (LINK)

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The Hardcore Hit Squad


01. Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny (Melt Unit Remix) (LINK)
This was released at the beginning of the year and kicked off 2015 in style! A wicked modern remix of a hardcore classic and a great set starter. Here's Johnny!!!

02. Dreadsquad feat. Million Stylez & Richie Riott - Gimmi di vapor (Marcus Visionary Remix)  (LINK)
A very timely release as 2015 was all about the vapor! This was part of an EP also featuring remixes from Isaac Maya, J Bostron, Big Ras Production, Feldub and DJ Twister. BIG!!!

03. The Speed Freak - Popkiller (LINK)
This boss track was released on World Super Tek Taisen SuperS, the second in a series of compilation albums from DJ Sharpnel, featuring artists from Europe and Japan. Banging!!!

Packed full of breakbeats, banging kick bass and ragga vocals, this track really does it for me. This was released on the JungletekMafia Vol.1 album and highly recommended. Consciousness through music!!!

05. Vandal Kaotik Soundsystem - Dub Juggling Tonight [BBL RECORDS] (LINK)
DJ Vandal the Raggatek don dropped this track in July featuring the vocals of the fireman, CAPLETON. Sound of the summer 2015! Equal rights and justice for all, rise and never fall!!!



01. Saiyan and Cru-l-t - Back 2 Tha Midskool [KFA] (LINK)
Yes, I am completely shameless, including my own stuff on here. But I would be lying if I didn't say this was one of my top five favourites of the year, for a lot of reasons. From the wonderful trip to make the EP, to the EP itself, to all of the positive response the tracks have gotten, this EP holds a special, special place in my heart, and will for quite a long time. It helps that the tracks came out really, really well.

02. Fracus and Darwin - Diversions [HARDCORE UNDERGROUND] (LINK)
Fracus and Darwin's fourth studio album is hands down their best work. This album has a wide variety of tracks across a range of styles, including, of all things, a house tune. My personal favourite is Fracus and Darwin vs. Reese - Cross The Line, a 2015 update of an amazing tune by Reese, originally released on K-12. Been playing that one a lot. Believe In Something (featuring Jenna, of Heart of Gold fame) by all rights should be a huge anthem as well. Such a great vocal track.

Okay, so forgetting the unmixed disc for a second here (though it is insanely good), this album should not work. The mix features ten guest MCs on a studio mix, which combines two of my least favourite things ever. And yet somehow it works, and works brilliantly. Couple the awesome mix with a whole CD of brand new material, and you've got a winner that's been getting heavy rotation both in my DJ sets and on my iPod.

04. A-Tech, Rebuild Music, and Stamina Records - Freeform Family [STAMINA RECORDS] (LINK)
This album would have made its way onto my list solely for its inclusion of the much sought after Sharkey and Arkitech - Quadrophonics, but if you're into the freeform sound the entire album is really, really, REALLY good. Three great freeform labels all coming together to showcase the very best of what they have to offer. What's not to love?

05.The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (LINK)
A lot of people for whatever reason didn't like this album. I am not one of those people. It felt like a natural evolution of The Prodigy's sound, hard-edged and modern. Yeah, it's more Fat of the Land than Experience (unlike Invaders Must Die), and you know what? I'm good with that. Fat of the Land is some of their best work, and this album is very much in that same style.

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01. Kobaryo - Milky Factory [PSYCHO FILTH RECORDS] (LINK)
02. Omi featuring Broken Minds - Wake Up [THE THIRD MOVEMENT] (LINK)
03. Noizenecio - Trick of Phantom [SOLIDBOX RECORDS] (LINK)
04. Dischord - Really Crazy
05. kenta-v.ez. - dlb (LINK)

Subwise web - Subwise Bandcamp

SPOTOVSKY: I don't know maybe you waiting from me more ravey stuff, but I love many styles of music - idm, glitch, jungle, jazz, footwork, heavy metal etc. and this is my top 5 albums of the year:

01. Bjork - Vulnicura[ONE LITTLE INDIAN] (LINK)
02. Sam Binga - Wasted Days [CRITICAL] (LINK)
03. Jaga Jazzist - Starfire [NINJA TUNE] (LINK)
04. Ivy Lab - 20/20 Volume One [20/20 LDN] (LINK)
05. Squarepusher - Damogen Furies [WARP] (LINK)

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THECRAZYDUTCHMAN2015 has been a truly remarkable year for music. Seeing as listen to literally everything, it was hard for me to pick 5 of my favourite tracks, but I’ve managed to select 5, but I’ve made it more suitable for everyone: they are all different (genres). That’s the main reason why I’ve started my blog many years ago: to share my enthusiasm and passion for music, and to open people’s ears and improve their musical knowledge. With this top 5 I’ve decided to showcase what music in general has to offer and which tracks are the finest to me. Again, it wasn’t easy, but I’m truly honoured and flattered. Hopefully you will listen to these tracks, and expand your musical interest, like I have!

01. Drokz – Be A Lion (Son) [DROKZ] (LINK)
This is a recent track released by DJ Drokz (all for free, like he always does), and it’s probably the greatest Terror track ever made. This is music not many people understand and it’s difficult to really write down why this is such a wicked track, but if you listen to it with an open mind you might really appreciate it. It makes me want to be a lion, and not many tracks have the capability to do that (besides Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’).

02. A.B – This (Transcend & Cyrax Disco Mode Remix) [STAMINA RECORDS] (LINK)
If there’s a heaven, this is the music the angels listen to. Freeform music is such an underrated form of music, but it has the power to be the greatest style ever to come out of the UK. This track is a remix, and seeing as I fell in love with the original, I was blown away by this remix. This is the first remix I’ve ever heard which sounds better than the original. I love what Stamina Records’ release, and this has got to be the finest track so far!

03. Nuton – Way Back Home
This is a truly amazing track, simple vocals and a wicked beat underneath it, and you’ve got a dancefloor smasher. Klubfiller’s label has been releasing amazing music, and I found this in his latest mix ‘Klubfiller 2015 Mixtape’ and it’s filled with amazing tunes, but this has got to be my favourite. Look out for Nuton, this man will take over the UK Hardcore scene.

04. Nexone – Higher (LINK)
I used to be a Hardstyle fan, but I lost hope when the music became too cheesy. This track brought back my enthusiasm, and made me raise my hands in the air higher than I have done before! Simplicity is the key word in the scene, no complex bits and bobs, no long vocal bits, keep it minimal and the track should become a classic anthem. This, made by whoever Nexone is, is beautiful. Oh, and the bass is nasty. It makes me soil my pants. And that’s a good thing!

05. Entity & CLSM – Rudloe (Cold War City) (Breaks Mix) [CLSM] (LINK)
Yes, it’s the music that’s promoted the most on this website, and I think I have to mention CLSM. A pioneer, someone who knows how to make excellent Breakbeat Hardcore music, and with this track he worked alongside Entity, and the result is an amazing Breakbeat track. Maybe a bit underrated, but gorgeous to say the least. Oh, and he does love keyboard bits. And who doesn’t? Build-up and everything seems to be in order. CLSM is the main man keeping the scene alive (no offense to others). But name someone as great as him? You can’t. This track is his finest track so far!

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VITALITYThere have been a ton of amazing tracks that I've enjoyed this year. But here is a selection of tracks that really spoke to me. I loved each of 'em instantly. And every time I play them they trigger that sweet buzzing in my head! 

2015 has been a very rewarding year if you love The Prodigy. ...which I do! \0/ Should tracks from The Day Is My Enemy sweep the Top 5? They could. But I'll go with "Destroy". ...hard to deny, after I noticed that the last thing I would catch myself saying at night and the first thing I found myself saying to start the day was "De-STROY!", aha. ;) "Rok-Weiler" is biting at its heels as a close second (with the most intense build-up on the album); and can't ignore: Wild Frontier, Roadblox, Medicine know, you've heard the album.

02. Luna-C & Reeve - Take Me Home [KFA] (LINK)
Aligning two different personas on one common mission, this track delivers the unfiltered inner-thoughts of Reeve paired with the unhinged wildness of Luna-C. Tormented vocals and aggressive sounds - yyyes, just how we like it! You can hear the raw emotion in all the tracks on the debut, Risk, EP. But the unsettled discontent of "Take Me Home" keeps luring me back for more.

03. DJ Pink Champagne - Brainkiller (LINK)
The atmosphere that DJ Pink Champagne manages to create in her tracks really paints a picture for me (...I've gotten lost in the vibe of a few of 'em lately, like "Rave Is Freedom" and "Tea Ceremony"). And the atmosphere in "Brainkiller" is tough to beat. It's pure raving euphoria! Each element that comes in makes perfect sense to me, as it keeps raising the energy higher and higher. \0/ Let the title warn you.

04. DJ Rave In Peace - So Nice [RINSE REPEAT] (LINK)
Before stepping away from producing, DJ Rave In Peace was firing out a number of amazing tracks (like contenders: "Lost Angels" and "Can't Take It"). But it's an offering from the start of the year that still resonates in my mind - the addictive "So Nice". Sure, those quintessential slammin' pianos will grab your attention. But it's that sinister stab hook that I can't get enough of. Definitely so nice!

05. RenegadeGenius - Feel The Power [PARANOID RECORDINGS] (LINK)
Oh man, there's something so demented about this track. I love it. :) It's less melodic than the previous choices. But somewhere between the brutally savage beats, eerie synths, and possessed vocal samples, RenegadeGenius is able to transport you to his dark world. This one captures the essence perfectly. And even once the journey is over, I still feel electrified. (...and you gotta love that crazy laughing). ;) "Ah hahaha!!"