Monday 8 April 2024

The new vinyl release of Octotrax

Octotraxthe brainchild of the UK's nu-rave aficionado Sam White, continues to push boundaries with their latest EP release, that marks the 5th vinyl output of the label. This installment seamlessly melds the classic eurohouse rhythms of the 90s with a progressive touch and electrifying vibes, redefining 'oldschool' in a refreshing manner.

Scheduled for release in June 2024, this EP promises as usual to become a collector's item with only 100 limited vinyl copies available. It is comprised of four tracks - two brand new tracks, 'Superlover' by Pianohead and 'Want U 2 Stay' by Retropolis, alongside two highly requested gems from the label's back catalogue of digital goodness, '2'os Beer'os' by Sparky and 'Dirty Blame' by Pianohead.

In the opener 'Superlover', Pianohead delivers a high-energy anthem that immediately grabs the listener's attention with an effective blend of retro eurohouse vibes with modern production techniques, setting the tone for the EP. 'Dirty Blame', is another offering from Pianohead, mainting the big pianos and 4x4 progression, making it a standout addition to the EP.

On the flip side, the magician Sparky (a.k.a. Sanxion) drops his '2'os Beer'os' on a literal dose of playful energy with its funky grooves and quirky samples. Last but not least, 'Want U Stay 'by Retropolis is a mesmerizing blend of euphoric melodies and driving breakbeats that captivates from start to finish. This track serves as the perfect conclusion to an EP that expertly balances nostalgia with innovation.

A definite winner introducing sounds that Sam White rocked the stage of Rejuvenation last month in Leeds. All in all, this great Octo-wax is worth every single penny!


Sunday 7 April 2024

Teknosis 04 [Asionyta]

Portugal-based Asionyta present one of their latest installment driven by the Italian artist itamirinen and UK's Arcade Trauma. The 2-track EP is titled Teknosis 04 led by the track 'Keeping the Happy Vibe Alive'. It comes out digitally under the aforementioned Poruguese label that was born amidst the challenges of the pandemic.

At its core, 'Keeping the Happy Vibe Alive' is originally a happy breaks tune by itamirinen that serves as the foundation, exuding positivity and energy from the start. With Arcade Trauma's remix, we're treated to a reinterpretation that adds an extra layer of dynamism. The remix takes the infectious groove of the original and infuses it with a more stompy vibe, creating a perfect balance between euphoria and intensity.

What stands out most about 'Keeping the Happy Vibe Alive' is its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia while still feeling fresh and innovative. It's the kind of track that transports you back to the 90's dancefloor. With its infectious energy and expertly crafted production, this release is sure to resonate within the happy side of the nu-rave community.



Arcade Trauma