Sunday 30 December 2018

[VMRDT117] Dr. Prozak - The Jah Jah EP [Available To Download Now From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stores!!!]

1/ Jah Jah.
2/ 1996,
3/ Rasta Pasta.
4/ Run Da Track.

The good Dr. Prozak makes his return to Viral-Mental Records to prescribe another dose of ruffneck jungle and drum & bass pressure with the release of 'The Jah Jah EP'

'Jah Jah' kicks off the collection in pure junglistic fashion with it's use of dub reggae, guitar skanks peppered with Rastafari vocal snippets on the intro, before we are hit with devastating, subsonic bass pulses paired with crisp, rolling breaks to get the floor moving.
Up next '1996' takes it's inspiration from classic, mid-nineties jump-up jungle with it's lethal fusion of relentless, 2-step breaks, moody pads and monstrous, buzzing bassline that wouldn't sound out of place in a Hype set from back in the day.

For 'Rasta Pasta', Dr. Prozak serves us up a generous portion of feelgood Dennis Brown samplage before dropping a hurricane of junglistic percussive elements backed by a powerful, enveloping Reese bass riff.
Tearing amen breaks is the order of the day with 'Run Da Track', a punishing blend of brutal bass pulses, ragga chatter and sliced and diced breakbeats that's guaranteed to get all junglist's brockin' out on the dancefloor!!!

The good Dr. advises all headz to take four doses of 'The Jah Jah EP' daily to ensure that a healthy quota of junglism has been administered. You know what to do....!!!

Dr Prozak's, 'The Jah Jah EP' is available to download now from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stores and streaming sites!!!




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[JEDI 22] DJ Jedi - Kniteforce Remixes [Exclusive Clear & Blue Splattered, 12" Vinyl & Digital Available To Purchase Now!!!]

A1 - Feel It (Gothika Shade Remix).
A2 - Bring The Beat Back (Cru-L-T Instrumental).
AA1 - Escapism (Ant To Be Remix).
AA2 - Brainwashed (Paul Bradley Remix).

Jedi Recordings joins forces with the mighty Kniteforce Records to bring you four exclusive, breakbeat hardcore makeovers from DJ Jedi's long and industrious back catalogue, with the release of the 'Kniteforce Remixes' EP on limited edition clear and blue splattered vinyl and digital formats.

Kniteforce Records mainstay, Gothika Shade steps up to the plate first with a storming reinterpretation of 'Feel It' from the recent 'Rebel Alliance' EP, which sees the tempo pushed up to the maximum to deliver a 200mph, hectic hardcore anthem in the making.
Cru-L-T (aka Kniteforce head honcho DJ Luna C) revisits his 'Bring That Beat Back' remix to deliver an exclusive, incendiary 'Instrumental Remix' of the Knitebreed classic which eschews the original's vocal elements to maintain focus on the BEATS, the STABS and the BASS!!!

Up next we see 2016's 'Escapism' receives a manic, 1992/1993 style jungle tekno revamp from Ant To Be jam packed with euphoric piano melodies and crisp, rolling breaks which lead right into an electrifying, mentasm fuelled breakdown layered with ascending and descending synth stabs.
Rounding off this splendiferous collection of nu-rave relicks we have the one and only Paul Bradley who gives 'Brainwashed' from the most excellent 'Hardcore Unity E.P.' a storming 4/4 kickdrum and amen break makeover that's guaranteed to get all hands in the air.

The DJ Jedi 'Knteforce Remixes' EP comes highly recommended for any lover of upfront, breakbeat hardcore with a heavy oldskool influence. An essential selection of future nuskool rave anthems!!! 

The DJ Jedi, 'Kniteforce Remixes' clear and blue splatter vinyl  and digital EP is available to purchase for £9.99 plus postage & packaging from the official Jedi Recordings Bandcamp page. All orders of the vinyl come with free digital downloads.

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Thursday 27 December 2018

[KOR029] Redshift - Pawn Shop E.P [ [Available To Download & Stream From All Good Kut Off Records Digital Stockists Now!!!!] (26-12-18)

1/ Pawnshop Funk.
2/ If You Really Want Me..

Bringing 2018 to a roaring close we have Kut Off Records' who unleashes Redshift's brand new, jazz and bass masterpiece the 'Pawn Shop E.P' just in time to set the dancefloors on fire to usher in the New Year. 

Kicking off the proceedings first we are introduced to the languid grooves of 'Pawnshop Funk', a funk fuelled slice of 140 bpm jungle breaks set to a potent blend of double bass twangs and G-Funk-esque synth notes to get the feet on the floor.

'If You Really Want Me' follows a similar path as it's predecessor, whilst adding house diva vocals, crisp organic breaks and an undulating, neurofunk style bassline into the mix to devastating effect.

The Kut Off Records crew, alongside co-conspirator Redshift ensure that your 140, jungle breaks set will be packed with enough audio artillery to slay the rave. Get yourself some 'Pawnshop Funk' now!!! 

Redshift's 'Pawn Shop E.P' is available to download know from the Official Kut Off Records webstore for £1.99...

... and from the following digital music stores and streaming sites...




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Wednesday 26 December 2018

Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. 'HALL OF FAME 2018' (CD1 - GL0WKiD & CD2 - TARIQ ZIYAD)

Strictly Nuskool Blog's annual series of podcasts/mixes returns for the 6th year in a row offering 2 massive mixes by GL0WKiD & Tariq Ziyad compiled with love and devotion to the scene and all producers & labels involved.

2018 has been an absolutely amazing year of Nuskool heroes, hard working labels, Oldskool legends reloading, more Vinyl releases, massive gigs and outstanding tunes!
For more you can take a read on an immense article published a few days ago exclusively on Strictly Nuskool and made by 23 contributors such as GL0WKiD, Tariq Ziyad, BreakbeatScientist, Meaux Andromeda, Damage Inc, DJ Bagpuss, Ant To Be, Coco Bryce, FFF, The CrazyDutchman, Dave Skywalker, Mark Archer, Si 2 Bad Mice, DJ Shimamura, DJ Kushti, Nefti, Riffz, Saiyan, Insane & Mind, Indigo Virus, Jay Cunningham, DJ Jedi, The Lowercase & Mr. SPARKLe.

And in regards to 'HALL OF FAME 2018', this session is (as ever) available on free download and stream via Mixcloud.
Last but not least, all of us in the Strictly Nuskool Blog team, wish you happy new year and may everything come true as you dream of.


CD1 - Mixed by GL0WKiD

01. MindTransit - New Rave is Dead (2018 remaster) [BAD HABIT]
02. Manarchy - Bass Drama [KAMBO RECORDS]
03. Luna-C - Children of the Mind (Original Mix) [KNITEFORCE DIGITAL]
04. Kokushimusou - James Brown is (not dead) [ANTHEM RECORDS]
06. DJ Mark C - Turn Up Da Levels [SONIC FORTRESS]
07. Paul Cronin - Hardcore Yo Yo (Deadly Nightshade Remix) [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
09. Aeon Four - Shrapnel Seeds
10. The Prodigy - Out Of Space (Aeon Four remix)
11. Hyper On Experience - Lift Me Up (Luna-C Remix) [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
12. TNO Project - This Gen-E-ration [KNITEBREED]
13. Shadowplay & Ant To Be - 1234 [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
14. Yannick Biscuits - Let The Rhythm (Remix) [4 THE CORE RECORDINGS]
15. Shoreman - Take My Hand [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
16. Alex Jungle - Land Of Milk And Gold [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
17. Marusha - Deep (D & B Remix) [CLUB ARREST MUSIC]
18. Blasta - Hyperspeed [FUTURE JUNGLE MUSIC]
19. Worldwide Epidemic - Enterprise [DIAMOND LIFE]
20. Yudaidhun - Kuttimpa [REWINDBACK RECORDS]
21. Bizzy B - This Is Computerised (Pursuit's nu-rave remix 2018)
22. Mannik - Computers Are Taking Over The World (The Timespan Remix) [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
23. Yell O Phase - In The Begining (Darkness Mix) [SONIC FORTRESS]
24. Pursuit - Creeper Weed (exclusive album mix) [THIS IS NU-RAVE]
25. Unknown Artist - New Clear Attack [WHITE LABEL]


CD2 - Mixed by TARIQ ZIYAD 

01. Dope Ammo, Kathy Brown & Wyld Child - I'm Good ft. Frenic (Liquid Remix) [DOPE AMMO] 
02. Case 82 - Rock With Me [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS] 
03. The Prodigy - Timebomb Zone [BMG]
04. Retropolis - Calling Me [OCTOTRAX] 
05. Retropolis Ft Faydz - Start the Panic [OCTOTRAX] 
06. Strange Rollers - U No Dat 
07. DJ Jedi - Feel It [JEDI RECORDINGS] 
08. AfterLife - The World Is Yours [PEACE ON WAX] 
09. Case 82 Ft Return to Zero - Don't Break My Heart [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS] 
10. Beat Jugglers - Vibezin ft Evenson Allen 
11. DJ Seduction - Love Like This [21st CENTURY IMPACT] 
12. Sub Fusion - Paranoid Flashbacks [36 HERTZ] 
13. Kreggo + Textasy - The Definitive Hardcore Anthem [aud ART] 
14. Luna C & Lowercase - Get Away [KNITEFORCE RECORDS] 
15. Damage Inc. - Joy Of The Prodigy Dancers [SONIC FORTRESS] 
16. Lavery - Who's In Da Place [SUB CODE] 
17. Amaretto - Hardcore Drums [DRED COLLECTIVE]
18. Stormski - Cry (Stormski's Pulling Me Back Mix) [PEACE ON WAX] 
19. Gareth Monks - Live For The Future


Monday 24 December 2018

[VMRDT116] Various - VMR Team Vol. 2 [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ DROMA - Different Vibez.
2/ Dr Prozak - Sweet.
3/ Cynical Gene - Trouser Growler.
4/ Hektic - Watch Ya Step.
5/ Jaguar Paw - Safe Key.
6/ Aseity - Mr. DMT.
7/ Miss Guided & MC Astro - Spaced Out Bounce.
8/ Dredillah - Far North.
9/ Cyanide - Cold Mind.
10/ DROMA - Deposit.
11/ Dr Prozak - L@vand3.
12/ Cynical Gene - Artemis.
13/ Hektic - Need That.
14/ DROMA - Bigmistake (Aseity Remix).
15/ Uzi & Miss Guided - Daylight.

Viral-Mental Records deliver a bumper Festive treat in the form of the 'VMR Team Vol. 2' album. A monster fifteen track compendium of the very best in jungle and drum & bass, covering every conceivable spectrum within the scene. It's time for the Strictly NuSkool Blog to open up this selection box of breaks and bass flavoured goodies and see what treats are inside...

If smooth and futuristic grooves are what you are seeking then DROMA and Dr Prozak's expertly crafted opening numbers, 'Different Vibez' and 'Sweet' will fulfil your audio cravings before we are presented with two darker offerings in the form of Cynical Gene's  crisp, neurofunk stepper, 'Trouser Growler' and Hektic's moody jungle bassline growler, 'Watch Ya Step'.

Jaguar Paw delivers a twisted mentasm and rubber band, bassline fuelled tech-step monster with 'Safe Key', alongside Asiety's pitch black, skeletal 2-step break driven stab-fest 'Mr. DMT'. Taking us away from the darkness and into the light we have Miss Guided & MC Astro's irresitably chilled rap-meets-drum & bass fusion'Spaced Out Bounce'.

Up next we have Dredillah who takes us on a subsonic bass powered journey with 'Far North', which is closely followed by Cyanide's , who makes his return with the gorgeous, retro flavoured liquid D&B number, 'Cold Mind'. 'Deposit' by DROMA sees the producer revisit his dark and sinister neurofunk roots, and is soon joined by Cynical Gene who introduces us to his hi-octane, cyberpunk future classic, 'Artemis'.

Kicking off the last quarter we have Dr Prozak's 'L@veland3', which fuses together an eclectic blend of uplifting, filtered music hall samplage and ruff & rugged breaks 'n' bass. Hektic also makes a comeback with 'I Need That', a grimy jungle roller with a bassline straight outta 1996. DROMA's 'Bigmistake' receives a pristine techstep makeover from Aseity, before Uzi & Miss Guided close the album with some lush, liquid funk with 'Daylight'.

The Viral-Mental Records crew pull off yet another top-notch compilation of high quality breaks and bass with 'VMR Team Vol. 2'. If you have yet to sample the delights of the VMR label, then there's not a better opportunity to step on board. An essential purchase for all drum & bass headz!!! 

The 'VMR Team Vol. 2' album is be available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stores and streaming sites now!!!



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Dr. Prozak...
Jaguar Paw...
MC Astro...
Miss Guided...

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[WJEP014] Raket - Winter 2018 [Wicked Jungle Records, Beatport Exclusive Available To Download Now!!!]


1/ Raket - Sacred Vine.
2/ Raket - Bangarang.
3/ Self Aware - Da Bronx (Raket Remix).

The Strictly NuSkool Blog catches up with long running digital jungle label, Wicked Jungle Records, which unveils it's brand new 3-track EP, the aptly named 'Winter 2018' EP by long running contributor Raket.

We are first introduced to some spiritual jungle flavours with 'Sacred Vine' which weaves together an infectious blend of rolling breaks, jittery percussive elements and a full on, near 4/4 bass pattern alongside snippets of mystical chanting. You wouldn't be forgiven for assuming that 'Sacred Vine' is in essence, the 2018, evolution of early nineties jungle tekno with it's relentless energy equally balanced by it's languid elements..

Up next we have 'Bangarang', which delivers a deep and airy, pad driven intro before hitting us with a potent combination of dreamlike, descending/ascending synth melodies, booming bass pulses, and snappy, layered breakbeats, culminating in a hypnotic blend of electronica and D&B. 

Finishing off this triptych of forward thinking beats and bass, Raket takes on fellow Wicked Jungle label mate, Self Aware for a mean and moody refix of 'Da Bronx' by effortlessly welding together snippets of gangsta-delic, rap from the original mix onto an ominously atmospheric, drum & bass backdrop.

With this release both Raket and Wicked Jungle Records prove that they are not afraid to push the very boundaries of jungle and drum & bass with his ability to create unique music that isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd. 

The Breakbeatscientist's top pick... 'Sacred Vine'!!!  

The Raket 'Winter 2018' EP is available to download now, as a Wicked Jungle Records Beatport Eclusive for 2 weeks before going on general release to all good digital download stores...

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Friday 21 December 2018

STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG pres. 'TOP 5 RELEASES OF 2018' by Various Producers/DJs/Label Managers/Promoters

The year 2018 is coming to an end, hence we've made a big research with the kind help and contribution of some essential producers/DJs/label managers/promoters/music writers from around the globe to submit altogether the 'TOP 5 RELEASES of 2018'.
Various genres, tunes, albums, EPs, highlights worth to give a read, your attention and support of course!

GL0WKiD, Tariq Ziyad, BreakbeatScientist, Meaux Andromeda, Damage Inc, DJ Bagpuss, Ant To Be, Coco Bryce, FFF, The CrazyDutchman, Dave Skywalker, Mark Archer, Si 2 Bad Mice, DJ Shimamura, DJ Kushti, Nefti, Riffz, Saiyan, Insane & Mind, Indigo Virus, Jay Cunningham, DJ Jedi, The Lowercase & Mr. SPARKLe.


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GL0WKiD: 2018.. One more great year of music, lots of releases, and in regards with the Hardcore scene the majority I'd say remains in a healthy level.
Kniteforce, Booyaka!, Billy Daniel Bunter, Sonic Fortress, Raveskool Recordings, DJ Jedi, Damage Inc. Finchman, Unity In The Sun, Paul Cronin, Try Unity, Calling The Hardcore, TNO Project, Insane & Mind, Dave Skywalker, Coco Bryce are just some highlight names throughout this year.

To me personally, this year has been full of hard work by launching a new project dealing with video promotion, video expression of the music I love & represent (you can check out all episodes here) as it's something that's missing from the Nu-Rave scene. Additionally there were lots of releases to blog, review, interviews all around and apologies if I miss anything. There's a big amount of tunes/releases/people out there that makes it hard sometimes to find some time to focus. Trying doing my best for almost the half of my everyday. Will elaborate speak about this year's onto my personal website next days, till then I'd like to thank all contributors joining this celebrational article of the outstanding 2k18.

So here's my top 5 albums of this year, all available on hard copies for your collection & your pleasure. Random selection; each release stands on its own for many reasons!

(1) The Prodigy - No Tourists [BMG] (LINK)
The boys are here and live forever with their 6th consecutive No.1 album 'No Tourists'; although it's less than 40 minutes, it's an absolute addiction and one of their best work so far. Couldn't skip this album, due to my excitement of a new prodigy release and despite an announcement they did back in 2015 about ''No more albums, just EP's.''
Last but not least, just to show off my prodigized music roots, I did one more special showcase @ Kniteforce Radio, dedicated to this album. (you can listen to it here)

It was early of this year when a big announcement came in the Hardcore Breaks scene.
A collaboration of two hard workin labels and friends of mine, Sonic Fortress & Raveskool Recordings. Specifically 2nzy/Damage Inc. and Paul Cronin presenting/compiling...54 tunes! This number onto a compilation that comes out in 6xCD, USB and digital format, is far way promising for the future of our scene. Without any doubt, this compilation album is the album of this decade to me and during the whole decade that I'm running my self music project.
All people involved in 'BOOYAKA!' pushed that a lot as deserves to a large release like this one and the result is fantastic & high recommended for any support!

(3) V.A. - Calling The Hardcore Vol.1 [RAVE RADIO RECORDS] (LINK)
This album defines Hardcore nowdays.To justify my words, I'd just say that Calling The Hardcore events in Brighton/UK is something fresh within the scene and fuels the dancefloor with a proper underground audio/visual rave party. I lived it all night long and for more you can check here.
On top of that, this album mixes Oldskool legends with Nuskool & new breed of Hardcore troopers, compiled & released by passionate team with a sexy blue stunning artwork by the one & only Junior Tomlin!

What happens when Luna-C remixes Hyper On Experience, DJ Ham the Doughboy? Or Liquid reworks Audio X? While Audio X remixes Wislov? Well, it all happens, cos it's KF100!
Yes! 100.
The legendary and longest Hardcore label, ministry, crew, KFamilia, or simply KNITEFORCE, celebrates 100 releases in the year 2018.
26 years of age offering a superb release where you can find lots of artists from the KF, new and old ones paying homage to big tunes released over the years and eventually something that should NOT be missing from your collection.
If it's missing then.... you can still get your copy. But hurry!

(5) Trigger Happy - Volume 2 [TRIGGER HAPPY] (LINK)
Ok there are too many EPs to mention, but this one here needs an extra mark & praise, an extra push; as the man behing the label keeps it seriously underground and turns to be successful and fair enough of course cos the tunes are magnificent.
The second EP of Trigger Happy got sold out quickly again and one way or another you'd google to find a copy of it atm or get in touch with the label manager here 
I've played a lot the flipside throughout my 2018 mixes, and being a big fan of this imprint. Get in too!

TARIQ ZIYADIt's great to see the resurgence of oldskool hardcore style music in 2018. I believe the Strictly NuSkool Blog and the hard work put in by GLOWKiD, Stuart and Meaux play a big factor in that as does the work of MPS Vinyl and the artists that contribute to the scene.
I want to say something a little controversial and I hope it doesn't offend as I don't wish to offend people. The emphasis on vinyl only releases in 2018 seems very short sighted to me. People say they are worried that their work will be stolen or pirated if released digitally and I get that. There isn't a clear cut solution to music piracy right now but elitism will see this scene die out a second time just like it did back in the 90s. Why not sell records and digital products? Even people who for years chose the digital format over vinyl have now gone the way of 'vinyl only' but don't you want the larger audience to know about your music or just a few middle aged men and women?

I love this music, I've loved it since I was a 12 year old schoolkid back in 1991. Ask yourself why House music and Drum & Bass are so popular to this day? Because they are genres accessible to all. Kids in their teens make House and DnB because they can hear it on the radio and discover it on download stores. Make breakbeat hardcore accessible to all and watch this scene grow. Now I've got that out of the way, here are my favourite releases of the year.

(1) V.A. - Calling The Hardcore [RAVE RADIO RECORDS] (LINK)
Great contributions from Damage Inc and InnerCore alongside legends like Ron Wells and Ellis Dee make this an essential album for any lover of breakbeat hardcore.

(2) Gothical Shade - The Birth of the Huma Bird EP (LINK)
A brilliant EP! The tracks on 'Birth Of The Huma Bird' combine the best elements from different periods in the hardcore/rave timeline, none more so than the ecstatic 'Coming On Strong'.

(3) Sub Fusion - Empty Warehouses EP [36 HERTZ RECORDINGS] (LINK)
Sub Fusion are the duo behind a modern class (Psychotic Bleeps) and this EP finds them on fantastic form. Twisted, dark, left of centre breakbeat hardcore at its best!

Packed to the rafters with a wide variety of breakbeat hardcore and jungle tunes including some bona fide legends making contributions. If I were to pick a fave, it would have to be Damage Inc 'Joy Of The Prodigy Dancers'.

(5) Aeon Four - Cities EP [BOOMSHA RECORDINGS] (LINK)
It's always great when an artist brings something new to the table and the 3 tracks on this release encapsulate everything great about hardcore and jungle but with a refreshing twist.


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2018 has been a full on year for top notch music, spanning across all styles of breakbeat hardcore, jungle and drum & bass. With essential vinyl releases and labels constantly churning out a non-stop supply of must have wax.
This year I present a snapshot of the top 5 pieces of vinyl which set my turntable alight…

(1) Response & Pliskin - Anima Morta. [Blunted Breaks Vol. 1 - WESTERN LORE] (LINK)
For me 2018 was the year that Dead Man’s Chest’s flagship label Western Lore took over the scene, and what better example to highlight this than Response & Pliskin’s excellent dub-meets-jungle-techno masterpiece.

(2) DJ Ham - Chicken Tune [Most Impressive EP - KNITEFORCE RECORDS] (LINK)
A gloriously uplifting slice of ‘sunny vibed’ breakbeat hardcore without even the slightest hint of cheese, from an undisputed oldskool legend, DJ Ham. That ascending/descending melody is enough to brighten up anyone’s day.

(3) KeeZee - Into The Depths [Rebel Alliance EP - JEDI RECORDINGS (LINK)
KeeZee brought the deepness back to jungle with this spine-tingling and stirring slice of darkly atmospheric drum & bass. If those cavernous pads fail to move you, then you must be dead inside!!!

(4) Soul Intent - Snow (feat E) [Versus Volume Four EP - LOSSLESS MUSIC] (LINK)
Expertly utilising gossamer thin pad washes and E’s smooth and soulful vocals, set to crisp rolling breaks and warm bass throbs. D&B superstar, Soul Intent delivered a beautifully crafted and emotive liquid cut. 

(5) Unknown Artist - New Clear Attack [WHITE LABELS] (LINK)

Despite it’s release date of 2018, this under the radar white label sounds like pure, undiluted 1993 pirate radio, hardcore and junglism. What with it’s ruff and rugged, timestretched breaks, thundering bass notes, manic stabs and ragga soundclash samples.



MEAUX ANDROMEDA: Just a junglist space kitty blasting her amens across the galaxy for all to hear. So my Top 5 of 2018 is:

(1) Theory & Dead Man’s Chest & Thugwidow - Venus [The Planet Series EP - RUPTURE] (LINK)

Rupture’s new series the Planets takes off with two amazing releases, Mercury and Venus. The Venus release has taken me to another dimension all together with Theory’s tune ‘Heartbreak in Paradise’. The words fall short to describe the beauty of this tune. It is an instant future classic in my opinion. From the vocals, to the jazzy soul, to the arrangement of the drums, this tune hits #1 above all this year for me. The flip from Dead Man’s Chest & Thugwidow is not one for the mediocre mind either. I find it insane how they rearrange the sounds in this to put together a unique tune, a perfect B side to the A side. Top record of the year! 

(2) Drama1 - Be Who You Wanna EP [KEMET RECORDS] (LINK)
Kemet Records has killed it this year with release after release. Showing the world that jungle is not going anywhere and here to stay. This release captured my heart in many ways. 'I Don’t Care' is a soulful dance floor tune that brings an instant smile on my face everytime I hear it, and I play this one lots. This record to me is the epitome of what jungle is and captures the vibes that I love so much about the sound, the scene, and the people who make it up. Much love to Kemet Records! 

(3) Enjoy - Anger & Control EP [BUSTLE BEATS] (LINK)

This 3 x 10” release is fantastic in every way possible. First time I heard a few of the tunes from this release was on a Subtle Audio show via Jungle Train and I think I listened to that recording over and over again until the day of the release. My favorite have to be on Plate 2 side B ‘Anger & Control’, but it is so hard to choose as every tune from this LP is hit after hit. Enjoy and Subtle Audio’s boss Code really made something special here. I find that not many people have caught on to how marvelous Enjoy’s productions really are, don’t sleep on this. He is one of jungle music finest in my opinion.

(4) Coco Bryce/FFF - Falling In Love EP [MYOR MASSIV] (LINK)

I love this record so much! Coco Bryce’s tune 'Lovin You' is special. The way he took a vocal off of a youtube video and turned it into this masterpiece, tells me that Coco Bryce productions are on another level. The drums kick right from the start and once that vocal comes in ''lovin you'' it fills my soul with pure love. The first time I heard it played I bought two copies, making me so addicted that it grabs the #3 spot of the year for me. The record is filled with emotion on both sides and who doesn’t like Winnie the Pooh? 

(5) Champa B - Dred Conquer [SCIENTIFIC WAX] (LINK)

Champa B kills it with this release on Sci Wax. That ‘Movin’ tune is another one of those future classics. I see this being played by LTJ Bukem to a large crowd and everyone losing their minds. Such a groovy tune filled with a haunting vocal, clean breaks, a jungle bird (which i love) and atmospheric vibrations. Perfection to say the least!


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DAMAGE INC.: WOW! What a year it has been for Hardcore Breaks! I have been racing round everywhere this year and 2018 has absolutely been on fire!
Events,sets,labels,artists,releases,everything this Year has been so good!
Hardcore Breaks has a new top artist,the genre's answer to Kosheen: TRY UNITY.
Firing out a number of releases,capturing that old Rave sound,performing live and creating original vocals, these guys have it all!Amazing,and just what this genre needed,an actual band or act!

This one is obvious,the biggest track of the year with no shadow of a doubt has been DJ CDC's 'I NEED THAT DRUG'.
All year people have been asking about that track,I've heard it at Raves,on the radio,people talking about it, remixes of it,basically all the ingrediants of a bonafide anthem.Let's hope CDC has more like this for 2019!


Now theres 2 huge contenders for this. 'BOOYAKA!' & 'CALLING THE HARDCORE'.
'BOOYAKA!' is an essential Hardcore Breaks purchase, grab a copy of that and you immediately know who's who in the World of Hardcore Breaks, veterans, Old Skool legends, the current top producers and those who make their debut here!
'CALLING THE HARDCORE' is 12 brand new tracks on digital and vinyl! Everything about this album is top quality.
The amazing art from the legendary Junior Tomlin with lots of current Hardcore Breaks producers from around the World, the quality on this is tip top, again an essential Hardcore Breaks purchase!


This one is easy as it's no contest. RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS, putting out track after track, pushing Hardcore Breaks, supporting artists. They are on fire, have the passion and have built themselves up to this position. Bunch of Superstars over there!


This ones got to be CALLING THE HARDCORE! They have built up an amazing event in Brighton, this is not the cheesecore you get at most other events. Production is quality.
The Old Skool is spot on and this isn't the same 10 tracks you get at the other events.
And to top that they do what the other tired promoters aren't doing, pushing the Nu Skool sound with Hardcore Breaks in room 2! The clue is in the passion they have for it!
Honourable mentions have to go to 'LIVE EVIL' and 'EPIDEMIK' again doing things a little differently and independantly. Salute!


This is a tough one as there are so many, but 3 come to mind!
MAYHEM, all I can say is 'WOW!', so impressive what Mr. Mayhem has built up and achieved there! It is a radio station but it is so much more than a radio station!
It's a community, station, shop, studio, events and who knows what else is going to spawn out of it! Brilliant crew, great, friendly guys and have been so supportive of Hardcore Breaks.
Then, LAZERFM, again, great bunch of guys, station is cool, productions are coming, but where they excel I feel is their events!
They put on top nights,pushing Jungle and Rave music and there is so much coming from these guys for 2019!
BREAKPIRATES.This one gets props for the length of time it has been broadcasting
BUT, this station comes with a hazard warning, it is dangerous, tune in and your bank account is going to take a beating! Once you've tuned in you'll be scouring Discogs and adding to your wants list!


SANXION. No contest. This is the guy that made 140 Future Jungle his own sound, he own's it, everybody else trys to sound like him! The guy is on another level musically and studio wise!


No contest again, GLOWKID. This guy's passion is incredible, and he is everywhere pushing the Hardcore Breaks. His radio shows, the Nuskool Blog posts and now his latest push with the music as he becomes a Youtube star!
Each episode so far gets better and better, as he gets better at presenting it he informs you of what is out there and what is coming!


I added this one in as it would have been DJ,but the best set I have heard this year does not belong to a DJ!
It belongs to FINCHMAN! Now, I have known and worked with this guy since 1990, I've seen him play in the studio his live jams on Facebook etc I've probably seen him play all sorts more than anyone else... But at EPIDEMIK's '7 Ages Of Rave' this Year, WOW!
You couldn't take your eyes off him, you didn't know what was going to come next, everything was live, anything could happen, and it was like a DJ set how he mashed tune into a tune, just jamming on the hardware for an hour's set!
If it was DJ, I'm gonna have to say JEDI. Always great sets, underground tunes, mixed well and always hit the spot!

Big ups to all. Let's roll into 2019 and hope Hardcore Breaks continues to thrive!


ANT TO BE: In the last few years I have been actively collecting vinyl records and playing them on my show on Kniteforce Radio and on some parties here in Russia.
So after request from GL0WKiD, I was happy to dig in my vinyl collection with releases dated 2018. I chose records that I played quite often and of course i love them so much. Here's my top 5 for 2018.

(5) Hornchuch Hardcore & Tim Reaper - Unified EP [DARK AGE RECORDINGS] (LINK)
Great stuff, on the edge of hardcore and jungle music. It's like on 1993. When it's almost jungle, but still hardcore.

This is real oldskool sounding record from Pete Cannon and his friend Akai Sampler, who not only smokes cigarettes, but also drinks beer.
Track 'Here We Go Again' combined with the most excellent video, classic hook sample from Pet Shop Boys and greatest piano riff are works.
Side B, I love too, wicked & darked, just proper hardcore.

(3) Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Globex Corp Volume 6 [7th STOREY PROJECTS] (LINK)
Series that has already become legendary in jungle/jungle tek style, produced by prolific talent Tim Ripper with his mates via 7th Storey Projects.
Everytime when I listen track on B1, I'm just going crazy and starting dancing like crazy man. It's really devilish! This usually occurs at the time of the appearance of the main stab, and then the appearance choir line. Absolutely wicked release!

(2) Trigger Happy - Volume 2 [TRIGGER HAPPY] (LINK)
Great happy hardcore release!
All 4 tracks are absolute bangers, but my favorite is the sweet tune on B1. I think he can to get any crowd, on any dance floor, at any time.

(1) V.A. - The Triple Threat [KNITEFORCE RECORDS] (LINK)
You know, I couldn't get past this release because it's a really unique album and a very amazing idea. Here all our awesome KF crew made remixes of each other, I'm proud to be there.
Who else can released such album except Chris Howell?


DJ BAGPUSS: These are my top 5 albums of 2018:

This utter monster compilation features many long established and well respected playaz in the hardcore/breaks/j-tek scene like Damage Inc, Vinyl Junkie, Sanxion, Ron Wells, Simon Holmes, Stu & Nee, Nefti, DJ Rave in Peace and many, many others. The fact that I somehow managed to get a track on there is mind-boggling! It's a colossal album & one I draw from a great deal for my breakbeat hardcore sets. With a range in bpms from the mid 130s to over 160 you can take listeners on an awe-inspiring musical journey.

(2) Vibes, Hattrix, Dougal, Bunter - It's About Time [no label]

I know that this one is controversial. Paying a tidy sum upfront before a single track was made, the backers (of which I was one) had to go on faith in the producers.
There were times where people didn't think it would ever be finished! However, it was and it was certainly worth the wait. A bold and imaginative project as the backers have not only been given exclusive access to the tunes, but also extras and the stems to remix the tunes however they want. In a world that is about interactivity this is an interactive album, allowing for the music to be not only played but remade in the owner's own image.
Completely original vocals and varying styles - from stomping 4 beat to jazzy drum n bass - make this stand out from the crowd and shout longevity.

(3) V.A. - Vinyl is Better 5 [KNITEFORCE RECORDS] (LINK)
Knite Force is obviously a label forever highly regarded in breakbeat hardcore music. Number 5 in the 'Vinyl is Better' series (strangely released on CD) is what you come to expect with many of the usual suspects (Abyss, Luna C, Gothika Shade, Alex Jungle) delivering their trademarked madcap hardcore. However, Pete Cannon is on hand to serve up some chopped-up amen jungle tekno with the opening track '950 1100 303' and TNO Project provide a more atmospehric rhythm with Vicious Metastatis.
Newcomers to the label including Innercore and Shoreman get to show their talents on this uplifting and exciting long player.

(4) Deadly Nightshade - Entity [XTRAHARD RECORDS] (LINK)
DN brings forth the darker shades of hardcore with his second album featuring tunes of a more brooding nature. With a very distinctive signature style, this is one that the fans of a less "happy" breed of hardcore will enjoy. It keeps a musical vibe throughout all the same and each track shows thought and care in the arrangement. The production quality is crisp and there is a richness in the audio that you don't often hear in darkside. Strong techno influences give this an appeal beyond the dance floor and demand careful and repeat listening.

(5) V.A. - Sounds of Summer 3 [XTRAHARD RECORDS] (LINK)
Although summer had largely passed by the time that this compilation was released, we can still daydream about hot sunny days with these uplifting vibes. Veterans in the Hardcore Breaks scene Paul Cronin, Sparki Dee, Pursuit and Langham all provide slices of happiness to savour, but Case 82 must surely stake claim to the best track with the opener 'Summer Vibez', which gets you moving with your hands in the air from the off.
Label boss Deadly Nightshade is on hand with a mentasm-infused trip into a powerful piano stormer called 'New Dawn', while Brazil's Beats are Broken funks it up with "Serenity" - one for a 4am sway session on the dance floor with your eyes closed totally lost in the music.



(1) FFF - Never Let You Fall [MYOR MASSIV] (LINK)
One of my all time favourite producers, with what is in my eyes one of his most original tunes to date. The juxtaposition of the rather uplifting vocals (the original jam these were lifted from is actually quite cheerful) with the eerie pads makes me feel funny and almost uncomfortable every time I listen to it, albeit in the best way possible. When FFF sent me this, it took me about 30 seconds to decide I wanted to release it.

(2) Refreshers - How Bout U [REFRESHERS] (LINK)
I found this by lurking around in a house DJs Soundcloud favourites list. Basically missed its initial release. I couldn't believe this was actually done by a "new" producer, as everything sounds so spot on yet original. A quick Discogs search revealed Lukid is behind the Refreshers moniker, a London based producer responsible for a number of off kilter electronic hip hop / beats from around 2010. We even had a tune each on a compilation album back then (on the Astro:Dynamics label), which I used to play at my gigs all the time when it first came out. Pretty hard to pick a fave from this 3 tracker, not in the least because all the tunes have a similar vibe going on, but even more so because they're all straight fire.

(3) Enjoy - Horacle [BUSTLE BEATS] (LINK)
The first time I ever even heard of Enjoy was earlier this year when Alex (who runs Criterion Records) sent me the Switch/Sorrow 12" he did on his label. I'm quite keen on that one as well, but it's 'Horacle' (which was released on Code's Subtle Audio label last September) that really takes the cake as far as I'm concerned. Tho usually I'm more into the slightly slower, more jungly type of stuff, I just can't seem to stop listening to this track for some reason.
And it was really only after I'd put it on a USB and played it in my car a couple times that it truly caught my attention. I also had no idea it's actually already 9 years old until I went and looked up a YouTube or Soundcloud link to go with this list just now. Which I guess is telling of how timeless it sounds. Clocks in at eight and a half minutes, and not a second too long at that. Such a vibe. And so is the rest of the album, with 'Raw Deal' being another highlight.

(4) MF96 - Dayz Gone By [CORRUPT DATA] (LINK)
Hands down my favourite cut on the Corrupt Data 'Hardcore Will Never Die' compilation album. I guess this is about as stripped down and moody as you can get with breakbeat hardcore without moving into "boring industrial techno crap" territory. Takes a true craftsman to keep something this sparse sounding so interesting, and it's definitely one of those tunes where I just can't seem to figure out what exactly it is about it that ticks all the right boxes for me, but it does, so I'm not even going to try and analyse it.
Looking forward to hearing more stuff by MF96.

(5) Manix - Hypnosis [REINFORCED] (LINK)
I don't think this track title could be any more contradictory to the tune itself, because this basically has "throwback jam" written all over it. But fuck me, when Manix decides to take it "back to the future" one can only sit back, listen and enjoy in awe. Perfect slice of 92 style hardcore. So nice to hear one of the originators of the genre cranking out full albums like he does, and with such finesse and so much emotion to boot. Legit makes me feel good listening to this, no matter how often I play it.


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DAVE SKYWALKER: 2018 has been a really busy year for me - I've had the more bookings this year than any other to date, and loads of new tracks to boot. Unfortunately this means it's been a bit quiet on the Endor Recordings front, but there's lots in the pipeline for 2019 already! My Top 5 is mostly a combination of what has really worked well when playing out, combined with what have been personal favourites. So without any more delay..

(5) Netta - TOY (Dave Skywalker Remix) (LINK)
Yes yes I know starting off with one of my own tracks, how presumptuous, but this went down a storm everywhere I played it and was so fun to make. It was certainly helped when Netta won the Eurovision song contest with this! The last couple years I've done a special Eurovision remix, and I'm already looking towards putting together a Eurovision compilation with some other artists for 2019.

(4) Hamilton - Shut Up [RAM] (LINK)
It was always fun to go from something happy into this, completely switching up the mood while continuing with maximum energy. The pause on each drop just emphasises the weightiness of the following beats and the bass is ridiculous. Such an amazing track.

(3) Garmiani - Bomb A Drop (CSME Remix) (LINK)
I played quite a lot of upfront / UK hardcore in my sets this year, possibly more than any other. A lot of people aren't feeling the current trend towards the EDM influence in hardcore but I'm really loving it. There are loads of artists like Jakka B, Callum Higby, SPYRO, Alex Prospect, and loads more I could include in this top 5, and it's a shame there's not more music available like this. Most of my favourite tracks have actually been remixes or edits of mainstream tunes, and this in particular is just so fun to play. It's cheesy as hell, but the drop is brilliant - so bouncy - and always gets a good reaction.

(2) Dave Revan ft. Alby Loud - Ready To Rage (Dave Walla Bootleg) (LINK)
Another upfront hardcore track here, but the machine-gun bass in this absolutely makes it. An amazing build up and RIDICULOUS bassline that follows. The track is pretty simple, but simple often works best and on a loud system this is incredible.

(1) The Sickest Squad - Zombie (Distonn Remix) [SUCK PUCK RECORDZ] (LINK)
Without a doubt my favourite track of the year. The whole track from beginning to end is pretty much perfect, and builds brilliantly though to the hands-in-the-air main breakdown before the vocals kick in. When I've played this EVERYONE has sung along and gone crazy. Playing this at festivals has united indie kids, goths, ravers, pretty much everyone, and the pianos and synths are so uplifting before everything goes absolutely batshit crazy. I can't play this without jumping round like mad man, incredible track and totally worthy of "tune of the year" in my opinion.


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EP's :

- Tusken Raiders - Inchstar Static EP [FURTHER ELECTRONIX] (LINK)
- Transllusion - A Moment Of Insanity [CLONE AQUALUNG SERIES] (LINK)
- Sully - Vacancy / Digitalis [UNCERTAIN HOUR] (LINK)
- Aphex Twin - Collapse EP [WARP] (LINK)


- Rolando Simmons - World Building [LOVE LOVE RECORDS] (LINK)
- Utamoh Thumo - A Cure For Time [ALTAR RECORDS] (LINK)
- Djrum - Portrait With Firewood [R&S] (LINK)
- Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs [TAN CRESSIDA] (LINK)
- Various - Blunted Breaks Vol.1 [WESTERN LORE] (LINK)


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INDIGO VIRUS: Very happy to do a top 5 releases for Nuskool breaks.
Been an especially great year for music and inspiration from TV shows and even gaming.
Feeling like this year has been buzzing with really good energy, so here's a selection of some of my favourite releases this year ranging from Oldskool to Jungle To Breaks.
Check out my socials if you wish, hope you enjoy what I do!

(1) Pete S - We All Need You [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS] (LINK)
Big fan of Petes work, this EP is full of uplifting vibes and an authentic sound imo. Great production and arrangement, and each track compliments each other well. Petes a great guy also, I even had the pleasure and privilege to remix one of the tracks off of this EP also!

(2) The Prodigy - No Tourists [BMG] (LINK)
This album came out of nowhere with a small post on Instagram/Twitter new track then boom here's an album to go with it! Phenomenal album from start to finish, so much oldskool throwbacks and heavy breaks I literally cannot find a favourite track in this album there's too much.
Having a new album from The Prodigy is always a treat, but something this good is a privilege!
But I have been known to be bias towards these guys so there's that!

(3) DJ Vapour - Kingston Jungle EP [SERIAL KILLAZ] (LINK)
Classic and genuine jungle vibes from DJ Vapour each track continuously switches and changes with some real authentic jungle sounds. Real solid bass and breaks in these 4 bangers, feels like the classic sound clash all rolled into one EP will not disappoint!

(4) Sub Fusion - Empty Warehouses EP [36 HERTZ] (LINK)
Huge fan of Sub Fusion, to me personally it feels like a beautiful blend of Aphex Twin style atmosphereand classic rave and breaks.
There's always a lot to take in with these guys, intricate sounds and breaks with effects and switches plenty to keep your head space occupied 4 tracks that wont disappoint any avid listener.

(5) Nicky Nutz - Something Massive [RUFF GUIDANCE] (LINK)
Absolutely love this album and it's been in the car for quite a while now!
This album contains some phenomenal jungle which is right up my alley, dark vibes with plenty of atmospheric touches. From start to finish this album is an absolute pleasure to listen to!

That's my top 5 for this year, thank you to Glowkid for asking me to do this and for all his support. Thanks to Bay B Kane / Dj Vapour and all the 36 Hertz Family/ Lucas Top Drawer Digital / Tariq and everyone who's supported me! And YOU reading this!


INSANE & MIND: For anyone that knows us and what we do...You’ll know we love the full History Of Hardcore!
But for our Top 5 tunes of the year, we’re gonna keep it old skool / Nu Skool with a slice of Happy Hardcore!
So in no particular order, 5 tunes that really caught our ears this year and have been regularly cained on our HOH Radio Show..

(1) Damage Inc. - Joy Of The Prodigy Dancers [SONIC FORTRESS] (LINK)

Available on the recent Booplates! the man like Damage Inc seriously delivered on this beauty! Big Breaks! Huge Pianos and a vocal to lift you high as the sky.. 'Music is our life!'

(2) DJ Revive - Thru The Nite [NUVISION RECORDS] (LINK)
Available on our HOH sub label, NuVision Records. The moment this landed in our inbox, we were hooked! DJ Revive takes you right back to those United Dance Days with this proper 94/95 Hardcore slammer!

(3) Gareth Monks - Live For The Future [CUT N SHUT RECORDS] (LINK)
Out now as a FREE Download! If you missed this and love Breakbeat Hardcore, go instantly! And get your chops around this.
Gareth Monks does a monster rework with Lisa Stansfield’s 'People Hold On' vocal.

(4) DJ Seduction - Sub Dub 2018 [21st CENTURY IMPACT] (LINK)
He’s back! The man like Seduction does it again with this amazing remix of his classic Sub Dub! Just wait for the drop! Just like the Terrorist reload days!

(5) DJ EZC - Summer Rain [RAVESTOMP] (LINK)
Hardcore Will Never Die! Certainly not when the man like DJ EZC is on the case with a string of awesome releases this year!
We were proper hooked when sent this one. Defiantly for the more stompy Hardcore crew!


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JAY CUNNING: My Top 5 is:

(1) DJ Seduction - Sub Dub 2018/It's You [21st CENTURY IMPACT] (LINK)
Back in the day not only was he the master of the Hardcore tunes from 91 onwards but he was also a phenomenal DJ.
Sub Dub was certainly one of those unforgettable bangers from '93 and to hear John bring it back for 2018 was amazing - He’s done a top job and one of my biggest tunes for 2018 for sure! Bonus - There’s a vinyl and digital release AND another 3 new tunes!

(2) Various - Revelation Part 2 EP (Remastered Repress) [KEMET RECORDS] (LINK)
Kemet Records need no introduction as they are one of the founding labels to bring Jungle to the world.The guys have been very prolific of late with new and remastered vinyl and digital releases.
'Love For The World (remix)' on the Revelation Ep part 2 was such a massive tune back in the day that was loved by Junglists and Ravers alike - the perfect feel good crossover tune!

(3) Menace Makes 3 - Do You Feel What I'm Feeling (Matrix Rise Mix) / Pure Hysteria (Give Me A Mother Mix) (remastered repress) [DANSE CITY RECORDS]  (LINK)
LOVED this tune back in 1992 and remember hearing it many times throughout the year but missed out on buying it back then so when I saw the guys at MPS were repressing I was on it! Both tunes on this release are just put fire and will never leave my box. As an added bonus I found out the guy behind the label and the artists was someone I’d known from the breaks scene for over 15 years! Big up Marvin aka Dylan Rhymes aka Menace Makes 3!

(4) S.O.H - Absolute 2 (LINK)

This was an unreleased dub plate from Bassline Smith that was caned back in the day but never got released, again big up to MPS and of course Simon Bassline Smith for sharing this to the world 26 years later! For all the spotters out there let’s see who can name the sample used in this 1992 underground classic!

(5) Liquid / AK1200 - Rave Revival Vol 1 [BROOKLYN FIRE] (LINK)
Great to see Liquid back on the buttons again and this team effort with AK1200 is gonna get those hands in the air! This release is all about 'The Light' for me, proper anthem business that will shake down the walls and get those butts on the dance floors. 'The Dark' is also an amazing track that should not be overlooked!


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Jedi Recordings


(1) Ron Wells - Alta Ignota [SOUND ENTITY] (LINK)

This long-lost 1993 track was regularly posted in tune ID groups and was suspected to be a Jack Smooth production. Ron confirmed it was by him, but the original recording was lost, so he created this faithful remake.

(2) Try Unity - Stand Up (Luna-C Remix) [RAVE RADIO RECORDS] (LINK)

I could have picked any Try Unity track as I love all their music, but this Luna-C remix is a different take on their uplifting sound.

(3) Hyper On Experience - Lift Me Up [KNITEFORCE RECORDS] (LINK)

As a massive Moving Shadow fan I never would have imagined HOE would be making hardcore again after 25 years, it's great to see them back in the game.

(4) DJ Skywalker - The Growler [RAVE RADIO RECORDS] (LINK)

This is my favourite track on the 'Calling The Hardcore' album. It lives up to its name!

(5) DJ Jedi - Escapism (Ant To Be Remix) [JEDI RECORDINGS] (LINK)

This remix by Ant To Be is my favourite from the forthcoming 'Kniteforce Remixes' EP on Jedi Recordings.

Si - 2 BAD MICE (UK)

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(1) Local Group - Lazer Dome [RITUAL POISON] (LINK)
Chunky, raw break beats grab you in this dark tinged little roller. Met the guys this year and I have to say they are bloody ace.

(2) Etch - Black Rainbow [SNEAKER SOCIAL CLUB] (LINK)
I have been a big admirer of Etch's work for a few years now. I like the fact that he will not conform and his breaks are always killer.

Hornsey Hardcore - Don't Get Strange [SNEAKER SOCIAL CLUB] (LINK)
Awesome slice of 92 inspired tuffness that would not have been out of place being dropped at the Wonderland Arena in Hackney many, many years ago.

(4) Mani Festo - Ruffneck [BEAT MACHINE RECORDS] (LINK)
A new producer to me but someone I rate highly. Harsh snares running with an almost 2 step beat immersed in heavy bass and darkness. Ace

(5) Pangaea - Bone Sucka [HESSLE AUDIO] (LINK)
Heavy as fuck. Love it.


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MARK ARCHER: My best of 2018 Breakbeat tracks:

(1) Local Group - Laser Dome [RITUAL POISON] (LINK)
Had this track a fair while and put it on my Breakbeat To The Future Mix Pt.3 The track is named after the spitnic dome tent at Field Maneuvers festival where the lads play (i've done a few sets in there too) and it goes off. Such a heavy track.

(2) Borai & Denham Audio - Make Me [CLUB GLOW] (LINK)
Proper lifter this tune, with the different breaks and very recognisable vocal that brought back from cheese territory with the fat basslines and excellent production.

(3) Eris Drew - Hold Me (T4T Embrace Mix) [NAIVE] (LINK)
Superb track by the wonderful Eris Drew who I had the pleasure of hearing dj at Field Maneuvers (a lot happens there).
This track has an amazing innocence and eclecticism that reminds me of tracks from 1990 where people threw all their ideas into one track and somehow they came out beautifully.

(4) Kaotic Kemistry - Drumtrip (Low Ends & Amens Detboi Rmx)
Detboi is just savage, his productions are ridiculous and he does't hold back on this at all. Loved the original back in '92 and this brings it right up to date. Been playing this for a while but it's not out until 2019 so keep em' peeled!

(5) Borai & Denham Audio - Daisy Dukes [CLUB GLOW] (LINK)
Those Borai & Denham Audio chaps creeps in again with a proper 91 styled banger, with a chopped short 'fires burning' riff on top of some proper booming bass, then right in the middle it drops to one of those 'moment' breaks where you look to the sky but close your eyes.

(6) Violet - Abyss [NAIVE] (LINK)
Real head nodder of a tune with these pads that grabbed me as soon as they came it - that was it, hooked! Yet another person who plays in the sputnik dome at Field Maneuvers and rocks it each and every time.

(7) Hugo Massien - Almost Becoming Lucid [E-BEAMZ] (LINK)
Rolling breaks and haunting pads lead into a sparse growling bassline, almost got an 'Olive' kind of quality about it, then when the synth comes in late in ther track its pure goosebumps.

(8) Zodiac Childs - Diviner [ZODIAC WAX] (LINK)
Put this track in my latest mix 'Breakbeat To The Future Pt.4' and it got a lot of people asking about it. Rolling breaks, recognisable vocal, eerie pads and a wicked rubbery 303 pattern which is always unusual for breakbeat tracks.


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Energy Collective


(1) G Jones - Time [ILLUSORY RECORDS] (LINK)
Super fidgety tune, with a dubstep vibe. Total head bopper. The break down is too long for my liking, but as a work of sound, it's something I find myself revisiting again and again. The off-key synths, Japanese sounding flutes, the sound scapes and then another round of solid drop.

(2) Matt Weasel & Dr. Peacock - Kick it Hard [NORT RECORDS] (LINK)
A great hard-tek stomper that's got an amazing hook / sample from some rock track. It's a dance floor smasher that goes on to some heavy frenchcore power. When you get to the half-way twist on this one, you'll be fist pumping the air like a nutter!

(3) Junglist Vampire - Mushroom Catarina [SUCK PUCK] (LINK)
Released on Suck Puck, his album Eleven was one of the few I made the effort to get on CD. This track stands out on the album of ravecore, mainly for the Samuel Jackson sample. Like any good ravecore, the track sounds like 4 tracks mashed into one. Key your eye out for Suck Puck label, one of the new kids on the block.

(4) Ruby my Dear - Spectacle [PRSPCT RECORDINGS] (LINK)
Probably the best album release of the year? This track has it all when it comes to hardcore / breakcore. Another fist pumping frenchcore kick, disorienting musical patterns and a glorious soundscape that always sounds interesting and refresh no matter how many times you play it.

(5) General Waste, Humb & Thrackh - Sounds Of Silence [TFA] (LINK)
I do love jungle, but get bored of the same old ragga samples. This track goes for an old hippie track Sounds of Silence, with some David Rodigan vocal drops. One of the ruffest jungle tracks of the year. Think I love pretty much everything General Waste puts out these days.



(1) DJ Shimamura - Vortex (Album) [DYNASTY RECORDS] (LINK)
My 8th original artist album, released on 28 October.
With 14 songs recorded, the main is the latest UK Hardcore, but one song rave breaks 'Rushin' is included.

(2) DJ Seduction - Love Like This / Sweet Sensation [21st CENTURY IMPACT] (LINK)
The revival of Seduction was the biggest news for me this year. And the new sounds delivered were new music with a great update, and I was very excited.

New talent that I received from Kniteforce!
I’m really excited by Oldskool vocals on new style breakbeats hardcore track.

(4) Yoco Organ - My Rave More EP [YOCO POINT] (LINK)
Brand new EP with the theme of 'My Rave' by Japanese rap duo Yoco Organ.
Amen, breakbeats, Stab, Piano have lyrics with strong message.

(5) Q-Tex - The Power Of Love (DJ Shimamura Remix) [EVOLUTION RECORDS] (LINK)
My remix for hyper anthem of all time hardcore rave history!
I tried mix of new style & oldskool.


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(1) The Prodigy - We Live Forever [BMG] (LINK)
(2) The Prodigy - Timebomb Zone [BMG] (LINK)
(3) Baseclub - Don't Worry (Seventeen Years After Mix) (LINK)
(4) Pianohead - Not Gonna Be The One [OCTOTRAX] (LINK)
(5) Zomboy - Hide N' Seek [NEVER SAY DIE RECORDS] (LINK)


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(1) dgoHn - So Be It, Lumbricina [LOVE LOVE RECORDS] (LINK)

Bought this pon vinyl. This is beautiful work by dgoHn. Intelligent vibes.

(2) goreshit - amiga flu (LINK)
goreshit has had a great 2018 and I recommend his album ‘nineties rave retrospective collection 1’.

(3) Xavi BCN - I Feel [SKENY TRACKS] (LINK)
Freeform vibes from the makina legend! This is from the ‘Retrofuture’ compilation.

(4)  DJ酒井法子, ピアノ男 - Monkey Wicked Jungle (LINK)
The album ‘体験版’ by DJ酒井法子 & ピアノ男 was a great Bandcamp find this year.
Rave, made in Japan!

(5) dj Skull Vomit - Ronnie & His Shooting Starfish [SUCK PUCK] (LINK)
‘FUK THE BORDERS V​.​A. 2’ from Suck Puck Records was one of the best compilations of the year. I love this 2018 version of the star that shoots!


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SAIYAN: Hey friendos! I thought I'd mix it up a little and do a top five albums, rather than just top five tracks. Mostly because I'm indecisive AF lol

Saiyan's Top Five Albums of 2018

(1) Various Artists - The Triple Threat [KNITEFORCE/KFA/KNITEBREED] (LINK)
Yes, completely biased, but it's my list so nyah nyah. Objectively speaking though, this is legit the best album I've heard all year. The level of variety AND quality on display here, coupled with an excellent DJ mix from the legendary DJ Brisk, makes this a must-own for any hardcore fan out there. If you like oldskool, there's plenty. Modern UK hardcore, got you covered. Frickin' 200 bpm gabbery stuff? Yeah that's on there. So many styles covered, all to an extremely high standard. I've had it for months now and I still listen to it constantly. That should tell you something about just how good it is.

'The Triple Threat' is also available as a vinyl three-pack (featuring disc one of the CD release).

(2) Various Artists - Ghoul Skool [KFA] (LINK)
Hahaaaaaa biased again, but hear me out. This was the first album in my career that I completely oversaw, from conception to release. It has my DNA all over it (figuratively you perverts). What started as a crazy "hey we should do this thing" idea morphed into an absolutely stellar album. Every artist knocked their track out of the park, Jimni Cricket slayed it on the art, top to bottom it's a killer album. This would be in this top five whether I worked on it or not. It's good. It's real good. And again, highly varied. From the oldskool sounds right up to a surprise gabber tune from Doughboy and Jimni Cricket (featuring spooky story podcaster Z.P. Gowdy, check his stuff out), there's a lot of ground covered here. And in case you haven't seen my posts, let me say it here as well: there WILL be a sequel.

(3) Fracus and Darwin - Greetings From The Edge [HARDCORE UNDERGROUND] (LINK)
I make no secret of my love for Fracus and Darwin. With some of the bigger names moving on to other scenes and styles, these two are the top of the ladder in the hardcore scene in my view, and if their long-awaited new artist album doesn't speak volumes on why they deserve that distinction then I don't know what does. Every track is brilliant, even when they flex their artistic muscles by delving into other genres (Consequence, an acid house tune, might just be my favourite track on the album). This one eschews the traditional DJ album format of just being a series of unmixed tracks in favour of something that's built to blend together in one continuous listen session, and it works. I honestly can't say enough good things about this album, and the only reason I didn't rate it higher is because there aren't DJ edits of every single track yet and I want them (hint boys, hint).

'Greeting From The Edge' is also available in a Deluxe Edition with bonus tracks, and a Collector's Edition with a vinyl copy of the album.

DJ Shimamura - Vortex [DYNASTY RECORDS] (LINK)
This one almost didn't make it in time to even be under consideration for this list, actually showing up in the mail AFTER Glowkid asked me to do a top 5 for the year. I'm super glad it did though, because it's a great album. Shimamura is a ridiculously talented producer capable of producing high quality, fun tracks in a variety of styles, most of which are on display here. This is a solid listen, and a lot of these tracks will find their way into my sets in the future. A few notables I want to call out are my ultra-homie Mitomoro and US-based vocalist Lindsey Marie's collab Open Your Heart, from Shimmy's last album, seeing a 2018 update that takes the track to a whole other level, 'NEO-RAVE HYSTERIA' which is a super ravey dnb track with a huge oldskool hardcore influence, and Rushin', which is a pure 90s oldskool banger (which I'm sure is relevant to many of your interests). Also strangely much like Fracus and Darwin's album there's an acid house tune in here, which is...becoming a trend I guess? I'm about it. And I'm about this album. Easy pick for top five.

(5) Thin n Crispy: The Chronicles [THIN N CRISPY/ HARDCORE UNDEGROUND]
Y'know I almost didn't include this one. As a re-release of older material it seemed like it might be better suited to an honourable mention sort of deal. But ultimately going through all the albums I bought this year (and I bought a lot of albums this year), it just felt...right. I absolutely loved Thin n Crispy, it is far and away one of my favourite hardcore labels of all time. Their sound was like nothing else in hardcore at the time, and it might just be my favourite sound ever. It's one I've personally been trying to emulate as best I can (which is not very well at all). There wasn't a bad track on this label, and many of its best are showcased here. Also, Robbie Long flexed his hardcore muscles again to mix up an excellent DJ mix that I've been listening to frequently in between bouts of listening to 'The Triple Threat' lol. TNC will forever hold a place in my heart, and this album ensures I'll be able to enjoy everything the label had to offer for years to come. If you like fun, bouncy, ravey, high energy hardcore music, this album is for you. It's certainly for me.

Thin n Crispy: The Chronicles is also available in a Complete Collection with every track ever released on TNC and its sublabels along with a mountain of never before released material in digital format.

Right that's all for me, see you next year!


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RIFFZ: 2018 was great, a lot of great music has been released and also a lot of this happen in my personal life.
So this is my TOP 5 of 2018 (random numered):

(1) Sully - Soundboy Don't Push Your Luck [FOXY JANGLE] (LINK)
I heard it frist time in 2014 as Jungle Wars Dub and never thought it's gonna be ever released. Sully is absolute Game-Changer for me. Love his original junglist sound blended with perfectly fitted samples. Would be cool if he ever release „Good Night” - next round of Jungle War, same dope !

(2) PZG - Anything [SUCK PUCK] (LINK)
You told my that I can choose anything, huh ? So yeah, I’ve chosen. This tune is literally anything. Well constructed breakcore with a lot of random samples, hard kickz, nostaligic ravey vocals - sickkkkk !!! You gonna go crazy even if you're not in breakcore, trust me.

(3) G Jones - Time [ILLUSORY RECORDS] (LINK)
It’s really hard to explain what genre is it. Post-Dubstep sounds, synthesisers, ambient atmospheric phases, euphoric melodies topped with hard chopped amen breaks makes this track top level. Huge and unique sound. Must have!

(4) DJ Ends - Baile Drunk [SEQUEL ONE RECORDS] (LINK)
Who does not like get wild with basic bass bangers? This Juke track is exactly what you need. Brazilian vocals blend with huge 808 bass sound makes your feet working whether you want it or not!

(5) Junglord - Witchcraft War Dub [JUNGLEWARS 2018 DUB Unreleased] (LINK)
Again… Jungle War Dub on my selection. This should be released defo! One of the less few War-Dubs that aren’t repetitive. Proper atmosphere, unique technique of writing basslines, intro and breakdown that you won’t skip. Best Jungle-War tune imo.


THE LOWERCASE: My 2018 Top 5 is:

(5) Fracus & Darwin - Now It’s Over [HARDCORE UNDERGROUND] (LINK)
I’m known for not being the biggest lover of modern hardcore but sometimes a track just grabs you regardless of style & this is 1 of them tracks! The first time I heard it I was like, “yes YES, CHOOOOON!” The more I listen to it the more I like it also!

(4) Ken Masters & Andy Wilson feat Haruna Sawamizu - Civilization [SCARRED DIGITAL] (LINK)
Another modern hardcore track that when I heard it I was like, “WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!” It’s just a great track that makes you happy! The haunting voice of Haruna Sawamizu is just fire & was what really grabbed my attention! I waited a long time from first hearing this to release but it was so worth it! I can’t wait to hear more songs featuring Haruna Sawamizu!

(3) Jack in Box VS Fracus & Darwin - Like An Animal [HARDCORE UNDERGROUND] (LINK)
Since starting to do the Promo Show on Kniteforce Radio I’ve been lucky enough to make some real good musical friends & Jack in Box was like 1 of the first & longest supporters of me & my show. I always look forward to when he sends me a promo track but this is like the best of this year by far! An absolute killer track that just gets you going & doesn’t stop! Take you by the scruff of the neck & shakes you around, Like An Animal! lol

(2) Hyper On Experience - Lift Me Up [KNITEFORCE RECORDS] (LINK)
What can I say about this? Hyper On Experience is a total legend so when Luna-C said that he’d convinced Hyper-On to come back to hardcore & make an ep, everyone & not just me, was expecting great things & boy he didn’t disappoint! The Family Man ep is just full on Hyper-On Experience but Lift Me Up is just over the top, FIRE! From start to finish this song has what it takes to make you get off your butt & dance! This will be in the playlist for many years to come! You know instantly when it’s coming in with that distinctive aaah & it’s then you get excited! That’s what this song does to you!

(1) Luna-C & Lowercase - Dumpling Business [KNITEFORCE RECORDS] (LINK)
I know its uncouth to put 1 of your own songs into a top 5 or 10 or list of any kind, especially at the top but Dumpling Business is just something that has taken me by total surprise! It was the last track that Luna-C & I worked on, at the end of a very intense week & despite having a ton of leg work done before hand we struggled. That wasn’t because of the song but more the fact that we had crammed a lot of music making into such a small amount if time! This track is very much Luna-C & very much Lowercase! There’s so many little things I could say about it song but then this would be way to long! So, I have been shocked at how well received it was, the whole ep actually & surprised at the amount of people say it’s their favourite track off the ep. It blows me away when I hear someone play any of the tracks from the ep but this 1 more so! It has a special place in my heart & like The Hyper-On track, it will be played for many moons to come!

Notable mentions have to go to Beeno, Paul Bradley, Revive, Sunny & Deck Hussy, Shadowplay Jack in Box, Alex Jungle, Langham & all the rest of the KF family! All have made tracks that should be in the top 5 but there’s to many amazing tracks to pick! They all deserve their own top 5’s alone because they are that good! I hope you enjoyed reading my top 5 of 2018 & I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings us in the world of hardcore music!
The Lowercase, Peace!

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(1) Substanced – The Killing [STAMINA] (LINK)
This Freeform track blew me away. Only recently discovered this one, after hearing it in Substanced’s Freeform mix. Pure, delicate, and yet uplifting to the core. Out now on Stamina Records, and to me this is probably the best Freeform track of 2018, maybe even of ever!


Truth be told I am a huge Cosmic Gate fan. I do love a lot of their stuff, and have been a follower since their emergence into the Trance scene. After so many years they are still active, and they keep up the Trancey feel. Maybe a tad EDM-ish, but I do love the build-up, and that’s exactly what they are good at. And when the beats hits, it’s unstoppable. Try to sit still when you hear this!

(3) The Satan – Bombs [PRSPCT Recordings] (LINK)

This artist has not been on my radar for long, but whatever he makes is pure filth! Reminds me of Omkara Techichi when he started. An unusual sound, that’s for sure. But it’s sure a dancefloor killer. You won’t be able to stand after you hear this tune (blisters will appear on your feet).


Another dancefloor smasher. Rooler has been taking over the Rawstyle scene, and with this track he gets everyones attention. I do love his passion and dedication, and his quirkiness. I do sense an unusual influence: am I the only one that hears 2Unlimited within this track?

(5) Scatman John – Scatman (Tempest Bootleg) (LINK)

Guilty pleasure. You have to have one track which isn’t really the best one ever, but you need to hear it to let yourself go. Who doesn’t know Scatman John’s famous song?
Add a Hardstyle kick to it, and you get this one. Da Tweekaz made also a version, but this bootleg is much, much better.

Added bonus track: Basically everything made by the Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz. Not known to you? Well, press play and let this unusual sound penetrate your skull. I can not describe what it is that gets me hyped up whenever they release their ‘sextape’ mixseries, but it always, and I do mean ALWAYS, get me hyped. It doesn’t make any sense, and yet it gets me going. And makes me horny too!