Sunday, 2 December 2018

[TUNZ003] Elementz Of Noize - Infinite Leap - First [4-Track EP Available To Download Now From Tunnel Noize Recordings!!!]

1/ In Aether.
2/ Dust Or Rust.
3/ Quasar.
4/ Someday We'll Make It Back.

Ever since Elementz Of Noize's conception way back in 1994 as production duo Alan Clark and John Maughan (on the Labello Blanco 'Dig The New Breed Volume One' EP jungle historians!). The name has always held a firm fixture throughout the long and varied history jungle and drum & bass. With appearances on many ground breaking labels throughout the yeas, including S.O.U.R., Emotiv Smokers Inc., Fuze Recordings and more recently, Lossless Music's Exkursions imprint  and self released label Tunnel Noize Recordings as Alan Clark carrying on the the moniker as a solo artist. November 30th saw Elementz Of Noize continue on with his continuing mission to deliver forward thinking drum & bass well into the present day with the release of the 'Infinite Leap - First' EP.

We are first greeted with 'In Aether' which lures the listener in with a series of chiming, synth flourishes before unveiling a rolling, live percussion sounding breakbeat paired with powerful 808 bass throbs and soaring pads. 'In Aether' seems to effortlessly weave together a luscious combination of 'live' and organic elements which are contrasted by digital samples in the latter half (the infamous "Compton" amen for example). Which in turn creates a devastatingly effective collision of rough and smooth elements that equally satisfy the mind and desire to move your feet. 

'Dust Or Rust' flips the script by layering  frenetic, skipping beats and gentle bass notes over a gorgeously warm, reversed synth pattern and evocative piano melody that balances on the knife-edge between nostalgic fondness and melancholia. The feelings of sentimentality are further enhanced by the use of washes of dusty, vinyl crackles. If you can imagine vintage Boards Of Canada set to a D&B tempo, then you wont be far off .

Up next, 'Quasar' follows a similar 'ambient electronica' path as it's predecessor whilst dialling down the tempo a few notches, with it's heady blend of tropical themes. Imagine fluttering synths, bird call effects, tribal, bass-drum thuds, luscious female vocal refrains. You could easily find 'Quasar' becoming the soundtrack to someone's a spiritual trip to some far off, exotic land. A perfect accompaniment for finding oneself.

With closing track, 'Someday We'll Make It Back' we are once again taken back to the realms of epic drum & bass, by the means of a powerfully emotive and epic, string driven intro geared to tug at your heartstrings. Elementz Of Noize then delivers a payload of rolling breakbeats on the drop, which adds a welcome touch of intensity before winding things to a close

If your appreciation for electronic music encompasses soothing I.D.M. mixed in with deep and atmospheric, drum & bass, then the 'Infinite Leap - First' EP will soon become essential listening for your audio sensibilities. Highly recommended!!!

The Elementz Of Noize 'Infinite Leap - First' EP is available to download now from the offical Elementz Of Noize Bandcamp store for £3 (or more if you wish to support the artist further!).

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