Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. 'HALL OF FAME 2018' (CD1 - GL0WKiD & CD2 - TARIQ ZIYAD)

Strictly Nuskool Blog's annual series of podcasts/mixes returns for the 6th year in a row offering 2 massive mixes by GL0WKiD & Tariq Ziyad compiled with love and devotion to the scene and all producers & labels involved.

2018 has been an absolutely amazing year of Nuskool heroes, hard working labels, Oldskool legends reloading, more Vinyl releases, massive gigs and outstanding tunes!
For more you can take a read on an immense article published a few days ago exclusively on Strictly Nuskool and made by 23 contributors such as GL0WKiD, Tariq Ziyad, BreakbeatScientist, Meaux Andromeda, Damage Inc, DJ Bagpuss, Ant To Be, Coco Bryce, FFF, The CrazyDutchman, Dave Skywalker, Mark Archer, Si 2 Bad Mice, DJ Shimamura, DJ Kushti, Nefti, Riffz, Saiyan, Insane & Mind, Indigo Virus, Jay Cunningham, DJ Jedi, The Lowercase & Mr. SPARKLe.

And in regards to 'HALL OF FAME 2018', this session is (as ever) available on free download and stream via Mixcloud.
Last but not least, all of us in the Strictly Nuskool Blog team, wish you happy new year and may everything come true as you dream of.


CD1 - Mixed by GL0WKiD

01. MindTransit - New Rave is Dead (2018 remaster) [BAD HABIT]
02. Manarchy - Bass Drama [KAMBO RECORDS]
03. Luna-C - Children of the Mind (Original Mix) [KNITEFORCE DIGITAL]
04. Kokushimusou - James Brown is (not dead) [ANTHEM RECORDS]
06. DJ Mark C - Turn Up Da Levels [SONIC FORTRESS]
07. Paul Cronin - Hardcore Yo Yo (Deadly Nightshade Remix) [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
09. Aeon Four - Shrapnel Seeds
10. The Prodigy - Out Of Space (Aeon Four remix)
11. Hyper On Experience - Lift Me Up (Luna-C Remix) [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
12. TNO Project - This Gen-E-ration [KNITEBREED]
13. Shadowplay & Ant To Be - 1234 [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
14. Yannick Biscuits - Let The Rhythm (Remix) [4 THE CORE RECORDINGS]
15. Shoreman - Take My Hand [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
16. Alex Jungle - Land Of Milk And Gold [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
17. Marusha - Deep (D & B Remix) [CLUB ARREST MUSIC]
18. Blasta - Hyperspeed [FUTURE JUNGLE MUSIC]
19. Worldwide Epidemic - Enterprise [DIAMOND LIFE]
20. Yudaidhun - Kuttimpa [REWINDBACK RECORDS]
21. Bizzy B - This Is Computerised (Pursuit's nu-rave remix 2018)
22. Mannik - Computers Are Taking Over The World (The Timespan Remix) [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
23. Yell O Phase - In The Begining (Darkness Mix) [SONIC FORTRESS]
24. Pursuit - Creeper Weed (exclusive album mix) [THIS IS NU-RAVE]
25. Unknown Artist - New Clear Attack [WHITE LABEL]


CD2 - Mixed by TARIQ ZIYAD 

01. Dope Ammo, Kathy Brown & Wyld Child - I'm Good ft. Frenic (Liquid Remix) [DOPE AMMO] 
02. Case 82 - Rock With Me [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS] 
03. The Prodigy - Timebomb Zone [BMG]
04. Retropolis - Calling Me [OCTOTRAX] 
05. Retropolis Ft Faydz - Start the Panic [OCTOTRAX] 
06. Strange Rollers - U No Dat 
07. DJ Jedi - Feel It [JEDI RECORDINGS] 
08. AfterLife - The World Is Yours [PEACE ON WAX] 
09. Case 82 Ft Return to Zero - Don't Break My Heart [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS] 
10. Beat Jugglers - Vibezin ft Evenson Allen 
11. DJ Seduction - Love Like This [21st CENTURY IMPACT] 
12. Sub Fusion - Paranoid Flashbacks [36 HERTZ] 
13. Kreggo + Textasy - The Definitive Hardcore Anthem [aud ART] 
14. Luna C & Lowercase - Get Away [KNITEFORCE RECORDS] 
15. Damage Inc. - Joy Of The Prodigy Dancers [SONIC FORTRESS] 
16. Lavery - Who's In Da Place [SUB CODE] 
17. Amaretto - Hardcore Drums [DRED COLLECTIVE]
18. Stormski - Cry (Stormski's Pulling Me Back Mix) [PEACE ON WAX] 
19. Gareth Monks - Live For The Future


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