Tuesday 25 July 2023

Check out the debut vinyl EP from Core Breakz

"I've been producing as a hobby since 1995, never released anything to label and always kept to myself of mates"  - KeeF
These are words taken from KeeF, one of the most outstanding 'new blood' producers within the Hardcore Breaks scene. We've given an introduction feature of his talent in the early days of 2022 (link) in times when he was kicking off with his first official releases (e.g. Sonic Fortress, Section 63 Recordings).
As you can realise after getting to know him better, it was just a matter of time to set up his very own imprint. On a personal note, we do need more labels like this, furthermore support is due when it gets close to the their debut release. The name of his label is Core Breakz and you may expect obviously nothing else but proper Hardcore.


'Core Breakz Vol.1' is the starting chapter of KeeF's new adventures. It's comprised of two fresh slams on the usual direction provided by KeeF and it's out now on limited vinyl and digital through Bandcamp.
At all events, this man deserves some boost and there is already a fanbase from UK, Japan, Poland and Germany that have shown their interest and support to this first Core Breakz weapon. As the label's mantra goes like "Not better, we just think different". And, that type of difference is what an amount of fans seek out. It's worth every single penny then.

Side A - Dreams
Side B - Moody Mondayz




Friday 14 July 2023

The return of Messiah

After the first successful Kniteforce Records event of last year, the second volume of the known as Knite Club is about to return this September stronger than ever. And, you should mark these words for many reasons.
At first glance, you can notice the legendary acts of Acen and The House Crew taking over the stage among the likes of Jimmy J & Cru-l-t, Jay Cunning, Pete Cannon, New Decade but to name a few. Acen will drop his new material and there are new releases from him in the pipeline at Kniteforce (obviously).
Although, the major and unreal announcement came some hours ago and it's about the return of ...
Messiah!!! The fact is that we've never even heard about them since '93. However, the Kniteforce head honcho, Luna-C knows well how to 'chase' and accomplish a mission like that, so the big deal is done.

Messiah are confirmed to play a set after decades, on one of the most exciting moments in the history of the Hardcore Rave movement. The moment when 20,000 hardcore members would be proud of, three decades after Messiah's significant and prophetic '21st Century Jesus' album.

"Messiah are working on new material, as well as gathering their old stuff for remastering and remixing. And Junior Tomlin is working on artwork for their new releases!" - Luna-C

Knite Club [The Second Coming]
9th September 2023
Scala, London