Saturday 7 May 2022

Suck Puck Recordz presents the second album of Melt Unit


The Aussie old dog returns with some brand new material...
...that kicks in the nads!

This seems to be the perfect time to revel madly by the sounds of rave footwork made from a poster child who's reppin this sound ideally among acts suck as We Rob Rave, Samurai Breaks etc.
It took almost 7 years since his debut 'Get Melted' album on Cock Rock Disco and things have changed quite a lot from that time. The genius like Melt Unit has joined the Cock Rock Disco team and now he's very proud to unleash his second album through the mighty Suck Puck Recordz. An album which comes simultaneously with his European tour!

Driven by his inimitable style, Melt Unit goes 'Too Melted' with 8 fresh belters plus a remix made on a track by PZG (one half of We Rob Rave). 

"Blending hardcore into footwork jungle, ‘Too Melted’ is exactly as it sounds, too far. It pushes the sound way further than you probably should go, probably way further than DJ friendly. The one thing I’ll say is, Melt Unit is at least unique. Definitely no half measures, and no pulled punches. It will either be the progenitor of a new genre, or go the way of the breakcore dinosaurs. The album has already been described as ‘crazy’, ‘too intense’, and ‘tenebrous’. One things for sure, if you like some Gabber in your Jungle, or ravey synths in your footwork, you can melt at home with one easy payment of whatever you like." - Suck Puck Recordz

The album comes out digitally or on a USB Flash Drive with bonuses:
  • Stems for Get Melted tune
  • Stems for Switch tune
  • Renoise XRN project for Hard Man fi Dead tune
  • Renoise XRN project for Speedwork
  • Stickers




The new release of Erupt Records is right here

Erupt Records from UK bring on their new vibe through a massive release from their manager, Bullet S. This one's his debut mission to sort out some proper ardcore that will never fail. The tracks are smashing it and it's as officially described "Urban decay translated into furious beatz".
It was originally released in 2021 and it's about to be vinylized now for your collection and pleasure. Reliving again the heyday of British Hardcore, the 'First Sign of Trouble' EP is one of those proud weapons that's now added to the Nu-Rave realm.

The label doesn't stop here though, as they've announced the next release, coming from Swedish 1st Science (listen to previews here). And of course we're dealing with one more new vinyl arriving around the end of the year.

Till then you can grab the digitals of the Bullet S EP as the vinyl will be very soon available through Bandcamp, Depop, Juno, Rough Trade, Rough Trade, Deejay.De, Decks,De and Piccadilly Manchester.

Friday 6 May 2022

PREMIERE:: NOIZY WILSON X GOLDMAN - Micro Romanian Juke [Nü Kvlture]


Strictly Nuskool Blog premiere of 'Micro Romanian Juke' by Noizy Wilson and Goldman coming out on 7th May 2022 via Bandcamp

Nü Kvlture label boss Noizy Wilson returns with another EP full of high energy and rave vibes. 'Pathfinder' is made out of collaborations with worldwide friends and producers you already heard on VOL.2 : Singularnost (Japan), SlowRolla (USA),Jeune Sorcier (France)
Goldman (UK). Revisiting older projects and giving a newer perspective to it, this ep goes from sweaty juke hybrids to mellow phonk ending.

Artwork by : Noizy Wilson/Alexander Saylor

Nü Kvlture

Noizy Wilson


Tuesday 3 May 2022

Kniteforce Records new events are set as...KniteClub

It was about time to get things even bigger for a legendary label like Kniteforce Records. Especially when their head honcho, Luna-C has moved to UK and things gone to another level. The hot and maybe unexpected news state that Kniteforce Records are about to host their own aspiring and huge events.
The project is called KniteClub and the 'first rule will' be held in Scala, London on 17th of September. The early bird tickets are available now and in about a week you'll learn the first batch of DJs as the price will be going upper.

"For a long time, I have wanted to do events. And for a long time, people I know, and customers, have been saying to me 'Why don’t you do some events?' But the problem with doing events is they are difficult to organise, and when people were asking that question initially, I was in America.
Since returning to live in the UK, the label has exploded in size and the need for Kniteforce to do its own events became ever more obvious.
For one, and without trying to sound arrogant or whatever, I think Kniteforce is possibly the largest label within the “repress / new old skool music / we really do need a name for this” scene. And with great music, comes great responsibility...or something. And for two, I really feel we can do something unique. There are some amazing nights going on already, such as Imagination, the Foundations Series, and Pete Cannons Amega Party (link HERE for the upcoming 30th of April one)
All of these are pushing the new sound. But the vast majority of nights for our scene are old skool nights, and obviously I love the old skool, but there is so much more to be showcased than that. Which is exactly what we intend to do! Look, if you are reading this, you know what Kniteforce is like. And let me tell you, this party is going to be very Kniteforcey. I mean, look at the incredible people we are working with?" - Chris Luna-C  (Source)

Buy your tickets:

Facebook event:

Bass Scoops Radio Lost Horizons Special (1st May 2022)

About Bass Scoops Radio

"Over the years i’ve amassed a range of music and keep adding to it. The ease of access and ways to directly support artists through Bandcamp and other sources is just wonderful. Bass Scoops Radio is way of sharing this with those that share similar tastes and also a way to collate my collection.
Though the genres included are far reaching I’m a big fan of what cool people (sic) today call Bass music. So expect a lot of jungle, dub, hardcore and sounds loosely termed “rave”. I also love the roots of the scene and recognise the forefathers and mothers of the scene. Alongside the above genres we’ll be dropping acid house, balearic , house and their evoultionary sounds into trip hop, dubstep, d&b, UK Garage and more. Alongside my selections i’ll be bringing in guest mixes from likeminded travellers to add to the radio vibe." - John Bass Scoops

Bass Scoops Radio and their frontman are driving the way through Jungle, Dub and Hardcore and the latest podcast is packed with loads of interviews and tunes taken from the Black Gold Vinyl Fair at Lost Horizons Bristol, held in April 23rd 2022.


01. Ray Keith - Chopper (Dirty Chopper Remix ) - (Dread Recordings)
02. Ray Keith Interview
03. Ray Keith - Got the Love - (Kniteforce Revolution)
04. Borai - Nice Tripsies - (Higher Level Records)
05. Borai & Swankout Interview
06. Swankout - Jungliss - (From & Motion Records)
07. Jay Cunning Interview
08. Swankout - Hackney Pirate (Pressa Remix) - (From & Motion Records)
09. Shosh Interview
10. Shosh - Get Down - (24HR Garage Girls)
11. Madcap Interview
12. Madcap - Pressure - (Vibez93)
13. Code X Interview
14. Madcap - Mind Control (Villem MK Ultra Remix) - (Myriad Recordings)
15. John Vinyl Junkie Interview
16. D.S.K.F. ‎- Feel The Power (White Label)
17. MC Ribbz Interview
18. DJ Ham - Most Uplifting (New Decade Remix) - (Kniteforce)
19. Paul Bradley Kniteforce Interview
20. T Cuts - Make Amends (Lost Horizons Dub) - (Mined)
21. T Cuts Interview
22. Shadow Acid - Wave Interference - (Exalt Records)
23. Mr Buzz Kniteforce Interview
24. Flatliner - Celestial Voices (Blame Remix)- (Out of Romford Records)


Monday 2 May 2022

The new compilation of Suihei Records

Suihei Records from Japan are proud to reveal their second installment including tunes for every preference. From the dancekore madness of Andy_pls to the stompy 4/4 oldskool happy hardcore slam of MAID TWIST and the mysterious breakbeat weapon of Gargoyle, the new compilation of Suihei goes out under the title 'Hallucination from the womb' has the right elements for a sick party!
It's also one of our recommendations for the upcoming Bandcamp Day, which is on May the 6th.