Monday 31 October 2016


The brand new Strictly Nuskool Blog release consists of four tracks of rebirth and Nu-Rave resurrection driven by the man like Robbie P, who's raised in the good old times of mid '00s HCB.
You can check out a following big review for further info about this EP, his story so far put on his own words, a very interesting trip to his career as well as a mini review about his featured tracks! "The Rebirth EP" is available on Free Download like all Strictly Nuskool releases.

01. Robbies Took Chemicals
02. Nobody Likes The Records
03. Always There
04. Music Is My Life


" Hello everyone!

First I want to say thank you for taking the time to listen/download my EP, I hope you enjoy it!

I first started playing with making music back in the late 90's around 97ish. I had a programme called goldwave on my old 486 PC with a tape player hooked up to the mic in port
I used to rip samples and songs from rave packs at the time and just mess about rearranging them (haha).

Looking back most of the stuff sounded terrible but I loved doing it! In ‘98 a friend of mine at school introduced me to the world of Fruity Loops (now FLstudio). I would spend hours at his house adding kick drums and snares over some of my favorite oldskool tracks and try to make them more like the ‘97 happy hardcore I was listening to at the time, from that I was hooked!
I kept playing with making music and eventually made a tune called "Do U Know".
It got loads of radio play on the hardcore breakbeat internet radio stations and got played out by some of the best names in the hardcore breaks era.

That tune then gave me access to some of the other producers of Hardcore Breaks at the time, names like Stu and Nee, Agent Kiyo, Saltee, RenegadeGenius, Drift, Bennie D, Richie K and Mark T. Mark T invited me to a Hardcore Breakz night he was putting on. I went there, got drunk as fuck and asked to MC, Mark for some reason said yes and I ended up mcing the whole rest of the night. From then I went on to MC with Mark a few more times and also alongside DJ Saltee and quite a few others. I even got to host a massive BreakPirates night live from Plymouth, the whole night and all the djs where streamed live and we had a massive projector screen showing the BreakPirates chat box…That was pretty cool!

Oh yeah I had also my weekly radio shows on Pirate Revival and on BreakPirates, where I would drop Oldskool and Hardcore Breaks. I used to be known for throwing in Speedcore or Gabba or playing Oldskool at plus 10 so it dropped into a dnb track.

Around 2009 I slowly started to have less and less to do with the scene and music in general as real life started to take its toll. I was working a lot and had a daughter, who took a lot of my time and although my decks where always set up it was rare they got used.

In the past 6 - 7 years I’ve still played with fruity on and off but was lucky to finish a track!
The last 12 months I’ve got my mojo for music back and I’ve been in the studio making sounds, remixing, mashing up, making original tunes and just having fun messing about!

I’ve got back into my DJing and learning about all the new labels and styles of Hardcore that have emerged in the past 10 years is mind blowing but it’s great to see the almost dead Hardcore scene rising up and still putting out amazing content. It’s amazing to see people like DJ Glowkid representing the sound and pushing the Hardcore Breakbeats , mixing Breaks and 4x4 and genres just like the old days of Rave. It’s great to see crews like Damage Inc. still constantly putting out banger after banger and to see Kniteforce is still pushing the boundaries as far as the breaks will go!
It’s an exciting time for Hardcore and I’m glad I’m back around to watch it shine!

A little bit about the tracks...

Robbies Took Chemicals - Well I made this after listening to some live dj sets from wonderland and hearing the chemicals sample , as soon as I heard it, I was writing a tune in my head that I could use in my own style of DJiing .... This is the result! I think it‘s a banger!

Nobody Likes The Records
- Nobody likes the records that you play, nobody likes the record that you pla playin’, (haha). Wait until you have that stuck in your head on loop and it drives you insane!

I heard the vocal sample got it stuck in my head that this was the best way to get it out! Enjoi

Always There - This tune is dedicated to a oldskool soldier and friend who is no longer with us. DJ 2 Real , I only knew him for a short time a few years at most but I had a instant connection with Neil and we would speak most days on the phone about producing and what tracks we both had been making and what samples we had been ripping and chopping up, if we wernt talking about music he would be rambling on about cars in great detail and I‘d have to keep reminding him I dont know the steering wheel from the spare wheel when it comes to cards LOL.

He was a massive inspiration to me and taught me alot , this tune reminds me of him and I used some of the tips he taught me while making it.
R.I.P mate!

Music Is My Life - This was originally called ReBirth and didnt have any vocal , this was the first proper track I wrote after my loooong hiatus from all things music, hence the name rebirth (haha).

I was listening to it one day in my sequencer and the vocals popped into my head, Igrabbed the pella’ rearranged the tune abit and it worked brilliantly,, the piano sits lovely in this track and to be honest I think its one of my faves. I was listening to alot of old 95 piano hardcore and alot of Stu and Nee tracks at the time of making this and I think it shows in the overall tune! Shout out to Stu and Nee actually, really nice blokes and some banging hardcore breaks tunes that I honestly dont think get enough recognition! "


Sunday 30 October 2016

DJ CHZ "Hardcore Uproar Show" @ Distinct FM (29 10 2016)

pic by

A proper and rushing showcase by the insane badboi DJ CHZ on his very own "Hardcore Uproar" as broadcasted @ Distinct FM on 29th October 2016.
Enjoy a big variety of storming Hardcore Breaks and Nu-Rave vibes alongside some personal tunes of him and newish buzz from Strictly Nuskool Blog's upcoming release by Robbie P (Coming out on 1st November)

Featured producers:
Luna C + Bexxie, Andy Wilson, Alk- E - D, Gareth Monks, Hardcore James, DJ Nexus, Gav Lee, DJ Rave in Peace, Sparki Dee, Xenophobia ft GL0WKiD, DJ CHZ, Robbie P, DJ Nee, Firefox Demon, Hardcore James, The Flashback Project, Nicky Allen, Bass Raver, Karen Layne.

A totally recommended show! Bigup the CHZ!


Saturday 29 October 2016


UK producer/DJ/Mastering Engineer/ Multi-Instrumentalist Composer/Remixer, SIDESTALKER well known off his Labello Blanco '93 release on his 15yr old of age under the alias Autonomy, has now returned to celebrate Halloween with a special 4tracker smasher cracker of an EP!

The "Monsters EP" is an ideal following release after his superb 9track "Return To The Old Skool" album, which came 3 years ago including a blend of Oldskool Hardcore, Acid House and mad Breakbeats! This time he introduces to us four established monsters of our youth, and that is Dracula, Mummy, Frankenstein and Wolf Man.
All four of them are tied up on 160bpm, oldskool dressed up, providing their scary and terrifying darkside! Monstrous sounding and proper Nuskool Hardcore biz from Sidestalker, a great release which will draw attention to the Halloween Hardcore crew!
If you're fancy learning more about him, you can read his interview and story so far as reviewed about a year ago on Strictly Nuskool Blog (link)




Friday 28 October 2016

[VMRDT076] Hektic - Boltron [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Full Ten.
2/ Boltron.
3/ Tell Dem.
4/ Star Key.

It's all about the "BASS!" when it comes to the latest release from Viral-Mental Recordings' stalwart, Hektic. The 'Boltron' EP wears it's 1996 era, dancefloor orientated jump-up jungle influences proudly on it's sleeves. With clear inspiration from classic labels, such as Tru Playaz, Trouble On Vinyl and Intalex Productions running through each of the four tracks's featured.

'Full Ten' is first up to the plate, and it does so by teasing the listener with an organ riff and rugged breakbeat driven intro, coupled with vintage movie samples, before diving into a mammoth, pulsating bassline that'll get your head nodding. 
The hazy, smokey sounds of the frankly trippy 'Boltron' follow next, and strips things back by introducing us to a skippy, stepping break flavoured with Wu-Tang vocal snippets and psychedelic pads.

The junglistic 'Tell Dem' drops a moody, dub guitar skank over stepping, layered breaks and earth-shaking bass drones, whilst dropping delay-soaked reggae vocals - imagine Burial's 'Broken Home' set to a jungle soundscape if you may. 
Last but certainly not least, 'Star Key's concludes the EP in full-on, bassline driven style that would have pricked up the ears of the T.O.V. crew if it had been unleashed 20 years ago prior. Perfectly concluding a retro themed, yet thoroughly current collection of upfront jump-up belters.

If you love your bassline's chunky, your breaks rough and rugged and your jump-up jungle with it's feet firmly rooted to the dancefloor, then Hektic's 'Boltron' EP will be just the thing to get you brockin' out!!!

Hektic's 'Boltron' EP is available to purchase now from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stores!!!



DJ Tunes...


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KF64-KF65:: The Remix's Part 9 & The Remix's Part 10 (KNITEFORCE RECORDS-REMIX RECORDS) [PRE-ORDER NOW]

The wait is over!

18 years was the total number of absence of the Kniteforce Vinyl releases, and this is coming to an end today 28th October 2016 with 2 super 3track 12'' releases coming out after a long competition held by Kniteforce & Remix Records by Luna-C.

These releases have a limited and valuable character, because they're out by the limited number of 300 coming along with the digital format, which won't be anywhere else and never ever provided! In addition features 2 remixes by established big names like Scott Brown, Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion, 2 winners from the competition (Russian producer/DJ, Ant To Be and UK hcb tune machine Nicky Allen) and finally 2 KF signed artists from its squad, like Canada's producer/DJ, Scartat and Luna-C himself!

One of the priviledges you're offered, is that by purchasing your 12'' copy, you'd be given a FREE complete KFA EP alongside Executive Edition tracks.
KF64 comes with "KFA84 - Competition Winners EP" containing 4 main tracks and 3 executive edition tracks, while KF65 comes with "KFA85 - M-Project Takes Over EP" containing 4 amazing remixes from M-Project & Muzik Servant plus 2 bonus executive edition tracks.

This means that by ordering one vinyl only, you're actually getting one more great digital album, which is..insanely kind!

" I love modern hardcore, but old skool and breakbeats is where my heart is. And I love releasing music in any format, but if I can do vinyl? I will do vinyl. "

This is the key phrase shared from Luna-C's long and enjoyable blogpost about KF new releases. And everyone needs to stick in it, because this is the biggest conclusion to what's on his mind, in my opinion...

It's a true and serious fact, that his heart has been always BREAKBEATING!
Some good hints were proved over 2016, since he's been spinning great remixes released throughtout the year, from Inspector Sands, Jedi, Empyreal, and his fresh remix to KF64 on DJ Ham tune alongside his recent KF podcast #49, which was full of new and forthcoming stuff signed to Kniteforce, aiming to bring back Breakbeat Hardcore including new blood & talented producers!

But there are more clues, reasons and examples what you, him and the scene gains from this double rebirth of Kniteforce Vinylized release.. So you'd better devote some time and read full of his article here:

I'd personally won't call it like a launch of new era, because Hardcore remains alive whether you'd call it Oldskool or Nuskool, you'd notice that this Blog has been reviewing a great quantity and quality of releases coming rapidly out there, which means that it's all alive and will be!
This new try and desicion from Luna-C is definetely an expression and way of life, so every Oldskool Hardcore & Breakbeat junkie should show his love & support needed to raise the whole movement even higher!

And finally, one last and personaly thing.I'd like to thank Chris for the special mention and words of praise to my work and my hrs of devotion to Hardcore!
Props to each and everyone representing Hardcore now, then and in the future, which is driven by us all, so here you go guys... KF64 & KF65 are available for pre-ordering!
Make it happen!

A: Luna-C - Piano Progression (Scott Brown Remix)
AA1: Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Ool Lortnoc (Ant To Be Remix)
AA2: DJ Ham - It Would Be (DJ Luna-C Remix)

PRE-ORDER 'Remix's Part 9' HERE

A: Force & Evolution - Fall Down On Me (Billy Bunter & Sanxion Remix)
AA1: Future Primitive - Ban This (Nicky Allen Remix)
AA2: Trip - The Erb (Scartat Remix)

PRE-ORDER 'Remix's Part 10' HERE

KFA soundcloud


One of the most talented Nuskool Breaks producers at the moment is definetely, USBS (United States Beat Squad) combining Nu-Rave spirit on booty or breaks stylee, always on 140bpm mode. This time he returns to UK underground label, Music Rascals, offering a heavy club friendly Booty Breaks and prodigized samples vibe titled 'No Good'.
Out now on Beatport!




"XENOPHOBIA - Sid's Dance Music from 1990 -2000"

Sid Truelove (Xenophobia, Rubella Ballet) has put a few words about his recent installment on his bandcamp page. It's a 18track compilation including Acid House, Oldskool Techno, Breakbeats, House vibes he's done over 1990-2000.
Top fav tunes to check: "Mayday" - "Hardcore Heaven" - "I Can See Angels" - "Go For It"

" Ok here's a bit about the last album I have put up on Bandcamp called Sid's dance music of the 90's is pretty much what it says on the tin, I started writing songs from about 1980 when I only had a Tascam 244 porta studio with 4 tracks, a mic for vocals, a Wem Copycat echo machine and a record player. Then in 1985 I bought a Yamaha SY77 that was really cool but had limited sounds as you can hear from the first 4 tracks. 1992 I invested in an Ensoniq EPS Digital sampler and I was digital, I could sample anything to use to make music it was amazing. I really liked hard house and hard bag as they called it in London in the early 90' and I got into more of a teckno side of hard house. This album is a good overall view of what I wrote at Balfron Tower in my studio there. It's great to have all these track on-line so everyone can hear what I was up to up in the sky in East London."



Wednesday 26 October 2016

SF028:: DAMAGE INC. - The Walker (Walking Dead Riddim) [SONIC FORTRESS]

Step 1. You see a new Damage Inc. tune out on Sonic Fortress.
Step 2. You're feeling that it's gonna be a mental full on Nu-Rave/Hardcore Breaks anthemic stormer...
Step 3. You've already pressed the "PLAY" button and you've been receiving a multiple damage inside your brain cells!
Step 4. After 5 minutes its all over, you're into Halloween spirit!

So these quick steps, prove what it feels like with the new installment by DAMAGE INC., which is an aggressive 180bpm Jungle/D&bish smasher, Halloween friendly and special zombielistick vibe, under the title "The Walker" a riddim for "Walking Dead".

Grab your copy HERE and celebrate Halloween as deserves together with...Damage Inc.


NEFTI Guest Mix @ Teknociziak "Audycja Back To The Oldskool" Show [25 October 2016]



GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (25OCT.2016)


Masterboy - Generation of Love [CLUB ZONE]
Pianohead - Tellin Me [OCTOTRAX]
Pianohead - Not Much Heaven [OCTOTRAX]
Sparky - Rock Ya [OCTOTRAX]
Rave Force - Feel So Good
Nefti Feat. Domi - Show You Something [INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
Rememberrave - Make a Move [WHITE TOWER]
Chase & Status - Time (Remember & Orestiz Remix)
Ise - I Want You Baby
Gareth Monks - K.W Tribute [STRICTLY NUSKOOL]
Finchman - Desire For You [XTRAHARD RECORDS]
Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives (Kruppstaahl Remake)
Schnez - Groove Sucka [LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]
Damage Inc. - I Wanna Feel The Panic! [SONIC FORTRESS]
Orestiz - Ruffatest [STRICTLY NUSKOOL]
Robbie P - Robbies Took Chemicals [STRICTLY NUSKOOL]
Paul Cronin - You Gotta Find The Light (Orestiz Remix) [DRED COLLECTIVE]
DJ Sparks - Assylum [YAW RECORDS]
1st Science - Underground Music (original version)
Pursuit - Why Oh Why..
Xenophobia - The Wobbler [XENO RECORDINGS]
Force Mass Motion & Druid - Music [FORCE MASS MOTION]
DJ Nexus - Rhythmatic Movements
Damage Inc. - The Walker (Walking Dead Riddim) [SONIC FORTRESS]
Xenophobia ft. GL0WKiD - Glow To The Rush

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow]


Monday 24 October 2016

[BKNV001] KeeZee - Broken Not Fractured EP [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl From Broken Beats Recordings - Pre-Order Your Copy Now!!!]

A1 - Bang.
A2 - First Kontact.
B1 - Ruff.
B2 - Beyond The Atmosphere.

Brighton based junglist, KeeZee's music has played a pivotal role in representing nuskool jungle in the South West of the UK. With many an artist release being featured on a broad range of labels, including Jungle Rollerz, Kode 5 Recordings, Switchblade Digital and Ninja Cutz, as well as playing an active role in promoting the freshest jungle sounds as part of the RK Bass, DJ collective. 2016 sees KeeZee unveil the Broken Beat Recordings label and it's forthcoming debut, 12" vinyl release, the 'Broken Not Fractured EP'.

The EP opens up in true 1994-1995 jungle fashion with the full-on, amen tearout track 'Bang', which combines rapid-fire, machine-gun breaks with boombastic bass notes and soothing pads to create an expertly crafted fusion of the rough and the smooth.
Up next 'First Kontact' follows a similar format, but takes things in a more deeper direction by fusing rolling amen breaks with strong UFO-ology themes.
The flipside introduces us to the fierce, junglistic sounds of 'Run', which opens to the sound of a forlorn military bugle before dropping a tear-out series of intricately sliced and diced drum edits flavoured with rugged ragga chatter and Reese bass drones. The epic 'Beyond The Atmosphere' concludes the EP in fine, atmospheric style with it's lush, sweeping strings and bass pulses before unleashing a stepping break accented with amen edits and gentle piano notes, perfectly capturing the essence of mid-nineties intelligent jungle. 

For a debut release, Broken Beats Recordings have struck gold with this fine selection of jungle tracks, with a strong focus on meticulous drum-work and vintage flavours from roughneck dancefloor bombs, to soaring rollers. If you call yourself a vinyl junglist, then you need this one in your collection!!!

KeeZee's limited edition, 12" vinyl only 'Broken Not Fractured EP' is available to pre-order now from the Broken Beats Recordings official Bandcamp page, for the bargain price of £8.50 plus postage & packaging (and for those wishing to support the artist and label to fund future releses, there is also the option to add extra funds). 

The 'Broken Not Fractured EP' is due to be released on November the 25th, with limited quantities of the 12" vinyl being made available, So order now to avoid disappointment!!!

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XTRA097:: Skolix & Reso-C - You Take My.... [XTRAHard RECORDS]

An atmospheric junglistic oldskool vibe is the latest digital weapon of UK underground label, XTRA HARD Records, run by Deadly Nightshade who signed and welcomes the newcomers Skolix & Reso-C to his label.
"You Take My..." is a sweet amen break & piano hardcore vibe, which will definetely take you back to your innocence, with the Greek duet of Skolix & Reso-C being responsible for that.

Just take yourself away throught it...


Official Video

GL0WKiD pres. "2 BAD MICE 25 yr ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE" - Planet Rave Radio (08NOV.2016)

This one goes out to all 2 Bad Mice and old skool fans in general!
I'll be doing a special "25 yr Anniversary Tribute" totally dedicated to 2 BAD MICE, playing out tracks/remixes from their career plus hosting also a radio interview with a leading member of the Oldskool kings, the man like Simon Colebrooke, who opens the files of the legendary act 
and reveals many interesting bits and pieces coming up!

This showcase will be a part of Generation X [RadioShow] coming on air on 8th November 2016 at 17:30-19:00 [UK TIME] @

Save the date and spread it.
FB event:

Grab their brand new "GONE TOO SOON" EP on Vinyl+Digital HERE



GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow]

Saturday 22 October 2016

[VMRDT075] Inphekt - A New Evil! [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Internal Anger.
2/ Surrexit (VIP Mix).
3/ Are You The Devil.
4/ Blackness.
5/ A New Evil.
6/ Dark Moon.
7/ Autumn Comes Again.

Just in time for All Hallow's Eve, Viral-Mental Recordings and resident neo-darkside pioneer, Inphekt present their latest selection of pitch black, neuro-terror tracks with the release of the mammoth 'A New Evil!' EP. 

Inphekt introduces us to the first of seven heavyweight drum & bass tracks, with the aggressive stepper, 'Internal Anger' which combines ominous atmospherics with a rock-solid two-step break and kick combo. It's closely followed by the equally oppressive 'Surrexit (VIP Mix)', which takes the original mix from the recent 'Tenebris' EP and layers a brain-scouring bass drone reminiscent of classic, late nineties era Bad Company tracks. 

Satanic themes form the basis of the menacing 'Are You The Devil', which sees uncompromising neurofunk flavours combine with sinister, whispered female vocals that'll send shivers up the spine of even the most hardened, horror fanatic. The sounds of 'Blackness' permeates next with it's intricate drum programming and dark, enveloping bassline. 

Title track, 'A New Evil' delivers a succession of punishing two-step breaks overlaid by a diabolic, twisted bass riff and doom-laden atmospheric notes. 'Dark Moon' closely follows in a more straightforward neuro D&B fashion, full of menace, but with it's feet set firmly on the dancefloor. The EP is drawn to a hauntingly perfect close by the the nightmarish 'Autumn Comes Again', which expertly ensures that no-one is left unshaken from experiencing Inphekt's latest collection of future darkside classics.

For those who scoff at lightweight liquid rollers and pop-step D&B tracks, the 'A New Evil!' EP will more than have your neurofunk cravings satisfied. You know what to do.... Give yourself to the darkside!!!!

Inphekt's 'A New Evil!' EP is available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now!!!





Juno Download...


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GL0WKiD Guest Mix @ MAYHEM LIVE [Hardcore Breaks/Nu-Rave/Happy Hardcore]

This is a good warm up just a few days before the lauch of my new season shows @ Planet Rave Radio. (premiere: 25th October - INFO)

My Guest Mix for "The Sweenee Show" @ Manchester based MAYHEM LIVE (
Broadcasted on 19th October 2016 including 1hr of Hardcore Breaks/Happy Hardcore/Nu-Rave stormers!
Bigup to all listeners, showing luv for this set, and of course Andrew DJ Sweeney and Paul Devonport from MAYHEM!

Props goes to all producers & labels involved on this one.
Njoy the... Hardcore of Present, cos everything's still active and pumping!


Ant To Be - Eddy Piano [HC RECORDINGS]
Damage Inc. - We Love Charly
Ise - I Will Take U Dance (Original Hardcore Mix) [GOOD TIMES RECORDINGS]
Paul Cronin - You Gotta Find The Light (Orestiz Remix) [DRED COLLECTIVE]
Damage Inc. - I Wanna Feel The Panic! [SONIC FORTRESS]
Menace Makes 3 - Do Ya Feel What I'm Feelin' (Damage Inc. SMD Stylee Remix) [SONIC FORTRESS]
Schnez - Groove Sucka [LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]
Yudaidhun - 153 (Asteroid Mix)
Sparki Dee - Slow Down
DJ Rave In Peace - Give Yourself
B2N - Hardcore Come Again!
DJ Sashay - Underground Culture [KODE 5 RECORDINGS]
Chiqui & Luffy - Lift Off [WT RECORDS]
Gareth Monks - Slammer Alert
Pursuit - Compnded (Edge 1 - Syco Mix)
Pursuit - Buy Now Pay February [THIS IS NU-RAVE]
Insane & Mind - Open Up Your Heart [HOH RECORDINGS]
Empyreal - ADM (DJ Luna-C's 1994 Remix) [KFA]


Thursday 20 October 2016

[Xeno Recordings] Xenophobia Featuring GL0WKiD - Glow With The Rush E.P. [Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Glow To The Rush (Radio Edit) (Feat GL0WKiD),
2/ Glow To The Rush (Extended Mix) (Feat GL0WKiD),
3/ Rush To The Hardcore (Feat Skallywag).
4/ Go With The Flow (Feat Skallywag).

After releasing a steady onslaught of releases in recent months, veteran oldskool hardcore act Xenophobia present the 'Glow To The Rush E.P.', featuring the Strictly NuSkool Blog's very own resident hardcore-head and long time presenter of the Generation X Radio Show on Planet Rave Radio, the one and only GL0WKiD!!! 

Xenophobia's Sid Truelove in collaboration with GL0WKiD capture the spirit of 1992 with the heavyweight, 'Glow With The Rush'. An immense 'Anasthasia' stab driven, hardcore breaks masterpiece which couples rolling breaks, booming bass and the GL0WKiD's infectiously uplifting vocals. 'Glow To The Rush' comes in both shortened radio mix and extended versions for all you DJ's out there. 

Up next, Xenophobia digs into the D.A.T. archives to unleash two previously unreleased oldskool tracks, that were omitted from their excellent retrospective album, 'Bring On The Rush'. Kicking off with 'Rush To The Hardcore', a manic slice of frantic, 1992 era breakbeat rave, packed with oldskool energy and liberally layered with MC Scallywag's hype-fuelled vox. Things are brought to a close with the euphoric vibed, jungle tekno track, 'Go With The Flow' which combines gorgeously soothing pads and rugged breaks with Utopian themed vocals from Xenophobia's very own Zilla Minx and MC Scallywag.

Whether you're looking for vintage oldskool gems or fresh hardcore breaks for 2016, the 'Glow To The Rush E.P.' more than fulfills both requirements for all hardcore massive. So grab yourself a copy now and spread the GL0WLOVE!!!

Xenophobia Featuring GL0WKiD 'Glow To The Rush E.P.' is available to download now from the official Xenophobia Bandcamp page for whatever you feel the music is worth (which doesn't haveta mean 'for free' ya grips!!!). 

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