Wednesday, 5 October 2016

DJ Smiley - Ravenoyz Recordings Special Mix

DJ SMILEY has put out a serious 1hr mix few hrs ago live on Manchester's 105 FM Mayhem Radio. This mix has been recorded and uploaded on his personal Mixcloud and had a strictly Hardcore mission to display. It's all about our friendly label RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS, based in Tenerife/Spain, which has been doing a great work over the last 2 years with a class quantity and quality of releases.

Great chance for Mark giving some plays on tunes off label's back catalogue and his result was absolutely proper!

Few words from him:

" All right people this is a set i performed live for 105 FM Mayhem radio on behalf of Ravenoyz recordings. I used tracks exclusive to this label and i will leave a link below so you can go on to the Ravenoyz web-site and listen and perhaps purchase a few of the tracks i used.

I will be doing exclusive Ravenoyz sets every few months. I truly believe with all my heart what these guys are doing with the tracks they produce and make. To me they are a breath of fresh air for many years they have been my go to people for the music i love

I simply can not say enough about them all and i truly feel blessed to deliver just some of the tracks available on this label. I would like to thank in no particular order some of the people involved with the tracks i used in no particular order.

Nicky Allan
Gareth Monks
Eddie Voyager"



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  1. This is my go to place for the breaks and beats i love. Made up to have my mixtape featured on my favourite music site. Proper made my day. Massive shout out to Ravenoyz recordings and the DJ we call Glowkid =) Much love and respect to you all. Keep on keeping on.