Thursday, 20 October 2016

[Xeno Recordings] Xenophobia Featuring GL0WKiD - Glow With The Rush E.P. [Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Glow To The Rush (Radio Edit) (Feat GL0WKiD),
2/ Glow To The Rush (Extended Mix) (Feat GL0WKiD),
3/ Rush To The Hardcore (Feat Skallywag).
4/ Go With The Flow (Feat Skallywag).

After releasing a steady onslaught of releases in recent months, veteran oldskool hardcore act Xenophobia present the 'Glow To The Rush E.P.', featuring the Strictly NuSkool Blog's very own resident hardcore-head and long time presenter of the Generation X Radio Show on Planet Rave Radio, the one and only GL0WKiD!!! 

Xenophobia's Sid Truelove in collaboration with GL0WKiD capture the spirit of 1992 with the heavyweight, 'Glow With The Rush'. An immense 'Anasthasia' stab driven, hardcore breaks masterpiece which couples rolling breaks, booming bass and the GL0WKiD's infectiously uplifting vocals. 'Glow To The Rush' comes in both shortened radio mix and extended versions for all you DJ's out there. 

Up next, Xenophobia digs into the D.A.T. archives to unleash two previously unreleased oldskool tracks, that were omitted from their excellent retrospective album, 'Bring On The Rush'. Kicking off with 'Rush To The Hardcore', a manic slice of frantic, 1992 era breakbeat rave, packed with oldskool energy and liberally layered with MC Scallywag's hype-fuelled vox. Things are brought to a close with the euphoric vibed, jungle tekno track, 'Go With The Flow' which combines gorgeously soothing pads and rugged breaks with Utopian themed vocals from Xenophobia's very own Zilla Minx and MC Scallywag.

Whether you're looking for vintage oldskool gems or fresh hardcore breaks for 2016, the 'Glow To The Rush E.P.' more than fulfills both requirements for all hardcore massive. So grab yourself a copy now and spread the GL0WLOVE!!!

Xenophobia Featuring GL0WKiD 'Glow To The Rush E.P.' is available to download now from the official Xenophobia Bandcamp page for whatever you feel the music is worth (which doesn't haveta mean 'for free' ya grips!!!). 

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