Wednesday, 5 October 2016

ANT TO BE - Sound Like '92 Mix (from vinyl & digital)

" Starting with the main stab riff and a half speed beat, this one wrong foots you right from the start. I like it very much, even though at first it seems like a weird sort of feel to bring to the track. The almost soft intro leads into a lovely string, before a totally new piano riff comes in. Oh okay, yes yes, I am liking this a lot. Clever vocal work, a replayed piano…oh, this is great! A really different feel to the original track, but still obviously a remix. Oh, and it just gets better, after the piano a wicked bit of mentasm and scratching and cut up stabs. Yeah this superb, I love it. Very good work!"

If you got comfused by these words, it's not any typo or whatever. It's Luna-C's feedback and a kind of praise to the winning remix of "Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Ool Lortnoc" made by Russian producer Ant To Be, who has succeed getting it to the top and being featured on the forthcoming KF64 Vinyl release alongside Luna-C and Scott Brown  (more info HERE).

Ant To Be moniker is influenced by Jungle, D&B and Hardcore music and has been into production over the last 10 years with a variety of releases on labels like Digital Blus, Influenza Media, Touch My 12" Rec., Textures Music Group, Artist Rec., HC Recordings, Respect Rec., Mind In Side Rec., UP Musik.

"Sounds Like '92 Mix" is a new mix of him with a selection of blended modern tunes and oldskool vibes, full of breakbeats, pianos and proper hardcore mentality mixed as per and truly enjoying!
There is no doubt that Alex is a great representer of Russian Hardcore skool at the moment and it's worth digging his personal stuff and work!

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