Wednesday, 2 January 2019

[Destroy Oh Boy] Dr. Colossus & Kinsugi Feat. Blessed - Destroy Oh Boy Presents... Vol. 1 [Digital Download Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Dr Colossus Feat. Blessed - This Is The Year.
2/ Kinsugi Feat. Blessed - The Unexpected.

The Destroy Oh Boy camp introduces us to their brand new single, 'Destroy Oh Boy Presents... Vol. 1', featuring two heavyweight bassline shakers from Dr. Colossus and Kinsugi, alongside dancehall reggae don, Blessed.

Dr. Colossus steps up to the plate first to deliver a tearin' fusion of roughneck jungle and breakcore pressure with 'This Is The Year', which expertly layers sliced and diced amen choppage and filthy bass riffs alongside Blessed's soulful, reggae vocals to devastating effect.

Up next, Kinsugi's 'The Unexpected' interweaves Blessed's vox into an epic and grimy, dancehall ragga meets juke  infusion, incorporating massive 808 bass blasts and jittery, razor-sharp snare hits which leads into a lush guitar driven, ambient drone midsection to break up the pace.

If uncompromising, boundary pushing music is what you are seeking to vlow away the cobwebs of conformity, then you need look no further than 'Destroy Oh Boy Presents... Vol. 1'!!!

The 'Destroy Oh Boy Presents... Vol. 1 - Dr. Colossus & Kinsugi Feat. Blessed' singles are available to download now for "A Name Your Price" fee from the official Destroy Oh Boy Bandcamp page.

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