Friday, 8 June 2018

KF82:: Liquid - Still EP [12" EP out on KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

A1. The Truth 
A2. Phormicide 
B1. KEX 
B2. Dope Sick

Seems that LIQUID has created the right formula of success, as he's been very busy & highly productive since last year with his second studio album 'Energy Flows' his collaboration with his long time fellow Billy Daniel Bunter on 'Mitsu EP' and now after a good contact with Luna-C we're all very lucky and happy to live something that can be described as a mini Oldschool revival.
In a few words it's all about LIQUID debut EP on Kniteforce. A time when two legends come together for the very first time. A time when everything looks like past. And just to understand how people have embraced and loved this release; it (as a part of a KF Bundle) was sold out in its first 24 hrs in both US and UK stores of Kniteforce. Definetely we should be optimistic about present, about future and never erase from our memories that Hardcore Will Never Die.

Entering on this brand new work by LIQUID, you're offered 4 different tunes from the Jungle Breaks of KEX to the 199ish Techno influencial 'Phormicide' and 'The Truth' with its happy pianos while closing the flipside with a dark weapon titled 'Dope Sick'.
And the title? 'Still'...Maybe his second personal should be called 'Forever' on the grounds that it's a serious quality modern work that bridges Oldschool with present. Till then enjoy present, enjoy 'Still'!!


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