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Amiga Breaks / DJ Fuzzbuzz - Journeys End (Remastered Edition) [Available To Pre-Order Now In Limited CD + Digital Album Formats From Dark Til Dawn Records!!!]

1/ Oldskool Daze.
2/ Past Regrets.
3/ Round Trip.
4/ Scratch This.
5/ Miso Ramen.
6/ Time To Die.
7/ Pad And Bass.
8/ Venus Wars.
9/ J.T.V 15.
10/ Raving Days.
11/ Feeling High.
12/ The End Of The Beginning.

After years of sharing his wealth of music on Soundcloud, veteran producer and unsung hero of the underground Hardcore Breaks and Jungle scenes, Amiga Breaks (aka DJ Fuzzbuzz) has finally collated his finest works together to release his first ever artist album, 'Journeys End' on Dred Collective offshoot label Dark Til Dawn Records
Ever since his first forays into making music, the Amiga Breaks sound has lately become firmly entrenched in vintage production techniques, with many of his tracks being created on the Amiga PC and in the OctaMED tracker format to retain that authentic oldskool sound. And 'Journeys End' perfectly showcases that dedication to the classic early nineties vibe.

From the shamelessly ecstatic opening track 'Oldskool Daze' which takes us back to the heady days of '91-'92 where smooth house grooves and uplifting pianos unite with pumping bass and crunching breakbeats, to the stirringly mellow breaks bass, and piano led closing track, 'The End Of The Beginning'. 'Journeys End' is an ambitious album which expertly strides the whole spectrum of the rave continuum.

The album veers towards 1993-style hardcore and junglism with the excellent 'Past Regrets', which to me evokes memories of Reinforced Records a la Underground Software/Nookie, and 'Round Trip' take us on an exhilarating 4/4 kickdrum, rushing piano and jungle breakbeat ride that feels like it's rolling at 200mph.

'Scratch This' meshes techno undertones to the roughneck, stab-heavy hardcore formula while 'Miso Ramen' continues on with the jungle-tekno theme whilst adding some lush, soaring pads to the mix. Classic sci-fi flick dialogue crops up in the atmospheric, yet rolling epic 'Time To Die'. A 10 minute beast of a track awash with thundering breaks, accentuated with additional drum edits, thumping bass throbs, sweeping synth washes and a gritty oldskool vibe throughout.

Oldskool jungle and nuskool D&B styles collide with the dubwise 'Pads And Bass', which adds dub-reggae piano notes to stepping breaks and rude, reversed bass throbs and 'Venus Wars', which features 10 tonne, heavyweight amens and intense drumbreak edits .

We are introduced to the first of the three brand new Amiga Breaks tracks next with the breakbeat hardcore, meets acid, meets dub skanking 'J.T.V 15' which is then backed up by the breakneck speed, 1993-style, piano hardcore track that is 'Raving Days' and the euphorically uplifting penultimate track, 'Feeling High'.

It becomes clear upon listening that Amiga Breaks / DJ Fuzzbuzz, 'Journeys End' has been a labour of love in it's creation and showcases the artist's expertise on capturing his passion for re-energising the oldskool sound, and is an essential purchase for all lovers of high BPM, breakbeat based music. 'Journey's End' has received 

The Amiga Breaks / DJ Fuzzbuzz'  fully remastered 'Journeys End' album is available to pre-order in Limited Edition CD format for $11.99 (plus shipping) and in Digital Download format for $5.99from the official Dark Til Dawn Records Bandcamp page. 
The CD is due to ship on 18/01/16 and the digital release is due to made available on 24/01/16.

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