Sunday, 7 January 2018

DJ FAYDZ - 1991 Rave In 9 Minutes

We in the scene, are very proud having a humble, down to earth man & furthermore a skillful scratchmeister and Oldschool hero like DJ FAYDZ.
And this time Steve has done it again and the result is totally stunning as usual! On his latest mission he has mixed the year 1991 in only 9 minutes comprised of 220 samples.
And it's all available on his Youtube page. Share it, play it, spread it and happy 1991!

Sampling tracks from artists including - Moby, Bug Kann, Autonation, Congress, Bizarre Inc, Sonic Experience, Rhythm Warfare, Destroyer, Trigger, N-Joi, Joey Beltram, T99, B.G. The Prince Of Rap, True Faith, Panic, Da Juice, Boneshakers, Tricky Disco, Bitin' Back, Capella, Prodigy, FPI Project, Axe Corner, DJ H Feat Stefy, K Klass, Rhythm Foundation, Crystal Waters, Katherine E, Avenue, Space Trax, Second Phase, Friends Of Matthew, Sonic Experience, Shades Of Rhythm, Future Sound Of London, Voodoo Child, Sub Sub, Lonnie Gordon, Carl Cox, Outlander, Underkut, Ragga Twins, Dub Wise Two, The Psychopaths, Zone, Automation, The Beginning, All In One, Epitome Of Hype, DJ Seduction, John + Julie, Cubic 22, Phuture Assassins, Rhythm Section, Shoot The Moon, B.O.O.M, Incubus, Science Lab, Turntable Terror, Sub System, Cola Boy, Youngbloods, G Double E, Tekno Too, Olympia, Techno Grooves, Holy Noise, Set Up System Klubzone 1, Problem House, Channel X, Rum & Black, Masters At Work, The Future, The House Crew, Soundclash, Exceller 8, Brainstorm, D-M-S, Utah Saints, Easymo, Sonic Solution, Doctor Of Dance, Tech-Noise, Rebel MC, Alex Lee, Praga Kahn, Code Red, Blow, Badman Presents N.D.X., Subject 13, Obertron, Razor Boy & Mirror Man, DJ Massive, Revelution, Blapps Posse, 2 Bad Mice, PLB System, Cosmo & Dibs, SL2, Electric Choc, Human Resource, Bass Construction, Lennie De Ice, Genaside II, Temple Of Life, Fantasy UFO, Altern 8, Digital Orgasm, One Tribe Feat Gem, Carl Cox, After Dark, C.Y.B.E.R.F.U.N.K., Wax Factor, Noise Factory, Zero B, Austin, Circa '91, MI 7, Manix, Liquid Crystal, Thrust, Cedric Winkleburger & The Yellow Blueberries, Doc Scott, Dragon Fly, Messiah, Reel II Reel, DJ P.C, M-D-Emm, The Makenzie, Aircut, Skin Up, DJ Space, The Ya Ya's, Smart Systems, X-Static, FZ, Break The Limits, Family Foundation, Terra Incognita, Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era, Nebula II, Out-Phaze, Acen, Raging Rockers, QBass, A Guy Called Gerald, Xray Xperiments, Tronik House, World Dominance, Timebase Feat. Kromozone, New Era, DJ Reckless, Hackney Hardcore, Urban Shakedown, Sound Corp, New Atlantic, The Enigmatist, Frequency Strategy & DJ Freshtrax, Satin Storm, DJ Phantasy, Dave Charlesworth, Venom, The Hypnotist, MC Kinky, DJ SS, Heavyweight, Blame, Kicks Like A Mule, DJ Trace, Turntable Symphony, Lords Of Acid, DJ DD Hass, Shut Up And Dance, 2 Boasters, A Digestive & A Jammy Dodger, Mark One


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