Wednesday, 14 March 2018

[DOPELP001] Acid Lab - A Matter Of Time [Digital Album + 12" 4-Track Vinyl LP Sampler Available To Pre-Order Now!!!]

1/ A Matter Of Time.
2/ Containment.
3/ Paradoxical (feat. Slider, Expose & Anastasia).
4/ In Control.
5/ Into The Void.
6/ Silver Alloy (feat. Soul Intent).
7/ Old Memories.
8/ Revealation.
9/ Follow The Dots.
10/ Razor Blade.

12" Vinyl LP Sampler:
A1 - Silver Alloy (feat. Soul Intent).
A2 - Paradoxical (feat. Slider, Expose & Anastasia)
B1 - Into The Void.
B2 - Revelation.

Lossless Music's offshoot label, Dope Plates has spearheaded the movement for deep, oldskool themed, yet firmly dancefloor orientated drum & bass since it's conception in 2016. After five essential vinyl singles featuring the cream of the D&B scene, including label boss Soul Intent, Sicknote, Chromatic, Scape, Mark Cloud and the (suspiciously pseudonymous) Pepsi Slammer. Frequent contributor Acid Lab steps into the spotlight to give us a taster of his forthcoming 'A Matter Of Time' album with the release of the it's heavyweight, 12" vinyl 'LP Sampler'.

Acid Lab joins forces with Soul Intent  on 'Silver Alloy', a track which instantly rewinds you back to the Golden Era of drum & bass with it's excellent fusion of soothing pads, crisp breaks and gargantuan bass notes interspersed with razor sharp mentasm flashes. Up next we are introduced to 'Paradoxical', which features contributions from Slider, Expose and Anastasia, and takes us on a soulful, yet hardstepping D&B journey complete with soothing female vocals, lush saxophone flourishes and heavyweight breaks.

Opening up the flipside, 'Into The Void' captures the very essence of Blue Note era, deep tech-step vibes with it's potent blend of sc-fi pads and drones, deep kickdrum pulses and tension filled, rapid-fire snare patterns. To conclude the collection, 'Revelation' layers lush, atmospheric synth washes over rolling amen breaks and an undulation bassline perfectly assimilating the classic, mid-nineties, intelligent jungle sounds whilst giving them a 2018 makeover.

Just from taking what this sampler has to offer, it becomes clear that the Dope Plates label has struck gold once more with Acid Lab's forthcoming magnum opus, so if you call yourself a drum & bass vinyl enthusiast, then this release will become a 'must have' for your collection!

Acid Lab 'A Matter Of Time' LP is available to pre-order as a digital download and 4-track 12" vinyl, LP Sampler for £16 (plus P&P). As a digital download on it's own for  £9, or vinyl only for £10 (plus P&P).

The album drops on 01/04/18, so get in there quick in order to take up this offer!!!

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