Thursday, 29 March 2018

COCO BRYCE - Into The Future [Mixtape]

A recent feature by DJ MAG was about the return of Jungle, even though we on the Strictly Nuskool Blog insist that the movement is and will be always alive evolving year by year and bred by original Oldskool and Nuskool heroes. One of the most talented, pure & original new breed Junglists is COCO BRYCE, the Dutch vinyl junkie & a sophisticated musically soldier.
Suffice to say that almost everything he releases via his own imprint & sub labels of MYOR, is instantly sold out. And that's what happened with a new limited run of cassette mixtapes. All hard copies are left, but you can donate for the digital version of this absolutely fundamental buzz inside.


01. Kloke – Other Worlds
02. Dead Man's Chest – Fuk Ya Hed
03. Coco Bryce – Come 2U
04. Mongoose – A Matter Of Taste
05. Proc Fiskal – A Fragrance
06. Tof Tof Tof – Red
07. Tim & Coco – E Is For (Sonar's Ghost Remix)
08. Naughty Naughty – Volume 1
09. Coco Bryce – Lovin U
10. Tim & Coco – Dreamscape (Thunderdome Version)
11. Otik – Hunga (Dead Man's Chest's Cosmic Grime Version)
12. Naughty Naughty – Volume 9
13. Unknown Artist – Trigger Happy Volume 2
14. Potential Bad Boy – Skip To My Loop
15. Alex Breako & DJ Wislov – Deep Universe (Tim Reaper Remix)
16. Ceephax – Time Tunnel

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