Monday, 12 May 2014

Introducing 2BRAINZ (USA) [+ mixtape for the Strictly Nuskool Blog]

This blog is next to every thirsty for music spirit representing the Nuskool scene, and this 'less than 1 yr old' project is a good example of that.
Introducing 2Brainz from Ohio (USA)

2BRAINZ is a collaborative jungle & electronic project between DJ Rad Rod and Modkre, based in Ohio (USA).
Longtime friends, and both sharing a mutual interest in jungle and various forms of electronic music, these two bring in a unique perspective on dark jungle music. Rollin' bass and frantic breaks.

Short bio: 
Mike Brody, also known as Modkre, has been experimenting with sounds and breaks since the age of 13. Exposed to Electronic music at an early age, Modkre cites legends such as Aphex Twin, SquarePusher, Shitmat, Photek, and Venetian Snares as some of his main influences. He also enjoys playing the bass guitar.

Rod Beitzel got his start DJing for the radio station at his college in 2007. He was into all sorts of music and regularly played punk rock, reggae, drum & bass, and hip hop on the air. Going to house parties around that time, he became soon aware of the concept of mixing and blending music as a live performance. After a few years of practicing his technique on the turntables, he met up with Jacob Esterly and formed Diverse Entertainment in 2010. They were successful in throwing many underground house parties and events in north Ohio. A few of Rob's biggest influences are Aphrodite, Bay B Kane,Goldie, Kid Lib, Goth-Trad, Dom & Roland and 6blocc.

Affiliations: Conquest Recordings, Diverse Entertainment, RWD.FM

Releases: 2BRAINZ have already couple of collaborations and remixes released on Beatport Via Conquest Recordings and also Grimey Grooves. Their forthcoming release titled "Dank Sensi" EP is finished and will be out on 23rd June 2014 on Beatport. They are also making an album dedicated to the vibe of dub reggae which will be forthcoming in October.

Equipment they use: FL studio 11 - Keyboard - Monitors - Pioneer CDJ400's for DJ use.

Listen to 2BRAINZ mixtape for the Strictly Nuskool Blog here:


01. Moresounds TEK LIFE (Ghetto Dub)
02. 6Blocc feat. Gunsmoke - Gangsta 
03. K AZE - Warrior Groove
04. Subnation - Scottie (Spinscott Remix)
05. FishStix - Funkin
06. DJ Earl & Sonic D - Stop Playing With Me
07. AteTraxx - Rudelord (Renegades Remix)
08. DJ Downrock - Rockas
09. Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag (Sideswipe edit)
10. Spinscott - No Control
11. Rico Tubbs - Babylon Fall (Slick Shoota Remix)
12. Coleco - Spatial
13. Sinistarr ft. Tim Reaper - Riff 2



Conquest Recordings 


DVerse Entertainment 

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