Thursday, 5 January 2017

SONIC DEADLINE presents his 6 Albums of Hardcore diamonds!!

SONIC DEADLINE is the one man project of Warped Dynamics one half, also knows as Eyeski, who's hailing from London and being active in the Hardcore game over the last 10 years!

Apart from his talented skills in production ability, Chris is also an engineer as well as DJing over the last 15 years and keeps on pushing it hard to the bone! His production is based on a hardware setup and additionally he runs his own labels Hard Boiled, Party Force and Beat Lab (running alongside Sperian) with some marvellous releases so far!

Chris decided to close last year with a huge upload of his work over these years, and so presents in public previews of his 6 albums made with love & devotion to strictly Oldskool Hardcore & Jungle sounds!

This is definetely a big Hardcore soundtrack to add to your lives and must to hear!



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