Monday, 9 January 2017

[Self Released] Jonny 5 - Winter EP [7-Track Mini-Album Available To Download Now From Bandcamp!!!]

1/ Arctic Dawn.
2/ Hyperborean Breath.
3/ Hypothermic Shuffle.
4/ Gelid Clarity (Interlude).
5/ Hiemal.
6/ Algid Hallows.
7/ Brumal Call.

Los Angeles based producer, Jonny 5 has long since represented the US jungle scene, with both his own musical creations and as a member of the Junglizm Radio collective. With tracks appearing on highly respected underground labels including the likes of Sounds So Fierce, Hi Headz, Dub Chamber and Dred Collective along with a number of self released EP's and singles. For Jonny's latest creation he takes us on a meticulously crafted, junglistic journey into the coldest of seasons with the massive seven track 'Winter EP'.

We are first greeted to the intricate drumwork of opening track, 'Arctic Dawn' ,which fuses together crisp, rolling breaks with glacial chimes and gorgeous pads which conjure up memories of 1994 era, Reinforced Records intelligent jungle classics.
Things get more deep and experimental on 'Hyperborean Breath', a heady melting pot of cold, industrial FX, dub-reggae riddims and intense amen break choppage which expertly melds together modern, musical production styles with oldskool techniques. Up next 'Hypothermic Shuffle' sees a gentle, chiming, Warp Records style electronica melody and bass pulses clash with frantic, rolling amens in an exhilarating fusion of light and dark sonic textures.

The haunting soundscapes of 'Gelid Clarity (Interlude)' combines vintage sci-fi dialogue samples with splintered Think breaks and ghostly, ethereal vocal tones before being succeeded by the heavyweight, dubwise junglism of 'Hiimal'.
After all the previous darkness we are taken back into the light with the vintage jungle flavoured 'Algid Hallows', which meshes together intensely sliced-and-diced breaks, lush, uplifting pads and a thunderous, rolling bassline that perfectly captures the sound of Golden Age drum & bass. Last, and certainly not least 'Brumal Call' closes this collection in ferociously deep style, with it's use of atonal drones interwoven with intense, layered percussion and 1993 era, darkcore synth riffs.

With this collection of richly textured Jonny 5 showcases his vast talent for producing the deepest, yet frantic-paced jungle around. If you have love for the likes of vintage Reinforced Records, then the 'Winter EP' deserves to be in your collection!!!

Jonny 5's 'Winter EP' is available to purchase now from the official Jonny 5 Bandcamp page for whatever you feel it's worth (however, if you want to support artists to make music, then give generously!!!)...

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