Wednesday, 4 January 2017

[R4TL001 & R4TL002] Matt 'E' Taylor - Kickin' Up In A Brainstorm & Start The Panic [Available To Download Now!!!]

Prepare to be time-warped back to a time when uncompromising Belgian, hardcore techno ruled the pirate radio airwaves and proved to be the soundtrack for the most headstrong of ravers. Brand new label, Reach 4 The Lasers delivers two heavyweight, 1991 style techno bangers from hardcore-head, Matt 'E' Taylor with the dual release of the 'Kickin' Up In A Brainstorm' and 'Start The Panic' singles.

1/ Kickin' Up In A Brainstorm.

Opening to a relentless succession of harsh mentasm snarls, 'Kickin' Up In A Brainstorm' soon devolves into an Apocalyptic, brutalist techno anthem driven by pounding, 4/4 beats, lightening bolt stab flashes and T99 style rap vocals conjuring up visions of Frankfurt's legendary club Omen circa 1991.


1/ Start The Panic.

Up next, 'Start The Panic' introduces us to a series of monolithic, 'Anasthasia' terror-stabs fused to a thumping kickdrum fuelled percussive backing to create a veritable soundtrack for a jack-booted, robotic stormtrooper army, marching to war.

The 'Kickin' Up In A Brainstorm' and 'Start The Panic' singles are available to purchase from Matt 'E' Taylor's Bandcamp page for the bargain price of £1 per track and in any possible digital format you could wish for. Follow the links below to check them out...

'Kickin' Up In A Brainstorm'

Follow Matt 'E' Taylor on Soundcloud...

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