Sunday, 8 January 2017

Introducing:: AEON FOUR (FIN)

2017 has launched ideally with a great quantity of releases as well as new producers & projects coming out straight from around the globe aiming to unite all forces for a hopeful and powerful future for Breakbeat & Jungle music.
A fresh project I got recently into touch is a Breakbeat/Jungle brothers duo hailing from Finland, a country which is mostly known for its Heavy Metal character in music, having also some established local Hardcore producers like Yell-O-Phase and Nervous & Anxious.

Aeon Four is Finland's new blood in Breakbeat & Jungle. A crew based in Turku, Finland, consisting of main members Matti and Heikki Sato-Hunsala (plus basically anyone of their friends who is up for joining for a journey into electronic music).

These 2 brothers had always music buzzing in their house and so their interest in electronic music was mainly inspired by the help of their parents' records with the likes of
Donna Summer, Pink Floyd, Classix Nouveux, Kraftwerk etc. They also got themselves into breakbeats at an early age, listening also to Hip Hop tapes of NWA, Run-DMC , Wu-Tang Clan and related acts.

Albums like 'Experience' and 'Music For The Jilted Generation' from The Prodigy or Goldie's 'Timeless' were big milestones for them.

Big but actually, rare milestones, as back in the '90s, Finland was a bit dry area for Jungle and Hardcore fans, so when they got access to the internet, they found websites like Drum&Bass Arena and B2VOS and realised there was actually an active scene of Breakbeat and Jungle music.

Their favourite producers and main influences come from that era too. Roni Size, Liam Howlett, Jack Smooth, 4 Hero, Acen, Nookie etc. They're also inspired by almost everything they hear and see, like Jazz, krautrock, movies and soundtracks, science fiction, old myths or current Hip Hop and grime as there's a healthy scene of Bass music in Finland nowadays worth to mention that.

Aeon Four studio

In the early '00s, they got into serious bedroom DJing, buying also D&B and Oldskool records, hence they quickly wanted to start creating tunes like these!

Matti was making kinda modern D&B style using FL Studio & a cheap midi keyboard and Heikki was producing Oldskool influenced, 175 bpm D&B and equally fast Happy Hardcore vibes using Logic Audio Pro and SP-303 sampler.
They've managed doing some tunes and several demos tho all work has ended up for some years when their equipment got nicked.

In 2015 the idea of making Jungle and Breakbeat Hardcore tunes was reborn. Rave stabs, rolling breaks (old skoolish, raw but smooth breaks), deep bass, lush strings.
They meant to start doing something sound like present & modern keeping alive that oldskool spirit at the same time so set up their studio, and bought the equipment to define their sound: Roland TR-8 drum machine, TB-3, SP-404 sampler, Juno D and Korg M1 keyboards, Yamaha HS8 monitors - and started jamming together, creating also their monsters, this time using Ableton Live.

AEON FOUR project doesn't have any official release yet, but are currently working on an oldskool influenced digital album titled 'Tales From The Stroboscopic Ocean' coming out later this year.

You can follow them on their Soundcloud & Facebook pages to stay updated.


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