Wednesday, 7 March 2018

TRY UNITY Live Lounge/Guest Interview @ Kool FM (RatPack's Flip Flop Friday Show 02MAR.2018)

One of the brightest and wonderful surprising acts during last year was TRY UNITY. Brighton based trio has already achieved quite a lot in its short life and moreover there are much more to offer since all members are united and loyal to the original Oldskool Rave spirit living & representing its revival at present.
Last week TRY UNITY were guesting on RatPack's radioshow @ KOOL FM opening their music files of life while anyone who listened to that will be surely delighted with how humble these guys are.
Bigup to Sam, Francesca and Jimmy! We on the Strictly Nuskool Blog wish them all the best!

Catch them up live on their first ever live P.A. @ Calling The Hardcore Chapter 2 taking place @ The Volks Nightclub/Brighton in 16th March 2018. (event info)

Pre-Order their fresh 12" EP here


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