Sunday, 26 February 2017

[Dark Til Dawn Records] Amiga Breaks - 16 Bit Memories [12-Track Album Digital Download + Limited Edition CD Available Now!!!]

1/ Interdimensional Sliding.
2/ Deep Constellation.
3/ Digital Vistas.
4/ Execute Command.
5/ Titan Rise.
6/ Liquid Flow.
7/ Mind Science.
8/ Mr. Sax.
9/ Nu Jazz Kind.
10/ Positive Vibes. 
11/ U Turn Around Jupiter.
12/ Binary Dreams.

Amiga Breaks returns to Dark Til Dawn Records with the release of a massive collection of oldskool style breakbeat tracks, heavily inspired by the classic sounds of the Amiga 500-1200 computers of yesteryear. Taking a departure from his trademark 140-160 bpm forays into the realms of hardcore and jungle, Amiga Breaks winds the tempo down to 120 bpm with the brand new '16 BIT Memories' album.

Right from the first few bars of atmospheric breakbeat opening track 'Interdimensional Sliding' to the deep techno outro of 'Binary Dreams', it becomes clear that Amiga Breaks has taken great steps to reconstruct the classic, retro sounds of the early nineties, whilst adding his own personal spin on the genres contained. For the likes of 'Deep Constellation', 'Liquid Flow', 'Mind Science' and 'Nu Jazz Kind' we see a funk flavoured, 2-step garage breaks and shuffling house percussion, combine with lush strings rolling basslines to great effect, providing the perfect combination of rough and smooth textures. 

'Digital Vistas' and 'Execute Command' we are provided with two electrifying takes on the classic techno template with the former's energetic, synth heavy flow and the latter's electro-esque focus on beats and bass. Rolling breakbeats are the flavour of the day with 'Titan Rise' and 'U Turn Around Jupiter' layering a heady blend of euphoric and silky smooth synth melodies over rugged beats and deep bass notes. In addition to the aforementioned genres, the spirit of rave flow strong through the pulsating bass riffs of 'Mr Sax' and 'Positive Vibes'the latter of which utilises a positively uplifting, dubwise riddim combined with soothing pads. 

The ever versatile Amiga Breaks delivers yet another essential selection of uniquely authentic and genre-spanning oldskool flavours. If you have a penchant for those vintage Amiga sounds then this album s a must have addition to your collection!!!  

The Amiga Breaks '16 BIT Memories' album is available to purchase from the official Dark Til Dawn Bandcamp page for the bargain prices of £2.50 as a digital download, or £5 as a limited edition CD. Remember you can donate more if you wish to support the artist and label to fund future releases!!!

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  1. Thank you for the kind words Stu, it is your hard work and professional write ups that give artists like me a chance and exposure.

  2. You welcome mate. Was meaning to get back to you on Soundcloud to say a thank you for the CD which arrived last week. Is awesome!!!

    Read the Binary Beats blogpost about the YouTube troll. Ignore the haters and keep on making those tunes. To hell with those who don't appreciate the oldskool style!!! ;)