Saturday, 8 September 2018

[DEAD002] Silkenator - Trapped / The System [12" Vinyl Only Single Available From Dead Beat Records Now!!!]

A - Trapped.
AA - The System.

After a year and two months after it's last emergence had passed , a stirring in the darkness has occurred and Dead Beat Records has returned from the void from which it was banished, to unleash it's second, vinyl only outing. This time it's the Silkenator (aka Worldwide Epidemic) who takes the helm with the release of 'Trapped / The System', two essential slices of jungle techno  straight from the darkside!!!

First up we are presented with the sounds of 'Trapped's deep, and sinister opening pad sounds to install a pertinent sense of dread in the listener, before unravelling a succession of skittish breaks and pounding, 4/4 kicks to get drive the track on. The moodiness is amplified by the inspired use of choice 'Cloverfield Lane', sci-fi-horror samples and a pad driven drop to die for making this a futurist, darkcore gem that'll be a go to for any self-respecting jungle techno fanatic.

On the flip-side, 'The System' continues on with a similar "trapped", sci-fi theme by welding together snippets of dialogue from 1997's 'The Cube' with a relentless combination of kicks and breaks, backed by enveloping, dark pads and bubbling, synth riffs. 'The System' effortlessly creates an atmosphere of pure tension, leaving the listener entrapped within it's own rhythmic maze.

We may have had an long wait for Dead Beat Records' comeback, but with the Silkenator in tow, our patience has well and truly rewarded. Do not hesitate on pick up your copy, as there are only 100 of the out there!!!

The Silkenator's 'Trapped / The System' , 12" vinyl only single is available to purchase exclusively from the Demonic Possession Recordings webstore for the absolute steal of a price, £7.99 (plus P&P).

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