Saturday, 31 March 2018

Marusha 8th Studio Album "RAVE SATELLITE" out on 13th April 2018!!

01. Rave Satellite 
02. Touches Me 
03. Supernova 
04. Desolator (feat. Garik Sonic) 
05. Deep (D&B Remix) 
06. Du (Breakbeat Remix) (feat. Alexander Knappe) 
07. Remember Me 
08. Gravity

As already mentioned about a month ago here on the Strictly Nuskool Blog, the established and almighty Rave Queen from Germany has now officially returned with her 8th personal studio album, which goes under the name of "RAVE SATELLITE". It's a fact!
There's none out there who's not aware of her and her iconic hits & releases during 90's. Anthems such as "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", "It Takes Me Away" or "Raveland", "Deep" alongside many more other classics hitting the charts all around the world successfully and take her to the top in the year 1995, as she was awarded as 'Best Techno Act', 'Best Female Artist National' in 'VIVA COME 1995' plus 'Best Female Artist at the MTV Awards 1995!

So the year 2018 and after a studio gap of 6 years around, our Rave Queen is back with something quite different this time as she's experimenting and following a Drum & Bass inspired path as we can listen to the previews.
And this path is totally outstanding and full on attraction in times when this specific movement is evolving and getting stronger! Suffice to say that the album's title pays homage to her banging and eminent radio show, "RAVE SATELLITE" which was far way educational and totally demonstrative back then.

And regarding the tunes inside? Well expect something unusual from the previous albums, but quite interesting as Marusha remains an extravaganza music personality.
Her new album will be out on 13th April via Club Arrest and you can pre-order it now and grab your digital copies. It is rumoured but not official yet that there might be a Vinyl release as well. 

Till then, the satellite follows this direction below, and calls you all to do the same:

Your music takes me places that I never dreamed that I would go...
And how it touches me...
It shows me sights and graces that I never felt so deep before...
And how it touches me...



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