Sunday, 30 October 2016

DJ CHZ "Hardcore Uproar Show" @ Distinct FM (29 10 2016)

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A proper and rushing showcase by the insane badboi DJ CHZ on his very own "Hardcore Uproar" as broadcasted @ Distinct FM on 29th October 2016.
Enjoy a big variety of storming Hardcore Breaks and Nu-Rave vibes alongside some personal tunes of him and newish buzz from Strictly Nuskool Blog's upcoming release by Robbie P (Coming out on 1st November)

Featured producers:
Luna C + Bexxie, Andy Wilson, Alk- E - D, Gareth Monks, Hardcore James, DJ Nexus, Gav Lee, DJ Rave in Peace, Sparki Dee, Xenophobia ft GL0WKiD, DJ CHZ, Robbie P, DJ Nee, Firefox Demon, Hardcore James, The Flashback Project, Nicky Allen, Bass Raver, Karen Layne.

A totally recommended show! Bigup the CHZ!



  1. It's so special that feeling of excitement when you know your tune you have worked on is going live in a minute, it takes me back to 92-93 when all the pirate radio stations were playing Rush in the House 24/7, I remember driving in my car with a load of mates in and Rush came on, we pulled up and all got out of the car and had a mini rave for 10 mins dancing around the car going crazy. Priceless times like now I can hear it coming into the mix, Big up Glowkid big up dj Luna-c, big up all hardcore crews laterz Sid out

  2. Shout out to All hardcore crew, Xenophobia crew, shout out to Skallywag Bert Fuzz, Teviot massive, Leytonstone massive, shout out to Xenophobia dancer Abi Dassler seen on the rave world video on you tube, shout out to Jane Mcginty our other dancer seen at rave world, Marcin Glowkid Gauropoulos featued on this tune, big up London ravers, Big up Greece ravers