Friday, 11 September 2015

[TCR003] Various Artists - This Is Jungle-Techno E.P [Ltd. Vinyl Available Now From Tuff Cut Records!]

A1 - Fudalwokit - This Is Jungle-Techno.
A2 - Mattykore - Something For Your Mind.
B1 - The Wize Guyz - Muthafuka Wat.
B2 - DJ Freefaze - Machine Minds.

Something wicked this way comes....! Tuff Cut Records, the subsidiary label of Satta Sounds presents it's third 12" vinyl release, the mighty 'This Is Jungle-Techno E.P'. Taking inspiration from the jungle techno tracks prevalent throughout the years of 1993-1994 to present four massive nuskool hardcore, future anthems.

Fudalwokit sets the ball rolling with the statement-of-intent opening track, 'This Is Jungle-Techno'. Incorporating crisp breakbeats, moody pads, a gargantuan, bass heavy synth melody and acidic flourishes. 'Something For Your Mind' by Mattykore combines the classic vocals from C'hantal's 'The Realm' with an infectious Prodigy style synth riff, all backed by a manic amen break and kickdrum percussion section to create a tune which you can't help but move your feet to.

'Muthafuka Wat' by The Wize Guyz kicks off the B-Side with a tribal, percussive melody backed by sinister, doom laden strings layered over a chunky breakbeat, hi-hats and a dash of expletive rap vocals on top. The EP closes with DJ Freefaze's menacing brass instrument led 'Machine Minds', which incorporates a great piece of rebellious anti-war dialogue over a relentless break pattern and thumping kicks.

All artists involved expertly fuse the essence of what made the original jungle techno sound so fresh over 20 years ago and instill a modern twist to keep things current. I know I've gotten my copy of 'This Is Jungle-Techno E.P' on order oldskool/nuskool heads, have you???

The 'This Is Jungle-Techno E.P' 4-track, 12" vinyl is available to order from the Satta Sounds webstore via the link below, for only £6.99 plus P&P. So all jungle tekno fans, be sure to jump on this one!!!

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