Tuesday, 15 September 2015

[Dark Til Dawn Records] FOTH - Dolphins In My Brain [Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ The One That Makes Me Scream.
2/ High Noon.
3/ Dolphins In My Brain (Digital Pilgrimz Remix).
4/ Dolphins In My Brain (Msymiakos Remix).
5/ Dolphins In My Brain (Rad Rod's Remix).
6/ Dolphins In My Brain.
7/ Outer Spacious.

For their latest release, Dark Til Dawn Records enlist the talents of FOTH to produce a mammoth seven track EP, the quizzically titled 'Dolphins In My Brain' featuring three exclusive remixes of the namesake track by Msymiakos, Digital Pilgrimz and 2Brainz' Rad Rod.

FOTH kicks off the EP with the electronica influenced 'The One That Makes Me Scream', with it's fusion of lush, Boards Of Canada style synth washes overlaid with soothingly soulfull vocals driven by an energetic, yet unfussy breakbeat. The hazy, psychedelia tinged 'High Noon' layers a fusion of looped pianos, gorgeous ambient pads and self-realisation movie dialogue, with rolling jungle percussion and bass blasts. Am gonna be making an obscure observation here, but if you can imagine the works of Odd Nosdam, if he made jungle instead of dub themed ambient drone!

The Digital Pilgrimz step up to the plate for the first in a series of remixes of  'Dolphins In My Brain', and they deliver a hypnotic, ascending, pad melody accentuated by reggae style trumpet blasts and chiming synth notes over a hard-hitting Think break. Msymiakos' remix follows next, which sees him incorporating a gentle, chilled melody over some marvelously intricate drumwork, heavyweight, tear-out amens and rude bass. The third in the trilogy of 'Dolphins In My Brain' remixes comes from Rad Rod, who takes us on a journey into darker jungle territory by fusing intensely jittery chopped breaks with heavily reverberated dolphin samples, and a moody vibrato synth melody to get right under your skin.

The original FOTH mix of 'Dolphins In My Brain' drops next in all of it's warped bassline and manic amen break majesty. The EP concludes with 'Outer Spacious', and switches expertly from D&B to jungle tinged footwork, with it's fusion of jittery breaks and chopped female vocals and ambient pads peppered with NASA space flight samplage.

Despite the fact that all tracks featured on FOTH's 'Dolphins In My Brain' EP contain a strong drum & bass/jungle focus on style, the EP also contains a strong element of electronica which suits home listening just as well as being suited for more adventurous dancefloors. The thinking man's jungle/D&B!!!

FOTH's 'Dolphins In My Brain' is available to download now from the Dark Til Dawn Records Bandcamp page link below for $5, or more if you're feeling generous and wish to support .

For a taster of FOTH's 'Dolphins In My Brain' EP check out Love Lizard's wicked mini-mix here...

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