Friday, 1 February 2019

The legendary ACEN is officially back with new vibes!!!

Out of nowhere we had a big announcement from BangFace in the last period of 2018, that the legendary Oldskool hero ACEN is confirmed to play on this year's massive festival, offering his first set in 15 years!!
Apparently some people might have simply thought deep inside them "Is he about to make any new tunes too?"

Well, maybe it was Jay Cunning summer podcast hosting an interview with Acen, The House Crew, MC Micro having some great time all gang live on air; anyone who watched the live stream, might have received that positive energetic message of something's around...
Well, one way or another the answer was unveiled on Monday, just to kick off your week properly...
Acen has uploaded on his Twitter & Instagram a preview of something new and dope stating: 
"Some new joints on the way"

Nothing more or less...
Time will tell and sure enough we'll get something very very soon...
Till then you can follow him on his socials and of course catch him up live on BangFace Weekender 2019 on a historical set for himself and all Oldskool Hardcore masses!


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