Wednesday, 24 August 2016

KFA77 – The True Skool EP 12 (Executive Edition) [KFA]

KFA is an established skool on its own and re-proves it once again with this long-awaited storming 12th EP of True Skool series.
'The True Skool EP 12' is out now including also the classic Executive Edition given kindly and exclusively by Luna-C to every fan for 2 weeks only via KF website.

The main part of this release consists of 6 tracks, new ideas, blend of genres and fresh members in KF family.
Almost half of this EP has a German flavour as Empyreal, TNO Project and Timme hail from there and show off how active is this country into Hardcore.

'My World Is Pyramid' is the starter of this release by orchestral influenced Empyreal from Hannover who has definetely a unique style that Luna-C admires. Great 175bpm happy hardcore techno vibe!
Next four tracks come from new blood artists on KF.
Disowned (a.k.a Simon Norton) is an establihed Hardcore trooper since mid 90's founding his very own mighty BDR ( for those who know about it, and his first installment on the label called 'Your Eyes' is just a little headbanging taste of what to expect of his forthcoming personal album 'Voodoo Universe' on Kniteforce!

Scartat from Canada is also a new KF member and his own 'Ragga Style's will cause you multiplied amen headaches! The hardest weapon of this EP!
Following with 2 Germans, new additions to the KF innovative club of talents.
Timme or ['timə] has proudly joined this release delivering two incredibly positive, uplifting, happy D&B nuskool tunes. I've been digging his stuff over the last 2+ years and would like to express my support and preference to his ideas and style.
'Four' is a complete anthem and a good reason to grab asap this Executive Edition of True Skool EP.
Trust me and you won't get disappointed...

Closing the tune variety with a young and very promising German producer and boy wonder, under the name of Lukeass or TNO Project as used on his 150bpm breakbeat hardcore 'The Advice'. A wonderful mental tune taking you back to early days of Kniteforce but dressed up perfectly with storming breakbeats by this young and devoted Hardcore warrior!
In other words... Sehr Gut!
Demcore is the last producer who got involved on this True Skool as a part of the Executive Edition and just few steps before the release of his personal album. One more full length release on your wantlist. Watch this space for it...

Finally, the True Skool EP 12 features extra samples given by Luna-C, who's running an essential competition these days, saying:
" because there’s is currently the old skool get your remix on vinyl competition going on, and because I was halfway through making a sample pack but, if I am honest, I was never going to finish it, and because for some reason part one still sells pretty well, I decided I would do a “50 Breakbeats Part 2”. So theres than. The Ex Ec version has it as .wav for you producers out there. And also a load of stab sounds. 69 of them I think."

01 Empyreal – My World Is Pyramid
02 Scartat – Ragga Style
03 Disowned – Your Eyes
04 TNO Project – the Advice
05 Timme – Smile
06 Dj Luna-C – 50 Breakbeats Part 2

Executive Bonus Material:
01 Manse feat Alice Berg – Freeze Time (Demcore Remix)
02 Timme – Four
03 69 Hardcore stabs
04 50 Breakbeats in wav format

All you have to do is follow this link HERE and purchase your digital copies of the new KFA installment of sickness! In addition if you haven't signed up to KF mailing list, you have to do it for your own good and information updates. Luna-C is and will be busy. Good for the scene and better for us all so follow the leader!
And one more thing to close. Congrats and bigup to the new members of KFA. They did fair big launching tunes, proud for this legendary label (humbly saying)

Check out some previews:

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