Saturday, 21 May 2016

Schoco Featuring Sam Serenader - Freedom Don't Cost [Qrates 12" Vinyl Fundraiser Pre-Orders Available Now From Boomsha Recordings!!!]

A-Side - Freedom Don't Cost.
B-Side - Freedom Don't Cost (Sound Shifter Remix).

Pioneering future jungle label,Boomsha Recordings are proud to announce their first ever 12" vinyl release with pre-orders for Schoco's 'Freedom Don't Cost' being made available  via the Qrates crowd-funding website. The single features the sublime vocal talents of Sam Serenader as well as a heavyweight remix from Sound Shifter to temp you in.

First off we are introduced to Sam Serenader's yearning, life-affirming vocals which are soon accompanied by a combination of sweeping strings and minimalist, snappy breaks. 'Freedom Don't Cost' soon steps things up gear by dropping a rolling breakbeat and head-nodding bass notes that are destined to get everyone moving their feet.
On the flipside, Sound Shifter presents his own reinterpretation by drifting away from the original version's soulful, liquid leanings by fusing a monstrously heavy, apache break accented breakbeat pattern complimented by harsh mentasm stabs and soaring pads alongside snippets of Sam's vocals to create a perfect blend of rough and smooth future jungle.

Whether you prefer a your music to take a languid, mellow route or enjoy a pinch of atmospheric darkness, the Schoco, Sam Serenader and Sound Shifter have just what you need to take you on whatever musical journey you wish tot take with the 'Freedom Don't Cost' single.

Shoco's 'Freedom Don't Cost' 12" single featuring Sam Serenader and Sound Shifter is available to pre-order now from the Boomsha Recordings, Qrates webstore, and will only receive a pressing if at least 100 pre-orders are made. So please don't delay hhhif you wish to see these awesome tunes on wax!!!

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