Friday, 27 May 2016


Some works of art are so complex that it becomes hard to adequately express in words their true meaning and effect. In the case of the latest Kniteforce Records release, the long awaited album 'How I Felt On Wednesday' from hardcore legend, Christopher Howell under his dual alter-egos , Luna-C & Reeve, proves to be just as difficult to justifiably describe.

An outstanding release, something clear off of hardcore this time but delivering a proper hardcore mentality by following the well known Kniteforce mission all over the years!
Christopher Howell reveals and expresses his powerful tones of feelings under the Luna-C & Reeve project. Luna-C meets Reeve on a collab of aggression with emotion, poetry with hard beats, games of heart and mind and so there's a state where Chris provides the listener with what can only be described as an immortal buzz!
Expect some kind of hardcore techno, darkstep, breakcore, d&b-driven and also industrial-influenced vibes made after a 6-month effort and hard work from Chris who describes it as "one of the best pieces of music he has ever made!"

"HOW I FELT ON WEDNESDAY" is originally an 11-track release coming out now with some bonus material on the Executive Edition series, available for 2 weeks only through the official Kniteforce Records store.

Top 4 Favourite Tunes

"Missing Pieces"
Can't compare the style but the idea is worth getting mentioned. This beginning entry reminds me quite a lot of same tactics as in 'THE DAY IS MY ENEMY' album by The Prodigy, which starts with a tune-bomb like the self-titled tune.
This introduction tune in here is tricky in its first 60 seconds, but then turns up to become monstrous hardcore techno killer! Watch out!

''Escape Myself''
180bpm with chopped up breaks and that catchy 'I got to get away - I got to get away'.
Maybe the best representative Luna-C & Reeve tune off this LP in my opinion.

''Crooked Like''
This is absolutely sensational! A 170bpm D&B driven vibe on the right way to travel without moving. Just close your eyes and the vibe will speak inside you by following Reeve's vox!

''Back To Something New''
Back to something Kniteforced, on a regular breakbeat hardcore mission, 155bpm range and into Luna-C latest banging breakbeat productions.
'I had to try something new' dressed up with rushing piano melodies, whistles, feelings and this grand finale of this album is definitely celebrating and uplifting!

BUY THIS RELEASE on the official Kniteforce store HERE as soon as possible featuring also the Executive Edition bonus material for 2 weeks only!


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