Wednesday, 23 September 2015


You wan't fluffy? you came to the wrong place, you wan't hard and in your face devil music? you have come to the right place my friend. This horror infested release really does creep and crawl up inside your skin and get you right where it hurts!. This three tracker kicks off with Necromancer (Out Of The Darkness Part 2) the pure filth and terror that resonates from this introduction is something that opens up your ears instantly. The fast paced drums are very prominent, the off kilter open hi hats 'tiss tiss' away frantically along with a constantly nasty bass hook pulsating away like a frightened little kitten after a dog attack, then we have the evil vocal hooks that chime in sporadically to keep the terror going. Finally we have what can only be described as a rather dark figure sat upstairs in his tower playing notes on his organ, this track is the sort of thing you would expect in a horror film and it does make me think that the producer of this piece could use this as a soundtrack to a hammer horror of some sorts. You really do need this in your collection.

Straight into track two we have DJ Wislov on the remix, kicking things off with a sinister dark pad, a prominent kick drum to slay any spooks and a twisted up jungle amen swinging in like something out of the jungle book. This track is what you call a builder! and no I don't mean a tubby rotund little fella building a brick wall oh no! I mean this track starts off minimalist and begins to add elements as it goes on. You can hear that tell tale old skool bass stab along with another strong breakbeat which you can see Wislov has drawn inspiration from the old skool scene add in more a few more scary stabs and you have another absolute belter you can smash your head up the wall to.

Finally we have the original mix of Necromancer titled 'Out Of Darkness' which sounds rather different from part two at the start of the EP. This track is straight in there, not much of a build up to it but that's not a bad thing as in comes a thundering messed up beat to kick you in the pants. The pad pattern is slightly different to the other version but still remains as dark as ever keeping the track inline, the subtle change ups in the middle of the tune keep it interesting and not like its a car with no driver in coasting down the road and into a wall. This tune takes many different directions, little short cuts keep the listener on point and in touch with what else is going on, shades of early 1991 sounds with this and a modern twist to keep things rolling and up to date.

To sum this up in a few words.... Feisty, Dark, In your face and above all... terrifically terrifying.

Check out the release right here:

1. The Necromancer (Out Of Darkness Part 2)
2. The Necromancer (DJ Wislov Remix)
3. Out Of Darkness

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